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  116. A new friend, date drops this on you... I had a nut cut off: surgery, procedure - Cancer
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  133. cancer: pain, chemo, mammogram, treatment
  134. why do people say battling Cancer?: treatment, surgery, time, cancerous
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  136. pray for my friend's dad: chemo, treatment, prognosis, natural - Cancer
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  152. have a prostatectomy (DaVinci Robotic) and pleased?: removal, treatment, biopsy - Cancer
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  158. Cancer issues: cure, lung, time, detect
  159. Is it just me or are people afraid of the word Cancer?: node, chemotherapy
  160. rash and liver cancer: pain, treatment, tumors, rashes
  161. Father is terminally ill and his new wife is unable to provide care. What rights to we (children) have to intervene?: pain, survival - Cancer
  162. Inquiry Chemo histiories: pain, chemotherapy, treatment, blood - Cancer
  163. When to Throw in the Towel: pain, chemotherapy, treatment, tumors - Cancer
  164. cancer rate: chemo, spots, time, smoking
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  166. My hair...: chemo, time - Cancer
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  168. Free Publications About Different Types of Cancer
  169. Something interesting about understanding cancer
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  171. News, Cancer Drug saves woman's life.: doctor
  172. Copperhead Venom & Cancer Research: cure
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  176. Scientists put a pox on dog cancer (And people cancer): treatment
  177. New Advances in the Treatment of Breast Cancer
  178. Cyberknife treament: treatment - Cancer
  179. Cancer drug resistance linked to cholesterol?: tumor
  180. Way to spot breast cancer years in advance.: blood
  181. Daily aspirin 'blocks bowel cancer'
  182. News, Nurse, doctor see cancer from both sides.
  183. News, Now tattoos give you cancer: U.S. regulator probes fears inks contain carcinogenic chemicals.: smoking
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  185. The boy, 11, who battled cancer twice in one year.: lung
  186. ‘Bed-of-nails’ breast implant deters cancer cells
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  188. 'One in six cancers worldwide are caused by infection'.: liver
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  191. Recommendation for Electric Razor for Cancer Patient w/Lymphedema
  192. Moffitt cancer center: treatment, time, waiting
  193. Targeting inflammation to prevent, treat cancers: liver
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  196. Cancer stem cell discovery could signal 'paradigm shift'
  197. UV rain umbrella - Cancer
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  200. Death cap mushroom poison to arrest pancreatic cancer in mice: treatment