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  25. Meduallary Thyroid Cancer
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  69. Henna Heals - Cancer
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  82. News, New study reveals eating burnt food may increase your chances of getting cancer: treatment, blood
  83. Should I get this looked at?: treatment, time, doctor - Cancer
  84. Can lymphoma diagnosis be made with a biopsy of lymph node in the body, or just the enlarged ones?: removal, blood - Cancer
  85. Send a Free Daisy to a Child With Cancer
  86. The Truth About Cancer!: node, chemo, survival, treatment
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  98. FAR Infrared sauna for cancer treatment: ultrasound
  99. Few knew about her incredible fight with cancer...until now.
  100. MPNST -- know anything about this rare cancer???: chemotherapy, survival, treatment
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  109. endmetrial cancer metastisize: pain, chemo, treatment, biopsy
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  112. Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: blood, tumor, procedure, time
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  114. When you are done with chemo are you cancer free?: node, chemotherapy
  115. Unexplained GI bleeding: pain, blood, time, colonoscopy - Cancer
  116. What would you do in this scenario: chemotherapy, treatment, tumor - Cancer
  117. Being a cancer caretaker to someone who is abusive: pain, chemo, treatment
  118. Recovering from Radiation Therapy: pain, node, chemotherapy, recovery - Cancer
  119. colon..colonoscopy for husband today: treatment, biopsy, blood, surgery - Cancer
  120. Never too young to get colon cancer: blood, tumor, prevention
  121. First leukemia, now breast cancer: chemo, mammogram, treatment, prognosis
  122. Does smoking Marijuana (THC) cause lung cancer? real studies?: treatment, cure
  123. Bad Luck?: prevention, time, smoking - Cancer
  124. 92 year old Throat cancer: pain, chemo, removal, treatment
  125. Many cancers are viral in origin: chemotherapy, treatment, blood, tumors
  126. News, Keep Smoking, and There's a 67% Chance It'll Kill You: recovery, time - Cancer
  127. Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cancer Concerns: pancreas, treatment, blood, cure
  128. Scientists have discovered a new link between sugar and tumor growth: treatment, cure - Cancer
  129. Friend needs to lose all teeth, nodule in thyroid, PET scan.: chemo, treatment - Cancer
  130. Cancer can be prevented by diet!: tumor, surgery, prevention, time
  131. Cancer caused by negative emotions?: treatment, cure, time, IV
  132. prostate Cancer newly diagnosed: bleeding, removal, treatment, tumor
  133. new job and upcoming cancer treatments: pain, chemotherapy, cure
  134. Update: unfortunately my husband has colon cancer: pain, node, survival
  135. If annual physical is not enough to detect cancer, then what is?: pain, treatment
  136. Fifty Years Since the Surgeon General's Report on Cigarette Smoking: treatment, lung - Cancer
  137. Spit Up blood and Heavy Vaginal Bleeding: pain, cyst, tumor - Cancer
  138. What are the chances is could be colon/rectal cancer?: pain, bleeding
  139. damn cancers: spots, time, elbow, doctor
  140. Are there studies that say how much - if cancer treatment extends a life?: pain, survival
  141. Is Melanoma Really as Serious as They Say?: treatment, prognosis, tumor - Cancer
  142. Helping an ex-girlfriend deal with cancer: chemo, recovery, treatment, lymphoma
  143. Mom has no appetite, but not sure why and is there anything I can do?: node, spots - Cancer
  144. Is Cancer Treatment Mandatory (Jimmy Carter)?: pain, chemotherapy, prognosis, remission
  145. Cancer from Hamburgers and Bacon?: cure, natural, time, antibiotics
  146. Lung cancer screening CT - 1 x 6mm mass: treatment, biopsy, biopsies
  147. MD Anderson: treatment, surgery, cure, natural - Cancer
  148. Gas, blood in stool. Colon cancer?: pain, treatment, surgery, procedure
  149. I have skin cancer: pain, cyst, spots, treatment
  150. Another reason to vaccinate against HPV: pain, treatment, cervix, prevention - Cancer
  151. Today I join this board: pain, node, chemotherapy, removal - Cancer
  152. Friends Statement Stunned Me: cyst, chemo, time - Cancer
  153. Dad has merkel cell carcenoma. They want to do radiation at 86: pain, chemotherapy - Cancer
  154. Just how effective is cancer screening?: cyst, bleeding, mammogram, treatment
  155. There HAS to be a solution to pharmacy issue: treatment, time, doctor - Cancer
  156. Cancer after being cured: chemo, recovery, treatment, tumor
  157. Dr refuses to give referral: treatment, cure, doctor - Cancer
  158. What to tell employer: chemo, recovery, treatment, surgery - Cancer
  159. Worried it is cancer.: pain, cyst, treatment, biopsy
  160. Lung Cancer symptoms: pain, node, spots, treatment
  161. HPV Positive, Normal Pap - Dr. says Wait a Year?: pain, treatment - Cancer
  162. Colonoscopy - Diagnostic vs Preventative: biopsy, procedure, time, cancerous
  163. When to stop chemo therapy?: pain, chemotherapy, survival, treatment - Cancer
  164. FIL, age 93, in hospital: pain, chemo, treatment, blood - Cancer
  165. Wife has a 2 pulmonary nodule on her upper right lung: biopsy, tumor - Cancer
  166. I think cancer is just genetic and has little to do with lifestyle: cervix, lung
  167. Brain Cancer - Tell it to me Straight: chemo, spots, treatment
  168. Thoughtful gift for someone facing chemo & radiation?: treatment, surgery, cure - Cancer
  169. Mid-Treatment Pet Scan ?: node, chemotherapy, tumors, surgery - Cancer
  170. He said: You can be healthy all of you life and develop cancer......: pain, blood
  171. Big dilemma. Stage IV Endometrial Cancer vs. being a full time caregiver: node, chemo
  172. Remembrance: lung, time - Cancer
  173. Category 3 on breast ultrasound: mammogram, biopsy, tumor, biopsies - Cancer
  174. The link between poverty and cancer: survival, treatment, smoking
  175. After chemo is done - how long until appetite returns?: pain, treatment - Cancer
  176. What do you think brings about cancer? How close do you think scientists are to a cure?: pain, survival
  177. Breast cancer in 90 year old with dementia.: pain, bleeding, removal
  178. Thyroid cancer in NYC?: treatment, surgery, time, prostate
  179. Effects of radiation treatment in the elderly?: pain, node, chemotherapy - Cancer
  180. What can we do to help?: node, chemotherapy, recovery, treatment - Cancer
  181. What to expect after prostate cancer radiation seed implant: chemo, treatment, biopsy
  182. Sugar and Cancer Link: tumors, cure, time, infection
  183. Recently prescribed cystoscopy :Has had this procedure? Seeking information: blood, kidney - Cancer
  184. News, Nine in 10 cancers caused by lifestyle: lung, smoking
  185. night time symptoms: prostate - Cancer
  186. Post Mastectomy Tattoos - Cancer
  187. Cervical Dysplasia (severe HPV high risk strain) CIN III: treatment, biopsy, procedure - Cancer
  188. using erbitux - Cancer
  189. high lipase: pain, liver, doctor - Cancer
  190. New prostate cancer research in NYC: treatment, procedure, time
  191. Cancer panel & colon cancer site: treatment
  192. Give a Free Pink Ribbon Blanket: chemo, treatment - Cancer
  193. O and BC - Cancer
  194. 3-bromopyruvate: treatment, cure, liver - Cancer
  195. Categorizing cancers: time
  196. Endoscopic Mucosal Resection: treatment, biopsy, procedure, malignant - Cancer
  197. Really Cool Cards - Cancer
  198. New test for reoccurring bladder cancer preventive checks!: detect, doctor
  199. Early stage prostate cancer cure looks very promising: time
  200. Ringling Elephants may hold clue to cancer treatment?: blood