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  1. aware of who's working on 4 storefronts on Poplar?: Macon: lofts, construction - Georgia (GA)
  2. Congrats to Howard High School: Macon: how much, public schools, title - Georgia (GA)
  3. Eight new street lights coming to Eisenhower Parkway: Macon: university, taxes - Georgia (GA)
  4. GDOT proposes Macon roundabout on Highway 247: Washington, Oglethorpe: college, mall, airport - Georgia (GA)
  5. Renting: Warner Robins: section 8, apartments, lease - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  6. Merganser Commons at Bonaire, Bonaire, Georgia: Warner Robins: construction, pharmacy, utilities - Macon, (GA)
  7. Looking to purchase a cabin in the area: Macon: real estate, buying a home - Georgia (GA)
  8. Macon Relocation: Manchester, Adrian, Riverside: apartment complexes, rental homes, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  9. Macon health club: lofts, university, live - Georgia (GA)
  10. The Rock filming scene's for upcoming movie Rampage at Macon Airport: town - Georgia (GA)
  11. lawn care service needed: Macon: trees, affordable, grass - Georgia (GA)
  12. Gregg Allman to be buried in Macon: house, live - Georgia (GA)
  13. Fight breaks out at a Mid City Macon Church: store, cities - Georgia (GA)
  14. Bibb County pushes for voluntary drug test of officials: Macon: appointed, 2013 - Georgia (GA)
  15. Mayhem fans react: 'Macon has something we can be proud of': Dalton: home, title - Georgia (GA)
  16. $882 million Macon road map receives green light: Jefferson, Forsyth: new construction, costs - Georgia (GA)
  17. Historic Vineland Neighborhood??: Macon: for sale, real estate, apartment - Georgia (GA)
  18. relocation to Warner Robins area....: Atlanta, Macon: transplants, how much, house - Georgia (GA)
  19. Home resale values: Macon, Warner Robins, Perry: foreclosures, for rent, selling a home - Georgia (GA)
  20. Crime rates drop in Macon-Bibb: Atlanta, Savannah: 2015, credit, employment - Georgia (GA)
  21. Major mixed-use project planned for Macon's Railroad Industrial District: apartments, landscaping - Georgia (GA)
  22. Macon-Bibb officials to hear pitch for baseball franchise: Atlanta, Savannah: sales, lease - Georgia (GA)
  23. Loft spaces downtown to double over the next five years: Macon: lofts, living - Georgia (GA)
  24. White person to move to Wesleyan Hills: Macon: gangs, money - Georgia (GA)
  25. Ocmulgee park expansion passes House of: Macon, Bishop: camping, shop - Georgia (GA)
  26. Macon’s future hinges on ‘increasingly enlightened’ community, mayor says: Atlanta: 2014, colleges - Georgia (GA)
  27. Another new mixed-use project for Downtown Macon: 2015, city hall - Georgia (GA)
  28. Houston County’s population could eclipse Bibb’s in 2017: Macon: 2015, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  29. Macon-Warner Robins CSA 2016 Population Estimates 2016: best schools, young professionals, retiree - Georgia (GA)
  30. New company coming to Bibb County; to create 115 jobs; invest $18 million: Macon: authority, manufacturing - Georgia (GA)
  31. Wishful use of Former Crown Plaza downtown: Macon, Riverside: loan, hotel - Georgia (GA)
  32. Mayor casts deciding vote on anti-discrimination resolution: Macon, Clarkston: neighborhoods, law - Georgia (GA)
  33. Grand jury recommends jail expansion or replacement of 'aging facility': costs, to move - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  34. Lyft ride share service coming to Macon: cities, good - Georgia (GA)
  35. New owner of Macon apartment development plans ‘big improvements’: apartments, townhouses - Georgia (GA)
  36. Mass Overdoses Sweeping Across the Macon Metro / Central GA Area: Atlanta: college, live - Georgia
  37. Groundbreaking nears on downtown Macon hotel, upscale lofts, retail space: construction, central - Georgia (GA)
  38. Largest Interchange Outside of Metro Atlanta Construction to be in full gear, expect delays!: Columbus: trees - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  39. for Macon Residents 1960s: Columbus: area code, area, phone number - Georgia (GA)
  40. Move to Warner Robins Area: Macon, Robins AFB: rent, houses, buy - Georgia (GA)
  41. Former Peach Co. hospital site to be redeveloped into hotel, entertainment complex: Perry: hotels - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  42. Contour Airlines to Start Flighs from Macon (MCN) Airport to BWI Airport in the DC/Baltimore Area: Atlanta: how much - Georgia (GA)
  43. Macon-Bibb could have nicest skatepark from D.C. to Miami, mayor says: Washington: sales - Georgia (GA)
  44. Bibb County investigating whether Confederate statues can be moved: Macon: lawyers, law - Georgia (GA)
  45. 1 million-square-foot distribution center may be built in south Bibb: Macon: centers, move - Georgia (GA)
  46. Macon based International organization to get youths involved: club, activities - Georgia (GA)
  47. Hopelessness and Despair could be a Major factor in a weekend of violence in Macon area neighborhoods: crime - Georgia (GA)
  48. Macon's former Mayor denounce gun violence: gangs, murders, parks - Georgia (GA)
  49. Where to Eat in Macon??: Atlanta, Tiger: restaurant, pub, best - Georgia (GA)
  50. That's right! Two airlines at the terminal. One is headed west and the other, north.: Macon: living - Georgia (GA)
  51. Warner Robins Police issue Public Alert: Macon: area, summer, community - Georgia (GA)
  52. Renovated Luther Williams Field to feature one of the largest beer gardens in Southeast: Macon: sales - Georgia (GA)
  53. takeover of Macon Transit Authority: pros and cons, buses, move - Georgia (GA)
  54. Bibb County approves Poplar Street park with no funding plan: Macon: design, pool - Georgia (GA)
  55. Movie Industry having economic impact on Downtown Macon: Atlanta, Savannah: best city, movies - Georgia (GA)
  56. Baseball back in Macon: Savannah: best, money, park - Georgia (GA)
  57. Manufacturer making $350 million investment, creating 200+ jobs looking at Bibb County: Macon: real estate, loft - Georgia (GA)
  58. Macon-Bibb Company to Expand adding Jobs: foods, business, county - Georgia (GA)
  59. GDOT officially breaks ground on I-16/I-75 Interchange rebuild: Atlanta: construction, closing - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  60. Downtown Macon loft living is booming, contributing to local economy: Martin: apartments, for rent - Georgia (GA)
  61. Zoes Kitchen coming to Macon: Atlanta, Norcross: restaurant, shopping center, to move - Georgia (GA)
  62. Macon couple brings new development to Downtown: Brooks: lofts, home - Georgia (GA)
  63. Wesleyan College addressing decades of racism on campus: school, activities - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  64. Booking a flight to Washington, D.C.? on Macon flights to be announced next week: purchase - Georgia (GA)
  65. Downtown Macon is to become a BID: rental, occupancy - Georgia (GA)
  66. Operation Thunder results in hundreds of citations for traffic violations in Bibb: Atlanta: living - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  67. Atlanta developer planning 240-acre mixed-use project in Perry: Macon, Warner Robins: hotel, house - Georgia (GA)
  68. The City of Macon to recieve (SRTA) Grant for 2nd St. Corridor: authority - Georgia (GA)
  69. Updated on living in Milledgeville area: Atlanta, Macon: rentals, crime - Georgia (GA)
  70. Lidl eyeing Warner Robins for first Middle Georgia store: Atlanta: construction, restaurant - Macon, (GA)
  71. Restaurant new to Macon heading to Mercer Landing: Milledgeville, Madison: month to, construction - Georgia (GA)
  72. Can Macon Entice an NBA D-League Team w/ a New Arena?: Atlanta: fit in, 2015 - Georgia (GA)
  73. It's Huber still working in Macon?: Atlanta, Columbus: drivers, district, used - Georgia (GA)
  74. Penthouse suites proposed for downtown Macon tower: Atlanta, Sandy Springs: apartments, hotel - Georgia (GA)
  75. 16 Bibb County schools to be honored as healthiest in America: Macon: school district, working - Georgia (GA)
  76. Graduation rates up for Macon-Bibb Schools: Monroe: credit, school districts, quality of life - Georgia (GA)
  77. What Internet/Cable options do I have in Kite GA ?: Macon: camp, best - Georgia
  78. Bass Rd.: Macon, Zebulon, Sardis: construction, design, cities - Georgia (GA)
  79. Drive-in theater could be coming to downtown Macon: movie theater, shop - Georgia (GA)
  80. Western Loop: Macon, Tucker, Zebulon: county, place, drive - Georgia (GA)
  81. Proposal to turn historic former school into ‘high-class’ senior housing: Macon: school district, subsidized - Georgia (GA)
  82. lists Macon in 15 Best Places to Experience American Culture: Washington: rich - Georgia (GA)
  83. Macon hospital only one in state verified as Level I trauma center: Atlanta: college - Georgia (GA)
  84. sought on 20-year Macon-Bibb plan: Montgomery: zoning, transportation, housing - Georgia (GA)
  85. $880 million would help remake Macon area roads, bridges: Atlanta, Columbus: sale, homes - Georgia (GA)
  86. Historic Macon aims to add Napier Heights to national historic registry: Unionville: credit, houses - Georgia (GA)
  87. Parking meters could be installed in downtown Macon: shop, to move - Georgia (GA)
  88. New Macon entertainment complex prepares for opening-Pin Strikes is opening soon in Macon.: Forsyth: shopping centers - Georgia (GA)
  89. Coming Back Home After 16+ Years: Atlanta, Macon: lofts, low crime, place to live - Georgia (GA)
  90. Plans for a new entry way into downtown Macon: Thomaston: vehicles, post office - Georgia (GA)
  91. Eisenhower Parkway Corridor: Macon, Between: neighborhoods, construction, university - Georgia (GA)
  92. Largest pop-up bike lane in world being built in Macon: Washington: renter, live - Georgia (GA)
  93. Florida-based company to open manufacturing plant in Macon: Atlanta, Byron: 2015, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  94. What is being built next to Hilaire Farms in I75 Industrial Park: Sardis: live - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  95. Mercer ranked nation’s best universities: Macon: 2015, credit - Georgia (GA)
  96. Cook Out coming to Macon: Warner Robins, Milledgeville: restaurant, food, locations - Georgia (GA)
  97. Work on Macon’s longtime downtown high-rise hotel begins again: Atlanta: 2014, loft - Georgia (GA)
  98. Tax Allocation District proposed for East Macon: Atlanta, Doraville: apartment complex, houses - Georgia (GA)
  99. Zoning commission approves industrial park: Columbus, Macon: sales, apartment complexes, attorney - Georgia (GA)
  100. Is the Northwest Parkway project dead: Macon, Thomaston: sale, houses, neighborhood - Georgia (GA)
  101. FedEx building new distribution center, planning to open in 2017: Macon: construction, school - Georgia (GA)
  102. Traffic is atrocious on the east side: Atlanta, Macon: hotels, homes - Georgia (GA)
  103. Plans for Capricorn Records and loft projects move forward; donation announced: Macon: lofts, construction - Georgia (GA)
  104. Ocmulgee National Monument to be National Treasure: Macon: hotels, bill - Georgia (GA)
  105. Bojangles' is planning to open three Macon stores: Warner Robins, Milledgeville: home, live - Georgia (GA)
  106. Industrial authority takes over responsibility of bringing new business to Macon-Bibb: real estate, brokers - Georgia (GA)
  107. I-475 extension: Gray, Sardis, Payne: costs, cabin, move - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  108. Air travel expected to return to Macon with flights to a major U.S. city: Washington: airport - Georgia (GA)
  109. Bibb commissioners approve cleaning site of former Macon gas plant: 2014, cost - Georgia (GA)
  110. Seeking on visit to the area: Macon, Dawson: big house, restaurants - Georgia (GA)
  111. Macon named top 40 midsized college town: universities, businesses, work - Georgia (GA)
  112. Mercer University Drive: Macon, Forsyth, Gray: middle school, live, statistics - Georgia (GA)
  113. MACON/WARNER ROBINS CSA new projects and growth for 2017: apartment, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  114. Macon ranked second most recovered mid-sized city since recession: Atlanta: apartments, foreclosure - Georgia (GA)
  115. Noise complaints part of 'growing pains' as downtown evolves: Macon: apartments, insurance - Georgia (GA)
  116. Pleasant Hill houses coming down for I-75/I-16 work near historic black neighborhood: Macon: new home - Georgia (GA)
  117. Looks like Macon is included in Atlanta's megaregion: commute, metropolitan area - Georgia (GA)
  118. Huge road project will improve access to airport, RAFB; create transportation hub: Macon: construction - Georgia (GA)
  119. Moving to Macon: Atlanta, Savannah, Warner Robins: transplants, to rent, home - Georgia (GA)
  120. Could Central Georgia see a rail system?: Atlanta, Columbus: house, purchase - Macon, (GA)
  121. Irving Consumer Products Limited Coming to MACON!!: Washington, Zebulon: apartments, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  122. Bibb voters pass the penny, approve $280 million tax: Columbus, Macon: fit in, sales - Georgia (GA)
  123. Exchange Block Hotel update-Hyatt Place Hotel coming to Downtown: Macon: apartments, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  124. Macon, the hated city; but why?: Atlanta, Columbus: crime, live, club - Georgia (GA)
  125. More than 10 million people visited Bibb County in 2016, and tourism officials celebrate: Atlanta: 2015, hotels - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  126. Drove down Mercer U Drive yesterday ...: Columbus, Savannah: 2015, how much, houses - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  127. New hearing scheduled on proposed Zebulon Road rezoning, loft construction: Macon: apartments, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  128. MACON-BIBB Population Shift, Estimates, guesses for 2020: Savannah, Warner Robins: 2015, lofts, credit - Georgia (GA)
  129. Besides Atlanta, Macon has a nice city skyline unlike the others.: Columbus: office, metro - Georgia (GA)
  130. Rally to be held to remove Confederate Statues from Downtown Macon: crime, house - Georgia (GA)
  131. Macon good for transplants?: Atlanta, Warner Robins: best neighborhoods, crime, homes - Georgia (GA)
  132. Macon top U.S. cities for women entrepreneurs: Atlanta: top 10, news - Georgia (GA)
  133. Macon's pop-up bike lanes win international award: design - Georgia (GA)
  134. R Kelly in Concert @ the Macon Coliseum/Centreplex Sunday Feb. 12th: entertainment, time - Georgia (GA)
  135. Knight Foundation helping Macon tell it's story through art: music, great - Georgia (GA)
  136. Fimore Thomas park is the neighborhood of Green Meadows not Bellevue: Macon: apartment complex, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  137. Pace of blight attack has homeowners seeing red: Macon: homes, best - Georgia (GA)
  138. Routes to Canton GA: Macon: moving, required, drive - Georgia
  139. Hwy 247: Macon's most dangerous road: transportation, cars, county - Georgia (GA)
  140. Bibb moves towards becoming first county in Georgia to get solar panels: Macon: buses - (GA)
  141. $105M, 75-acre greenhouse planned in Fort Valley: Atlanta: 2015, agricultural - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  142. Really!!! Does Macon-Bibb need a spokesperson?: title, money, mayor - Georgia (GA)
  143. Macon EMA prepares for Hurricane Irma Weather, Traffic and Evacuees - Georgia (GA)
  144. New Health Club Coming: Macon: university, store, swimming pool - Georgia (GA)
  145. Navicent Health to partner with Emory in Atlanta on Specialized Surgeries: business, systems - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  146. Macon street light overhaul could expand to more areas: Martin: maintenance, quality of life - Georgia (GA)
  147. Dreamers invited to file DACA renewals at Mercer University in Macon: clinic, local - Georgia (GA)
  148. Macon lands #4 on Trivago's Best value American destinations 2017: Riverside: lofts, hotel - Georgia (GA)
  149. Business Venture in Macon / Warner Robins?: home, businesses, rain - Georgia (GA)
  150. Price for downtown’s Second Street Corridor increases $5 million: Macon: sales, refinancing - Georgia (GA)
  151. Outdoor beer garden coming to Macon's Ingleside Village: Evans: things to do, venue - Georgia (GA)
  152. Guess Macon is a heat Island Too,, Interesting: construction, areas - Georgia (GA)
  153. Kevin Hart adds a 3rd Show at the Macon City Auditorium: area, sell - Georgia (GA)
  154. Ginger Stir Fry reopening: restaurant, town, downtown - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  155. Macon making smiles again: best, travel, quiet - Georgia (GA)
  156. New Companies Launching in Macon through Mercer University Innovation Center: business, good - Georgia (GA)
  157. Milestone reached in the Construction of the Medical Center Navicent Health Childrens Hospital: Macon: install - Georgia (GA)
  158. Downtown Macon could pay higher property taxes: construction, property tax - Georgia (GA)
  159. Correct number of exits of the I-475 bypass in Macon: Thomaston: university, county - Georgia (GA)
  160. Massive Solar Project to be built north of Robins AFB: construction, panel - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  161. Macon's Museum of Arts and Sciences along with few other US Museums have been chosen to recieve Grant for Film Festival: Pitts: metro area - Georgia (GA)
  162. Almost 50 years since the passing of Otis Redding: Macon: music, great - Georgia (GA)
  163. Navicent announces location of it's new 183,000 SQ FT children's hospital-DT Macon: house, construction - Georgia (GA)
  164. Agreement signed by Macon’s airport and logistics complex at RAFB: Warner Robins: business, mayor - Georgia (GA)
  165. Macon's Grand Opera House to recieve upgrades: theater, historic - Georgia (GA)
  166. Publix to Start delivery Service in Macon: Savannah, Albany: home, stores - Georgia (GA)
  167. Warner Robins, Peach make big move for industry: sales, loan - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  168. Macon girl saved after trying to commit suicide on Facebook live: Cleveland: to live, streaming - Georgia (GA)
  169. The Telegraph: Atlanta, Macon: central, state, largest - Georgia (GA)
  170. Are people in Macon-Bibb becoming more community conscious?: authority, ordinance - Georgia (GA)
  171. Looking to relocate to Warner Robins or surrounding area...: Macon: real estate, apartment - Georgia (GA)
  172. CAPRICORN STUDIOS on a Rebirth Macon's on a Roll: university, America - Georgia (GA)
  173. New senior center: Macon: sale, lofts, closing - Georgia (GA)
  174. my fiance and i are thinking about moving to georia. looking for advice: daycare - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  175. New trail to extend Ocmulgee Heritage Trail by two miles: Macon: mattress, camps - Georgia (GA)
  176. Events to jump start revival of historic black Macon neighborhood: Douglas: 2015, chapel - Georgia (GA)
  177. Authority to take over downtown Macon parking; meters are part of the plan: live - Georgia (GA)
  178. New wave of work coming to College Hill: Macon, Oglethorpe: 2014, new home - Georgia (GA)
  179. Peach voters approve tax exemption for distribution centers: property taxes, law - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  180. Macon company making $21 million-$25 million investment for expansion: college, roofing - Georgia (GA)
  181. $1.5M astroturf field coming to west Macon: Warner Robins: elementary school, donating - Georgia (GA)
  182. New Children’s Hospital gets major boost, will be renamed after $1 million donor: Macon: construction - Georgia (GA)
  183. Macon Telegraph named state's best news website: job, good - Georgia (GA)
  184. Macon to remain a Green City inspite the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement: climate - Georgia (GA)
  185. Perry - what's that smell: motel, yard, road - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  186. More bike racks coming to Downtown Macon: to eat, donation - Georgia (GA)
  187. Fort Valley State accreditation warning: Savannah: university, good, local - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  188. Georgia Doom coming to Macon Centreplex: inspection, floor, arena - (GA)
  189. Next phase of Central City Park projects to be completed by next summer: Plains: house - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  190. Bike share program drawing lots of users in first month: Macon: to rent, credit card - Georgia (GA)
  191. Company wants to build solar farm in Bibb County: Macon: 2014, homes - Georgia (GA)
  192. Back Lot Drive-in at the Tubman Museum in Downtown Macon to have first film in fall.: events - Georgia (GA)
  193. Free bikes program rolling in historic Macon neighborhood: Calhoun, Rebecca: house, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  194. Macon-Bibb recognize by AARP as age-friendly community: vouchers, discounts - Georgia (GA)
  195. Macon, Dublin, Milledgeville, Tifton 138 closing J.C. Penney stores: locations, local - Georgia (GA)
  196. Local Brewery Macon Beer Company tours every saturday: Oglethorpe: street, great - Georgia (GA)
  197. State grant will pay for Russell Parkway Extension in Peach County: Lakeview: transportation, cities - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  198. Historic Macon peddles new bike path of industrial district’s world-class past: Evans: loft - Georgia (GA)
  199. Auxiliary lanes coming to I-75 in Macon: Forsyth: university, transportation - Georgia (GA)
  200. Macon window manufacturer plans $10 million expansion; 150 new jobs: Dublin, Oliver: 2015, job openings - Georgia (GA)