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  56. vs find, search, database, free
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  74. Can read this?: German - Genealogy
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  96. White people with naturally really curly hair: eyes, world, skin - Genealogy
  97. Where can I look?: find, search, population, grandmother - Genealogy
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  107. Gedmatch MDLP K16 Modern(Post for comparison): Indian, German, Native Americans - Genealogy
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  130. What does genealogy tell us about fidelity?: find, family tree, grandmother
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  134. Was Charlemagne a Cherokee?: American, find, search, family tree - Genealogy
  135. Genealogy-nerd discussion of NEW season of Finding Your Roots: American, skin, free
  136. Best Genealogy Sources: American, find, search, family tree
  137. X-Match help: find, father, test, DNA test - Genealogy
  138. New Ancestry Phone App that tells you famous people you share an ancestor with: find, search - Genealogy
  139. Do you have famous relatives?: Indians, American, family tree, blood - Genealogy
  140. vs find, skin, family tree, Mormon - Genealogy
  141. Ancestry DNA Puerto Rico over 4700 cousins: Indian, German, American, find - Genealogy
  142. $69 Ancestry testing until August 15th: find, world, family tree, charge - Genealogy
  143. 81% sub-saharan african with a British Isles haplogroup: native, find, search - Genealogy
  144. native american: world, percentage, grandmother, Asian - Genealogy
  145. What is the most emotional you have got over learning about your family history?: native, grandmother - Genealogy
  146. Deadly Influenza 1918: Did my Grandfather Have it?: search, certificate, grandmother - Genealogy
  147. DNA results are in & my homemade Phenotype formula … worked?!: native, eyes - Genealogy
  148. What are your favorite things learned from genealogy?: find, search, family tree
  149. do you receive 50% Ethnicity DNA from each parent?: German, native, eyes - Genealogy
  150. DNA Test Results Portuguese Ancestry: population, free, typical, African - Genealogy
  151. British = Scottish?: native, world, free, Ireland - Genealogy
  152. Parent adopted...where to begin?: find, search, certificate, grandmother - Genealogy
  153. 23andMe: find, search, family tree, population - Genealogy
  154. What recommendations would you offer to someone just beginning?: German, find, search - Genealogy
  155. Oral history of JEWISH ancestors but NO Jewish DNA results @MHeritage and Gedmatch: natives, find - Genealogy
  156. A New DNA study just published proves that the Phoenicians and the present day Lebanese descend from the Canaanites.: American, find - Genealogy
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  158. Family Search Tree has been overtaken by Pirates !: find, accuracy, family tree - Genealogy
  159. entering Canada in 1920s: find, search, database, free - Genealogy
  160. Percentages: German, skin, accuracy, family tree - Genealogy
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  168. Is World Family Tree a Credible Source?: find, search, certificate - Genealogy
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  170. People changing my tree on site: American, find, world - Genealogy
  171. Death records when limited is known.: American, find, search - Genealogy
  172. Great-Grandma's Italian Maiden Name: American, find, search, certificate - Genealogy
  173. Interesting, and about this entry I found: find, search, certificate - Genealogy
  174. Names & Genealogy: find, search, blood, certificate
  175. Hit a brick wall searching for ancestors: find, skin, certificate - Genealogy
  176. hit a brick wall with great grandfather: find, search, skin - Genealogy
  177. What does 1.7% North African mean on MyHeritageDNA?: German, native, search - Genealogy
  178. Are Black Americans (immigrants from Africa) more influenced by AAVE than standard American English?: natives, search - Genealogy
  179. Genealogy as a Hobby vs. Profession: American, find, search, family tree
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  181. Spelling variations: native, find, search, family tree - Genealogy
  182. What is/was a squire?: eyes, find, search, certificate - Genealogy
  183. DNA and the Common Person trying to understand genes: American, find, search - Genealogy
  184. Do you have Victorian post-mortem photos in your family?: German, eyes, find - Genealogy
  185. Siblings took DNA tests and got different results: German, find, search - Genealogy
  186. Past family relationships: search, certificate, estate, DNA - Genealogy
  187. My fourth grandfather came from Germany and changed his name to an British name. have this happen to them.: German, American - Genealogy
  188. Is Iberian DNA common in English and German people?: percentage, family tree, population - Genealogy
  189. Birth records in 19th century Europe?: German, find, search, world - Genealogy
  190. Deciphering Results. How am I more Western European (by a lot) than both Parents?: find, search - Genealogy
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  193. Do You Have of Ephemera?: search, family tree, certificate, grandmother - Genealogy
  194. Volk Huser in Germany: find - Genealogy
  195. News - Boris Johnson's 7th great-grandmother discovered in Switzerland: search, world, related - Genealogy
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  197. Anderson family, Bonner Springs, Kansas: adoption - Genealogy
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  199. Useful Genealogy Research Tools: German, find, obtain, German
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