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  86. Holiday Genealogy interest begins to ebb now: American, find, search
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  88. Genealogy as Therapy: find, skin, white, free
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  99. Genealogy websites comparison: eyes, find, search, family tree
  100. Are you ever mistaken for a race/ethnicity/ancestry that you are not?: native, eyes - Genealogy
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  102. subscribe to Newspaper Archives?: eyes, find, search, person - Genealogy
  103. Male ancestors or female ancestors?: find, search, world, family tree - Genealogy
  104. Military documents on WW1: American, find, search, grandmother - Genealogy
  105. Irish Indentured Servants: American, find, free, grandmother - Genealogy
  106. Has gotten their ancestors Revolutionary war pension records?: find, free, heritage - Genealogy
  107. Genealogy Help: find, search, family tree, Mormon
  108. What is the difference in Race/Ethnicity/nationality???: native, find, world - Genealogy
  109. Why are Spanish and other included: Native Americans, Caucasian, white, population - Genealogy
  110. No such thing as races: Germans, Native Americans, find - Genealogy
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  114. Going Back Further: find, search, world, family tree - Genealogy
  115. Genealogy Software: search, family tree, free, program
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  117. Head Stone: find, family tree, public, cemetery - Genealogy
  118. Vikings Brought Native Americans to Iceland 1000 Years Ago: find, search, population - Genealogy
  119. Name Changes in the 18th Century?: German, find, blood, surname - Genealogy
  120. Grrrrrrrr.... another sloppy researcher rant...: Germans, American, eyes, find - Genealogy
  121. Y-dna: world, family tree, database, last name - Genealogy
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  128. White Americans claiming Cherokee ancestry: Indian, native, find, search - Genealogy
  129. Cherokee grandmother/Georgia Genealogy: Indian, native, find, search
  130. Lost Towns: native, find, search, white - Genealogy
  131. Finding The One and observations about love and marriage: American, search - Genealogy
  132. American, find, search, world - Genealogy
  133. Finding biological parents of adopted grandparent?: American, search, certificate, free - Genealogy
  134. Do you come from Urban or Country background?: find, pure, grandmother - Genealogy
  135. How much does it cost to hire a genealogist?: find, search, charge - Genealogy
  136. South New Jersey Ancestors?: estate, Ireland, father, related - Genealogy
  137. Family squabbles mess up genealogical information: find, search, skin, family tree - Genealogy
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  139. Something strange I found (marriage/paternity related): find, world, family tree - Genealogy
  140. General migration pattern your ancestors took?: Germans, American, surnames, Scottish - Genealogy
  141. Black Dutch?: Germans, Native Americans, eyes, search - Genealogy
  142. Genealogy thrills and chills: Indian, American, find, search
  143. States with Online Searchable Archives: American, find, family tree, certificate - Genealogy
  144. Researching defunct family businesses for genealogical purposes: eyes, yearbook, physical - Genealogy
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  147. an unusual genealogy: German, native, eyes, find
  148. What kind of last name is mine?: German, American, search - Genealogy
  149. Meanings of surnames in your family?: German, American, find, dark - Genealogy
  150. Best site(s) for genealogy? Are sites that charge best, do they have better data?: find, search
  151. Popular Nicknames: family tree, free, surnames, accurate - Genealogy
  152. Spare me from people who cannot CITE research!: find, family tree, grandmother - Genealogy
  153. Ohio, help... searching for a Riley: find, database, grandmother - Genealogy
  154. know?: American, find, search, born - Genealogy
  155. know of real connections between Carolingian and Merovingian bloodlines?: American, world - Genealogy
  156. Getting Closer to Ancestors: German, find, search, world - Genealogy
  157. All I can say, is wow.....: Indian, German, find, search - Genealogy
  158. First and last...when did they immigrate?: German, search, database - Genealogy
  159. Family Photos: German, find, world, government - Genealogy
  160. presidents in your family tree?: grandmother, father, sibling, related - Genealogy
  161. How come today, mixed-race 'Native Americans' look 'Irish' or 'German' or 'European'??: Indian, search - Genealogy
  162. Footnote & Ancestry: find, search, world, database - Genealogy
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  164. Genealogy Freebies: find, search, family tree, LDS
  165. famous people Link: Indian, find, search, family tree - Genealogy
  166. Are you Native American and do you get benefits from it?: eyes, percentage - Genealogy
  167. How Accurate is the Free vs Paid Out There - Confusion?: German, find - Genealogy
  168. Help ~~: German, find, search, world - Genealogy
  169. Trying to discover my true family name: find, search, certificate - Genealogy
  170. I remember: find, search, database, free - Genealogy
  171. need help with: find, world, charge, free - Genealogy
  172. What if you need to find living relatives?: search, family tree, free - Genealogy
  173. What can a DNA test do? (Genealogically speaking): find, search, family tree - Genealogy
  174. Breaking down brick walls: eyes, find, search, skin - Genealogy
  175. Mattie Edmond Adams: find, search, certificate, free - Genealogy
  176. gen. software? why not just use ancestry?: find, search, certificate - Genealogy
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  180. How many branches have you traced across the pond?: Indians, native, search - Genealogy
  181. Ok, I have names: find, search, family tree, charge - Genealogy
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  183. Genealogy Snobs & Elitism - Your Opinion: eyes, find, search
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  187. Reviews of the Best Genealogy Software: find, family tree, free, program
  188. Amount of 8th cousins or 7th cousins once removed: find, search, family tree - Genealogy
  189. To Find Cause of Death from mid-1930's Childs Death? Rochester, NY / Monroe County: search, certificate - Genealogy
  190. Tripp Family Tree: grandmother, surnames, Scottish, British - Genealogy
  191. Can't find anything!: search, certificate, charge, free - Genealogy
  192. Pen scanners: find, search, records, research - Genealogy
  193. Book Look-Ups: Indian, world, certificate, Eastern - Genealogy
  194. Kortes, Hantula, Saari, Mackey Family: search, grandmother, Finnish - Genealogy
  195. Township & Plat Maps - Genealogy
  196. Deed Platter: determine - Genealogy
  197. Missed free 1910 earlier this month - Genealogy
  198. OTTO /LEDERER in West Haven: born - Genealogy
  199. Woodburn IA - looking for descendants of Denis Duggan (Dugan) - Genealogy
  200. Stephanie Wilk (Kobylecki): grandmother - Genealogy