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  60. So if the new bill says decemeber, do we move onto tier 3 in feb? - Unemployment
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  62. College While On Unemployment: collecting, holiday, work, state
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  76. will this christmas be better or worse then last years?: holiday, work - Unemployment
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  85. Breaking News: Jobless Rate now 9.8%: work, employee, employment, Congress - Unemployment
  86. For EB in NJ: collect, apply, claim, fill - Unemployment
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  88. After tier IV?: collect, extension, receive, claim - Unemployment
  89. Should I put Reference of Last Job, though bad terms?: work, employers - Unemployment
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  93. Hypothetical: extension, federal, state, employment - Unemployment
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  98. Massachusetts Unemployment Ins. very important! help: collect, file, claim
  99. a if an extension is passed: collect, payment, money - Unemployment
  100. Unemployment Benefits For Relocating Military Spouses/Partners: claim, work, state
  101. Friend laid off, claim started May 10, 2010: collect, receive, apply, work - Unemployment
  102. .....confused.: collect, apply, claim, work - Unemployment
  103. what is the website with up to date from the house and senate: state, Congress - Unemployment
  104. Military Service as an option: work, employment, requirements, terminated - Unemployment
  105. did receive their NJ unemployment deposit today?: file, holiday, get
  106. Bentonville, Arkansas: money, employment, program, get - Unemployment
  107. what free training options are normally available for unemployed people?: work, employment - Unemployment
  108. sometimes I have this crazy idea that I don't get invited to interviews because my name was added to a black list :(: receive, claim - Unemployment
  109. Are they stopping the tiers next week?? Confused at message: collecting, claim - Unemployment
  110. Can explain this to me: collecting, extension, receive - Unemployment
  111. Unemployment: collect, file, claim, qualify
  112. about my EB and hitting two years....: collecting, receive, claim - Unemployment
  113. Bernanke: could be 4 to 5 years before back to normal UE rate: work, money - Unemployment
  114. Um, can we start a new will congress pass extensions: employment, get - Unemployment
  115. A good reason why the unemployed SHOULD be looking for work full time vs. working part time: collecting, money - Unemployment
  116. Nonpaid volunteer service w/unemployment?: EDD, work, report, get
  117. As many of you know,if you are on tier 4,that will be your last tier of unemployment !!!!: receive, qualify
  118. NJ EB .!!!: collect, extension, receive, claim - Unemployment
  119. What Exactly Is In Obama's Tax Cut/Unemployment Extension Compromise?: state, Congress
  120. lost and confused in maryland help: extension, work, get - Unemployment
  121. California Unemployment 14 Months work Surgery??: collect, file, receive, apply
  122. New alert from the Wa. State Employment Security Deapartment: extension, federal, department - Unemployment
  123. Unemployment rates for 2009: state
  124. Notice from Florida EUC: extension, receive, qualify, UI - Unemployment
  125. about an appeal on UC based on firing for misconduct: receive, work - Unemployment
  126. Unemployment - Arkansas: file, receive, claim, state
  127. Will I move to the next tier? Diorgirl, help.: file, receive - Unemployment
  128. Smith & Wesson to add 225 jobs: work, employment, temporary, Massachusetts - Unemployment
  129. Do Unemployment Agencies Verify Residency for EB?: collect, receive, apply
  130. 26 Weeks vs 99 Weeks.: collecting, extension, file, claim - Unemployment
  131. Axe falls at State Street; 1,400 jobs lost: claim, holiday, work - Unemployment
  132. received notice in mail in more ui reminder dates mailed out: collecting, file - Unemployment
  133. According to this statement fromt he Whitehouse, there will be no additional weeks of unemployment above 99: work, money
  134. Jay Leno pokes fun at the unemployed: holiday, employers, interview - Unemployment
  135. Tennessee Unemployment: collect, extension, file, claim
  136. 84% of Workers Want to Quit Jobs, Find New Gigs in 2011: state, employee - Unemployment
  137. For California FED-ED benefits, must you list 3 job searches per WEEK or per FORM?: extension, file - Unemployment
  138. Need to bypass calling queue of PA UC 1-888-313-7284: extension, file - Unemployment
  139. about a monetary interview: extension, file, receive, claim - Unemployment
  140. Unemployed and frustrated: file, receive, apply, claim - Unemployment
  141. EB Expiration Dates by State: collect, extension, file, receive - Unemployment
  142. Extended Benifits get cut off after 12/5/10!!: extension, file, receive, claim - Unemployment
  143. Unemployment expired?: collecting, extension, file, receive
  144. Just how many 99ers are there? This is the conservative estimate by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics: collect, extension - Unemployment
  145. <humor> The GOOD things about joining the 99'er club is (are) ...........: claim, holiday - Unemployment
  146. Strange response to job postings: receive, fill, work, money - Unemployment
  147. had my hearing.: collecting, receive, claim, payment - Unemployment
  148. Feds smackdown credits checks on job seekers: apply, payment, work - Unemployment
  149. i hope im not reading this right...: collect, extension, receive - Unemployment
  150. 800,000 lose their benefits tomorrow night November 30th...: collect, extension, claim - Unemployment
  151. Moving in with family. do this to survive this crappy economy?: apply, payment - Unemployment
  152. NJ EUB: collect, file, receive, claim - Unemployment
  153. about eligibility in moving to a new tier under new legislation: extension, claim - Unemployment
  154. ** 99 Weeks Reached, Not sure.....: collect, extension, receive, claim - Unemployment
  155. Unemployment benefits in PA confused By analysis: collect, file, receive
  156. Are you less likely to be unemployed if you belong to an ethnic minority? I think so.: collecting, record - Unemployment
  157. CA Fed Ed know for sure?: collect, extension, claim, qualify - Unemployment
  158. Can someone help me with this?: collect, extension, file, receive - Unemployment
  159. CA Getting UI Debit Cards: receive, claim, payment, EDD - Unemployment
  160. Recent unemployed grad...Should I go abroad for a job?: apply, payment - Unemployment
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  163. I lucked out: collecting, claim, qualify, work - Unemployment
  164. why such difference in state payments?: collect, file, receive, claim - Unemployment
  165. Dirty little secret about extended UI issues: The $25/week FAC is gone for good after Dec. 11: collect, extension - Unemployment
  166. Moving for spouses' job - can I get unemployment?: collect, extension, file
  167. Bitter sweet feeling from the passage of the extension: money, UI, federal - Unemployment
  168. Rejected job offer: collecting, receive, EDD, fill - Unemployment
  169. jobless benefits to be 13 months: cnn: extension, work, UI, Congress - Unemployment
  170. Real unemployment rate at 17% not 9.8: work, money, state, employee
  171. Seriously confused about NY state benefits- help: collect, extension, receive - Unemployment
  172. New EUC claim with extension?: collect, file, receive, apply - Unemployment
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  175. Do you think you are unemployed because something is wrong with you?: receive, work - Unemployment
  176. The Unemployed Depress Her: apply, claim, work, money - Unemployment
  177. Let's make a list of things employers could do to make our job search easier.: fill, work - Unemployment
  178. 11th hour bill being drawn up for 99ers HR 6556: collecting, extension, receive - Unemployment
  179. Can Someone Explain the New Unemployment Extensions?: collecting, claim, holiday
  180. if you have money in your savings account are you supposed to receive unemployment benefits?: collect, claim
  181. EB in PA - Quick: collect, extension, receive, claim - Unemployment
  182. What are your plans when benifits run out.: extension, claim, qualify - Unemployment
  183. Unemployment tier change: collect, extension, receive, apply
  184. 20 Ways You Can Help the Unemployed: holiday, work, money, state - Unemployment
  185. receive a bi weekly mailer with next claim date recently?: agent - Unemployment
  186. The Five Stages of Unemployment: Video
  187. Will He Qualify???: file, claim, payment, state - Unemployment
  188. Lack of response by office in Texas: receive, work, money - Unemployment
  189. President to speak about UE right now on CNN - Unemployment
  190. Job Talk America: program - Unemployment
  191. Unemployment work searches (Texas): training, get
  192. NJ Unemployment Appeal: work, UI, hearing, attend
  193. On unemployment. Able to apply for Self employment assistance in NJ/NY?: work, program
  194. NJ Unemployment and part time commission work: collect, file, money
  195. Will obtaining a business license end my unemployment benefits in Texas?: collecting, work
  196. unemployed nj resident worked full time in connecticut part of year: file, claim - Unemployment
  197. Check Out This Article I Found: employment - Unemployment
  198. Job contacts: work, state, employment, report - Unemployment
  199. Bill Text 111th Congress (2009-2010) H.R.6556.IH: extension, employment, program - Unemployment
  200. Unemployed in NYC?: work, employment, get, New York - Unemployment