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  1. uot; MAYDAY Phone 'ATTACK' EXTENDED to JUNE 23rd WED + 24th THU..For HR4213 and ADDITIONAL WEEKS for Exhaustees!!: record, UI - Unemployment
  2. Have they still not passed the extension?: work, state, Massachusetts - Unemployment
  3. So confused on the bill: work, money, state, employment - Unemployment
  4. News: HR4213 A must go to this website and support this bill: extension, qualify - Unemployment
  5. Obama's extra $25 a week: extension, file, receive, apply - Unemployment
  6. **Subsisting** on 200k/mo: number, get - Unemployment
  7. Pennsylvania EUC and 1099 Work: extension, apply, claim, payment - Unemployment
  8. Why are there so many evil hearted people in this world, and why did of them flock to this forum?: work, state - Unemployment
  9. Can someone compile a list of politicians who voted against extending UE benefits?: extension, work - Unemployment
  10. Questions the WIA program: get, date - Unemployment
  11. throwing this idea out there for you people: work, money, food - Unemployment
  12. 99ers, read, urgent: extension, UI, employment, Congress - Unemployment
  13. Is my claim over though I have fund left?: extension, file - Unemployment
  14. in a transition period: payment, work, money, UI - Unemployment
  15. extions in pa: extension, Congress, get - Unemployment
  16. UI and freelance work: file, receive, claim, EDD - Unemployment
  17. applied for so many jobs in the last 6 mths but only 4 job interviews: work, money - Unemployment
  18. Have you had UI sponsored re-training? How did it work out?: state, program - Unemployment
  19. Wisconsin Just exhausted Tier 4 on EB): file, receive, apply - Unemployment
  20. So today is my one-year anniversary and need to recertify: Tips?: file, claim - Unemployment
  21. Your Letters to the House Ways & Means Committee are on their website!: record, hearing - Unemployment
  22. Strange But True - The dumbest logic I have ever read unemployment.: collecting, extension
  23. Begging for help with this MASS, think I lost my benefits due to filing for SSDI: collecting, receive - Unemployment
  24. My thoughts on this situation...: payment, work, money, state - Unemployment
  25. Massachusetts EB is still effective: collect, extension, claim, payment - Unemployment
  26. NYS DOL UI Denied and called a liar.: file, state, employment - Unemployment
  27. Indiana EB cut off?: extension, payment, fill, state - Unemployment
  28. March to Washington D.C. JUNE 22 Takes Flight: UI, state, employment - Unemployment
  29. Can you get foodstamps while on UI?: extension, money, state - Unemployment
  30. I got a interview: get - Unemployment
  31. Credit Cards & No Money...: payment, record, work, UI - Unemployment
  32. Malfunctioning due to debt; what would you do?: work, money, state - Unemployment
  33. Collecting unemp while working: reapply, payment, state, employment - Unemployment
  34. Unemployment / 1099: collecting, extension, claim, work
  35. Confused I live in CA, help is: extension, file, qualify - Unemployment
  36. help, I really need answers: extension, file, receive - Unemployment
  37. H.R. 5297 in Senate today - chance an Extension gets amended? - Unemployment
  38. Unemployment in NJ: collect, extension, file, qualify
  39. So confused with the tiers and first time poster: collect, extension, file - Unemployment
  40. Stabenow, Brown lash out at Republicans for killing unemployment extension: state, Michigan
  41. Pa Unemployment Tier 2: collect, extension, file, money
  42. Notice of Job Search Assistance And Assessment Workshop Help: receive, fill, employment - Unemployment
  43. Early state of Ohio emergency unemployment cutoff: extension, receive, claim
  44. about extra week of tier 2: claim, biweekly - Unemployment
  45. Short Term Employment and Emergency Benefits: extension, claim, qualify, work - Unemployment
  46. Does have a link to what the House did today?: Congress, information - Unemployment
  47. unemployment: extension, state
  48. on PA EB get new forms?: extension, claim, UI - Unemployment
  49. State Extented Benefits Program no longer has funds affect: money, federal, employment - Unemployment
  50. Stabenow has introduced a stand-alone bill, S.3520 on 6/22: extension, payment, record - Unemployment
  51. CT unemployment year end?: collect, extension, receive, apply
  52. When in Doubt vote them out!: extension, claim, work, money - Unemployment
  53. PA and EB?: extension, claim, federal, employment - Unemployment
  54. VA Unemployment Act: extension, file, receive, claim
  55. Were do we go from: payment, holiday, money, UI - Unemployment
  56. A list of Senators' Contact Information: extension, money, UI, get - Unemployment
  57. Ending tier 4, help...nj: collecting, extension, qualify, fill - Unemployment
  58. NJ Unemployed Father with a Big: collecting, extension, receive - Unemployment
  59. So many Post's I am confused: receive, apply, work, state - Unemployment
  60. What tier are you on? Where are you from? What do you think about this mess?: collecting, extension - Unemployment
  61. unemployment extension about EB Michigan: claim, payment, UI, federal
  62. NJ EB: be careful who/what you believe: collect, file, receive - Unemployment
  63. Deleted: Congress - Unemployment
  64. news on republicans and democrats making a new bill solely on unemployment benefits?: extension, payment
  65. about Welfare: apply, money, state, food - Unemployment
  66. $0 benefit balances in New York - what to do next?: receive, apply - Unemployment
  67. for people of new jersey who have been on unemployment for over a year. reply: extension, work
  68. Nj eb: collecting, extension, receive, apply - Unemployment
  69. Reaching out to Congressmen and Women: fill, number, food, finished - Unemployment
  70. HR4213 - 2 votes short. Not looking good.: state, employment, Congress - Unemployment
  71. advice from people: file, claim, work, state - Unemployment
  72. Site for daily job cuts announcements: report - Unemployment
  73. Looking for Reasons Why McDermott moved hearing date from July to June: employment - Unemployment
  74. Does have the Massachusetts number to call and re-certify?: file, claim - Unemployment
  75. Temp Work and Extensions: file, claim, payment, qualify - Unemployment
  76. NJ Unemployment worried, help.: file, claim, payment, state
  77. call your reps now toll free! 24/7: money, Washington - Unemployment
  78. Moving UE From IL to GA, has do this??: state, labor - Unemployment
  79. for diorgirl, wannabe or other veteran poster on: extension, claim - Unemployment
  80. Ed Shultz Show and More: contact, Washington - Unemployment
  81. No response from NJ Unemployment - what do i do?!: file, receive
  82. Joining the Military?: money, employment, interview, disqualified - Unemployment
  83. One more federal UI extension?: work, money, employment, Congress - Unemployment
  84. When do I stop filing?: extension, file, receive, claim - Unemployment
  85. What are they voting on tomorrow: get - Unemployment
  86. We Need Someone Famous to Help Us: extension, money, state - Unemployment
  87. OOPS - NY state UE may close down ?: claim, payment, UI - Unemployment
  88. Job Seekers Beware... - Unemployment
  89. MD tier questions: extension, payment, Congress, get - Unemployment
  90. Washington D.C. EUC TIER 2 qualifications: receive, payment, work, UI - Unemployment
  91. About ready to give up: work, employment, interview, get - Unemployment
  92. Michigan Unemployment: qualify, state, information
  93. I am so confused because of what people type on this website, help: collect, extension - Unemployment
  94. Misconduct in NYC ?: receive, fill, work, UI - Unemployment
  95. NY UI Hearing for 2 months backdate: receive, claim, payment, qualify - Unemployment
  96. Company taking forever to to claim.: file, work, UI - Unemployment
  97. Unemployment on Fox News
  98. Is crime on its way up where you live?: work, money - Unemployment
  99. OK, Recieved EB letter from NJ: extension, file, receive, apply - Unemployment
  100. What if after 9 months i decidxe to stop collecting and looking for work: claim, money - Unemployment
  101. Just Called Unemployment (They are a mess): receive, claim, work
  102. TX Unemployment - Am I eligible: payment, work, UI, state
  103. take advantage of NJ Unemployment Tuition Waiver?: collecting, apply, qualify
  104. not 99ers but our benefits are over--: apply, state, Congress - Unemployment
  105. Health insurance through Healthy NY: extension, apply, qualify, work - Unemployment
  106. 99 weeker confusion: extension, receive, federal, state - Unemployment
  107. Article: Out-of-work job applicants told unemployed need not apply: employee, employers, recruiter - Unemployment
  108. Does know what time of day--: work, company, interview - Unemployment
  109. Are they really voting right now? - Unemployment
  110. UE loses claims submitted online - TWICE: file, reapply, money - Unemployment
  111. Summer Camp temp job?: claim, work, employment, contractor - Unemployment
  112. NJ unemployment- Employer appeal after 2mos??: collect, file, receive, claim
  113. I got a job!: apply, work, employment, interview - Unemployment
  114. Snowe Urges Stand-Alone Extension of Jobless Benefits in a Letter to Reid TODAY: collect, claim - Unemployment
  115. I have uestions about bankruptcy: file, payment, money, company - Unemployment
  116. Georgia EB: collect, extension, receive, claim - Unemployment
  117. PA UC 5 weeks no determination HELP !!!: collect, file, receive, claim - Unemployment
  118. S.3250 - potentially good news for non 99'ers: extension, payment, federal - Unemployment
  119. about EB?: extension, claim, fill, state - Unemployment
  120. What do you think will be in the new billl if: collect, extension - Unemployment
  121. Mi EB: extension, receive, apply, payment - Unemployment
  122. We CAN do something about extending unemployment benefits!: extension, record, work
  123. people from nj who have exhausted their tier, have you been able to get eb now that the extension bill hasn't passed?: claim, work - Unemployment
  124. EB i need help: collect, claim, payment - Unemployment
  125. How do things in the Senate work as of today due to Sen. Byrd's passing?: money, get - Unemployment
  126. Went to my job search interview today...What a joke!: receive, claim - Unemployment
  127. Ways And Means Committee Testimony on Long Term Unemployed - Witness Statements - Video: extension, record - Unemployment
  128. virginia unemployment: extension, file, receive, reapply
  129. Should I bother having taxes taken out of UE?: claim, federal, state - Unemployment
  130. What does this mean for my state (Massachusetts): collect, extension, receive - Unemployment
  131. Unemployed and starting college for the first time- grants available?: collecting, receive - Unemployment
  132. Got self-esteem?: extension, work, employment, interview - Unemployment
  133. Nuclear Option to pass HR 4213: extension, work, UI, employment - Unemployment
  134. latest on unemployment extension bill: claim, UI, state, number
  135. So Who Will Be Visiting Their Reps Homes During Their Recess if a Bill Isn't Passed?: extension, holiday - Unemployment
  136. Advice for who are still under the 99 week limit (or whatever your state has: file, apply - Unemployment
  137. I got demoted and I quit...can I collect unemployment?: work, UI
  138. unemployment: collecting, extension, receive, claim
  139. collecting EB in NJ right now?: extension, receive, apply - Unemployment
  140. Your certification cannot be completed as EB has ended in your resident state: collect, extension - Unemployment
  141. Extending benefits by executive order: extension, claim, work, money - Unemployment
  142. News, Time runs out for 1.2 million on unemployment.: extension, receive, claim
  143. End of first benefit year - recertify - phone or online?: apply, claim - Unemployment
  144. This makes me angry. LETS VOTE THEM OUT >>>>>>>>>: receive, work - Unemployment
  145. Oh Well! My Benefits have come to an END..: collect, claim, UI - Unemployment
  146. Illinois Senator Durbin says chances for extending unemployment are not good: extension, record
  147. when are they going to vote on the extension of unemployment?: receive, Congress
  148. Unemployed and Looking at Possibly Becoming Homeless?: collecting, work, money - Unemployment
  149. Increased Homelessness due to expired UI: record, work, money, employment - Unemployment
  150. EB in PA - ended?: extension, receive, payment, money - Unemployment
  151. A New Breed of Debtors in Prison and Sado-Economics Wins Again in the Senate: collect, apply - Unemployment
  152. Lost my log of the employers I've contacted. What can I do?: file, claim - Unemployment
  153. Long live alvin green!!!: work, Congress, hearing, get - Unemployment
  154. Can I travel out of the country while collecting unemployment?: collect, file
  155. What About 99er's/Exhaustee's?: collecting, extension, payment, record - Unemployment
  156. no EB available in NJ?: collect, extension, file, receive - Unemployment
  157. Severance pay and unemployment in PA: collect, receive, apply, claim
  158. OFFICIAL HR4213 (Unemployment) update page: extension, work, money, UI
  159. Out-of-work job applicants told unemployed need not apply: collecting, fill, money - Unemployment
  160. called unemployment in nj. they said emergency extensions are on hold: file, receive
  161. Looks like they voted against extending unemployment benefits...: extension, receive, fill
  162. It's official a unemployment extension: money, state, taxes, refuse
  163. i landed a job... possibly of my dreams!: work, employment, company - Unemployment
  164. Post written responses from Congressmen about UI: extension, receive, work - Unemployment
  165. for who believe extensions will pass: work, money, taxes - Unemployment
  166. Are strikingly attractive people less likely to be unemployed?: work, employment, get - Unemployment
  167. Unemployment extension: receive, claim, payment, work
  168. KS Unemployment - My Bad Experience: extension, file, claim, payment
  169. Questions from a Help - NJ: extension, record, work - Unemployment
  170. Does this offend you? The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered (for this job): receive, claim - Unemployment
  171. What does this mean for Massachusetts jobless: collect, extension, file - Unemployment
  172. What did you think of the unemployed people BEFOFE you became unemployed: extension, work - Unemployment
  173. Tier 4 ends in 2 weeks - do i get eb in nj: collect, extension - Unemployment
  174. Are you back in school, getting certifications, or ...?: receive, qualify, work - Unemployment
  175. - unemployment rate: date
  176. senators that matter for tommorrow's, email them: state, contact, Nebraska - Unemployment
  177. Contacting Senators and about unemployment: Congress
  178. Need help with tier 3, lost in the shuffle: extension, file, receive - Unemployment
  179. MASS: My Tier 3 benefits will end mid-July, how should I do this: file, claim - Unemployment
  180. Affects of Unemployment on Children: report
  181. unemployed in Philadelphia, PA?: work, employment, compensation - Unemployment
  182. 2nd Regular Claim in PA?: receive, payment, qualify, work - Unemployment
  183. Pennsylavania Unemployment Hearing: receive, record, work, money
  184. Flood the senate and house with faxes/emails/calls this week, until bill gets passed!: payment, employment - Unemployment
  185. NJ EB work search: apply, contractor, submitted, date - Unemployment
  186. Contacting Congress and the White House - Unemployment
  187. NJ... No payment for 2 1/2 months after appeal was aproved.: receive, claim, work - Unemployment
  188. Is there problem with bonus in determining UI benefits: claim, EDD - Unemployment
  189. W-2 Part Time Job and my 2nd Benefit Year: file, claim, qualify - Unemployment
  190. Elevate America MS certification exams: program, labor, number, training - Unemployment
  191. New Petition For H.R. 4213! sign!: extension, employment - Unemployment
  192. need help UI Florida benefits: collecting, fill, state, employment - Unemployment
  193. Where do we stand now?: collect, results - Unemployment
  194. This is how your Senator voted on H.R. 4213!!! Remember them come election time!: work, state - Unemployment
  195. unemployed clergy: work, employment, contact - Unemployment
  196. So what happened in the Senate UI extensions? - Unemployment
  197. reopening your appeal case: hearing - Unemployment
  198. Eb in nj -: termination - Unemployment
  199. Unemployed and Oil Spill Jobs: work - Unemployment
  200. CT - 2nd benefit year?: file, receive, claim, termination - Unemployment