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  70. News, 16-year-old diabetic blames TSA for breaking her insulin pump. - Diabetes
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  89. kidney meds?: work - Diabetes
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  93. 3 months post stroke and diabetes diagnosis and the results are....: Metformin, blood
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  95. Coffee: Metformin, eat, weight loss, work - Diabetes
  96. Who use Muscle Milk powders: blood, plan, eat, blood sugar - Diabetes
  97. questions about the glucose monitor: blood, require, blood sugar - Diabetes
  98. Possibly prediabetic, Low blood sugar, not overweight: diet, eat, smoking - Diabetes
  99. Does diabetes always progress to late stage?
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  102. is there a way to know if your diabetes: Metformin, needles, sugar
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  105. Type 1 Diabetics - Diabetes
  106. Does Weight Watchers work for diabetics?: buy, blood, plan, diet - Diabetes
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  108. No doubt this has been asked...: fasting, sugar, work - Diabetes
  109. L-Argenine for Blood Flow to Feet - Diabetes
  110. News, Health Buzz: Type 2 Diabetes Harder to Treat in Teens: Metformin, buy
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  113. on Lantus: blood, diet, eat, blood sugar - Diabetes
  114. following Dr. Bernstein: blood, diet, work - Diabetes
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  118. speaking of sweeteners: Metformin, blood, diet, eat - Diabetes
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  121. 498 blood sugar.: Metformin, buy, eat, weight loss - Diabetes
  122. Is this considered Hyperglycemia post- meal?: Metformin, Victoza, buy, blood - Diabetes
  123. Disposal of sharps container: needles, require, cost, insulin - Diabetes
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  126. Diabetes under control; why are there still complcations?: Metformin, blood, diet
  127. Marijuana - Type 1 Diabetic?: blood, plan, blood sugar, smoking - Diabetes
  128. The Dawn Phenomenon: Metformin, Victoza, diet, eat - Diabetes
  129. carbs, carbs, carbs: buy, blood, plan, diet - Diabetes
  130. Do I Have Diabetes?: needles, blood, require, eat
  131. Cure for Type 2 Diabetes?: blood, diet, vision, weight loss
  132. One Touch meters: buy, blood, plan, Walmart - Diabetes
  133. How were you diagnosed?: Metformin, blood, diet, fasting - Diabetes
  134. Eat or drink better to reduce glucose level?: blood, diet, fasting - Diabetes
  135. Diabetes? Or, just a sudden overdose of sugar?: Metformin, blood, diet
  136. Lo Carb or sugar free energy drinks: plan, diet, kidney - Diabetes
  137. diabetic shakes: blood, blood sugar, insulin, work - Diabetes
  138. Metformin(Glucophage) for PCOS: Weight Loss: blood, plan, eat, blood sugar - Diabetes
  139. how to reduce blood sugar level ?: needles, plan, diet, require - Diabetes
  140. Changing my diet and am looking for a good low car bread ...Suggestions welcomed:).........: buy, Walmart - Diabetes
  141. Is it a sign of the times?: buy, blood, Walmart - Diabetes
  142. Low Carb Diet: buy, blood, plan, Walmart - Diabetes
  143. Pomegranate juice and sugar: Metformin, Victoza, blood, diet - Diabetes
  144. PreDiabetes.: Metformin, buy, blood, plan
  145. Why won't drs prescribe enough strips?: buy, Walmart, work, RX - Diabetes
  146. Diabetics that follow Atkins or Zone Diet: blood, plan, require - Diabetes
  147. Pre-Diabetes vs Type 2 Diabetes: blood, Walmart, diet, fasting
  148. is it to have the medications make you depressed?: blood, blood sugar - Diabetes
  149. Non diabetics lack of understanding: diet, eat, sugar, work - Diabetes
  150. A1C test: blood, Walmart, cost, work - Diabetes
  151. Option for someone with BMI of about 45 and type 2 diabetic: blood, plan - Diabetes
  152. Diabetics and supplements: Metformin, blood, diet, fasting - Diabetes
  153. my sister died: blood, blood sugar - Diabetes
  154. Lumbosacral radiculoplexus neuropathy: Metformin, buy, blood, plan - Diabetes
  155. Medications for Diabetic Nerve Pain: blood, diet, require, blood sugar - Diabetes
  156. Can suggest low fat/low cal snacks to maintain proper insulin levels?: diet, sugar - Diabetes
  157. about A1C: Metformin, buy, blood, diet - Diabetes
  158. Ladies- what brand of casual shoes do you wear?: needles, blood, Walmart - Diabetes
  159. Intolerable foot pain: blood, plan, Walmart, feet - Diabetes
  160. COoked beans/rice/oats/quinoa/barley vs uncooked GI spike?: blood, diet - Diabetes
  161. Does your insurer cover insulin?: Metformin, Walmart, cost, syringes - Diabetes
  162. No diabetes? Pre-diabetes? Diabetes?: buy, blood, Walmart, diet
  163. Bg 598!: Metformin, buy, blood, diet - Diabetes
  164. How to properly dispose of lancets and test strips?: needles, buy, blood - Diabetes
  165. News, Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes?: blood, diet, insulin, kidney
  166. Statins and Diabetes: blood, plan, diet, eat
  167. Just diagnosed: Metformin, blood, fasting, eat - Diabetes
  168. Have a about blood sugar levels and symptoms.: Metformin, plan - Diabetes
  169. Getting this a sympton?: buy, blood, Walmart, fasting - Diabetes
  170. Police and Diabetes.......beware: blood, blood sugar, insulin
  171. Just diagnosed - Type 2 Diabetes - many questions: Metformin, blood, plan
  172. Victoza: Metformin, needles, sugar, insulin - Diabetes
  173. Diabetic brought on by use of chemotherapy: blood, diet, fasting - Diabetes
  174. Not hungry: Metformin, Victoza, diet, eat - Diabetes
  175. Will this kind of lunch bring up my sugar?: Metformin, blood, eat - Diabetes
  176. Diabetic with no motivation: blood, diet, eat, cost - Diabetes
  177. How does diabetes affect expected life span of males and females?: blood, eat
  178. Low vitamin D levels and diabetes........Is there connection.....: blood, work
  179. Need basic diabetic diet: buy, blood, Walmart, eat - Diabetes
  180. What is Resistant Starches really?: blood, diet, eat, blood sugar - Diabetes
  181. Blood sugar stays high: diet, require, eat, insulin - Diabetes
  182. Gastroparesis: Metformin, Victoza, blood, plan - Diabetes
  183. High Glucose (Hemoglobin A1C). How bad off am I? Can it be fixed?: blood, diet - Diabetes
  184. glucose level 127, hemoglobin 5.9. bad?: Metformin, blood, diet, require - Diabetes
  185. neuropathy- what do you do?: blood, blood sugar, work, feet - Diabetes
  186. A1C: Pre-diabetic: buy, blood, diet, eat - Diabetes
  187. Diabetes - Wheat or no Wheat: blood, diet, eat, blood sugar
  188. Is it because I am new to this...: Metformin, blood, plan - Diabetes
  189. Falling into a food depression because of diabetes...: blood, plan, diet
  190. neuropathy locations. - Diabetes
  191. Free Book – Diabetes Snacks, Treats, and Easy Eats (K/N)
  192. Pen needles for lantus pens: insulin - Diabetes
  193. 5.3 A1C & very slight Anemia (barely low #'s): sugar, hemoglobin, work - Diabetes
  194. Brittle Diabetes: blood, insulin
  195. News, 366M Now Have Diabetes.
  196. Unrelated questions: Victoza, weight loss, kidney, work - Diabetes
  197. News, Smartphone monitoring system puts diabetics, parents at ease. - Diabetes
  198. Scams directed wards diabetics: work - Diabetes
  199. glucometers: blood - Diabetes
  200. Nearly a quarter of teens diabetic or prediabetic, report says: prediabetes