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  83. whaduya think?: paint, make - Fine Arts
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  96. good fine arts/painting/sculpture/architecture message boards or forums out there?: 20th, day
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  130. Washington and His Mother Print: professional, painting, work, son - Fine Arts
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  136. Pro Artists: How many hours/week do you work?: day, painter, professional - Fine Arts
  137. Classical Russian Ballet: century, famous, make, best - Fine Arts
  138. Damien Hirst: day, artist, artwork, make - Fine Arts
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  140. My own painting and drawing>>need your opinion ^_^: day, famous - Fine Arts
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  143. This is not a painting: son - Fine Arts
  144. Gaugin attacked at the National Gallery!: painter, paint, artist, work - Fine Arts
  145. Artist's Corner: share your work!: day, professional, paint, nude - Fine Arts
  146. finished this one Baling The Hay Farm Landscape .: painting, live - Fine Arts
  147. What Art Styles do you have a predilection for ?: century, painters, paint - Fine Arts
  148. Airbrush for beginners?: day, professional, paint, artwork - Fine Arts
  149. musings on attitudes toward sculpture: century, 20th, day, painters - Fine Arts
  150. Favorite Shakespeare play: century, day, professional, best - Fine Arts
  151. Great Abstract Flower Paintings: painters, famous, paint, artist - Fine Arts
  152. East coast museums off the beaten path -: day, sculpture, abstract - Fine Arts
  153. Nudes!: paintings, sculpture, nude, artist - Fine Arts
  154. Just finished this oil painting Blackberry Patch Rural Farm Landscape .: painter, paintings - Fine Arts
  155. painting: where to start?: day, paint, abstract, artists - Fine Arts
  156. Lets get Creative - Who are your Favorite Artists?: day, painters, paintings - Fine Arts
  157. Are We Headed for Another Dark Ages?: day, movies, abstract - Fine Arts
  158. Street Art and Graffiti.: paint, artists, make, work - Fine Arts
  159. My own oil paintings, hope to know your opinion.: weird, work - Fine Arts
  160. look at two of my drawing: painting, artist, work, son - Fine Arts
  161. Just found out that Robert Hughes died - Fine Arts
  162. Globe Theatre: Israeli play goes on despite protests - Fine Arts
  163. Mary Poppins closing.: movies - Fine Arts
  164. Danny DeVito makes West End debut. - Fine Arts
  165. Facebook Collaborative Art: artist - Fine Arts
  166. The 6th China (Shenzhen) International Frame & Picture Exhibition: day, paintings, make - Fine Arts
  167. Aqueous II: photographs of paint dropped into water by Mark Mawson: artist - Fine Arts
  168. Disney Art!: artists, print - Fine Arts
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  170. Albert Sterner - Fine Arts
  171. - Fine Arts
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  177. Dance school - Fine Arts
  178. dancing: dance - Fine Arts
  179. Russian Fine Art: day, paintings - Fine Arts
  180. An art fan?: day, many - Fine Arts
  181. Photography: print - Fine Arts
  182. one close to Tallahassee?: painting - Fine Arts
  183. 271 newly discovered Picassos!: work - Fine Arts
  184. seen a 3D Porcelyn Sculpture Art of the Last Supper? Pic Inside: artist, son - Fine Arts
  185. Duo Main TenanT - Fine Arts
  186. Intrinsic Value of Art: painting, work - Fine Arts
  187. Fela!: day, son - Fine Arts
  188. Did catch the Leonardo Live theater exhibition?: day, painter - Fine Arts
  189. New Mozart writing, uncovered - Fine Arts
  190. Dancers urge action on easting disorders.: work, son - Fine Arts
  191. Edward Munch's The Sream up for auction: century, 20th, famous - Fine Arts
  192. A very DrummerBoy Christmas gift!: many - Fine Arts
  193. Painting by Thomas Gainsborough?: painter, paintings, many - Fine Arts
  194. My Collections over Travelling Asia - Fine Arts
  195. Fela: UK National Theater Live HD: day, dance, modern - Fine Arts
  196. D Shavvin Watercolor Artist, ?: painting - Fine Arts
  197. Just won the Award of Excellence in 13th Anual Art Juried Online Exhibition: paintings - Fine Arts
  198. Milton Glaser: Inform and Delight: modern - Fine Arts
  199. Miniature Forest - Fine Arts
  200. Mark Rothko work sold for record $86.9m at auction.: painting - Fine Arts