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  96. Old Country Buffet on Carlisle Pike: York: closing, shops, eat - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  108. Carlisle Sports Emporium: place, union, family - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  110. Harrisburg's music scene: Altoona, Portland, Penn: appointed, live, nightlife - Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. Terrible Road conditions on Route 78: Scranton, Harrisburg: construction, transportation, eat - Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. Amish or Mennonite Discounted Grocery Stores.: Lebanon, Annville: home, live in, pricing - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. I-76W to I-283N to PA 322: Lancaster, Harrisburg: college, medical - Pennsylvania
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  117. Second St. between Maclay and Seneca? Or Locust?: apartment, live in - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  123. Headhunter or Employment Service - Harrisburg Relocation: Bradford, Lemoyne: to move, suite - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  128. Opinions on of apartment complexes?: Colonial Park: renting, low crime - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  129. Mechanicsburg: Allentown, Lancaster, Harrisburg: crime, job market, transfer - Pennsylvania (PA)
  130. Who the Heck is my Rep????: Penn: house, live in, county - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  131. Trying to find out what rights I have: lease, how much - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  135. Ft. Indianatown Gap Area Visit: Philadelphia, Reading: nightlife, education, parks - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  140. Jasper's Restaurant: Harrisburg, Downingtown: place, town, road - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  145. Metro Harrisburg ranked 9th in U.S. for cities with highest paying jobs: Philadelphia: employment - Pennsylvania (PA)
  146. Harrisburg: Emerging as a Growing city, or in decline?: Altoona: appointed, furlow - Pennsylvania (PA)
  147. Harrisburg International Airport: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Middletown: 2013, leases, promotional - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  149. Governor's Mansion in downtown Harrisburg: Pittsburgh, Erie: low income, for sale, rentals - Pennsylvania (PA)
  150. Pennsylvania Place vs Executive House: Harrisburg: apartment complexes, crime, coop - (PA)
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  152. Mulling a move Cumberland County/Harrisburg Suburbs: Wilkes-Barre, Carlisle: apartment complex, rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  153. East Shore to Wilkes-Barre?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: living in, suburbs, ranking - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  154. Moving From Southern California to Central PA...HELP: Scranton, Lancaster: apartment complexes, renting - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
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  158. No one mentions Hershey: Pittsburgh, Harrisburg: apartment, rental, amusement park - Pennsylvania (PA)
  159. Harrisburg or State College for a young professional?: Pittsburgh, Lancaster: apartment complexes, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  160. Is Hershey Liberal? Religious?: Lancaster, Harrisburg: transplants, lawyer, elementary school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  161. Good cell coverage in Harrisburg: Allentown, Carlisle: how much, live, moving to - Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. Adamstown or Ephrata?: Bethlehem, Lancaster: rental, buy, price - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  163. Tips or tricks - Hersheypark Stadium Parking: distances, festival - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  164. What's being built in front of the mall in Lebanon?: Manheim: home, construction - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  165. hershey park stadium concert: photos, camera, where to - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  166. New Urbanism comes to Central PA: Harrisburg, Lower Allen: appointed, 2013, apartments - Pennsylvania
  167. Apartment communities to live at in Lancaster: Pittsburgh: maintenance, move to - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. Need help! Housing Northeast of Harrisburg (Hwy 78 or 81): Linglestown, Fredericksburg: violent crime, home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  169. Internet Connections in Harrisburg suburbs.: Paxtonia: lease, home, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  171. Engineering internship harrisburg area?: companies, summer, hiring - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  175. Nail Salon Near Fairfield, PA?: Houston: purchase, live, certificate - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
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  185. Workers Comp attorneys?: construction, permit, good - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  186. N. Cameron St to 322 West, is it open? - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  187. Lancaster area Rental: college, living in, price - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  188. carlisle considers lifting draconian food truck ban: Penn: 2013, live - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  189. Stay safe w/the weather: Harrisburg, Lebanon: area, friends - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  191. Gettysburg reinactment: tickets, driving, Friday - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  193. thanksgiving Dinner near I-76 ??: places, traveling, time - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
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