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  1. Harrisburg Shooting Labeled Terror Attack: Philadelphia, York: violent crime, elementary school - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  10. Italian Lake (Harrisburg): Philadelphia: maintenance, live, budget - Pennsylvania (PA)
  11. Linglestown Artisan Trail: Colonial Park, Hershey, Camp Hill: schools, camp, shopping centers - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  12. U oldies remember the old Linglestown rd underpass: Harrisburg, Progress: house, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  13. Registering a Car in PA, but Live in CT: Harrisburg: vehicle registration, insurance - Pennsylvania
  14. Short Term Contract Work in Harrisburg: New Cumberland: hotel, live, prices - Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. tips for doing Army Heritage Trail?: college, military - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  16. Where to move closer to NJ, but live in PA: Philadelphia: taxes, living - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  17. What time does rush hour end tomorrow AM: Harrisburg, York: camp, vs. - Pennsylvania (PA)
  18. Asian Barber/Stylist: Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg: salon, neighborhood, camp - Pennsylvania (PA)
  19. Harrisburg-Area Job Market Strongest in Pa. Over Last Year: Philadelphia: houses, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  20. Brownfield Mixed-Use Redevelopment Project Slated for Carlisle: Harrisburg: 2015, condominiums - Pennsylvania (PA)
  21. Planting fruit trees: Gettysburg, Penn: purchasing, live in, prices - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  22. Moving to Harrisburg...where to live?: Philadelphia, Lancaster: apartment complexes, rental, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  23. North of Harrisburg?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Bethlehem: houses, schools, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  24. Amish doors, pre hung: Altoona, Harrisburg: prebuilt, house, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  25. Not trying 2 B nosey but can I get ideas on take home pay...: York: health insurance - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  26. Trying to rent as a single mother: Harrisburg: low income, section 8 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  27. Harrisburg teachers out there?: Penn: 2015, home, teaching jobs - Pennsylvania (PA)
  28. Happy 717 Day!: Penn: live, area code, area - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  29. Amish Dog Breeders: for sale, live, offices - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  30. Visited today: Harrisburg, State College, Hershey: crime, houses, school districts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  31. Chambersburg: Philadelphia, Harrisburg, York: hotels, construction, law school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  32. Hershey/Palmyra (or thereabouts) Singles for $150-160K?: Pittsburgh: for sale, real estate - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
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  35. Relocating to York Area - Autism Support: Harrisburg, Dallastown: home, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
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  38. Uptown Harrisburg: Carlisle, Hanover, Ephrata: real estate, low crime, attorneys - Pennsylvania (PA)
  39. Tell me about Duncannon: Wellsboro, Tioga: for sale, to buy, camps - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  40. Do You Think Baltimore is Worse Than Harrisburg?: Pittsburgh, Lancaster: transplants, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  41. Lancaster/York Living and Commute: Harrisburg, Ephrata: apartment, construction, areas - Pennsylvania (PA)
  42. Got a job in New Cumberland: Harrisburg, York: apartments, home, neighborhood - Pennsylvania (PA)
  43. 3 top towns in Harrisburg area ?: Lebanon, Colonial Park: low crime, neighborhood, income - Pennsylvania (PA)
  44. Train from Hershey to nyc ?!: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: buy, construction, price - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  45. Farmer's Markets in the Harrisburg area: Lemoyne: town, worth, roads - Pennsylvania (PA)
  46. Indian/Tamil communities in and around CampHill: apartment complex, employment - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  47. Looking 4 -thinking about a move to Harrisburg Pa??: Philadelphia: section 8, apartment complexes - Pennsylvania (PA)
  48. Short trip to Harrisburg/Hershey early Oct.: Lancaster, Ephrata: rent, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  49. Best neighborhoods along 81 to buy a new house ?: Mechanicsburg, Linglestown: schools, tax - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  50. Mcconnellsburg PA and Surrounding Relocation: Harrisburg, Chambersburg: real estate, homes, school district - Pennsylvania
  51. Why doesn't the Harrisburg Area have a major college scene?: Bellefonte: high school, universities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  52. Renting in the Annville/Ft. Indiantown Gap areas.....: Harrisburg, Middletown: home, price - Pennsylvania (PA)
  53. Moving to Mechanicsburg from Houston.: Harrisburg, York: mortgage, cheap house, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  54. What neighborhood near East York for a... young? single professional?: Lancaster: fit in - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  55. Relocating to the state, need advice: Altoona, Harrisburg: crime, law school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  56. Thinking of retiring in or near Lancaster, PA: Philadelphia, Harrisburg: apartment, buy - Pennsylvania
  57. I need help identifying an old house in Halifax I am purchasing!: buying a home - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  58. Helicopter low flying Lancaster County around Columbia?: Pittsburgh, Harrisburg: neighborhood, military - Pennsylvania (PA)
  59. Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, or ???: Lancaster, Harrisburg: homes, neighborhood, buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  60. Hershey area: Harrisburg, Middletown, Mechanicsburg: house, school district, camp - Pennsylvania (PA)
  61. have updated on moving/working/living....: Harrisburg, Middletown: apartment, renter - Pennsylvania (PA)
  62. Another where is good for us ..: Harrisburg, Carlisle: renting, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  63. Former Camp Hill Bon-Ton Purchased by Local Authority To Be Razed: Gettysburg: sales, to buy - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  64. Waterfront Retirement Home, $350K, Suggestions: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: HOA, condo, house - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  65. What percent of residents in Tremont are fans of Trump?: moving, best - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  66. Bay Area resident seeking information and advice about PA for relocation: Philadelphia: real estate, affordable apartment - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  67. Nightlife for singles in 20s to 30s in Harrisburg-Hershey area: Philadelphia: apartments, rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  68. Dangerous areas of Lancaster?: Millersville, Dallas: crime, living, store - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  69. Executive House v 1500 Condominium: Harrisburg: neighborhood, construction, cabinet - Pennsylvania (PA)
  70. Harrisburg Ranks First 8 Best Pennsylvania Cities To Live In, Report Finds: Philadelphia: daycare - (PA)
  71. Is the south main street Marysville area near rockville bridge safe?: Harrisburg: trains, parking - Pennsylvania (PA)
  72. Carlisle area 55+ MH community, reasonable cost?: Philadelphia, Shippensburg: rent, house, purchase - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  73. Much snow or ice in the area?: Scranton, Harrisburg: gated, cars - Pennsylvania (PA)
  74. What would be upside of Harrisburg over Lancaster for me?: Philadelphia: real estate, how much - Pennsylvania (PA)
  75. In the area for a few days March 15, 16 …: Harrisburg: park, building - Pennsylvania (PA)
  76. Dauphin Boro-ish (Central Dauphin) or Halifax School District?: Harrisburg, Penn: house, buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  77. Where to live near Annville?: Harrisburg, Lebanon: apartments, luxury, living - Pennsylvania (PA)
  78. Dallastown Elementary Schools: York: house, employment, school district - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  79. 100 year flood in Berks County: Reading, Wilkes-Barre: house, live, move - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  80. Traffic in Harrisburg/York Region Compared to Philly Region?: live, relocating to - Pennsylvania (PA)
  81. Allison Hill neighborhood in Harrisburg to get $3 million makeover: Derry: affordable apartments, floors - Pennsylvania (PA)
  82. Favorite Museums or Historical Events In Harrisburg Area: Lancaster, Columbia: house, live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  83. Hershey Hotel Help: Harrisburg, Lebanon, Palmyra: crime, hotels, safe area - Pennsylvania (PA)
  84. Moving to Pennsylvania: Lancaster, Harrisburg, York: crime, to live in, restaurants - (PA)
  85. Job transfer to Harrisburg... camp hill/mechanicsburg?: York, Carlisle: real estate, 2015 - Pennsylvania (PA)
  86. How is Harrisburg for singles?: to live in, young professionals, restaurants - Pennsylvania (PA)
  87. Apartments/Condos lacking centipedes and daddy long leggers?: Harrisburg, Camp Hill: apartment complexes, house - Pennsylvania (PA)
  88. Pros & Cons of East Shore vs. West Shore vs. Upper Dauphin/Perry County: Philadelphia: cliquey - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  89. Excel Homes Group: Camp Hill, Penn: purchase, live, business - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  90. Health Care Scene in Lancaster County: Chester, Penn: moving, retiring, area - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  91. relocation to Harrisburg Area - Need impute: Lancaster, Carlisle: homes, neighborhoods - Pennsylvania (PA)
  92. capital gains tax on nonresident property: sale, home, income - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  93. concerning Harrisburg.: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown: 2015, home, law school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  94. Retiring in Elizabethtown PAy: living in, vs, moving - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  95. Who remembers the old Wee-bite restaurant on 13th & Derry St. in the early 70's?: Harrisburg: living - Pennsylvania (PA)
  96. Working in harrisburg, best places to live?: Carlisle, Hershey: neighborhood, camp - Pennsylvania (PA)
  97. Diner near Harrisburg Hilton?: hotel, live, sushi - Pennsylvania (PA)
  98. Possibly moving to Mechanicsburg, PA: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: real estate, apartment, for rent - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  99. PA State Government and Political Jobs: Harrisburg, Penn: living, cost of living, estimate - Pennsylvania
  100. Family moving to Newport?: Harrisburg, Carlisle: 2015, crime, buying a home - Pennsylvania (PA)
  101. Extended Stay Motels/Hotels in Harrisburg Area: Carlisle, Hershey: apartment, rentals - Pennsylvania (PA)
  102. Diversity and acceptance of people of color in Elizabethtown,PA ?: 2015, crimes - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  103. Air quality and pollution index: Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg: Philadelphia, Lancaster: real estate, crime - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  104. Looking for Apartment and Job near Wegman's--Mechanicsburg 2017: Harrisburg, Carlisle: apartments, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  105. The Schoolhouse Condos: apartments, pros and cons, live - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  106. Moving to East Berlin PA: York, Gettysburg: neighborhood, to live, activities - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  107. Relocating from Brooklyn via NJ: Carlisle, Boiling Springs: apartment, rental, how much - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  108. ISO kind of cool restaurant for dinner along I81: Harrisburg: price, area - Pennsylvania (PA)
  109. Relocation to Lancaster, PA area: Ephrata, Elizabethtown: transplants, apartment, rent - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  110. Manufactured Housing Communities with NO LAND LEASE?: Lancaster: mobile home, utilities - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  111. Harrisburgians, I've got questions.: Bellevue, New Cumberland: for sale, apartment, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  112. Home inspection revealed high radon levels: York, Penn: apartment, renting, new home - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  113. Headed to Hershey? Lancaster? Lititz?: Harrisburg, York: real estate, for rent, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  114. Best Neighborhoods near west Hanover township?: Harrisburg, Hershey: apartments, renting, luxury - Pennsylvania (PA)
  115. visiting lancaster area this weekend for move: Lebanon, Hershey: houses, tornado - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  116. Possibly Moving to York, PA: Pittsburgh, Lancaster: apartments, for rent, condos - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  117. Where to Live: Lancaster Country, Harrisburg, Gettysburg: Pittsburgh, York: apartment, to rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  118. Moving to PA: Harrisburg, State College, Carlisle: new house, to buy, school district - Pennsylvania
  119. Top 25 place to live: Harrisburg, York: real estate, home, universities - Pennsylvania (PA)
  120. Thinking about relocating to the Mechanicsburg area: Reading, Harrisburg: for sale, crime - Pennsylvania (PA)
  121. Moving to Lancaster/Lebanon County: Hershey, Lititz: transplants, real estate, apartment - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  122. Central Dauphin vs. Lower Dauphin schools?: Lebanon, Hershey: real estate, rental homes, house - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  123. Apartment in Hershey?: Harrisburg, Hummelstown, Madison: apartments, luxury, school districts - Pennsylvania (PA)
  124. Thinking of Shenandoah: Harrisburg, Hershey, Shamokin: houses, buying, to live - Pennsylvania (PA)
  125. Moved to nice area to get outta the 'hood... guess what??: Pittsburgh: section 8, for sale - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  126. Moving to Lancaster County: Reading, Harrisburg: apartment, to rent, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  127. good contemporary churches in Lancaster or Lebanon?: moving to, locations - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  128. Cost of utilities in York: insurance, home, costs - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  129. Good quality low cost furniture store?: Shiloh, Annville: sales, home, to buy - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  130. Need a teaching position in Dallastown...: York, Oxford: employment, school district, salary - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  131. Lesbians house hunting: Camp Hill? Lancaster? Other?: Harrisburg, Carlisle: how much, to buy - Pennsylvania (PA)
  132. to other business people about Health Insurance: Penn: deductible, move to - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  133. Planning on moving to York. Need a carpool: Penn: around, information - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  134. Wife is moving to Hershey for Grad School. Where should we live/work?: Philadelphia: transplants, real estate - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  135. Writing a book; need geographical information for Harrisburg and surrounding areas: Pittsburgh: home, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  136. Moving from Lehigh Valley: Bethlehem, Lancaster: transplants, condo, how much - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  137. PA Property taxes -Looking to move back, but what in the world!?!: Harrisburg: houses - Pennsylvania
  138. Progressive Churches in Harrisburg Area?: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: fit in, wage, living in - Pennsylvania (PA)
  139. Downtown Harrisburg vs. Downtown Lancaster: Which is Better?: York, Carlisle: appointed, apartments - Pennsylvania (PA)
  140. Hershey vs. Carlisle: Which is Better?: Lancaster, Harrisburg: crime rate, hotel, townhouse - Pennsylvania (PA)
  141. Providence Town Center of Harrisburg Region?: Lancaster, King of Prussia: real estate, movie theater - Pennsylvania (PA)
  142. Squatters Can Steal Your Home: Kane, Lima: 2015, apartment, rent - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  143. Insights of all kinds wanted on move to Lancaster: Franklin: transplants, real estate - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  144. Relocate to North of Harrisburg Region: Philadelphia, York: apartments, crime rate, houses - Pennsylvania (PA)
  145. Lancaster sounds great! Is it for us?: Philadelphia, Harrisburg: real estate, condo - Pennsylvania (PA)
  146. Harrisburg or Lancaster? Or Berks?: Philadelphia, Reading: rent, home, college - Pennsylvania (PA)
  147. Job in New Cumberland...where to move?: Philadelphia, Lancaster: rental, crime rates - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  148. Traffic citation section 3361: Pittsburgh, Harrisburg: lawyers, construction, school - Pennsylvania (PA)
  149. Need Your Feedback, Questions for Former NJ or NY Residents Who Moved to PA: Pittsburgh: transplants, homeowners insurance - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  150. Taking job in Downtown Harrisburg, need advice on areas to live.: Hershey: apartment complexes, to rent - Pennsylvania (PA)
  151. Relocating Central PA: Reading, Lancaster, Altoona: apartment, renting, condo - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  152. Hershey, PA: Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg: home, theatre, schools - Pennsylvania
  153. What is It Like to Live in Gettysburg?: Lancaster, Penn: sales, apartment - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  154. High-speed internet in rural PA - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  155. Penn State Harrisburg Construction: Middletown: college, campus, parking - Pennsylvania (PA)
  156. Affordable Housing in York Co. -Closest to Lancaster: home, pharmacies - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  157. HNJ Cheerleading & Majorettes Registration: Allentown, Harrisburg: home, school, student - Pennsylvania (PA)
  158. Unemployment Federal withholding, help!: wages, taxes, year - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  159. New or Old Claim on PA Unemployment: 2015, employers - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  160. Has gone to Line-X & Krown of South Central Pa?: York: live in, quality - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  161. on Dauphin Borough?: Harrisburg: school district, suburbs, friendly - Pennsylvania (PA)
  162. KKK rally in Lancaster: county - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  163. Need to rent house or townhome in Lancaster - recommendations/tips??: Harrisburg: rental - Pennsylvania (PA)
  164. Selling Propane Tank - Central PA: backyard, installing, place - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  165. What's it like teaching for city of York?: roughest, how much - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  166. Where to Find Asian Produce in Lancaster County: buy, organic - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  167. Market Square Harrisburg - Master Plan: design, vehicles, place - Pennsylvania (PA)
  168. Gary's Farmhouse: Selinsgrove - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  169. Four Seasons Mt. Joy PA: Lancaster, Gettysburg: live, area, county - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  170. Gettysburg at: house, buying, pros and cons - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  171. Atheist/agnostic groups in Lancaster: Manheim: area, place, reputation - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  172. Need Schools Help: Lebanon, Steelton, Highspire: school districts, relocate to, areas - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  173. Trucks in snowstorm: to live in, accept, people - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  174. Need Your Feedback, Questions for Former NJ or NY Residents Who Moved to PA: transplants - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania
  175. Structured cabling - all union? (Harrisburg/York): Dauphin: find a job, centers - Pennsylvania (PA)
  176. Penn State playing Appalachian State: golfing, MBA, woods - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  177. Fifth Avenue Extension to Expand Medical Campus in Chambersburg: Penn: transportation, health - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)
  178. Grandview Heights neighborhood?: Lancaster: move to, park, summer - Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania (PA)