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  5. Teen shot to death 41 days after speaking out against gun violence.: news, people - True Crime
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  7. News, impaired driver tries switching seats to avoid arrest.: today, friend - True Crime
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  13. 80 yr Old Homeowner Assaulted, Kills One Intruder: murder, attorney, murdering - True Crime
  14. killer asked Siri to help him hide his roommate’s corpse: murder, news - True Crime
  15. Munchausen by Proxy Mom Charged With Son's Death: children, authorities - True Crime
  16. Dr. Condon and the Lindbergh Kidnapping: news - True Crime
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  18. Update - Confession in Blind Faith murder: news - True Crime
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  20. Murder in the Peace Corps: case, sociopath, authorities, consequences - True Crime
  21. News, Woman says she couldn't let bank robber get away.: life, county - True Crime
  22. News, Thief steals pricey electric bike, then accidentally calls owner for help on how to recharge it - True Crime
  23. Accountant Embezzles $3.1 million from California School District: case, news, life - True Crime
  24. Girl found 10 years after kidnapping: authorities, news, life, friend - True Crime
  25. News, Man holding breath in Oregon tunnel causes crash - True Crime
  26. Justin Bieber arrested! surprised...: punishment, life - True Crime
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  29. Outlaws: criminal, shooting, news, famous - True Crime
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  31. Does shooting/killing just one person usually carry a life sentence or a termed sentence?: case, authorities - True Crime
  32. Brother and Sister Arrested for Having Sex with Each Other: children, case - True Crime
  33. Texas woman posed as 15yo student, then dated another student: case, defense - True Crime
  34. Remember the kid found in the basement????: abused - True Crime
  35. Gigi Jordan murder of her son: children, case, news, life - True Crime
  36. Does remember this trial?: case, murder, news, homicides - True Crime
  37. Have you worked or eaten at the Burger Chef in Plainfield, Indiana in the 1970's ?: case, murders - True Crime
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  39. Charlene Corley, Fraudulent shipping costs crime: defense, American - True Crime
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  41. Why has it taken 1 1/2 years for Tsarnaev trial to begin?: case, authorities - True Crime
  42. comparing the Green River detectives with the Baltimore detectives.: case, serial killer, alive - True Crime
  43. Alcatraz Escapees: case, evidence, FBI, alive - True Crime
  44. Teenage Girl Burned To Death Saturday: children, case, authorities, murder - True Crime
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  46. the best true crime books from a detectives perspective: children, case, murders
  47. Marybeth Tinning kills 9 of her babies: children, case, husband, murders - True Crime
  48. College Student Kills His Whole Family: sociopath, murder, narcissistic, news - True Crime
  49. Ronald Brown Docus?: case, dangerous - True Crime
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  54. 2 bodies found at home of mother accused of murdering her 10 year-old son: case, news - True Crime
  55. Breast Cancer Researcher Goes on Trial for Aggrivated Assault: case, news - True Crime
  56. Middle School Anal Rapist: consequences, support, people - True Crime
  57. The victim follows the pattern: children, abused, molested, women - True Crime
  58. A Murder in the Desert- The Danielle Van Dam Case: news, friend - True Crime
  59. Report from an old newspaper - not sure what to make of it... - True Crime
  60. Bradford Bishop possibly found?: case, authorities, murder, notorious - True Crime
  61. Russell Faria case: husband, murder, evidence, defense - True Crime
  62. Stories of street harassment suffered by ladies... - True Crime
  63. Man posing as cop arrested after allegedly trying to pull over actual detective: justice, news - True Crime
  64. What do released felons have available to them in DC to rebuild their lives?: children, murder - True Crime
  65. if not guilty by reason of insanity - True Crime
  66. What really happen to Alfred Wright in Japer Texas?: case, murder, evidence - True Crime
  67. Pallavi Dhawan case in Frisco, TX: husband, murder, murdering, today - True Crime
  68. Wrong teen jailed for 35 days for child rape due to name mix-up: case, attorney - True Crime
  69. Teens break into K Mart...: news - True Crime
  70. Leonardo di. Caprio niece missing!: children, criminal, news, American - True Crime
  71. Van der Sloot Extradited to US 2038: murder, justice, news - True Crime
  72. Time To Quit Crime, Police say tracks in snow led them straight to burglar.: criminal, news - True Crime
  73. News, Woman convicted of manslaughter in Mississippi buttocks injection murder trial. - True Crime
  74. Lest we forget Kids for Cash: children - True Crime
  75. Amanda's Judge ... Admits Jurors Considered Sources Of Information Outside Of The Trial: case, attorney - True Crime
  76. Janet Abaroa: Alford Plea; Husband Faces Four Years Prison: murder, criminal, admits - True Crime
  77. Does a person's Restitution go up if it is not paid on time or paid late? - True Crime
  78. Food laced with marijuana at 'potluck'; teacher arrested: support, people, school - True Crime
  79. Domestic crime: scar upon the character of a region?: husband, murder, cities - True Crime
  80. News, Restaurant owner fires shot at customer after complaint about egg roll.: life, people - True Crime
  81. Arrest in the 1978 Lufthansa heist (made famous by Goodfellas): murders, news, people - True Crime
  82. News, Bail set at $310,000 for Las Vegas pet store owner facing arson charges.: criminal, defendant - True Crime
  83. Another craigslist s̶u̶c̶c̶e̶s̶s̶ murder story - True Crime
  84. News, Fla. Psychic Gets 10 Years in Crazy $18M Fraud: case, divorce, movie - True Crime
  85. News, Ohio Man Expected to Survive After 14 Shots: shooting, county, people - True Crime
  86. Texas Mother Kills Two of Her Children While Driving Drunk: news - True Crime
  87. News, Woman Finds Dead Neighbor Stashed In Trunk Of Her Car: evidence, life - True Crime
  88. Could Jack the ripper of been a group of people?: case, murders - True Crime
  89. Jack The Ripper Identified!?: murders, serial killer, criminal, notorious - True Crime
  90. Former Mayor Of New Orleans, Nagin, ... Found Guilty Of 20 of 21 Criminal Counts: defense, news - True Crime
  91. Statutory Rape Victim Responsible for Child Support: children, case, criminal - True Crime
  92. Two Men Arrested For Armed Robbery Of Pregnant Woman In Labor ... Is It To Go Lower?: case, today - True Crime
  93. Most infamous crime to happen in your town?: case, authorities, murders - True Crime
  94. How BAD was crime in the 1970's?: children, murders, serial killers - True Crime
  95. Armed self defense against unarmed person: case, murder, criminal - True Crime
  96. Ohio County sued for employing man who raped over 100 female corpses: creepy - True Crime
  97. JonBenét Ramsey Part II: case, murder, justice, molested - True Crime
  98. Violent crime in America: husband, cities, criminal, news - True Crime
  99. Robert Hansen: children, case, husband, serial killers - True Crime
  100. Hailey Owens case- abducted in front of neighbors: children, sociopath, murders - True Crime
  101. Men Who Brutally Beat Baseball Fan Get 4-8 Years In Prison: justice, today - True Crime
  102. Woman 19 yr old claims to have killed at least 22 people in Alaska: husband, murders - True Crime
  103. Deathbed Confession of a Serial Killer in 1865: children, case, murders - True Crime
  104. Rolling stone UVA article: case, justice, lawyer, friend - True Crime
  105. Effectiveness of sex offender registries: children, murder, criminal, sex offenders - True Crime
  106. Americans Less Violent Than Ever, For the Police: murders, killers, criminal - True Crime
  107. Underrated or mostly unknown serial killers.: murders, FBI, news, life - True Crime
  108. This fact serial killers blew my mind: murder, offender, news - True Crime
  109. Kia Graves Rape Case: offender, evidence, news, lawyer - True Crime
  110. The Controversies over the West Memphis Three Case.....: murders, serial killer, evidence - True Crime
  111. are polygraph test reliable?: case, serial killers, criminal, sex offenders - True Crime
  112. 2 Books soon to be published, both take place in NH.: case, authorities - True Crime
  113. Serial podcast: case, criminal, attorney, evidence - True Crime
  114. Mass Murderers: children, case, murders, notorious - True Crime
  115. Gay Male Torture Killers: case, husband, murders, serial killers - True Crime
  116. Major wrong murder convictions?: case, murders, notorious, murdering - True Crime
  117. Put down the plate and nobody gets hurt!: news, life, American - True Crime
  118. Loss of Innocence...true crime of double murder: case, serial killers, justice
  119. False Confessions: case, attorney, notorious, evidence - True Crime
  120. Dateline ~ Murder of Lynne Knight: evidence, defense, lawyer - True Crime
  121. Parolee abducts and murders female real estate agent in Arkansas: criminal, news - True Crime
  122. A new suspect/theory of the intruder who murdered Jonbenet: sex offender, evidence - True Crime
  123. Patricia Krenwinkel speaks about living her life in prison: murders, news, dangerous - True Crime
  124. Amanda Knox, Extradition, and the Double Jeopardy Clause: case, authorities, murder - True Crime
  125. Missing Girl Leads to Sex Ring: case, authorities, offender, news - True Crime
  126. What's Your Favorite True Crime Book?: murder, county, friend
  127. Do you feel weird for being interested?: children, case, husband - True Crime
  128. new serial killers?: authorities, murder, evidence, today - True Crime
  129. How did he do this?: defense, life, friend, creepy - True Crime
  130. Organized Crime in your city?: cities, mafia, today, news - True Crime
  131. She has a Warrant out for her arrest, what does that mean?: murder, criminal - True Crime
  132. Should this case be covered in graphic detail?: children, murders, justice - True Crime
  133. Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Profile Another Look: case, murders, serial killers - True Crime
  134. December 14, 2012: What really happened?: children, murder, shooting, evidence - True Crime
  135. Déjŕ vu of Ariel Castro?: case, justice, news, psychopath - True Crime
  136. April-May Forum's Most Engaging Poster Contest discussion (10 $500 prizes): people - True Crime
  137. Charlie Manson and The Beatles: murders, people - True Crime
  138. Will body do when making an arrest?: children, case, murders - True Crime
  139. Woman attacked, beaten badly at end of hiking trail: case, husband, murders - True Crime
  140. The Shame of the Male Virgin: sociopath, shooting, support, people - True Crime
  141. The Artist Community’s Predictable, Horrible Response to a Mass Murder: murders, news - True Crime
  142. Who's Surprised By The Santa Babara Shoot-Up? I'm Not.: authorities, murder, narcissistic - True Crime
  143. Kurt Cobain case not being re-opened.: murder, shooting, evidence, alive - True Crime
  144. Homeless, single mom jailed on felony child abuse charges for leaving kids in car during job interview: children, case - True Crime
  145. 98 years in prison for Armed Robbery?: children, case, killers, criminal - True Crime
  146. Jimmy Hoffa: mafia, today, life, job - True Crime
  147. What would you want to know about prison?: notorious, life, people - True Crime
  148. Seven Dead Babies found in Utah Home: case, husband, murders - True Crime
  149. 4 students seriously hurt in Pa. school stabbings: case, attorney, news - True Crime
  150. Man cleared of NYC murder after 25 years in prison: case, authorities, attorney - True Crime
  151. Michael Alig: murder, narcissistic, today, psychopath - True Crime
  152. Repeatedly burglarized, homeowner settles the score ...: case, murder, killers - True Crime
  153. Questions about prison hierarchy and prisoner to prisoner interactions: children, case, murder - True Crime
  154. 88-Year Old Russell Dermond Decapitated in GA, Wife Found Dead: children, case - True Crime
  155. When a Death Row Execution Goes Wrong...: children, murder, killers - True Crime
  156. Death penalty upheld for California serial killer William Suff: children, case, authorities - True Crime
  157. Serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells scheduled for execution: murder, serial killers, notorious - True Crime
  158. Jodie Arias case continues...: sociopathic, murder, criminal, defense - True Crime
  159. Man who tossed daughter to her death gets life in prison: children, murder - True Crime
  160. Man sexing pit bulls - True Crime
  161. Prostitute (Alix Catherine Tichelman) Charged with Killing Google Exec and Suspected in Boyfriend's Overdose Death: murder, news - True Crime
  162. Marine's Pregnant Wife Missing in CA - Found Dead: case, husband, murder - True Crime
  163. Man on trial for shooting 19 year old woman who knocked on his door for help: case, alive - True Crime
  164. Robert Durst,NYC construction billionaire, gets away with murder: case, murders, attorney - True Crime
  165. Would you tell?: case, authorities, murder, criminal - True Crime
  166. What modern day cases will still be well-known in 50 years?: case, murder - True Crime
  167. Texas Murder? Sexual assault then burning: case, defendant, attorney, evidence - True Crime
  168. Who is the most infamous killer from each state?: murder, OJ Simpson, county - True Crime
  169. Dateline of 7/11/2014: children, case, criminal, offender - True Crime
  170. News, Fla. dad beats man he found allegedly raping his son: Report: husband, consequences - True Crime
  171. Former Oakland resident Ray Jasper last letter from Death Row: murder, criminal - True Crime
  172. Justin Ross Harris Charged With Hot Car Murder: case, attorney - True Crime
  173. True crime...the media convicting people without a trial and labeling them murderers is that a crime?: case, civil
  174. Would our mass murder rate be half what it is if Columbine hadn't happened?: case, murders - True Crime
  175. Charles Manson gets Parole :(: mastermind, news, friend - True Crime
  176. Iraqi Men Convicted in Rape of Colorado Springs Woman: news, life, American - True Crime
  177. Interesting non-violent crimes in recent years?: case, FBI, alive, zodiac - True Crime
  178. Does remember what exactly happened at Columbine back in 1999?: husband, shooting - True Crime
  179. Twist to the Most Henious Crime of East Idaho: children, case, murders - True Crime
  180. Violence against women: children, husband, criminal, justice - True Crime
  181. Harvard-educated professor was ambushed and shot dead in his garage: children, case - True Crime
  182. Texarkana Phantom Killer book: authorities, murders, criminal, life - True Crime
  183. Help identify a child predator: children, evidence, FBI, news - True Crime
  184. Illinois hostages threatened, sexually assaulted by gunmen: children, shooting, news - True Crime
  185. Tanya Nicole Kach: school - True Crime
  186. Must be summer in Sweden? Businessman fined for popping ice cream truck tires.: news - True Crime
  187. Meatball terrorism: case, news - True Crime
  188. Bones of murder victim found 2 years after disappearance: case, authorities, husband - True Crime
  189. Raffaele Sollecito talks with CNN about the verdict: murder - True Crime
  190. Betsy Faria (Dateline Last Night): news, people - True Crime
  191. News, Noah McCall Accused Of Peeing On Cop's Head - True Crime
  192. Lesley Whittle kidnap and murder - True Crime
  193. Missing Person in Wylie: news - True Crime
  194. Man Shot In The Face In Small-Town Michigan: children, case, murder - True Crime
  195. sentenced to death 4 times Randy Guzek tries to get another trial: news, penalty - True Crime
  196. It had to be done - Serial Killer confesses on video - True Crime
  197. Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, Marianna, Florida: children, news, county - True Crime
  198. Heroin Dealers Charged With Murder...: criminal, murdering, today, news - True Crime
  199. St. John's county neighborhoods with swim teams - True Crime
  200. 1 Down, 7 More To Go...: county, people - True Crime