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  137. Sex Offender in your area - wasy to squeeze him out?: children, criminal - True Crime
  138. Florida woman physician murdered with hammer at home: case, husband, today - True Crime
  139. Toddler tortured to death for not eating breakfast: children, case, justice - True Crime
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  143. Teens to be tried as adults in horrific maiming of Sharon Budd: husband, criminal - True Crime
  144. The Bali Nine got caught 10 years ago today (April 17th). watching this one?: children, evidence - True Crime
  145. $4.8 million dollars worth of gold bars stolen from armored truck: news, American - True Crime
  146. Shayna Huber murders her BF by 6 shots giving him a nose job: case, shooting - True Crime
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  148. Mafia activity in your city?: cities, FBI, American, people - True Crime
  149. what is the worst crime that has happened in your area: case, husband - True Crime
  150. Isn't it disappointing that the CRIME LIBRARY website (last owned by TruTV) was closed by its founder?: murders, serial killers - True Crime
  151. Colonial Parkway Murders Virginia: case, serial killer, justice, news - True Crime
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  183. Weird Crime, Cross-Dressing Robber Holds Up McDonald's: news - True Crime
  184. escaped prisoners up state new york - True Crime
  185. Father kills 3 year old over teenage girlfriend: news - True Crime
  186. ***True Crime Posting Guidelines***: American, support
  187. 'Barbie Bandit' suspected ringleader of violent home invasion gang: news - True Crime
  188. Our local Crime Stoppers celebrity officer - True Crime
  189. Unsolved Murder of Carolyn Wells: movie - True Crime
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  194. News, Man, 82, arrested after allegedly grabbing neighbor's neck in dispute over doorbell issue - True Crime
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