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  38. hatti - True Crime
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  90. Head of CHRISTIAN academy: 120 sex crimes/14 yr old girl: children, case, criminal - True Crime
  91. Toddler shoots mom dead, says dad...: shooting, justice, news - True Crime
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  95. Disporportionate amount of horrible crimes seem to be commited by Fundamentalist Christians. notice this?: children, case - True Crime
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  102. Former BF of mine murdered in murder for hire plot: children, case - True Crime
  103. Boy beaten to death by mom's BF: children, murder, today - True Crime
  104. April is national child abuse prevention month: children, murder, alive - True Crime
  105. Serial Killr in Long Island: murders, serial killer, today, news - True Crime
  106. Rapist states long sentance is CRUEL and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT: case, sociopathic - True Crime
  107. Jessica Lunsford Murder: killers, sex offender, murdering, alive - True Crime
  108. Motorist accused of serial public masturbation - True Crime
  109. Two Thugs at Large - Opening Day Dodgers Stadium Beating: criminal, today - True Crime
  110. gangs: murders, cities, shooting, news - True Crime
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  112. Indictments for guy who filmed/posted live sex encounter of roommate: murder, criminal - True Crime
  113. Woman Gets No Jail Time For Torching Cheating Husband's Penis: justice, news - True Crime
  114. All gang members should be put in solitary: children, cities, criminal - True Crime
  115. News, Woman sues online dating site over sexual assault.: criminal, offender - True Crime
  116. News, Young man to serve 270 days for $1.86 theft from Wal-mart.: criminal, offender - True Crime
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  118. and you think you have problems...: news, life, people - True Crime
  119. Washington State good to serial killers: case, murders, penalty, lawyer - True Crime
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  122. Ronni Chasen, Hollywood Publicist, Murdered: husband, shooting, evidence, news - True Crime
  123. Help dealing with stalker NEED SERIOUS ADVICE.: case, authorities, husband - True Crime
  124. News, Huntington Beach may try to shame suspected drunk drivers on Facebook.: narcissistic, life - True Crime
  125. Who's Your Favorite True Crime Author?: murders, serial killers, news, psychopath
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  128. about murder?: criminal, mafia, news, life - True Crime
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  133. Elizabeth Smart Case --'Guilty': husband, defendant, attorney, alive - True Crime
  134. Gary Condit's DNA found on Chandra Levy's Underwear: case, murder, serial killer - True Crime
  135. He stole my credit card, what is my legal right?: criminal, attorney - True Crime
  136. Police shoot unarmed man when told to come back with a warrant!: children, murder - True Crime
  137. News and would you turn in your husband for having child porn?: children, attorney - True Crime
  138. Elisa Baker Suspect in murder of disabled step daughter-friends neighbors and relatives say we saw it coming: case, criminal - True Crime
  139. I wish cops patrolled my area.: alive, life, people - True Crime
  140. Murders (per capita) Around the World: criminal, offender, justice, penalty - True Crime
  141. News, Man Killed by Mexican Pirates on Texas Lake: husband, murder, murdering - True Crime
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  144. Saudi Prince Murder Trial: notorious, murdering, evidence, today - True Crime
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  151. Human Trafficking: children, case, criminal, civil - True Crime
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  153. about catching a thief: case, criminal, shooting, evidence - True Crime
  154. Moms who kill...crazy or evil?: children, case, sociopaths, murder - True Crime
  155. Crimes by Sorcery, How Would You Prove it?: children, case, murder - True Crime
  156. Wineville Chicken Coop Murders: case, movie - True Crime
  157. Bush Indictment for Torture: murders, criminal, today, news - True Crime
  158. Miranda Rights: case, murder, criminal, defendant - True Crime
  159. News, If Convicted, Loughner Unlikely to Be Executed.: case, murder, criminal - True Crime
  160. Food Stamp, Welfare Fraud, Crimes: case, authorities, abused, people - True Crime
  161. 5 new allegations - re abuse w/Church: case, offender, attorney - True Crime
  162. Walmart fires workers who handled confrontational shoplifter: offender, evidence, news - True Crime
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  164. Why Do the Wealthy Shoplift?: children, case, criminal, consequences - True Crime
  165. The Girl in the Cage featured on Oprah today -Questions: children, case - True Crime
  166. Elisa Baker indicted for murder of Zahara Clare Baker: children, case, killers - True Crime
  167. Sadistic Father Admits to Killing Daughter: children, case, news, job - True Crime
  168. Family of 4 Missing/Found Deceased/Man Charged...2010 Case: husband, criminal, alive - True Crime
  169. Is the Stockholm Syndrome the Reason a Child Doesn't Escape from His or Her Abductor?: children, case - True Crime
  170. Do defendents admit their crime to their lawyers?: case, sociopaths, husband - True Crime
  171. News, O.J. Simpson's ex lawyer, F. Lee Bailey, claims he can prove the ex-football player is innocent.: murders, criminal - True Crime
  172. 1950's Boy in the Box vidocq society?: case, unsolved murder - True Crime
  173. 10 y/o in custody after shooting mother: children, murder, life - True Crime
  174. Did watch The Caraigslist Killer on Lifetine?: case, murders - True Crime
  175. Sting Operations-What Are Your Thoughts: case, support, people - True Crime
  176. new have: case, authorities, husband, murder - True Crime
  177. Susan Smith- The Lake: children, creepy, people - True Crime
  178. Michael Jackson - Dr. Conrad Murray - Investigation & Trial: case, criminal - True Crime
  179. what do you have to say for yourselves?: children, murder, cities - True Crime
  180. didnt show signs until very late teens-early 20's: sociopathic, murders, criminal - True Crime
  181. Burke and Hare - True Crime
  182. Let's talk about inner city black gangsters (drug kingpins, hitmen,: news, famous - True Crime
  183. How do cities manage crime? - True Crime
  184. Kelly tinyes case: county - True Crime
  185. The FBI needs your help!: case, murder, news - True Crime
  186. More Break News -- Oakland County Child Killer, Chapter 73: children, today - True Crime
  187. Doug Stewart GUIILTY! Still says his wife is out there...: children, murder - True Crime
  188. Rockefeller Imposter Charged With Murder: news - True Crime
  189. Are lobotomies legal in Hawaii?: news - True Crime
  190. Bank robber caught!: news - True Crime
  191. State of Vermont v [murder trial to begin on Mon:5/9/11: case, offender - True Crime
  192. Sexual Assault: news, friend, women - True Crime
  193. Out of bad can come good [stories]: today, news, abused - True Crime
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  199. The Honeybee killer: shooting, news - True Crime
  200. Update/NC teacher in custody/64 sex crimes: authorities - True Crime