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  74. case, authorities, murdering, alive - True Crime
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  81. Married Couple Rapes Their 13-Month Old Daughter During Supervised Visit: children, husband - True Crime
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  84. News- A Dingo really did eat her baby!: justice, life, movie - True Crime
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  89. Texas dad kills daughter's abuser by punching him to death: case, authorities - True Crime
  90. Where Is The Outrage???: husband, murders, criminal, FBI - True Crime
  91. 41 Year Old man rapes and impregnates a 15 year old: children, case, news - True Crime
  92. Video, Supermarket Crime Wave in Self-Checkout Lanes: news, people - True Crime
  93. Mom sells daughter for drugs: children, case, news, life - True Crime
  94. Maryland man charged with killing, eating man's brain, heart: shooting, news, movie - True Crime
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  102. News, Jerry Sandusky Allegedly Wrote 'Creepy' Love Letters to Victim.: children, offender - True Crime
  103. Bath Salts May Be Behind Naked Man Confronting Girl In Park: children, people - True Crime
  104. Penn State Statement [abridged]: children, case, criminal, offender - True Crime
  105. Fundamentalist Christians are involved in crime much more than one would suspect.: children, case - True Crime
  106. Inmate admits disembowelling and murdering child rapist in prison cell attack: children, justice - True Crime
  107. The bullying of 68-year-old school bus monitor: children, case, consequences - True Crime
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  109. Penn State Mural - changed: news, life, people, school - True Crime
  110. remember the dingo/missing baby case from Australia?: children, consequences, news - True Crime
  111. Sandusky gets $60,000 a year pension for life. Paid for by the taxpayers.: case, civil - True Crime
  112. Does know of guys?: criminal, county, school - True Crime
  113. Can a mentally sane person become a serial killer?: case, sociopaths, serial killers - True Crime
  114. Police Officer Shoots Unarmed Man: shooting, alive, defense, news - True Crime
  115. abducted Florida girl, 12, found safe inside car of 31-year-old man she met on the Internet Megan Williams' mother Melis: children, alive - True Crime
  116. True Crime Books: murders, serial killer, evidence, justice
  117. How long will it take jury to convict Jerry Sandusky?: case, defense - True Crime
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  120. Is it illegal and considered rape for a man to get a woman drunk so that she will sleep w/ him? - True Crime
  121. What crimes have you been a victim of? - True Crime
  122. What Do You Know About The Charles Lindbergh Kidnapping?: case, authorities, murder - True Crime
  123. Atlanta day care MURDER: I predict a NOT GUILTY verdict!: children, case - True Crime
  124. Private investigator claims Simpson's SON hacked star's wife and friend to death...: husband, murders - True Crime
  125. Andrea Yates wants to go to Church....: children, husband, murder - True Crime
  126. How do I find out exactly when my friend is getting released from jail?: county, support - True Crime
  127. Prosecutors in Penn State case detail perjury by school officials...: children, authorities - True Crime
  128. Casey Anthony on the show Modern family?: famous, creepy - True Crime
  129. Civilians finding on a criminal: children, case, evidence, justice - True Crime
  130. Missing 20th century executive in california: case, authorities, husband, murder - True Crime
  131. Detroit: Dispute Over Kool-Aid Ends with Two People Shot: murder, murdering, news - True Crime
  132. Oscar Ray Bolin: case, sociopaths, murder, serial killers - True Crime
  133. Detroit child serial killer late 1950's, early 1960's?: children, case, murder - True Crime
  134. Teen bludgeons three kittens before school and is not arrested: serial killer, offender - True Crime
  135. Dateline--day of reckoning.....: children, husband, alive, today - True Crime
  136. Dharun Ravi Convicted Of Invasion Of Privacy & Bias Intimidation: news, punishment - True Crime
  137. Are you Following Baby Gabriel Case?: husband, alive, today, news - True Crime
  138. Missing cheerleader from morgan hills, ca.: case, sex offender, evidence, today - True Crime
  139. Mississippi highway shootings by fake cop: authorities, justice, news, creepy - True Crime
  140. 20/20 or Dateline?: children, husband, murder, shooting - True Crime
  141. american serial killers: children, murders, FBI, news - True Crime
  142. Tide laundry detergent. The new gold.: news, people - True Crime
  143. Assumptions About Family Killers: children, defense, friend, support - True Crime
  144. Get out of a DUI ?: justice, lawyer - True Crime
  145. The deaths and killings of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls: murder, alive - True Crime
  146. Madeleine McCann disappearance in Portugal: children, case, murder, evidence - True Crime
  147. News, Polish Dentist Pulls Out Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth: women - True Crime
  148. News, Prison Officials Want Masturbating Inmates Labeled As Sex Offenders.: punishment, life - True Crime
  149. Brooke Bennett case in VT: murder, criminal, sex offender, defendant - True Crime
  150. Caleigh Ann Harrison....: children, murders, killers, news - True Crime
  151. why do so many little girls vanish ....: children, case, murders - True Crime
  152. Mystery on Twin Peaks Drive: case, husband, murder - True Crime
  153. Tennessee Mother and Daughters Kidnapped.: children, case, authorities, husband - True Crime
  154. Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony; The Inside Story Jose Baez Writes His Own Book Set To Release In July '12: children, case - True Crime
  155. Do you personally know who has been charged/convicted of a major crime?: children, case - True Crime
  156. Do You Think The Zodiac Will Ever Be Found?: murders, evidence, news - True Crime
  157. STOP RESISTING ARREST Sir!!!!: criminal, evidence, justice, life - True Crime
  158. Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim's Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police: news, friend - True Crime
  159. 1998: Sandusky called likely pedophile by psychologist: case, sex offenders, consequences - True Crime
  160. police commisioner/cheif in sanford city: case, murder, shooting, defense - True Crime
  161. Former VT State Trooper - plea deal / child molestation case: sex offender, defendant - True Crime
  162. Rape in Prison: criminal, sex offender, justice, today - True Crime
  163. Former LAPD Detective says who killed Biggie and Tupac!: murder, killers, notorious - True Crime
  164. WHY do husbands kill their wives?: children, case, sociopathic, murder - True Crime
  165. Gay porn actor suspected of dismembering, mailing body parts: children, authorities, American - True Crime
  166. Visited Caylee Anthony House: case, justice, news, job - True Crime
  167. Are court appointed attorneys trustworthy?: case, evidence, defense, punishment - True Crime
  168. John Edward's Jury: children, case, criminal, defendant - True Crime
  169. What type of Attorney will I need for this?: case, criminal, alive - True Crime
  170. Police Officer Bill or Rights: case, criminal, attorney - True Crime
  171. News, Florida man mistakes girlfriend for hog, shoots her.: shooting, county - True Crime
  172. False Confessions...... I Don't Buy It: children, case, murder, admits - True Crime
  173. Psychologists in Prisons: murders, criminal, offender, penalty - True Crime
  174. Serving on a jury - 3 or 4 days: case, murder, criminal - True Crime
  175. Betty Broderick - your thoughts? Mine are sympathetic.: children, husband, murder - True Crime
  176. Joran van der Sloot set to come to America!: sociopathic, murder - True Crime
  177. Man freed from prison after rape victim admits attack never happened: case, attorney - True Crime
  178. Light-hearted w/in this forum - Dumb CT Laws: husband, criminal, evidence - True Crime
  179. Man Hits Noisy Kid in Theater: children, today, news, movie - True Crime
  180. Prosecuting Casey Anthony Lifetime Movie: children, justice, civil - True Crime
  181. The Murder trial of Jamiel Shaw Jr. by Pedro Espinosa - Begins 4/30/2012 in Los Angeles: case, criminal - True Crime
  182. watching Danny Pelosi on tv: murder, news - True Crime
  183. Dumb Laws #5: children, case, movie, county - True Crime
  184. News, Federal judge in Boston sentences hacker to three years in prison.: authorities, attorney - True Crime
  185. Smart officer or foolish offender?: news - True Crime
  186. HOT VIDEO - Los Angeles Carjacking Car Chase Ends in Shootout: shooting, news - True Crime
  187. News, Court Trend: Defendants in Fake Glasses.: case, criminal, American - True Crime
  188. The Dingo Ite her Bighby.: case, news - True Crime
  189. FBI Agent and Kiddy Porn: news - True Crime
  190. News, Copper thief strikes police building. - True Crime
  191. Where's the little girl? - True Crime
  192. Isabel Celis, 6 missing from Tucson Arizona 20 April 2012: news - True Crime
  193. Bank robberies, Mathematical Proof That Crime Doesn’t Pay. - True Crime
  194. Bernadette Protti: murder, life, movie, friend - True Crime
  195. News, Men arrested after deputy finds calf in backseat.: authorities - True Crime
  196. Department of Justice investigation---Montana campus: news - True Crime
  197. False Justice report: Michigan man, Edward Carter in prison for 35 years for a rape he did not commit.: case, evidence - True Crime
  198. Teen Arrested For Attempted Murder In Drive-By Shooting: criminal, news, lawyer - True Crime
  199. Daniel Kayton Boro, Sex Scammer: county, women - True Crime
  200. June 24th, Murder Anniversary: civil, today, American - True Crime