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  1. Police say NJ man kept girlfriend locked in room: criminal, today, news - True Crime
  2. Do you think he killed her?: murder, news, dangerous - True Crime
  3. Unbelievable Lawsuits: case, attorney, justice, civil - True Crime
  4. Feds looking for this woman porn films w/children: justice, news - True Crime
  5. Elkins High School Class of 2000 Missouri City, TX-Jane Doe: news, county, friend - True Crime
  6. Spanish mayor orchestrates robberies at stores to feed the poor.: civil, news - True Crime
  7. Omaima Nelson who killed and ate her husband: murder - True Crime
  8. Camden NJ Mother Murders Son: alive, people - True Crime
  9. Teen held captive in home for 2 years.: case, news, life - True Crime
  10. woman beats crook with pot: criminal, alive, justice, news - True Crime
  11. Camera hack can spot cleaned-up crimes: news - True Crime
  12. 8 Yr Old Tied To Tree and Burned - dies: murder, sex offenders, news - True Crime
  13. Police Officer Plotted To Kill, Eat Female Victims: FBI, people, women - True Crime
  14. Very sad situation.....: children, case, murder, cities - True Crime
  15. we go again...........: news, friend - True Crime
  16. Ohio Man Shoots Wife In Hospital Bed To End Her Suffering: husband, murder - True Crime
  17. Another Murder of Muslim Girl by Parents: children, authorities, murdering - True Crime
  18. An all american girl: children, murder, news, life - True Crime
  19. IRS missing billions in ID theft: offender, news - True Crime
  20. Mass. chemist in drug test flap is arrested: case, murder, defendant - True Crime
  21. Girl, 6, found clinging to dead body in NY lake: news, life, people - True Crime
  22. Florida home files 741 tax returns in single year, gets more than $1M in refunds: attorney, today - True Crime
  23. California mall murders....: punishment, people - True Crime
  24. Con Job by the Cons: husband, evidence, life, people - True Crime
  25. Historical treasures missing from National Archives: news, people - True Crime
  26. Woman dressed in scrubs tries to take newborn from a Southern California hospital in tote bag: news, people - True Crime
  27. Homeowner shoots invader but doesn't call it in: children, criminal, shooting - True Crime
  28. Wells Fargo Fires Iowa Worker for Minor 1963 Crime: news, penalty, job - True Crime
  29. Guilty! Former police officer, 72, convicted of the abduction and murder of 7-year-old 'Pretty Maria' after 55 YEARS: news - True Crime
  30. Mysterious death of Gram Parsons: life, friend - True Crime
  31. Post Amber Alerts: murder, news, support, people - True Crime
  32. Girl Missing for Two Years Escapes: syndrome, today, news, people - True Crime
  33. Video, Woman Busted for Driving on Sidewalk to Avoid Stopped School Bus.: justice, news - True Crime
  34. Mom sues police and neighbor after she is arrested for letting her kids play outside: children, case - True Crime
  35. News, Man Allegedly Drives With Girlfriend on Car Hood.: criminal, civil, county - True Crime
  36. Chicago Gangbanger: Killing is the Solution: life - True Crime
  37. Ongoing Vandalism Police won't stop it: husband, attorney, news, lawyer - True Crime
  38. Mack Ray Edwards- Creepy: serial killer, news - True Crime
  39. 70 year old farmer eaten by his hogs: news - True Crime
  40. Lifetime movie about Caylee, did it air?: case, murder, evidence - True Crime
  41. St. Louis, MI Community Up In Arms About Police Stupidity: murder, killers - True Crime
  42. Massive wedding fight in Philadelphia leaves one dead.: news - True Crime
  43. Joy McDonald Busted Because Her Chihuahuas Allegedly Caused A Pet Chicken's Heart Attack: children, homicides - True Crime
  44. True but crazy [smile] crimes reported...: case, offender, defendant, today - True Crime
  45. Distressing story - and now a crime and why?: killers, offender, shooting - True Crime
  46. By gum! Man arrested for 1976 cold case murder thanks to DNA evidence collected by cops in phony CHEWING GUM survey: news - True Crime
  47. Casey Anthony, In the News...Gonzalez Trial in January: case, murder, criminal - True Crime
  48. Tattoos as evidence: How the ink on their skin got people arrested for murder, rape, burglary.: criminal, justice - True Crime
  49. Judge grants sex change for Mass. murder convict: killers, attorney, murdering - True Crime
  50. More little ones being hurt......: children, news - True Crime
  51. VT police looking for.....: children, case, authorities, news - True Crime
  52. Former Olympian being charged w/molestation....: case, criminal, civil, news - True Crime
  53. Not just lobsters and the Bush compound: True Crime in Maine:: news, American
  54. Do you think its ethical to post pics of suspects ?: case, murder - True Crime
  55. Should the man who did not let the woman with two small kids in his house during hurricane Sandy: children, news - True Crime
  56. Bank accused of Iran money laundering scheme: criminal, news - True Crime
  57. Life In The Projects: people - True Crime
  58. Questionable Convictions The Exonerated: criminal, defendant, attorney, evidence - True Crime
  59. News, Troopers: Men angered by election stole street, stop signs: job - True Crime
  60. Dateline crime expose: case, murder, news, people - True Crime
  61. Adultery: children, husband, divorce, life - True Crime
  62. Why Not John Mark Carr? (Ramsey Murder?): case, satanic, county - True Crime
  63. Attempted Abduction of 10 Year Old Girl Caught on Tape: news - True Crime
  64. fingerprints (a technical: FBI - True Crime
  65. French girl found tied up - but alive - in trunk after routine traffic stop: news - True Crime
  66. Is a lawyer allowed to represent a friend?: people, school - True Crime
  67. Well written article about a killer that just received an extension before trial: children, case - True Crime
  68. After son's death, professor plots attack: murder, justice, news, penalty - True Crime
  69. News, No charges for mother who abandoned severely disabled daughter at bar. - True Crime
  70. The end of their lives......: murders, news, life, movie - True Crime
  71. Mom abuses child / sends tapes,: case, offender, evidence, news - True Crime
  72. Penn State Inquiry coming to a close.....: children, school - True Crime
  73. Perkiest Multiple Murderer?: killers - True Crime
  74. Ex-Oakland/LA Raider racks up four murder charges - True Crime
  75. Continue to Hamper Law Enforcement: murder, evidence - True Crime
  76. What happened with the gang rape case in Richmond, Calif.?: defendant, evidence - True Crime
  77. Church Mentor Posed As Teen Girl Online So He Could Molest Young Boys: children, sociopaths - True Crime
  78. Who Would Be At Fault? The Wife Is Completely Faultless?: husband, criminal - True Crime
  79. 14 Moms Sue LA Schools for failure to protect: teacher: case, evidence, news - True Crime
  80. Life sentences for kids?: children, case, murder, criminal - True Crime
  81. Women beware, the face of evil.......: criminal, news, life, people - True Crime
  82. Cannibalism, oh my!: authorities, criminal, justice, county - True Crime
  83. Warrants in Marine wife murder case reveal text messages, sex dungeon -: news - True Crime
  84. 9yr old attacks toddlers at daycare: children, news, abused - True Crime
  85. Crime: Domestic violence: children, offender, attorney, news - True Crime
  86. What should I do??: authorities, evidence, justice, lawyer - True Crime
  87. Should I Apply For A Pardon?: eluding, criminal, offender, attorney - True Crime
  88. Kill a puppy choke a women.: news, friend - True Crime
  89. Mom Gives 6-Year-Old Daughter Drug-Laced Sandwich for Lunch: people - True Crime
  90. Murder in Randolph, New Jersey: news, friend - True Crime
  91. VT [young] man pleads to killing his father: defense, news - True Crime
  92. Breaking: altercation between police/citizens in southeast Dallas: shooting, news - True Crime
  93. A look at the face of evil.....: case, murder, today - True Crime
  94. Follow-Up On Face Eating Guy In Florida: life, people - True Crime
  95. John Steven Burgess, Who Admitted Dumping Donna Jou in Ocean, Freed After 2 Years in Jail: today, news - True Crime
  96. Pirates Fan Abandons Infant To Get Autograph: people - True Crime
  97. couple wanted for child abuse: children, eluding, sociopath, authorities - True Crime
  98. Police Shoot Naked Man: shooting, homicide, life, people - True Crime
  99. Joran van der Sloot impregnates girl while in prison.: murder, serial killers, murdering - True Crime
  100. why do they let folks out of prison?: case, murder, serial killers - True Crime
  101. Man drugged and molested 13 children: case, criminal, attorney, evidence - True Crime
  102. Casey Anthony Whould Be In Prison Today IF: evidence, alive, justice - True Crime
  103. Police Use of Deadly Force: case, authorities, shooting, news - True Crime
  104. Suspicious vehicle- casing my house?: husband, today, friend - True Crime
  105. Lizzie Borden stuff: case, husband, murders, today - True Crime
  106. Pet torturing: criminal, justice, news, punishment - True Crime
  107. Is it fair to put mugshots on the Internet, or the newspaper if the person is not convicted: murder, criminal - True Crime
  108. Sylvia Likens murder collaborator Paula Banisewski Outed by anonymous caller.: children, case - True Crime
  109. Can People be Manipulated to Murder?: murders, shooting, penalty, punishment - True Crime
  110. Cop buys boots for homeless man: alive, news, life, friend - True Crime
  111. Bruce Davis, Manson follower and murderer cleared by Parole Board today...: case, authorities - True Crime
  112. The Murder of Lottery Winner Abraham Shakespeare: husband, evidence, alive - True Crime
  113. News, Cops Find Body in Jessica Ridgeway Search.: case, friend, school - True Crime
  114. serial killer in New York? Hate bias?: murders, serial killers, criminal - True Crime
  115. Strange Judge Behavior: case, murder, criminal, attorney - True Crime
  116. Virginia man to be freed after five years for molestation that never occurred: case, attorney - True Crime
  117. How come the police can't put gang members away?: case, criminal, mafia - True Crime
  118. False Accusations: children, authorities, husband, offender - True Crime
  119. The Subject No One Likes to Face/Address: children, case, murder - True Crime
  120. Judge to review releasing of OJ Simpson...: sociopath, murder, criminal - True Crime
  121. 12 year old girl kidnapped and murdered: authorities, news, penalty, county - True Crime
  122. Has seen an update on the missing Iowa girls?: FBI, alive - True Crime
  123. Johns in the spotlight: case, criminal, justice, news - True Crime
  124. Does the media favour little white girls?: children, case, murders - True Crime
  125. Taser[s] / use of force? or use to subdue? but....: case, murder - True Crime
  126. West Memphis Three: case, evidence, justice, people - True Crime
  127. More Innocent Kids Fall Victim to Selfish Adults: children, alive, news - True Crime
  128. Would you believe something like this can happen?: children, criminal, evidence - True Crime
  129. Cannibal cop plotted to kill and eat 100 women: criminal, FBI, news - True Crime
  130. The mother who glued her kids hands to wall gets 99 years!: news, people - True Crime
  131. Jonestown massacre: today, news, people - True Crime
  132. Michigan Man Calls Police To Complain About Prostitute Price Hike: case, news - True Crime
  133. Man angry about arrest used tractor like monster truck to crush 7 cop vehicles: case, attorney - True Crime
  134. The Murder Of John Lennon with Lennon Biography and Statements by Celebrities on His Death: authorities, mafia - True Crime
  135. Questions about the shooting: authorities, evidence, people - True Crime
  136. Man who lost hand to alligator charged with unlawful feeding: children, consequences - True Crime
  137. Drew Peterson's long-awaited trial to begin tomorrow!: children, murder, attorney - True Crime
  138. Which of following trials/cases did you find the most captivating???/: children, case - True Crime
  139. 'Labeled for Life': case, murder, sex offender, admits - True Crime
  140. August 5th 2012, 50th Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death...: children, murder, evidence - True Crime
  141. Charge dropped against man with licensed gun in theater: attorney, shooting, civil - True Crime
  142. News, Police: Walmart employee intentionally runs over customer: life, people - True Crime
  143. Whitey Bulger ---: authorities, murders, defense, news - True Crime
  144. James Holmes' Psychiatrist Contacted University Police Weeks Before Movie-Theater Shooting: case, authorities - True Crime
  145. Does still get a very sick feeling when they remember Caylee Anthony?: children, case - True Crime
  146. Cruel And Unusual Punishments: A Brainstorming Discussion: children, criminal, sex offenders - True Crime
  147. Two bodies found in Detroit...missing boys?: murders, cities, killers - True Crime
  148. 12 People Dead: authorities, murder, offender, shooting - True Crime
  149. News, Flash Mob At Walmart As 300 Rob Florida Chain: case, friend, people - True Crime
  150. Blaming the System for a Crime Problem: children, case, criminal - True Crime
  151. Is this harrassment?: sociopath, authorities, evidence, defense - True Crime
  152. Alabama: 17 year old Trayon Washington arrested in the murder of Wendy Fisher: attorney, shooting - True Crime
  153. 17-year-old sexual assault victim could face charges for tweeting names of attackers: case, offender - True Crime
  154. Child Rapist: 651 Counts: children, sociopaths, cities, sex offenders - True Crime
  155. Detroit Woman Dead After Hugging Off-Duty Cop, Discharging Gun: shooting, news, life - True Crime
  156. State trooper accused of beating, threatening to kill wife: case, evidence, news - True Crime
  157. Mailman indicted on sexual assault charges: children, news, job, people - True Crime
  158. From the Are you F'ing kidding me! department: case, criminal - True Crime
  159. Joran Van Der Sloot to marry in prison...rumor??: case, murder, killers - True Crime
  160. Gang signs - bandanas - sportswear and more: evidence, life, school - True Crime
  161. till death do they part: alive, defense, penalty - True Crime
  162. Marlyn Monroe bought dresser day before she died: case, news - True Crime
  163. News, Woman makes nephew 11 ride in trunk because she didn't want her Lexus seats to get wet.: cities, criminal - True Crime
  164. Book about Diane Downs Adult daughter - news?: children, murder, admits - True Crime
  165. Kathryn Camille Murray, Former Teacher, Allegedly Had Sex With Teen In Classroom, Faces New Charges: children, divorce - True Crime
  166. OJ Simpson / glove / tampering w/evidence ?: murder, attorney, justice - True Crime
  167. reasons I don't watch Grace and Velez-Mitchell: children, case, evidence - True Crime
  168. Tests only identify Zimmerman's DNA on handgun: case, murder, criminal - True Crime
  169. This is way too much...: case, husband, murder, admits - True Crime
  170. Conn. man kills masked teen, learns it's his son: children, case, criminal - True Crime
  171. Teen gets 162 years in prison for robbery: case, murder, criminal - True Crime
  172. George Zimmerman and bail....: case, murder, defendant, attorney - True Crime
  173. Police in the US kill one innocent person a day: case, criminal - True Crime
  174. Kaeto Kaelin admits OJ was guilty...: consequences, news - True Crime
  175. The new American epidemic: copper and metal theft.: case, criminal, today - True Crime
  176. Guilty! -- well done!: children, murder, murdering, consequences - True Crime
  177. TX:Teacher sentenced:5 yrs /sex w/5 students: children, husband, news - True Crime
  178. Texas man cleared of rape after 23 years of a life sentence: case, authorities - True Crime
  179. Blood Alcohol Content: friend, people - True Crime
  180. Liberal Activist Tries To Shoot Up Family Research Council Headquarters: murders, shooting - True Crime
  181. Death of John Lennon: sociopaths, murder, criminal, alive - True Crime
  182. Grandson attempts to rape grandma: criminal, justice, news, punishment - True Crime
  183. Five year old little girl found stuffed in a garbage bag: children, murder - True Crime
  184. Hate Crime: 16 Amish charged in hair-cutting attacks: children, case, attorney - True Crime
  185. News, Robert Wheeler Accused Of Punching Pizza Delivery Man 'Because He Forgot The Garlic Knots': county, people - True Crime
  186. The NJ guy who threw his baby girl off a bridge: case, narcissistic - True Crime
  187. George Zimmerman Not Guilty: case, attorney, alive, defense - True Crime
  188. What Serial Killer has the scariest eyes?: zodiac, lawyer, life - True Crime
  189. A Curve Ball -- Did This Fictional Character ( Rose Corsi ) Exist in Real Life?: murder, attorney - True Crime
  190. VT Supreme Court Ruling - recent decision - VERY interesting case: news - True Crime
  191. Tonight on 20/20: news - True Crime
  192. Amber Alert!!!: news, friend - True Crime
  193. Woman Forces 3 Year Old to Perform in Child Porn for British Perv: justice, news - True Crime
  194. Unsolved murder in Muncie Indiana: today, news - True Crime
  195. Tragedy strikes again: news - True Crime
  196. We Live in Desperate Times: criminal, news - True Crime
  197. Vice Documentary: Issei Sagawa: case - True Crime
  198. Cal Ripken's mother kidnapped: news - True Crime
  199. True Crime: The Jonathan Pollard Case: life
  200. Jesse Jackson's half-brother's claim that the Irish mob framed me in 1989 Chicago case: defendant, evidence - True Crime