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  97. Happy New Year - True Crime Forum Posters & Readers!: justice, today
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  101. How much true crime is false?
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  129. Watch out CA there is a convicted TX felon coming back: criminal, evidence - True Crime
  130. Girls drug parents to use internet: husband, serial killers, attorney, news - True Crime
  131. Ohio Teens raped girl and teens laugh about it on tape: criminal, sex offender - True Crime
  132. Vigilante Arrested For Posing as 14-year-old Girl in 'Sex Sting' to Catch Pedophile: case, sex offender - True Crime
  133. Woman set on fire as she slept on bench.: children, murder, criminal - True Crime
  134. Contract killers: children, case, husband, murder - True Crime
  135. Delhi gang rape: sociopaths, husband, offender, news - True Crime
  136. Multiple shooters at Sandy Hook, Sikh Temple, and Aurora, CO movie theater?: children, CIA - True Crime
  137. going to watch that lifetime movie Prosecuting casey anthony ?: children, case - True Crime
  138. Trial witness: case, criminal, attorney, evidence - True Crime
  139. 10 year old boy kills Neo-Nazi father: children, case, murder, news - True Crime
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  147. Faces of Meth: alive, life, people, school - True Crime
  148. Why does it take so long to set a trial date? Nubia Barahona killing: children, case - True Crime
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  150. Seriously, what is wrong with of the judges in the US?: children, murder - True Crime
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  152. Newtown CT. School School Shooting: children, news, life, people - True Crime
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  154. Crime Lab Chemist Faked Results: serial killer, justice, news - True Crime
  155. Scammers claim to be family of dead Sandy Hook kids; use photos to solicit donations: children, criminal - True Crime
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  158. A disgusting crime against a little girl!: children, authorities, civil - True Crime
  159. Aileen Wuornos was the first female serial killer in a non-caregiving capacity*, are you surprised there aren't more?: children, husband - True Crime
  160. over 200 serial killers are currently at large in the USA?: unsolved murder, criminal - True Crime
  161. site of More Gacy bodies: children, authorities, murders, serial killers - True Crime
  162. Florida hit by tsunami of tax identity fraud: criminal, attorney - True Crime
  163. Para-olympian, Oscar Pistorius, charged with murder after mistaking his girlfriend for an intruder: justice, today - True Crime
  164. MISSING PERSON: Terrilynn Monette, Teacher: news, friend, people, school - True Crime
  165. JAIL time for crimes against animals: news, punishment, friend, people - True Crime
  166. women who have workers come in their home: children, case, husband - True Crime
  167. Walmart Presses Felony Charge In Oreo Theft: criminal, admits, punishment - True Crime
  168. Proof Arias pre-meditated the murder of Travis Alexander: alive, defense, syndrome - True Crime
  169. Man sits on phone, dials 911 by accident, talks about crime, dispatcher tattles, man gets arrested: case, criminal - True Crime
  170. I have a story to tell:: case, sociopaths, husband, murder - True Crime
  171. Missing Woman's Body Found in Water Tank of Los Angeles Hotel: notorious, news - True Crime
  172. Kai, Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker: dangerous, job - True Crime
  173. Black Dahlia/George Hodel- Break in Case?: murder, serial killer, evidence - True Crime
  174. The Onion Field...: husband, murder, killers, criminal - True Crime
  175. Jim Bakker/Televangelists And Their Crimes!: sociopath, criminal, life, people - True Crime
  176. Boys Left in Hot Car Died While Mom was Having Sex: children - True Crime
  177. Horror movie inspires teen to kill his family: children, case, murder - True Crime
  178. Best true crime book: husband, murder, serial killer, divorce
  179. Colorado Department of Corrections director assassinated north of Colorado Springs: case, husband - True Crime
  180. World Series of Poker champ busted for prostitution: consequences, news, badge - True Crime
  181. NY Woman, mother of two, found dead in Turkey: husband, murder, killers - True Crime
  182. Teen Curses Judge, Sentenced for Contempt of Court: defendant, news, people - True Crime
  183. ANOTHER shooting by ANOTHER double amputee...: case, murder, news, county - True Crime
  184. Enforcer For Drug Cartels Admitted to 30 Murders: sociopaths, authorities, shooting - True Crime
  185. News, Source: Machine operator in collapse to be charged. - True Crime
  186. Farmington, MI man dismembers girlfriend...: murder, news - True Crime
  187. A Second Crime-Lab Chemist Busted For Falsifying Test Results: evidence - True Crime
  188. Robbing And Killing To Raise Mom's Bail Money - True Crime
  189. News, Police: Drunk went to trooper's house to complain about his being turned in for drunken driving last year. - True Crime
  190. Top 10 trials of all times - CT [2010]: case, murders, notorious - True Crime
  191. Bradford County, Florida Posting Signs: children, sex offenders, news, dangerous - True Crime
  192. Crime and Lead: children, criminal, life, people - True Crime
  193. Thief returns gold rings to owner 15 years later. - True Crime
  194. John Goodman, gets new trial....: news, homicide - True Crime
  195. News, Pickpocket steals 44 phones at club - True Crime
  196. $350,000 Reward on Boca Raton Mall Murders.....: news - True Crime
  197. We Should All Think So Quickly: today, news - True Crime
  198. Burger King employee hides crooks' getaway car, foils robbery: news - True Crime
  199. New suspects found in madeleine mccann case.: news - True Crime
  200. The Mind in a Critical Incident: shooting, civil, life, friend - True Crime