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  1. do u think berny madoff should get to live in his repenting house: criminal, justice - True Crime
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  100. Ryan Jenkins found dead in Canada-suicide: murder, news - True Crime
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  130. do you agree with prosecutors not seeking the death penalty in the casey anthony case?: case, murder - True Crime
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  144. Investors lose billions in Madoff Hedge Fund Fraud: today, news, life - True Crime
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  146. I will fight, I will fight, I will fight until I take my last breath. I have done nothing wrong - Blagojevich: case, criminal - True Crime
  147. News, O.J. Simpson Facing 18 Year Prison Sentence.: authorities, murder, defendant - True Crime
  148. Missing 12-Year-Old Vermont Girl Apparently Lied and Went to See Person She Met Online: children, criminal - True Crime
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  163. Egyptian Lawmaker Accused of Paying $2M for Lebanese Pop Singer's Beheading: murder, alive - True Crime
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  195. blagojevich press conference - True Crime
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