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  33. Construction cranes. - Urban Planning
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  36. Urban Planning career and field?: planner, regional, transportation, Boston
  37. Supressing Local Control: planner, regional, population, equal - Urban Planning
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  54. Am I right in that living more than 2 hours from a big city is socially hard for young professionals?: suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
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  56. Have two huge apartment buildings being constructed next to a largely two story neighborhood: population, issues - Urban Planning
  57. The Speicherstadt in Hamburg, know of similar areas?: houses - Urban Planning
  58. Can you explain attribute tables in GIS in plain english?: map, highway - Urban Planning
  59. Online Certificates?: development, area, build, money - Urban Planning
  60. Hypothesis: There are three kinds of U.S. cities: metro, suburban, Dallas - Urban Planning
  61. Is Gentrification really just turning cities into giant college campuses?: largest, suburbs - Urban Planning
  62. Urban Rapid Bus or BRT: metro, largest, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  63. What does your city/town have too many of?: suburb, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  64. Examples of Gentrification in the Suburbs?: metro, suburban, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  65. Do cities with public transporation have more creative people?: subway, transportation, equal - Urban Planning
  66. Airport transit: metro, downtown, market, park - Urban Planning
  67. What attracts people to urbanized cities?: suburban, schools, transportation, major - Urban Planning
  68. Is Walkability realistic?: suburban, highway, market, schools - Urban Planning
  69. McMansion Exurbs - Where will they be in 20 years?: suburb, market, houses - Urban Planning
  70. Walkable neighborhoods for seniors: suburban, major, park, area - Urban Planning
  71. Vox describes our undersupply of homes: market, houses, compared, development - Urban Planning
  72. Are affordable cities bound to fail?: metro, Baltimore, suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  73. People complain about gentrification, but re-investment can't happen without it!!: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  74. Perhaps our love affair with the automobile goes back to before World War II?: suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  75. Why does the U.S. have so much Urban Blight?: Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  76. New Urbansim: suburban, downtown, houses, landscape - Urban Planning
  77. Verbiage: Living IN a city, vs living ON an island?: New York, underground - Urban Planning
  78. Is substandard housing a market necessity?: projects, park, zoning, class - Urban Planning
  79. Do Drive-Through Businesses Have A Role In Walkable Neighborhoods?: downtown, freeway, area - Urban Planning
  80. So far people are not respecting the Streetcar in Downtown KC. How are other cities doing?: Atlanta, transportation - Urban Planning
  81. Higher fares for nonresidents?: metro, suburban, transportation, Boston - Urban Planning
  82. Light Rail or Streetcars in NYC?: versus, subway, transportation, area - Urban Planning
  83. Definition of a suburb - Integration with core city vs. lack of a downtown skyline: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  84. Why Are America's Most Innovative Companies Still Stuck in 1950s Suburbia?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  85. Why do gentrified areas tend to appeal more to women?: issues, major - Urban Planning
  86. NINBYism is bad for the economy and perpetuates inequality: suburban, crime, market - Urban Planning
  87. (1950) What happened exactly?: largest, suburban, highway, Detroit - Urban Planning
  88. best way to build a city-don't try!: highway, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  89. At what point does density become congestion?: suburbs, population, class - Urban Planning
  90. Articles states how the poor and non car owners subsidize parking lots/garages if they do not use them: regional, schools - Urban Planning
  91. Strong Towns: Suburban Poverty Week: metro, freeways, population, white flight - Urban Planning
  92. The Left Lane Is For Passing: highway, carpool, freeway, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  93. Why do American cities look so alike?: metro, suburban, Dallas - Urban Planning
  94. Article states cities should focus on festivals, not museums/stadiums: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  95. What makes a city feel like a big city?: metro, largest, suburbs - Urban Planning
  96. Consider this negative reality of big box stores in your city/town: market, population - Urban Planning
  97. Segregation into different neighborhoods and who refuse: suburb, crime, houses - Urban Planning
  98. Standardizing commuter rail in the Northeast US: metro, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  99. Is Seattle building the best new light rail system?: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  100. best way to build a new city: suburbs, downtown, freeways - Urban Planning
  101. Public transit: Denver vs. Seattle vs. Portland: metro, suburbs, downtown - Urban Planning
  102. Bike Apartments under construction in Malmo, Sweden: park, zoning, buildings - Urban Planning
  103. Citylab magazine makes the case of the insane dominance of cars in US culture: suburban, market - Urban Planning
  104. Welcome to Generica: metro, suburban, downtown, population - Urban Planning
  105. Public roads closed for private wedding?!?!: market, Boston, class, sidewalk - Urban Planning
  106. RER/S-Bahn/Crossrails developments in the US: metro, Munich, suburban - Urban Planning
  107. Why is sustainability important?: planner, transportation, landscape, development - Urban Planning
  108. Your cities most ambitious plans?: highway, downtown, transportation, population - Urban Planning
  109. GIS ( Geographic Information Systems ) job market?: schools, area, environment, environmental - Urban Planning
  110. Big city limits 300+ sqm(land) vs medium 100-300 vs small <100.: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  111. Planners Always Forget the Internet: downtown, market, population, major - Urban Planning
  112. Which is better: depressed freeways or surface boulevards?: Boston, major, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  113. Downtown living vs city neighborhoods: metro, Baltimore, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  114. Maintenance/Preservation vs. Expansion: planner, freeway, transportation, property - Urban Planning
  115. Why do subways cost so much to build in the US?: architect, projects - Urban Planning
  116. Tract Housing: map, suburban, planner, architect - Urban Planning
  117. Why are city DOTs so difficult to work with for redesigning neighborhood streets?: solutions, major - Urban Planning
  118. Does live in an area where you literally don't need a car to get around?: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  119. Houston-a city without zoning: map, suburbs, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  120. Washington D.C. passes landmark decision to reduce height in residential neighborhoods: suburbs, market - Urban Planning
  121. Traffic circles (roundabouts): highway, planner, Atlanta, major - Urban Planning
  122. Way too many stop signs in America..: highway, issues, major - Urban Planning
  123. Are small American metros part of suburbia ?: suburbs, downtown, transportation - Urban Planning
  124. Best Looking Heavy Rail Cars: suburban, market, subway, major - Urban Planning
  125. What makes post war auto-oriented suburbs more attractive than prewar streetcar suburbs?: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  126. will the-sky's-the-limit ever turn bad for US cities?: suburban, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  127. Map of Every City (city neighborhood stereotypes, ): highway, downtown, schools - Urban Planning
  128. Interlining Bus And Rail Lines At Their Endpoints: map, metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  129. Should poor blighted areas have to look pretty?: crime, planner, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  130. If Sears and JCPenneys were to close all stores today, what would the affect on most malls be? Anchor stores of today...: market, regional - Urban Planning
  131. Sunbelt Cities Urban/Suburban Sprawl: metro, planner, Dallas, major - Urban Planning
  132. Seattle plans to eliminate all single-family housing zones...: schools, houses, issues - Urban Planning
  133. Why millennials are driving less...: map, suburbs, highway, schools - Urban Planning
  134. Best way for cities to handle decline: map, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  135. How does your city name bus routes: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  136. Missing Middle Housing: metro, suburban, population, solutions - Urban Planning
  137. Gentrification: A Tale Of Two Latino Areas In Miami And San Francisco: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  138. News: The rise of singles will change how we live in cities: suburban, market - Urban Planning
  139. How would you revitalize one of spaces?: largest, crime - Urban Planning
  140. The U.S. Spends Far More on Homeowner Subsidies Than It Does on Affordable Housing: versus, market - Urban Planning
  141. Rail lines - colors vs. numbers/letters: metro, downtown, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  142. Is Atlanta the least urban city with heavy rail in the world?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  143. Pedestrian Friendly City: map, metro, downtown, subway - Urban Planning
  144. Cities that have become ex-urbs or bedroom communities...: suburban, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  145. Article states vertical villages are changing the concept of neighborhood: suburban, houses - Urban Planning
  146. Narrowing a Residential Street McAllister: suburban, landscape, development - Urban Planning
  147. Light Rail Confussion: metro, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  148. Half of America's cities are like suburbs: suburban, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  149. Slate Autonomous cars could lead people to live almost 200 miles from their workplaces: highway, market - Urban Planning
  150. Transcontinental High Speed Rail?: market, Boston, Pittsburgh, major - Urban Planning
  151. The future of Urban Freeways: map, highway, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  152. Which New England City Has The: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  153. How many cities are close to build out? Ag land over new development?: map, freeway - Urban Planning
  154. Speedbumps!: development, sidewalks, sidewalk, difference - Urban Planning
  155. NY Times article about what rip-off sports stadiums are: market, transportation, equal - Urban Planning
  156. Brookings: The Growing Distance Between People and Jobs in Metropolitan America: suburban, market - Urban Planning
  157. Aerotropolis: suburban, transportation, major, park - Urban Planning
  158. Grading Transit in Your City: metro, suburban, transportation, park - Urban Planning
  159. Intercity Bus v Amtrak: metro, market, transportation, railroad - Urban Planning
  160. The Day They Tore Down the Future: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  161. A Gentrification: suburban, population, houses, park - Urban Planning
  162. What do we do with the Ghetto?: crime, schools, population - Urban Planning
  163. list and photos of 25 beautiful (lesser known) train station: metro, largest, electric - Urban Planning
  164. Has higher (market-rate) density ever lead to lower property values?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  165. Can new urban infill invoke charm?: suburban, architect, houses, landscape - Urban Planning
  166. Sould Amtrak focus on high growth areas?: highway, Atlanta, market - Urban Planning
  167. Are upscale department stores growing? What gives them an edge? What brick and mortar stays will stay around?: regional, class - Urban Planning
  168. Are you against gentrification?: crime, freeway, houses, major - Urban Planning
  169. Why does the United States have such bad public transportation?: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  170. Los Angeles Times: Transit ridership down: metro, planner, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  171. Traditional department stores and Macy's in the modern day...: market, transportation, major - Urban Planning
  172. Rail line colors - why is Red first?: Dallas, Atlanta, subway - Urban Planning
  173. Historical Streetcar Lines That Should Be Revived.: downtown, transportation, New Orleans - Urban Planning
  174. Light Rail and capacity limitation: downtown, Atlanta, subway, Boston - Urban Planning
  175. So many overhead power and phone lines in America: suburban, Atlanta, compared - Urban Planning
  176. The replacement of single family homes in American cities: suburban, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  177. know if there are dog-free subdivisions?: largest, major, park - Urban Planning
  178. Building a town in the middle of no where?: market, schools, houses - Urban Planning
  179. Unnecessarily Curvy trails and sidewalks: landscape, major, park, area - Urban Planning
  180. Favorite commuter rail: metro, largest, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  181. What criteria is used to consider a small town a suburb?: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  182. Houston's Bus System Overhaul: metro, largest, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  183. Crappy roads in the U.S.: highway, freeway, population, issues - Urban Planning
  184. What should be the limits to new development?: Detroit, regional, architect - Urban Planning
  185. What Does It Feel Like To Be Gentrified?: metro, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  186. The suburbs: where the rich ride transit: suburban, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  187. Identify the city quiz: metro, development, area, Kansas - Urban Planning
  188. Will Self Driving Cars Kill Mass Transit?: metro, highway, subway - Urban Planning
  189. Why are the suburbs so mind-numbingly dull?: suburban, freeway, architect - Urban Planning
  190. Are Casinos good for downtowns?: Baltimore, market, Detroit, transportation - Urban Planning
  191. Making small-town America's downtowns more exciting: metro, market, population, compared - Urban Planning
  192. [CfP] Sustainable Planning & Technologies - Deadline 15 May: metro, regional, transportation - Urban Planning
  193. Infographic of American single family home design over the past 4 centuries: houses, Washington - Urban Planning
  194. Heard of Stack Exchange? Help start an Urban Planning amp;A Site!: area, environment
  195. What cities in the US make multifamily residential construction the hardest?: Detroit, Boston - Urban Planning
  196. 9/11 Museum and Memorial impact and location: park, area, build, Oklahoma - Urban Planning
  197. ESRI Demographic - Urban Planning
  198. Full ONLINE course GIS applied to urban management / planning: major, system - Urban Planning
  199. LA Metro safety videos are like Final Destination - Urban Planning
  200. Migrations to and from for affluent small towns, working class towns, working class cities, and affluent cities?: suburbs, rural - Urban Planning