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  1. Why don't all stop signs have street signs?: Boston, major, buildings - Urban Planning
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  4. Why is the asphalt black as coal in cities and tan/brown in others?: metro, Atlanta - Urban Planning
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  7. Contact the administrator - Urban Planning
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  12. Is urbanity more about aesthetics or function?: versus, class, area - Urban Planning
  13. US vs UK for Urban Planning: market, regional, schools, architect
  14. Richard Florida convinced cities to cater to tech-savvy millenials. Now he’s reconsidering. (article): population, class - Urban Planning
  15. Starbucks, Mattress Firm, and Cell Phone Carrier?: area, money, cost - Urban Planning
  16. How America USED to look: Ultra-precise maps compiled for insurance companies from as early as the 1860s reveal...: market, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  17. What do places have to attract residents besides jobs?: suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  18. The perfect ratio of green space to built up space in suburban development is?: planner, population - Urban Planning
  19. Tools to use for determining overall safety of particular urban areas?: metro, suburb - Urban Planning
  20. Underground Tram Stations: largest, highway, downtown, subway - Urban Planning
  21. Rural America is the New Inner City: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  22. Connotations in Gentrification - contextual: class, property, money - Urban Planning
  23. What is it w/ All Stores?!: largest, market, class - Urban Planning
  24. A for against Gentrification.......: market, class, property, problems - Urban Planning
  25. Are cul-de-sacs with alleys a thing?: metro, suburbs, highway, market - Urban Planning
  26. How do Squares develop in Grid Cities?: Boston, development, New York - Urban Planning
  27. How small is too small to have the middle American suburban lifestyle?: metro, highway - Urban Planning
  28. Which one do you think would be easier to clean up - brownfields or landfills?: versus, development - Urban Planning
  29. My current local city council is oppossed to a downtown ferris wheel, but the city manager supports it.: planner, major - Urban Planning
  30. Repurposing suburban office parks: metro, largest, downtown, major - Urban Planning
  31. Report on immigration statistics in NYC (broken down by borough, neigbhorhoods, and country of origin): population - Urban Planning
  32. Owner occupied dwellings: metro, suburban, downtown, houses - Urban Planning
  33. Peak residential urbanity in the US?: buildings, build, New York - Urban Planning
  34. Smart Cities and Disruptive Technologies: planner, equal, park - Urban Planning
  35. Pedestrian ed needed (or, why can't Johnny walk? ): downtown, market - Urban Planning
  36. Sprinkler ordinances: houses, issues, insurance, buildings - Urban Planning
  37. Geography/Highway Transportation Forums - Urban Planning
  38. D-ADUs and A-ADUs: downtown, market, transportation, major - Urban Planning
  39. Why New Infrastructure Csts So Much: transportation, architect, railroad, major - Urban Planning
  40. it the future?: population, area, buildings, build - Urban Planning
  41. What Constitutes A Good Urban Park?: largest, downtown, Atlanta, houses - Urban Planning
  42. What is the important criteria for an urban city?: metro, largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  43. Who on City Data have been homeless?: Atlanta, definition, money - Urban Planning
  44. Off street parking zoning requirements: metro, suburban, market, population - Urban Planning
  45. Disadvantages of inner-ring suburbs?: largest, versus, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  46. Is there a theory that states if you focus on the most troubled areas of the town the city improves?: suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  47. NYC Planning Book: map, subway, Houston, build - Urban Planning
  48. bad news for the proposed HSR line in Texas: Dallas, railroad - Urban Planning
  49. The high cost of free parking (article/video): solutions - Urban Planning
  50. Urban planning podcasts: overhead
  51. High rise or bungalows: market, issues, major, development - Urban Planning
  52. The impact of Big Box Stores on local revenues and economies: suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  53. Detroit Agrihood - Good idea or bad idea?: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  54. Peak hour peak direction: metro, highway, carpool, freeways - Urban Planning
  55. New use case for autonomous vehicles: environment - Urban Planning
  56. Is The New Brooklyn Becoming the Old Walmart?: compared, compare - Urban Planning
  57. Urban Planning Map Tweaks?: metro, subway, Washington
  58. Ideas for GIS Project?: map, Detroit, megacities, schools - Urban Planning
  59. Are planning degrees very location dependent?: regional, issues - Urban Planning
  60. Peninsular Downtowns: metro, highway, market, transportation - Urban Planning
  61. Parking islands around abandoned facilities: downtown, issues, development - Urban Planning
  62. Commuter parking solution: downtown, market, transportation, issues - Urban Planning
  63. Making the case for commercial vs residential development: highway, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  64. This needs to be spread around. If it passes, it will doom Los Angeles.: zoning - Urban Planning
  65. Improving Traffic Flow and Crosswalk Safety?: metro, highway, widest, downtown - Urban Planning
  66. Interesting Article about Suburban Offices: downtown, market, population, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  67. Cities that restrict multi-family houses...: metro, versus, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  68. Cool map of US regions based on regional commuting patterns: metro, suburb - Urban Planning
  69. Alternative LRT/Bus Hybrid: metro, subway, freeway, transportation - Urban Planning
  70. Best uses for a former/closed train station: crime, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  71. Has gentrification ever failed ?: suburban, planner, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  72. volcano looking buildings and a jet looking train: downtown, subway, streetcar - Urban Planning
  73. The one thing I don't understand about NIMBYism...: suburban, highway, market - Urban Planning
  74. The cost/waste due to urban sprawl in a picture: metro, suburb - Urban Planning
  75. What is your favorite type of urban housing?: Baltimore, suburban, Boston - Urban Planning
  76. Have you ever travelled or lived outside of the US? If so, what places have impressed you in regards to urban planning?: market, architect
  77. I think The HOV lane should be converted to a 100mph lane: highway, market - Urban Planning
  78. Why modern Architecture is horrible: crime, schools, development, class - Urban Planning
  79. Why have Western cities done well in rail planning?: metro, highway, Dallas - Urban Planning
  80. Famous Border Vacuums?: largest, Baltimore, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  81. Which cities would you borrow from to create your ideal city?: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  82. Detroits Vacancy: crime, downtown, market, houses - Urban Planning
  83. Why Are Schools Designed Like Prisons ?: architect, compared, class, concrete - Urban Planning
  84. Houston Texas Has No Zoning Laws: metro, largest, highway, market - Urban Planning
  85. Parking ;to have or have not ?: planner, houses, issues, major - Urban Planning
  86. will building the hyperloop under state highways disrupt highway traffic?: subway, architect - Urban Planning
  87. future buildings: metro, suburb, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  88. Reasons Why I Hate Living in the Suburbs: metro, versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  89. The Future of American Infrastructure: metro, Baltimore, subway, solutions - Urban Planning
  90. Old Metro Cars. Want One?: subway, railroad, area, property - Urban Planning
  91. Apartment Complexes are Urban Trailer Parks: houses, issues, Cleveland, development - Urban Planning
  92. Rail Solutions to Urban Planning are so 1990's: metro, highway, planner
  93. Contagious Diseases and how to Prevent their Spread: area, environment - Urban Planning
  94. An entire city lives in this one building: park, development, mcmansion - Urban Planning
  95. Urban design in the post work world...: largest, crime, highway - Urban Planning
  96. Do you consider barely detached single family housing to be urban?: suburban, schools - Urban Planning
  97. Equivalent Examples? Astana Kazakhstan, Calgary Alberta Canada Completely Avoiding Suburban Sprawl Very Vast City Limits: map, metro - Urban Planning
  98. Cities are tearing down their highways: carpool, regional, freeways, transportation - Urban Planning
  99. Does feel bad for pedestrians in sprawl orientated metros?: Baltimore, suburbs - Urban Planning
  100. Cities vs Suburbia: Which is safer?: metro, versus, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  101. Am I the only 20-something who doesn't like density?: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  102. Grocery stores leaving inner-city neighborhoods: metro, suburban, market, regional - Urban Planning
  103. Extremely high urban density: suburbs, Dallas, market, Detroit - Urban Planning
  104. Meet the Numtots: the millennials who find fixing public transit sexy: suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  105. Is there a term for this type of development?: suburban, houses, projects - Urban Planning
  106. The Death of the Small Apartment Building: metro, suburban, planner - Urban Planning
  107. Large Apartment Complexes: suburban, major, projects, development - Urban Planning
  108. Pancake: largest, downtown, Atlanta, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  109. suburban road maintenance: highway, transportation, issues, major - Urban Planning
  110. Should there be more of a focus on commuter rail??: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  111. Congestion pricing in major cities with traffic issues!: highway, Atlanta, subway - Urban Planning
  112. Suburbs next to big cities: suburban, market, schools, Boston - Urban Planning
  113. Why doesn't the US have more row homes (terraced homes)?: largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  114. The Relationship Between Density and Voting: suburban, population, Pittsburgh, issues - Urban Planning
  115. Bicyclist are putting others in danger: versus, highway, major, park - Urban Planning
  116. Surprise surprise, Disneyland is the most urban place in the United States outside of Manhattan according to NY Times: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  117. Why cities should just annex the suburbs: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  118. Walkability vs. Reality: New Orleans, houses, park, zoning - Urban Planning
  119. Can we have livability, affordability and dynamism in our cities?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  120. How do you define suburban sprawl?: metro, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  121. Most rural area within a city's limits: houses, Philadelphia, park - Urban Planning
  122. Is New York City the only city with high rise public housing days?: largest, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  123. In Pricey Cities, New Residents Make Much More Than Leaving: metro, Detroit - Urban Planning
  124. How urban would you consider the following neighborhoods?: suburban, subway, houses - Urban Planning
  125. What is your City's 'Center'?: metro, downtown, market, transportation - Urban Planning
  126. Parking on rail lines: metro, suburban, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  127. What is walkability?: suburban, crime, highway, market - Urban Planning
  128. Retail Climate: Documenting Dead Malls, Department Stores: versus, highway, population - Urban Planning
  129. The New Suburban Crisis (article by Richard Florida): metro, crime, market - Urban Planning
  130. Sunbelt Downtowns - Rivers and Highways, lessons from Austin?: metro, suburban, Dallas - Urban Planning
  131. Is New Urbanism Failing?: suburbs, planner, transportation, issues - Urban Planning
  132. tallest building in each state(graphic): Baltimore, downtown, Atlanta, market - Urban Planning
  133. Trump's California Double Play: Fatal Blow to Commuter and High-Speed Rail: regional, major - Urban Planning
  134. What is a suburb?: Dallas, schools, population, railroad - Urban Planning
  135. Bus riders: do you prefer directness or frequency?: downtown, equal, park - Urban Planning
  136. London fire: construction, environment, environmental, build - Urban Planning
  137. Is Gentrification Built Around Millennials Pricing Out Millennials?: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  138. CityLab Article- Do not demonize driving, just stop subsidizing it: versus, highway - Urban Planning
  139. Reason Why I Love Living in the Suburbs: suburb, downtown, issues - Urban Planning
  140. Public transit restroom access is inadequate!: suburban, downtown, subway, freeway - Urban Planning
  141. Is it to monetize/obtain funding for neighborhood improvement?: Cleveland, projects - Urban Planning
  142. A European immigrant moves to USA and explains why he believes US suburbia is soul crushing (article): suburban, development - Urban Planning
  143. Why isn't Elevated Heavy Rail more promoted, planned, then built in the US for NEW transit in our Major cities?: versus, highway - Urban Planning
  144. Purpose of Raised/Elevated Retail?: Dallas, park, area, sidewalk - Urban Planning
  145. Why most cities are going through gentrification?: suburban, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  146. Interesting New York Times article on housing costs...: metro, market, population - Urban Planning
  147. future building 2.0: houses, area, buildings, California - Urban Planning
  148. Why is Density Now Limited to NE Corridor and California?: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  149. High rises: crime, Dallas, Atlanta, market - Urban Planning
  150. All major cities downtowns are good: Baltimore, Dallas, Atlanta, market - Urban Planning
  151. what gentrifiers expect: suburbs, downtown, park, area - Urban Planning
  152. America suburbs are as we know dying: metro, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  153. Cities without sprawl: suburban, planner, Boston, population - Urban Planning
  154. Railroads a better bet than coal for restoring jobs (article): regional, Boston - Urban Planning
  155. Parkageddon - Economist says free parking costs a lot (sprawl, pollution, traffic, lost $)-free parking isnt free: largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  156. advice on what do to with Detroit?: Boston, major, problems - Urban Planning
  157. Trump would eliminate Amtrak service to 220 U.S. towns: metro, largest, market - Urban Planning
  158. How Vancouver kept families from moving to the suburbs...: metro, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  159. Best Cities for Urban Planning Jobs and career: metro, suburban, planner
  160. Houston is the best planned city in America!!!: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  161. American city centers - observations of a European traveler: metro, versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  162. Why do cities let neighborhoods completely fall apart?: suburbs, compared, Cleveland - Urban Planning
  163. Post how far in your city from downtown you need to travel until you hit five suburban development styles: metro, architect - Urban Planning
  164. Rural density in the United States and Europe.: suburban, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  165. The Economics of Inclusionary Zoning and Density Bonuses: market, transportation, development - Urban Planning
  166. Roads over easement and utility pole: map, suburban, highway, houses - Urban Planning
  167. Most Impresive Planned Capital City: architect, houses, major, park - Urban Planning
  168. Ride-Share Generation: The Evolution of Vehicle Ownership: metro, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  169. Calling all urban planners: downtown, Dallas, market, railroad - Urban Planning
  170. Is the urban revival over?: suburban, crime, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  171. Gentrification: Can a Black area be gentrified by Blacks?: metro, suburban, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  172. Gentrification? How come we never hear about De-Gentrification and what a problem this is?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  173. Zoning Regulations Smothering the U.S. Economy: metro, market, subway - Urban Planning
  174. Solutions for Metro Detroit Sprawl: map, suburbs, highway, population - Urban Planning
  175. How do Urban Planners feel about Property Rights: highway, downtown, Detroit - Urban Planning
  176. Why the Exurbs are poised to take off in the coming years: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  177. Try really helping the poor instead of talking about it: highway, schools - Urban Planning
  178. Ideas for utilizing vacant land in inner city neighborhoods?: downtown, Detroit, Cleveland - Urban Planning
  179. Favorite urban planning movies: suburban, planner, downtown, transportation
  180. Superblocks: versus, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  181. Why US Intra-City Rail looks worse than it is: metro, market, subway - Urban Planning
  182. Industrial Satellite Cities and Gentrification: metro, suburban, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  183. Is Buffalo America's Best Designed City?: downtown, architect, park, area - Urban Planning
  184. How punctual is your city's transit system?: metro, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  185. Could Uber Pool make light rail obsolete?: highway, downtown, regional - Urban Planning
  186. HOV Lane - Worthwhile or Failed Experiment?: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  187. Nominations for Underrated Urban Redevelopment Success Stories: metro, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  188. Cities modernizing and street market/commerce - Urban Planning
  189. Land Use Planning VS Physical Planning VS Urban Design: environment, difference - Urban Planning
  190. Encouraging development to keep prices affordable - or using zoning for Jim Crow discrimination?: regional, population - Urban Planning
  191. Help w/ interview ?'s for families affected by gentrification: downtown, Dallas, regional - Urban Planning
  192. Excellent directional signage in Seoul: major, cost, overhead - Urban Planning
  193. Minneapolis considers allowing fourplexes citywide to relieve housing shortage: map, houses, zoning - Urban Planning
  194. NMTC Pricing Data: population, projects - Urban Planning
  195. Getting housing if you’re “disabled” - Urban Planning
  196. Skyline Panoramas: buildings, build - Urban Planning
  197. Urban Sprawl video: problems - Urban Planning
  198. Megalopolis Urban Holding Titles: Realistically Applicable To Rent Or Own Houses Right Up To Thriving Solid Ample Amount: suburbs, equal - Urban Planning
  199. Residential Noise Pollution: Quiet Or Loud: Your Own Experience: transportation, park, build - Urban Planning
  200. Urban Planning Book Recommendations (or Book Club)??