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  1. Cities (both in US and abroad) whose rail systems have been limited by topography: metro, highway - Urban Planning
  2. Core/CBD/Downtown/Center City: How has it grown?: metro, largest, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  3. Murals, Murals Everywhere: property, define, community, money - Urban Planning
  4. Placement of sidewalks and stop signs in suburban communities: major, park, area - Urban Planning
  5. Why all new apartments look alike: buildings, construction, build - Urban Planning
  6. The Next Dubai: equal, environment, money, square - Urban Planning
  7. Metro Orientation: Chicago vs. Bay Area vs. Phoenix: largest, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  8. What are Urban Planning books you recommend?: Baltimore, architect, class
  9. A Contrarian Approach To Rail Transit Funding: metro, suburbs, subway - Urban Planning
  10. cities that surprised you: Atlanta, development, green, walkable - Urban Planning
  11. Does the physical environment have an impact on your psychological state?: downtown, architect - Urban Planning
  12. Need to build more streets as more condos and apts. are built: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  13. What are the roles and responsibilities of city and county when they are the same?: crime, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  14. What skyscraper is this?: build, Tennessee - Urban Planning
  15. Which cities downtown core is most filled with surface parking lots?: Dallas, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  16. What is the starting salary for a city planner?: difference, Washington - Urban Planning
  17. Is it to work abroad as an urban planner: architect, problems - Urban Planning
  18. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion - Urban Planning
  19. Great—Now Electric Moped Sharing to go with Scooters - Urban Planning
  20. Owner occupied dwellings: metro, suburban, downtown, houses - Urban Planning
  21. How do you tell direction? - Urban Planning
  22. Sunbelt Cities Can be Hazardous to Pedestrian Health: downtown, Boston, Florida - Urban Planning
  23. The Busways / BRT: metro, largest, downtown, transportation - Urban Planning
  24. Automated parking garages are they gaining in popularity or are they still lagging in acceptance??: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  25. Most densely populated country or region that is food self-sufficient: population, issues - Urban Planning
  26. Which city design is this?: population, class, European - Urban Planning
  27. Graffiti out of control: compared, property, buildings, compare - Urban Planning
  28. To what extent have/will European cities pursue car-centric development: metro, Munich - Urban Planning
  29. Metro Central Cities, Suburbs, or Country/Small Towns?: suburb, crime, schools - Urban Planning
  30. What can and cannot be done/constructed on land that is zoned for agriculture?: major, park - Urban Planning
  31. Best Tips To Reach To Da Nang Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hill 2020: area - Urban Planning
  32. Does the government give a city more money if they have more poor people?: metro, population - Urban Planning
  33. Being surrounded by green space in childhood may improve mental health of adults: regional, issues - Urban Planning
  34. Why Modern Architecture SUCKS - YouTube: suburban, crime, downtown, houses - Urban Planning
  35. What nature reserves are located near Norilsk (on the border with Norway)? - Urban Planning
  36. Are cities losing their value?: metro, suburb, market, landscape - Urban Planning
  37. Favorite urban 'gathering' or 'public' space?: downtown, market, Detroit, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  38. ArcGIS / Esri training & professional development: transportation, major, park, class - Urban Planning
  39. Does seismic activity and mountainous terrain curb high rise development? - Urban Planning
  40. Bad roads make Bad drivers - Urban Planning
  41. Updated: Ubers And Lyfts May Increase Road Deaths, Study Claims - Urban Planning
  42. Top Cities to drive rideshare(Uber): metro, suburban, Atlanta, market - Urban Planning
  43. TTHose within commuting range of NY-does this make you rethink living in this region?: suburbs, Boston - Urban Planning
  44. It looks like planning not density is what wins the fight against virus.: population, issues - Urban Planning
  45. How big is a typical Downtown Geographically: highway, Atlanta, Boston - Urban Planning
  46. Cars back on top: metro, Atlanta, market, transportation - Urban Planning
  47. At what point does population growth for a city become bad? - Urban Planning
  48. Ugliest buildings in your town: downtown, Dallas, architect, Boston - Urban Planning
  49. 100 miles of light rail vs. 50 miles of heavy rail: metro, versus, suburbs - Urban Planning
  50. Are there other cities with riverwalks like San Antonio in North America?: downtown, market - Urban Planning
  51. For Doubting Express Lane Projects Pay for Themselves & More...: suburban, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  52. one way vs two ways: downtown, freeway, park, green - Urban Planning
  53. Is real estate investment in the US a pyramid scheme?: suburban, Boston - Urban Planning
  54. How do I achieve high population density in a mountainous city?: downtown, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  55. How to combat NIMBYs: highway, Boston, population, houses - Urban Planning
  56. Increased housing density vs residential skyscrapers - Urban Planning
  57. The Changing Demographics of America's Suburbs: metro, suburban, market, Boston - Urban Planning
  58. Why can’t we have it all?: crime, market, schools - Urban Planning
  59. What is the obsession with 'skyscrapers' - Urban Planning
  60. Should the U.S. have more commuter rail?: metro, highway, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  61. Will urban US cities become more affordable in the 2020s? - Urban Planning
  62. What street length is suitable?: Dallas, Houston, build, New York - Urban Planning
  63. What is infrastructure ?: market, schools, transportation, population - Urban Planning
  64. Would you pay $1,375 for a 50-square-foot apartment?: market, development, money - Urban Planning
  65. The Urban Renaissance is dead: where will people move next? - Urban Planning
  66. Can a neighborhood infill without losing its bohemian character?: metro, Baltimore, planner - Urban Planning
  67. Cities that were purpose-built as College towns instead of Capital cities?: largest, suburb - Urban Planning
  68. Mega cities losing allure: metro, largest, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  69. Do FAA height restrictions result in fewer high rises? - Urban Planning
  70. Which city is most likely to surpass 10,000 ppsm?: Baltimore, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  71. Why are so many PA cities and Delaware Valley cities in general so small?: largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  72. Despite more housing being built why are they mostly for the white collar?: market, schools - Urban Planning
  73. What are your favorite and least favorite styles of architecture in cities?: suburban, Boston - Urban Planning
  74. Suburban cities: metro, crime, highway, planner - Urban Planning
  75. Reversal of white flight: metro, largest, suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  76. Why Don't Most Urban California Cities Have Street Lights?: suburbs, highway, freeways - Urban Planning
  77. How to quantify big city living?: metro, suburban, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  78. Get me out of Americans flee crowded cities amid COVID-19, consider permanent moves: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  79. Long-term impacts of COVID-19 on urban planning and city design in the US: metro, suburban
  80. Canberra and Irvine: Two brothers from a different mother?: largest, suburban, schools - Urban Planning
  81. Do you like living in a city?: metro, Munich, suburb - Urban Planning
  82. Will a US/Canadian city ever surpass SF for 2nd most dense city?: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  83. Serious ..does virus make you rethink your love for density and urban living?: suburban, subway - Urban Planning
  84. circular city: metro, freeway, park, area - Urban Planning
  85. Most respected/best Urban Planning/Policy Program? (Rutgers NB, Tufts or Texas AM): metro, planner
  86. Which 5 U.S. cities DT building core stretches furthest before drop off?: largest, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  87. Is public transit really a private service?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  88. How would you categorize cities? From dense urban to sprawl: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  89. Cites with the biggest annexation growth: metro, largest, suburbs, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  90. If downtown had to pack up and move..: metro, suburban, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  91. What Amtrak service extensions or expansions do you think are low-hanging fruits?: largest, suburbs - Urban Planning
  92. A sensible Rail Transit Policy for the U.S.: metro, suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  93. Covid was the first hit but are the riots finishing off the urban revival?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  94. Coronavirus shows why the transit oriented, downtown lifestyle, while being expensive and trendy, can be risky: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  95. Does Public Rail Transit In Lower Density Cities Fall along a Left/Right political divide?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  96. Rural bad city good: metro, suburb, market, population - Urban Planning
  97. The Case Against Single-Family Housing: metro, largest, suburban, houses - Urban Planning
  98. Immigration vs. Gentrification for Reducing Homicide: largest, Baltimore, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  99. Curved streets on relatively flat land: map, planner, downtown, houses - Urban Planning
  100. Minneapolis to end zoning rules mandating single-family homes: market, park, property - Urban Planning
  101. Do we really need high density, or should we leave it to post-industrial cities that have mastered the art?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  102. City of Houston proves we don't need zoning laws: suburban, issues, park - Urban Planning
  103. Why are cities boring and other cities fun?: planner, population, area - Urban Planning
  104. fun ideas for low-income neighborhoods: largest, population, houses, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  105. Best elevated subway architecture: downtown, market, transportation, railway - Urban Planning
  106. How is the Jerusalem Old City about as dense as Kowloon?: freeways, population - Urban Planning
  107. Lack of off street parking can be a great thing for neighborhoods is a great thing: houses, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  108. Too many street lights, at night it should be dark: versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  109. NYT Says West Coast cities are catching up to the East Coast on transit: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  110. US vs. Canada suburbs: map, metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  111. List of richest towns shows need for quality mass transit: metro, schools - Urban Planning
  112. Preservation equals Affordability??????: suburban, downtown, market, transportation - Urban Planning
  113. Can a town or city collectively up and relocate the town/city ?: Iowa, Mississippi - Urban Planning
  114. Are there major car-cities in Europe like Los Angeles?: metro, highway - Urban Planning
  115. Do you actually walk just as much, if not more, in a sprawling suburb than in a transit-oriented big city?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  116. way to finance transit?: suburban, highway, freeways, transportation - Urban Planning
  117. Comeback Cities: metro, largest, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  118. How much if are cities responsible for major traffic jams?: highway, projects - Urban Planning
  119. do you define it?: metro, suburban, Atlanta, subway - Urban Planning
  120. Commuter vs intercity rail: map, metro, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  121. What is your ideal layout like for urban residential architecture?: map, metro - Urban Planning
  122. Are there other places where brick midrise buildings like are common?: Baltimore, downtown - Urban Planning
  123. A for engineers about bridge approach slabs?: metro, highway, transportation - Urban Planning
  124. Urban Gas Station Model?: metro, largest, suburban, planner - Urban Planning
  125. The Cul De Sac, the worst idea ever ?: suburban, houses, community - Urban Planning
  126. How to build better cities: suburban, downtown, market, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  127. The city that banned cars: suburban, downtown, Atlanta, park - Urban Planning
  128. Do cities build it and they will come? Building before growing?: metro, crime - Urban Planning
  129. Rebuilding after Disasters: solutions, houses, equal, development - Urban Planning
  130. Urban Planners: Have You Read A Pattern Language?: suburban, market, transportation - Urban Planning
  131. Neighborhoods in Your city that changed demographics naturally: downtown, market, major - Urban Planning
  132. Other Anti-Billboard Cities In The Country?: highway, freeways, landscape - Urban Planning
  133. Do you prefer rowhomes with front driveways, back driveways, or no driveways?: Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  134. Who should decide land use?: market, architect, issues, park - Urban Planning
  135. large-scale new construction in Neo-Renaissance/1880s-1910s style?: market, architect, major - Urban Planning
  136. Better Rail System/Transit-Oriented Development: DC Metro or Vancouver Skytrain: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  137. Is The Trolleybus In Decline?: downtown, Detroit, transportation, Boston - Urban Planning
  138. Is neighborhood character dying?: largest, suburb, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  139. What if we got rid of private land?: planner, houses, issues - Urban Planning
  140. Wealthy neighborhoods that look like a slum at street level: downtown, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  141. Car free lifestyle zones: where are they?: map, metro, largest - Urban Planning
  142. Does USA have fully planned city from the start in the works? And why not?: suburbs, downtown - Urban Planning
  143. Walkways: metro, Baltimore, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  144. Why are Canadian suburbs denser than U.S. suburbs?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  145. Alphabetic names of streets: suburbs, planner, downtown, Boston - Urban Planning
  146. Densest post-WWII suburb in the U.S.: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  147. What characteristics positively identifies suburbs?: metro, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  148. Where would you put rapid transit if for every million people in your MSA, you get 10 miles of rapid transit?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  149. What would average sq mi U.S cities?: metro, largest, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  150. Would Atlanta benefit from it's own version of Charlotte's I-277?: downtown, freeways - Urban Planning
  151. Should streets be named by the residents?: planner, population, houses - Urban Planning
  152. Are reverse commutes getting more common than traditional commutes? Which do you have?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  153. How long should a street be?: suburban, landscape, community, rural - Urban Planning
  154. Downtowns that have always thrived: planner, Atlanta, market, Detroit - Urban Planning
  155. Where would you rather live? (Cul-de-Sac vs. Grid): Baltimore, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  156. Be the urban planner. Plan a transit-oriented development and a sprawling suburb.: metro, market - Urban Planning
  157. U.S. cities with longest commute times: metro, largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  158. US and World cities with the most impressive collection of tunnels/bridges: downtown, Boston - Urban Planning
  159. How centralized are the rich parts of your metro area?: map, largest - Urban Planning
  160. Why America’s New Apartment Buildings All Look the Same: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  161. Will there ever be a suburb like COMPTON?: metro, crime, population - Urban Planning
  162. Urban planners' ideas kill cities: largest, suburbs, highway, market - Urban Planning
  163. Elevated vs Underground Rail Stations: Which do you prefer?: suburb, downtown, subway - Urban Planning
  164. Better rail transit system: Hong Kong's MTR vs. NYC Subway plus PATH, LIRR, Metro North, JFK skytrain,: suburbs, downtown - Urban Planning
  165. Retrofitting/ Better Suburbia: suburban, downtown, freeway, houses - Urban Planning
  166. How to copyright a plan for a city: metro, planner, market - Urban Planning
  167. What is it in a city that they don't want to live in?: crime, class - Urban Planning
  168. Cannabis a valuable ‘New’ Industry for New York: market, issues, major - Urban Planning
  169. Article - why Amsterdams canal houses have endured 300 years: architect - Urban Planning
  170. AICP certification - Urban Planning
  171. FRA passenger rail reform: European, money, cost - Urban Planning
  172. The Gold Coast and the Slum by Harvey Zorbaugh: equal, area - Urban Planning
  173. Huuse with living room, and kitchen, and dining room - Urban Planning
  174. Anniversary for a planned community: park, residential, Illinois - Urban Planning