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  16. This is bloody awesome!!!!: park, Illinois - Urban Planning
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  22. planning, segregation and safety.: metro, suburbs, crime, houses - Urban Planning
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  27. Difference between urbanization in Oregon and Brazil: schools, population, houses - Urban Planning
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  32. Internet Infrastructure, Mainly Wi-fi: suburban, Boston, Philadelphia, rural - Urban Planning
  33. The Nonexistent War on Cars: suburban, transportation, landscape, major - Urban Planning
  34. Should I formally study urban planning in college?: architect, major, area
  35. Eminent domain acquisition not put to intended use...: landscape, property, money - Urban Planning
  36. Moscow Has The Best Subway System?: metro, versus, market, regional - Urban Planning
  37. Do you think Personal Rapid Transit is good and feasible for replacing the car in cases?: Atlanta, subway - Urban Planning
  38. Examples of mixed-use centers with a medium amount of retail....: largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  39. Helsinki builds underground: houses, park, environment, residential - Urban Planning
  40. Egg Theory of Cities: transportation, railroad, streetcar, define - Urban Planning
  41. The Glory of Cities: suburban, market, architect, houses - Urban Planning
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  45. Whistling/noisy pavement: highway, freeways, interchange, projects - Urban Planning
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  47. Why the high concentration of liquor stores in US cities and suburbs?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  48. The ugly truth of sprawl from the air.......: suburban, market, compared - Urban Planning
  49. Which is more important: A vibrant, urban core, or lush, sprawling suburbs?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  50. Metro patterns: suburban, highway, regional, transportation - Urban Planning
  51. Metro Rail systems in planning: map, Baltimore, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  52. Fantasy Transit Maps: map, metro, subway, architect - Urban Planning
  53. When does a town start becoming a city?: metro, versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  54. The Growth Ponzi Scheme: metro, suburban, highway, market - Urban Planning
  55. Peak cars?: downtown, market, population, major - Urban Planning
  56. Understanding cities and different built pattern and history: suburban, highway, planner - Urban Planning
  57. Poor quality domestic construction and it's implications for Urban Planning...: suburban, planner
  58. but me like the suburbs?: suburban, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  59. Planning traditional cities: suburban, crime, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  60. Which cities were destroyed the most by the Garden City movement in Urban Planning?: suburban, highway
  61. So you have a Master's in Urban Planning, what do you do?: planner, regional
  62. The american autobahn: highway, freeways, transportation, major - Urban Planning
  63. Commuter Rail systems in planning: metro, Baltimore, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  64. Shopping Streets in the US?: metro, suburb, Boston, major - Urban Planning
  65. How do you define BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) ?: suburbs, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  66. Roundabouts vs. Intersections: suburban, highway, compared, insurance - Urban Planning
  67. Congress to kill high-speed rail plans!: highway, freeways, transportation, railroad - Urban Planning
  68. Where the rich and poor live in metro areas (and other maps): map, suburban - Urban Planning
  69. why do humans choose to live above ground?: metro, subway, architect - Urban Planning
  70. Lamentations about a new building in my city...: equal, projects, development - Urban Planning
  71. They Say People Are Moving Back Into the City, Give Me Proof: map, metro - Urban Planning
  72. How to define what's a suburb (or suburban): metro, downtown, schools - Urban Planning
  73. Streetcar systems in planning: metro, Baltimore, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  74. sprawl and smart growth in a metro area, should suburban cities be limited in growth?: highway, planner - Urban Planning
  75. New Urbanism in Your Town!: metro, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  76. If New Urbanist Communities Are Being Built in the Suburbs is it Sprawl?: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  77. Walkable communities: the Social Justice issue of the 21 century: metro, suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  78. Solution to Mega Cities Problems: suburban, Detroit, transportation, population - Urban Planning
  79. The Ponzi Scheme that is Suburbia: versus, suburban, Pittsburgh, issues - Urban Planning
  80. Suburbia = The American Dream?: suburban, population, houses, major - Urban Planning
  81. Is LA urban? A look at both sides of the argument: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  82. What happens to fixed or low-income housing when a neighborhood gentrifies?: crime, market - Urban Planning
  83. Could light rail hold up to heavy rail?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  84. What Awful Reality TV and Suburban Living Have to Do With the Tea Party's Lack of Empathy: transportation, population - Urban Planning
  85. Transit Space Required: largest, versus, suburban, market - Urban Planning
  86. More like mini-freeways than streets?: metro, suburbs, highway, market - Urban Planning
  87. Should Infrastructure go Into More Roads or Public Transit?: regional, transportation, population - Urban Planning
  88. The increase of the pster generation in America and Worldwide Communities....: highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  89. Rail Transit in Suburbia?: metro, suburban, regional, Boston - Urban Planning
  90. Is San Francisco the only actual 'city' in the entire state of California?: map, metro - Urban Planning
  91. Two Major Transit Corridors close to each other, where is the high speed rail?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  92. How much density can you get using only single family detached homes?: suburb, schools - Urban Planning
  93. Light Rail Infrastructure: metro, versus, Baltimore, subway - Urban Planning
  94. Raising kids in the suburbs vs cities: suburban, subway, schools - Urban Planning
  95. Future of the suburbs and returning to the cities: metro, suburban, transportation - Urban Planning
  96. Which city outside NYC has the highest amount of livable/walkable non ghetto neighborhoods?: Baltimore, crime - Urban Planning
  97. Does a Grid make a city feel larger?: suburban, downtown, architect - Urban Planning
  98. Do people hate elevated train lines?: metro, Baltimore, crime, highway - Urban Planning
  99. List the top 10 Largest Downtown's by Continuous Build Environment: metro, highway, Dallas - Urban Planning
  100. Suburbs and cities.....the changing cities of America....: versus, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  101. Do you think natural disasters will cause people to not want to live in dense cities?: suburban, New Orleans - Urban Planning
  102. How are you making your city's quality of life improve?: suburb, planner - Urban Planning
  103. Is there a google streets urban revitilization: map, metro, crime - Urban Planning
  104. segregated communities? do they exist in the US: suburbs, population, major - Urban Planning
  105. Is Cleveland's University Circle the premiere urban neighborhood of the Midwest??: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  106. Do you find anything wrong with communities that are racially homogeneous: crime, market - Urban Planning
  107. Is building new cities from scratch a good idea?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  108. Would you like to live in this city?: crime, market, class - Urban Planning
  109. Examples of single-family detached homes neighborhoods turned into commercial blocks?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  110. Why so many apartments under 6 stories in the sun belt citites and one story store fronts: transportation, architect - Urban Planning
  111. Nimbys Attack: Commuter rail stop aligns with freeway, not downtown: largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  112. The land of giant plastic signs and massive parking lots: suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  113. Rural planning?: metro, suburban, planner, transportation - Urban Planning
  114. Is modern construction better/worse than earlier construction?: architect, houses, equal - Urban Planning
  115. If Many of You Say That Cities Offer a Better Quality of Life....: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  116. If you want to increase urban residents fix the problems: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  117. Downtown markets do they work?: suburbs, population, Philadelphia, park - Urban Planning
  118. Will MSA have a better BRT mass transit network than this?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  119. Living in a dense community can save YOU money: map, versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  120. Do you live within 10 minutes walk of a grocery store?: suburb, market - Urban Planning
  121. Career Advice: Urban Planning vs Urban Design vs Architecture: planner, schools, issues
  122. Suburbs aren't the problem... how suburbs were implemented is.: metro, suburban, architect - Urban Planning
  123. Importance of Stage of Life: suburban, downtown, schools - Urban Planning
  124. John Stossel's Urban Sprawl Myths: suburban, crime, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  125. My generation doesn't want to live in the suburbs.: Baltimore, suburb, crime - Urban Planning
  126. Don't be a jerk!: transportation, sidewalk, green, difference - Urban Planning
  127. why does poor equal ugly ?: suburbs, downtown, architect - Urban Planning
  128. The End Of The Road: Saying Goodbye To Freeways: highway, population, park - Urban Planning
  129. Elevated Sidewalks?: Baltimore, Detroit, park, build - Urban Planning
  130. Putting a price on a city’s streets: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  131. Rural, Suburban, and Urban. They all have problems, stop denying it....: crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  132. Tearing down urban freeways to make room for.........: largest, Baltimore, suburbs - Urban Planning
  133. Why is everyone against sprawl?: suburbs, development, environment, environmental - Urban Planning
  134. What major US cities lack a rail network?: metro, Baltimore, downtown - Urban Planning
  135. why do discussions of becoming less autocentric always focus on being completely car free?: suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  136. are empty nesters moving downtown a myth?: metro, largest, suburbs - Urban Planning
  137. Dense sprawl vs. Truesprawl: suburban, downtown, Atlanta, population - Urban Planning
  138. Why stores shouldn't be built in the city: suburban, Walmart, park - Urban Planning
  139. Urban Neighborhoods in Not so Urban Cities: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  140. Old planning methods compared to newer ones...: suburbs, downtown, population - Urban Planning
  141. Cities that are building highrise/lowrise buildings all over the city densely packed: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  142. Do you think government forcing suburbs to be demolished is the only way to solve the sprawl problem ?: suburban, market - Urban Planning
  143. Suburbia wasn't always so horrible... (city planning, suburbs, houston): metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  144. Does crime have impact on your decision to live in the city?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  145. Malls-A Public Gathering Place?: suburban, downtown, major, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  146. I like sprawl: metro, suburban, subdivision, area - Urban Planning
  147. 3rd Rail vs. Catenary Regional Rail Electrification: metro, suburban, subway - Urban Planning
  148. How to Make Biking Mainstream: highway, Dallas, transportation, major - Urban Planning
  149. Can an extensive Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network do the same thing as heavy rail or light rail?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  150. I don't think high speed rail is practical for the U.S.: Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  151. What are considered good retailers or chains?: market, architect, Walmart - Urban Planning
  152. Transportation solution: too far-fetched?: metro, highway, downtown, regional - Urban Planning
  153. The Still Elusive Return to the City: metro, versus, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  154. Urban Fabric vs Density for big city feel: map, metro - Urban Planning
  155. mass transit shopping trips: downtown, market, subway, architect - Urban Planning
  156. So what kind of environment does Generation Y want to live in?: Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  157. Are Parks Becoming Obsolete?: suburbs, area, environment, walkable - Urban Planning
  158. Would you take mass transit if it were faster?: metro, versus, downtown - Urban Planning
  159. Which of metropolitan regions could support a heavy rail system or just a single heavy rail line?: suburbs, downtown - Urban Planning
  160. Do you find the Asian cities too dense for your liking?: metro, suburb - Urban Planning
  161. Why are urban planners always trying to force people onto mass transit?: suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  162. Why do beach Cities have such poor planning and development: highway, houses - Urban Planning
  163. Food Deserts: map, Baltimore, suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  164. Do HOAs really help a neighborhood?: crime, houses, issues, major - Urban Planning
  165. Modern Street Naming Patterns: metro, Baltimore, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  166. Many cities looking for funds to tear down urban freeways: highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  167. Americans Love Their Cars And Other Transportation Myths: landscape, equal - Urban Planning
  168. Improving the lowly city bus: metro, Baltimore, highway, planner - Urban Planning
  169. What do you think about tech paks?: suburban, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  170. Which of metropolitan regions could support a heavy rail/rapid transit system or just a single line?: downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  171. Urban Planning in the era of obesity: highway, downtown, transportation
  172. What are urban planners doing to our transportation network?: metro, highway - Urban Planning
  173. Suburb Tax: suburban, crime, highway, schools - Urban Planning
  174. Downtown: how should it be defined?: market, Boston, population, houses - Urban Planning
  175. A city with no cars.....: downtown, transportation, population, major - Urban Planning
  176. What Housing Crisis? (article by Richard Florida, NY Times): metro, suburban, market - Urban Planning
  177. Older Americans could be stranded without better transit: transportation, green, define - Urban Planning
  178. Salt Lake City is getting an urban makeover other cities dream of.: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  179. Red Light Cameras: suburbs, issues, park, problems - Urban Planning
  180. Rail transit to airports: downtown, Atlanta, subway, New Orleans - Urban Planning
  181. Cities, suburbs, and rural areas on TV and in movies over the years: green, Alaska - Urban Planning
  182. McMansions tore down, 2 eco homes built in their place in Australia: suburb, downtown - Urban Planning
  183. Would you want to live in this kind of city?: Dallas, freeway - Urban Planning
  184. Lightrail vs. Commuter Rail for urbanized suburbs: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  185. The Urbanity of LA in 25 years vs the cities of the NE: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  186. Why are lifestyle centers not filling up vacancies?: downtown, market, houses - Urban Planning
  187. Light rail is great, HSR is pretty useless (outside Northeast and California): metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  188. Was sprawl an American reaction to World War II?: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  189. The Suburbs Are Cities: metro, suburban, crime, highway - Urban Planning
  190. What do you think are the Urban style, Suburban style, and Urban/suburban style cities in the USA?: Dallas, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  191. Shopping centers-big box centers-developed within county governments...: suburban, market, development - Urban Planning
  192. I'm starting to dislike home ownership...: metro, market, houses, major - Urban Planning
  193. Private sector provided public transportation (subways): suburban, highway, freeway, railroad - Urban Planning
  194. Why do cities get universities and others do not?: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  195. Build the Transit First!: map, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  196. Let's plan a new town from scratch: market, houses, landscape - Urban Planning
  197. Two planning internships in Denver, CO: planner, transportation, development - Urban Planning
  198. The secrets to success for Transit-Oriented Devlopment: downtown, market, development - Urban Planning
  199. A Two Percent Solution: suburbs, highway, downtown, regional - Urban Planning
  200. The V&A in Dundee is a winner of 2011 WAN Award: architect, class - Urban Planning