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  19. This is my List for Standards that I Believe are Great for Urban Planning:: planner, market
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  27. The world’s most badass bike anthem - Urban Planning
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  29. Part 4. Rate the city for the urban planning standards it has and how the place is as a city: Denver Colorado USA: metro, suburbs
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  36. Utility bikes take cities by storm - Urban Planning
  37. The mathematical structure of subway systems: Baltimore, downtown, landscape, environment - Urban Planning
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  41. Why are average condos 2bd 2ba and not more?: metro, suburban, area - Urban Planning
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  45. Sprawling Suburbs Growth Falls To Historic Low Amid High Gas Prices: metro, Atlanta - Urban Planning
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  47. small cities devoted to smart growth?: metro, largest, suburbs - Urban Planning
  48. Gated communities in the context of the Trayvon Martin incident: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  49. Has used walkscores in their planning?: map, suburb, schools - Urban Planning
  50. Houston or Los Angeles: Where is sprawl worse?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  51. Rural Sprawl: metro, suburban, highway, market - Urban Planning
  52. Portland ,Oregon a great Urban Planning Success Story ?: metro, largest, suburban
  53. More urban: San Francisco or Los Angeles?: suburban, downtown, megacities - Urban Planning
  54. Graffiti in your city -- your opinion?: suburban, subway, freeway - Urban Planning
  55. stats of % of people who live without a car (for various areas/cities)?: Baltimore, houses - Urban Planning
  56. How to defeat NIMBYs??: suburban, downtown, regional, transportation - Urban Planning
  57. Atlantic Article by Robert Moses From 1962: metro, highway, planner, freeways - Urban Planning
  58. Where is sprawl at its best?: metro, largest, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  59. How (and when) did you become interested in urban planning?: suburban, highway
  60. Do you like the idea of living in a mixed-use development?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  61. Is there still an association of public transit with poverty/low class? Which cities are/are not stigmatized that way?: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  62. PRT, is it a good idea?: transportation, major, park, build - Urban Planning
  63. If all rust belt cities and downtowns were filled how much would it stop sprawl?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  64. Who craves space?: metro, suburbs, market, Boston - Urban Planning
  65. Help Identifying Different Housing Styles: architect, houses, landscape, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  66. How do other developed countries do it?: market, subway, transportation - Urban Planning
  67. The Limits of Density: suburbs, downtown, Dallas, architect - Urban Planning
  68. The Ruse of the Creative Class: Baltimore, market, Detroit, architect - Urban Planning
  69. Bicycles - electric or not?: area, problems, money - Urban Planning
  70. What are misconceptions people have of an urban setting?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  71. Comprehensive and specific factors that can help make a great city/downtown/neighborhood/and urban amenities...: suburb, Boston - Urban Planning
  72. Part 5. Rate the city: Washington DC.: metro, Munich, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  73. Dividing Roads Into 2 One-Way Streets: suburban, downtown, park, development - Urban Planning
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  75. Flying is the worst form of transportation imaginable: metro, freeway, difference - Urban Planning
  76. The Ethos That Shaped Suburbs Is Now Shaping Cities: Baltimore, suburban, market - Urban Planning
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  78. What are misconceptions people have about the suburbs?: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  79. Is TOD the Best Approach?: metro, suburban, Dallas, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  80. What are your favorite depictions of futuristic cities?: metro, highway, park - Urban Planning
  81. America and the suburban dream....: highway, houses, major, park - Urban Planning
  82. Demographic check: metro, suburban, market, schools - Urban Planning
  83. Street cafes, American style: downtown, houses, projects, park - Urban Planning
  84. Branded City Neighborhoods: downtown, houses, park, development - Urban Planning
  85. Los Angeles streetcar suburbs model that got destroyed by car makers: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  86. Density and high population = our destruction? Experiment creates a mouse utopia, and watches it collapse into chaos..: largest, issues - Urban Planning
  87. should there be non-profit organizations who'd help the middle class to: Boston, issues - Urban Planning
  88. Build, Baby, Build!: metro, suburban, highway, market - Urban Planning
  89. Why is there so much traffic in city centers?: metro, largest, versus - Urban Planning
  90. CITIES: separating size from urban: metro, largest, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  91. American vs Australian vs Canadian cities: metro, largest, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  92. What does it take to make a sucessful mall?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  93. What do you Consider Downtown? Would you consider areas like DT: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  94. The effects of driverless cars on urban planning?: metro, versus, suburban
  95. Building mixed use apartments on the streets: A radical idea to urbanize suburbs: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  96. Do you feel safe walking in your city at night?: suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  97. If you do prefer to walk personally often, what are the major things that decrease walkability for you in practice?: highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  98. One of Russian Cities Doomed to 2 days of no central water supply.: Baltimore, major - Urban Planning
  99. What do you think of this imaginary city?: suburbs, crime, market - Urban Planning
  100. Is there another country in the world that's equally or more auto-centric/suburban than the US in style?: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  101. Is Long distance highspeed rail practical in the US?: highway, market, Detroit - Urban Planning
  102. Gentrification- where do displaced move to?: metro, suburban, crime, Boston - Urban Planning
  103. Has the increase in bicycling and bicycle infrastructure attracted people from their cars or from public transit?: suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  104. Most urban cities: Baltimore, crime, Detroit, Boston - Urban Planning
  105. Why is it every city in the US today wants to build light rail?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  106. Are they building skyscrapers too tall?: suburban, architect, major, park - Urban Planning
  107. Front Yards, do you think they are overrated?: sidewalk, green - Urban Planning
  108. How would you think cities would change lets say, 500 years from now? What is: Detroit, architect - Urban Planning
  109. DWI/DUI's: Is car dependency to blame?: Baltimore, suburbs, Cleveland - Urban Planning
  110. Do you think we'll see another golden age of skyscrapers?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  111. Can you call underground light rail a subway ?: metro, market - Urban Planning
  112. It has so much: Baltimore, downtown, architect, Boston - Urban Planning
  113. How important are sidewalks?: suburban, regional, houses, equal - Urban Planning
  114. A human perspective on cities vs. suburbs: metro, largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  115. build an alley-facing dwelling?: Baltimore, suburban, downtown, architect - Urban Planning
  116. City Life vs. Suburban Life: Which is more sustainable?: subway, architect, population - Urban Planning
  117. Which cities have the fewest freeways/expressways for their size?: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  118. A way suburbs are subsidized: metro, suburban, highway, transportation - Urban Planning
  119. Light Rail vs. Buses: metro, downtown, freeways, interchange - Urban Planning
  120. City Landscape and Public Health: suburban, transportation, major, park - Urban Planning
  121. Suburbanites, if the city fixed their issues, would you move?: crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  122. Another for suburbanites: area, environment, sidewalks, sidewalk - Urban Planning
  123. Do you think a better central city is correlated usually with worse suburbs?: Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  124. Will citys ever have as mush culture as rural towns?: suburbs, define - Urban Planning
  125. Country (Rural) vs. City (Urban and Suburban): largest, crime, market - Urban Planning
  126. Why is it Canada seem to be into highrise apartments ?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  127. What are great walker / public transit friendly cities?: largest, Baltimore, transportation - Urban Planning
  128. I have been doing reading on the history of cities in the US: suburban, market - Urban Planning
  129. Has NIMBYism prevented development in your town/city?: metro, largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  130. High density residential, Low density Commercial/Industrial: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  131. street width and pedestrian places: largest, downtown, freeway, Boston - Urban Planning
  132. Melbourne: A Pedestrian Paradise: highway, downtown, freeways, transportation - Urban Planning
  133. Urban Density Comparisons: metro, Baltimore, suburbs, downtown - Urban Planning
  134. Monorail Blues: metro, downtown, subway, freeways - Urban Planning
  135. Why do so much people hate on the Suburbs??: metro, suburban, transportation - Urban Planning
  136. The Movement from the suburbs to cities (or not): metro, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  137. Will NYC Always Be #1 & US City Population Projections 2020: metro, largest, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  138. How Baby Boomers doomed the exurbs: suburban, transportation, architect, development - Urban Planning
  139. Early New Years resolution: versus, suburban, issues, equal - Urban Planning
  140. Suburban dreams...: downtown, population, Pittsburgh, development - Urban Planning
  141. Your city's transit vision: map, metro, suburbs, subway - Urban Planning
  142. Town keeps Walmart out, opens own store: metro, suburb, downtown - Urban Planning
  143. Can the Great Public Works of Yesteryear Be Replicated Today?: highway, Dallas - Urban Planning
  144. Revenge of the Pedestrian..........: highway, planner, downtown, freeways - Urban Planning
  145. Imagining a City Without Its Public Transportation: metro, suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  146. The future of low income housing in America...: suburban, market, solutions - Urban Planning
  147. How Will Today's Cities Be Regarded a Century From Now?: suburban, market - Urban Planning
  148. Which Major Metropolitan Area Has the Best Traffic?: largest, downtown - Urban Planning
  149. The 'Which Skyline Is This' Game: buildings, green, build, Ohio - Urban Planning
  150. Should dense suburbs adopt a more urban model?: suburban, downtown, regional - Urban Planning
  151. suburban public schools vs. city public schools: Atlanta, Detroit, population - Urban Planning
  152. What do you think of ideas for a new urban society?: suburban, regional - Urban Planning
  153. The value of car free zones.: downtown, park, sidewalks, sidewalk - Urban Planning
  154. Why are people so against High Speed Rail: highway, population, compared - Urban Planning
  155. Extreme infill: downtown, Boston, Philadelphia, projects - Urban Planning
  156. Urban Planning Fail Photo: widest, downtown, architect, houses
  157. The Grocery Store of the Future?: market, Walmart, Philadelphia, area - Urban Planning
  158. Roads/Parking lots are taking up too much room: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  159. Density vs Preservation: metro, suburban, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  160. Great Graphic on Proposed Transit Spending: metro, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  161. What's the deal on U.S. Urban Planning (as a career)?: planner, regional
  162. Rate the City for the Urban Planning Standards it has and How the Place is as a City: Portland Oregon: metro, suburban
  163. Help: Under Attack from my Department of Transportation!: issues, Virginia - Urban Planning
  164. 1st-Tier Suburbs and City Roads in Disrepair: Baltimore, suburb, highway - Urban Planning
  165. Building sustainable human habitats: suburban, megacities, transportation, architect - Urban Planning
  166. Urban Planners and Economics: versus, regional, transportation, architect - Urban Planning
  167. Urban sprawl in motion: map, suburban, downtown, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  168. Does the federal gov't punish towns/counties who refuse to grow through sprawl or smart growth?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  169. The downfall of urban freeways: suburbs, highway, subway, transportation - Urban Planning
  170. Suburbs in Europe: suburban, compared, green, definition - Urban Planning
  171. Urban Gondolas: suburban, subway, transportation, New Orleans - Urban Planning
  172. Walmart's new neighborhood markets: class, area, rural, difference - Urban Planning
  173. Disliking homogeneous suburbs: versus, architect, New Orleans, houses - Urban Planning
  174. 1700s New England Colonial = McMansion?: metro, versus, suburb, freeway - Urban Planning
  175. Suburban communities with man-made Lakes: regional, freeway, subdivision, area - Urban Planning
  176. Needed Interstate Connections: metro, largest, highway, Dallas - Urban Planning
  177. How do cities create soul?: market, architect, park - Urban Planning
  178. Good reading on tower in the park public housing: Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  179. Nice post-war urban developments: suburb, downtown, Detroit, regional - Urban Planning
  180. The Great American Streetcar Scandal: versus, suburb, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  181. Heated sidewalks and roads in walkable cities would be good in winter: suburbs, downtown - Urban Planning
  182. Auto-centric vs. people-centric streets: suburban, highway, streetcar, environment - Urban Planning
  183. Should they demolish towers in the park apartments to build higher density mixed use buildings: suburb, crime - Urban Planning
  184. New Urban Planning Blog: largest, suburbs, downtown, market
  185. How Would You Rate this Made up Simulated City?: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  186. cyclists out there? What do you think?: suburban, park, concrete - Urban Planning
  187. Walkability and Public Transportation: Misconceptions?: crime, Boston, population, major - Urban Planning
  188. Raising a family downtown ...: metro, suburban, schools, population - Urban Planning
  189. Urban Wal-Marts, Thoughts from the Gallery: market, major, projects, park - Urban Planning
  190. Study finds DC's big new streetcar project more than pays for itself: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  191. California to Eliminate Funding for Rual School Buses: suburban, schools, transportation - Urban Planning
  192. Part 2. How would you rate this made up simulated city?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  193. Plans to Unpave Suburbia: transportation, houses, park, development - Urban Planning
  194. Crosswalks Most Dangerous at Intersections.: regional, major, railway, class - Urban Planning
  195. Why LRT vs. Commuter Rail vs. Heavy Rail ?: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  196. Can Ontario Really Deliver North America's Best Smart Growth Plan? - Urban Planning
  197. Self-employment options for a MUPR + JD?: development - Urban Planning
  198. How do cities compared in terms of being radial/centralised?: suburban, planner - Urban Planning
  199. The next small thing.......: planner - Urban Planning
  200. transportation industry job - Urban Planning