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  1. Environmental Planning or Science?: planner, architect, landscape, difference - Urban Planning
  2. Why ruin the desert with solar farms when so much warehouse & parking lot space exists?: houses, major - Urban Planning
  3. Create your own transportation system!: metro, largest, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
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  5. seen the 1980s movie Heartbeat ?: suburbs - Urban Planning
  6. Density vs Built environment: map, metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  7. How is transit funded in your area: metro, Baltimore, Detroit - Urban Planning
  8. What year was the nadir for the American downtown?: suburban, crime, subway - Urban Planning
  9. New Energy report has mixed results for U.S.: transportation, property, buildings - Urban Planning
  10. Poverty From Space: environment, Portland, environmental, green - Urban Planning
  11. City planning in small, isolated towns?: largest, planner, population, zoning - Urban Planning
  12. Keeping out the undesirables: metro, Baltimore, suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  13. Going home to the 'burbs: Texas - Urban Planning
  14. Highway construction: lowest bidder or fastest finisher?: projects, build, system - Urban Planning
  15. Harry O riding the bus...: compare, New York - Urban Planning
  16. Best Examples of Landscaped Sidewalk Buffers & Street Medians: downtown, park, area - Urban Planning
  17. Coastal development, and which project would develop faster?: metro, highway, population - Urban Planning
  18. Economist: A monumental burden: map, suburb, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  19. Comments on a local project: downtown, transportation, issues, major - Urban Planning
  20. Toll roads and carpool lanes: metro, highway, freeways, projects - Urban Planning
  21. Shareway 2030: Baltimore, Boston, population, compared - Urban Planning
  22. Reinventing the urban payphone: New York - Urban Planning
  23. China building the tallest building in 90 days! - Urban Planning
  24. How can city planner fix a bad road network ?: map, highway, transportation - Urban Planning
  25. Redevelopment of industrial or other non traditional spaces areas for mixed use, residential or commercial uses: Detroit, schools - Urban Planning
  26. Google Maps - Street View - touring app?: houses, townhouse, property - Urban Planning
  27. Urbanism: suburban, downtown, subway, regional - Urban Planning
  28. Start-up cities and towns: area, community, money - Urban Planning
  29. gritty downtowns of the '70s and 80's: metro, suburbs, Boston - Urban Planning
  30. Designer proposes T map based on trip time: subway, Boston - Urban Planning
  31. Chinese Straddling Buses: highway, park, build - Urban Planning
  32. An imaginary city: Modelston: metro, suburb, crime, highway - Urban Planning
  33. How much retail does an industrial park support?: suburbs, zoning, area - Urban Planning
  34. Corporate Influence on Urban Design: largest, suburban, subway, Boston - Urban Planning
  35. Do you find this guy to be a good leader?: area, residential - Urban Planning
  36. Politics and Urban Planning: Obama vs. Romney: highway, transportation, issues
  37. Favorite transit ride in the US?: metro, downtown, subway, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  38. electric cars -- condos & apartments: solutions, major, park, class - Urban Planning
  39. Roaches, Rats, and High Density: Baltimore, suburb, downtown, Boston - Urban Planning
  40. horrible house design: regional, architect, houses, major - Urban Planning
  41. Majority of Americans live in Suburban or Urban environments?: metro, highway, Detroit - Urban Planning
  42. Does your cities urban core need more housing, office space/workers, parks, shopping, or restaurants?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  43. Scenery.... overrated?: Portland, Indiana, Texas - Urban Planning
  44. Human-scaled cities - not too tall, not too short: suburbs, downtown, freeway - Urban Planning
  45. Can one person revitalize a downtown?: largest, Baltimore, suburban, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  46. love exotic/modern architecture: buildings, construction, build, square - Urban Planning
  47. Am I the only one who likes McMansions?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  48. Cars vs Public transportation: metro, versus, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  49. World's tallest building to be built in China: architect, class, buildings - Urban Planning
  50. Trying to develop comprehensive list of rowhouse cities: Baltimore, downtown - Urban Planning
  51. Can a city be too hot for density?: Atlanta, development, Houston - Urban Planning
  52. If cities offered more suburban amenities, would you consider relocating?: metro, crime - Urban Planning
  53. ever hope that an architect brings back Art Deco?: suburbs, downtown - Urban Planning
  54. Urban vs Suburban Schools: crime, subway, Boston, railroad - Urban Planning
  55. Why are capital cities built on a grand scale?: metro, suburban, subway - Urban Planning
  56. Tour of the 'pedestrian and cycling friendly' diverging diamond: Baltimore, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  57. Which city will see the most gentrification over the next decade, Baltimore or Philadelphia?: suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  58. The parking lot dwarfs the space inside the store: suburban, architect, class - Urban Planning
  59. How many square feet of living space do the residents of your home have?: population, houses - Urban Planning
  60. When did the new 'Barbie doll/plastic' style of housing start in the US?: versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  61. Housing project redevelopment: Baltimore, suburbs, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  62. Neighborhoods that changed rapidly over time because of urban renewal/gentrification or urban neglect/urban decay.: metro, crime - Urban Planning
  63. Which city will develop their undergound public space first, DC or NYC?: downtown, park - Urban Planning
  64. Escaping to Suburbia for your kids.: versus, suburban, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  65. Does Louisville need more highways?: Baltimore, downtown, market, freeways - Urban Planning
  66. Cost of Low Density Suburban Living: metro, schools, park, development - Urban Planning
  67. Would a Monorail System Ever Work?: metro, largest, subway, freeways - Urban Planning
  68. High Density Industrial: largest, suburban, downtown, subway - Urban Planning
  69. Define the niche of each transit mode: metro, suburb, highway - Urban Planning
  70. What does DC's height restrictions and lack of land mean for its future?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  71. What happens to a car dealership after it closes?: Philadelphia, names, park - Urban Planning
  72. After visiting this forum I now cringe every time I see stripmalls..: metro, versus - Urban Planning
  73. How Far Apart Should Subway Spacing Be?: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  74. Toronto now outpacing new york city in high rise construction: map, downtown - Urban Planning
  75. we shouldn't build on barrier islands.....: houses, landscape, area - Urban Planning
  76. Malls could be great places to live: metro, suburban, Dallas - Urban Planning
  77. A Bus/rail line that epitomizes your city?: Baltimore, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  78. Is the US the only country that rips down forests for strip malls: suburbs, subway - Urban Planning
  79. Why are people anal about city development? Such as Hollywood residents?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  80. Do people who use driving as their primary node of transport understand transit?: map, suburbs - Urban Planning
  81. Stoplight timing in urban cities: metro, suburb, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  82. Do maps demonstrate the concentration of a city?: map, downtown, population - Urban Planning
  83. On Demand Public Transit?: metro, planner, transportation, area - Urban Planning
  84. Commuter Parking: metro, suburban, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  85. nationwide boom in apartment building: suburbs, planner, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  86. Cities have more children than the suburbs?: suburban, downtown, Boston - Urban Planning
  87. Mode share patterns across cities: map, metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  88. Do liberals move to cities or do cities make you more liberal?: map, metro - Urban Planning
  89. Does good public transit have to come at the cost of convenient driving/parking and vice-versa?: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  90. Baltimore's Demise: The Urban Legend of the Uninformed Masses: metro, largest, suburbs - Urban Planning
  91. Why I won't live in cities: suburbs, subway, park - Urban Planning
  92. New Bistro look MacDonalds: architect, major, area, environment - Urban Planning
  93. What do you think of a smoking ban on public streets?: downtown, buildings - Urban Planning
  94. 12 cities in China have subway, 16 under construction: metro, highway, population - Urban Planning
  95. Mid-20th century development patterns: largest, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  96. Should street-side/on-street parking be included in the property of homeowners?: suburban, houses - Urban Planning
  97. Is there a movement in the planning profession to drive poor people out of the center cities?: highway, planner - Urban Planning
  98. Planning Brazilian street to look similar to America.: park, class, area - Urban Planning
  99. Best form of moderate-density housing?: versus, downtown, market, architect - Urban Planning
  100. Like Washington, DC?: map, suburbs, downtown, houses - Urban Planning
  101. I want to help my area: metro, planner, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  102. Which city has the most vibrant and urban Manhattan ?: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  103. Do you think we were meant to live in cities?: suburban, population - Urban Planning
  104. Santana Row mixed-use development celebrates 10 years: downtown, market, subway, freeway - Urban Planning
  105. Cars and Public Transit: Something to think about.: metro, subway, regional - Urban Planning
  106. What would make you like living in a city if you are a suburbanite?: metro, highway - Urban Planning
  107. What explains the stats that public transportation use uite a bit higher in Canada vs. US cities?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  108. The Lie of NeoTraditional Neighborhoods (TNDs): metro, largest, versus, market - Urban Planning
  109. What urban housing form do you prefer?: townhouse, environment, Portland - Urban Planning
  110. Shipping Containers to Become Condos in Detroit: Baltimore, downtown, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  111. Boston/Philly Style cities VS Chicago/LA Style cities: planner, downtown, architect - Urban Planning
  112. Cities and suburbs-how small or big can they be?: metro, largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  113. Pardon me if this is a frivolous topic -- pigeon flocks in the cities.: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  114. How is most of the world-cities and rural communities?: suburban, population, houses - Urban Planning
  115. Preserve or Develop (Or Both?): Real World Example: park, development, concrete - Urban Planning
  116. What makes a city attractive to young people?: metro, suburban, Dallas - Urban Planning
  117. If you don't use public transportation, why not?: highway, park, electric - Urban Planning
  118. Motorist feel their way of life is under attack: planner, downtown, transportation - Urban Planning
  119. American downtowns seem to lack shops/shopping: metro, suburban, planner - Urban Planning
  120. What's so great about sprawl/suburbs?: suburban, crime, schools, population - Urban Planning
  121. I don't really understand new urbanism: suburban, planner, downtown, transportation - Urban Planning
  122. Suburban/Interurban Light Rail: metro, largest, downtown, subway - Urban Planning
  123. Cities (and suburbs) in the post-retail world?: suburban, houses, major - Urban Planning
  124. Cultural Events Attendance: metro, population, Pittsburgh, major - Urban Planning
  125. Aren't housing starts just a euphemism for population growth?: metro, crime - Urban Planning
  126. Are there suburbs that look like Hollywood, CA?: metro, suburban, widest - Urban Planning
  127. Drawing maps for fun? do this?: map, crime, subway - Urban Planning
  128. Marked vs unmarked parallel parking; density: downtown, Philadelphia, construction, environment - Urban Planning
  129. What is your favorite city that is not your home town or the city you currently live in?: suburban, Detroit - Urban Planning
  130. Why are urban enthusiasts focused on imposing their desired lifestyles on all of us?: suburban, Dallas - Urban Planning
  131. High-Speed Rail in NE Corridor: regional, Boston, railroad, major - Urban Planning
  132. European equivalent of suburbs?: suburban, highway, population, houses - Urban Planning
  133. Mixed use urban districts outside of Downtowns. Who can compete with the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  134. Why does Houston and Dallas get a pass with sprawl?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  135. Battery electric trains: subway, railroad, railway, green - Urban Planning
  136. Pictures from Europe: suburb, highway, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  137. Successful mixed income neighborhoods. Is it something that can work well for neighborhoods and good socioeconomically?: market, schools - Urban Planning
  138. about Urban Planning, Architecture and degrees? In one degree more engineering oriented and the other less?: market, schools
  139. LA's Worst Transit Decision: metro, transportation, area, electric - Urban Planning
  140. Tell us about your city's water supply! What kind of sources? Are they sustainable?: Atlanta, population - Urban Planning
  141. Does industrial zoning have a place in the modern mixed-use city?: suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  142. City vs Suburb Growth Rate by Metro: largest, suburban, Dallas - Urban Planning
  143. People staying in the city to raise kids: suburban, market, subway - Urban Planning
  144. Is It Time To Transcend the Urban-Suburban Divide?: downtown, schools, houses - Urban Planning
  145. Is a Car Necessary in Los Angeles/typical American suburb?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  146. Specific cities that have the most extreme differences and most few differences between all the neighborhoods it has.: suburbs, compared - Urban Planning
  147. Suburban poverty getting worse: metro, largest, crime, highway - Urban Planning
  148. Operation Purple Line: Who will complete their respective subway line first? Suburban Maryland or Western Los Angeles?: metro, transportation - Urban Planning
  149. Which City Currently Has The Most Development?: largest, megacities, transportation - Urban Planning
  150. Urban Tree Density = Wealthier Neighborhoods?: metro, Baltimore, downtown, Boston - Urban Planning
  151. Books on Urban Planning and Cities: metro, suburban, crime, highway
  152. $100 billion builds 2,000 miles of light rail: regional, major, compared, equal - Urban Planning
  153. Have you lived in the suburbs before?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  154. 1945: A Watershed: suburban, Boston, houses, major - Urban Planning
  155. Does high density, walkability and vibrancy cause people to walk further during a day than averag?: suburban, planner - Urban Planning
  156. What would make you live in the suburbs if you are an urbanite?: metro, suburb - Urban Planning
  157. Regional Rail in North America: map, metro, suburban, planner - Urban Planning
  158. Agenda 21 in Republican Party Platform: regional, issues, major, projects - Urban Planning
  159. They paved over paradise, put up a giant turd: compared, park, area - Urban Planning
  160. Would you consider your metro region centralized or decentralized(MSA/CSA, depends on applicability)?: Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  161. Why are colleges not built in (new) urbanist style?: largest, versus, subway - Urban Planning
  162. So much wasted space by retail stores: Baltimore, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  163. Shared Rail/Road Bridges: metro, transportation, architect, Boston - Urban Planning
  164. I wonder if there is architects with a knack for 1930's architecture.: population, projects - Urban Planning
  165. Do antiurbanist suburbanites overestimate suburban opposition to urbanist development?: planner, market - Urban Planning
  166. What would LA be like now if they'd kept the streetcar system?: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  167. Why cities in US are not on grid system?: map, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  168. What region's will become the most walkable in the nation over the next 10 years?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  169. Bike commuters in Chicago in the winter: Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  170. Why would a family move to Chicago?: Baltimore, suburb, schools - Urban Planning
  171. What region's are set up best to grow Smartly in the future?: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  172. Why did the city planners do this in the US and Canada ?: suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  173. First Urban Mixed Use Big Box Store With Residential Housing?: market, houses - Urban Planning
  174. Get ready for water wars !!: metro, suburbs, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  175. Looking to Move to a Town With Little Urban Sprawl - Opinions: suburb, downtown - Urban Planning
  176. Urban and Public Policy: metro, suburban, crime, highway - Urban Planning
  177. Would you say, as a whole, the United States is becoming less autocentric (young people driving less, owning cars)?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  178. High Speed rails: highway, downtown, Dallas, Detroit - Urban Planning
  179. Defining The Walking City: market, transportation, population, park - Urban Planning
  180. NYPD declares open season on pedestrians and cyclists: Baltimore, crime, freeway - Urban Planning
  181. Is Parallel parking a lost art?: suburbs, crime, downtown, Detroit - Urban Planning
  182. Privatization of Passenger Rail: market, transportation, build, system - Urban Planning
  183. Green space and overcrowding within urban areas: metro, versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  184. Why do you see more suburban development than urban development, esp in the West?: metro, market - Urban Planning
  185. The needs of the many... Where to draw the line on private property rights?: highway, houses - Urban Planning
  186. NIMBYs vs Opposition Groups: freeways, Walmart, property, definition - Urban Planning
  187. city zoning laws or city ordinance on the size of the bedroom: suburban, market - Urban Planning
  188. What's the limit on population density?: metro, suburban, transportation, houses - Urban Planning
  189. What effect will the aging of America's population have on Urban Planning?: largest, suburban
  190. Average cost of car ownership: $9,000 per year: downtown, compared, park - Urban Planning
  191. Rent Controls: suburb, downtown, houses, compared - Urban Planning
  192. City-dwellers' suburban love fest.: metro, Baltimore, downtown, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  193. What cities can achieve 1M People and 10,000 sq mi Density?: suburbs, Boston - Urban Planning
  194. This is what passes for 'very walkable' on Walkscore?: suburban, market, subway - Urban Planning
  195. Do more people in your area see bikes as just for recreation (not serious), or for transportation as well?: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  196. water stress: map - Urban Planning
  197. UrbanSim? - Urban Planning
  198. Los Angeles Plays Itself Thank Lumerian Feast for posting the link in my - Urban Planning
  199. Grad School Statement of Purpose - Urban Planning
  200. Reading recommendations on rural planning in terms of locating public services? - Urban Planning