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  1. Introduce to me the concepts of urban planning: transportation, community
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  10. How significant a part did discrimination play in the decline of cities in the USA?: suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  11. At first glance it may seem like just a game, but Minecraft is actually a pretty cool to way to utilize your urban plan.: map, build - Urban Planning
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  17. This Beautiful Wooden Pedestrian Bridge Was Crowdfunded When The City Couldn’t Pay: subway, freeway - Urban Planning
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  19. Demand Responsive Transit (DRT)?: compared, compare, rural - Urban Planning
  20. Hawaii cities look like south Brazil. Why is Hawaii so worse than the rest of the U.S.?: houses, landscape - Urban Planning
  21. Another on urban definitions...: suburban, crime, downtown, architect - Urban Planning
  22. How urban is Vancouver?: metro, suburban, downtown, regional - Urban Planning
  23. Most Urban: Singapore vs Chicago: Baltimore, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit - Urban Planning
  24. Will gentrification become unprofitable before it becomes unfashionable?: map, metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  25. So, What is Really Urban?: suburban, Detroit, population, park - Urban Planning
  26. Guerrilla Gardening in South Central: market, issues, projects, development - Urban Planning
  27. The New Chinese Architecture Boom: population, landscape, major, equal - Urban Planning
  28. to teach myself GIS: insurance, system, Louisiana, Washington - Urban Planning
  29. Happy New Year!: suburb, Massachusetts - Urban Planning
  30. Urban Planning with GIS.....: planner, market, regional, transportation
  31. Are suburbanites the new rednecks?: metro, versus, downtown, subway - Urban Planning
  32. Examples of greyfield redevelopment?: Baltimore, suburbs, Dallas, market - Urban Planning
  33. Name 5 cities (not your own) that you would live in for 5 years: Dallas, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  34. Is there a tipping point when cities reach irreverisble decline?: Baltimore, crime - Urban Planning
  35. Urban growth boundaries: map, suburban, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  36. Why are shopping malls on the decline?: largest, major, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  37. Richard Florida Concedes On Creative Class: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  38. San Antonio vs San Diego vs San Jose: Which of Sans feel the most urban?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  39. Working-from-Home: Does it work?: largest, suburban, schools, population - Urban Planning
  40. What is it with Street Cars? A more social way to travel?: Pittsburgh, electric - Urban Planning
  41. Speaking of Older and Newer Developments Co-Existing...: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  42. Are golf courses the greatest waste of space ever invented?: suburban, market - Urban Planning
  43. Dying Shopping Malls : Where? Why? Remedies: largest, suburban, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  44. Chicago vs Los Angeles: Which city/metro area is more urban?: versus, suburbs - Urban Planning
  45. What happened to the boarding house?: houses, zoning - Urban Planning
  46. What is the most dense square mile in your city?: map, freeway - Urban Planning
  47. Sprawling Subdivisions of....urban homes?: Baltimore, suburban, houses, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  48. Could DC become the United States first primate city: largest, Atlanta, transportation - Urban Planning
  49. Self Driving Cars and Cities: suburban, subway, houses, issues - Urban Planning
  50. Suburban sprawl, TV, radio, and america: downtown, population, electric, environment - Urban Planning
  51. urban planners and developers - This - does not help: highway, freeway - Urban Planning
  52. Miami and Chicago linear CBD development vs. Manhattan and San Francisco island CBD development: area, property - Urban Planning
  53. No more freeways downtown!!!: highway, Boston, major, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  54. Why you love American cities: suburban, crime, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  55. DC Waterfront vs. Philadelphia Waterfront: Which has the most: landscape, equal - Urban Planning
  56. Public Transportation is for Poor People.: suburban, downtown, subway, Boston - Urban Planning
  57. US cities with Sky walks: Baltimore, planner, downtown, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  58. New Urban Tenement Buildings! Spreading Across the Country!: major, townhouse, concrete - Urban Planning
  59. Cheap and easy way to reduce/eliminate head-on collisions/fatalities: highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  60. Are you opposed to your city being built up?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  61. Highway removal within cities.......: map, suburbs, downtown, freeways - Urban Planning
  62. Is There a Future for Low-Rise High-Density Housing?: suburban, transportation, architect - Urban Planning
  63. New article by Kotkin: the triumph of suburbia....: metro, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  64. Transformation of American Cities: metro, Baltimore, suburbs, downtown - Urban Planning
  65. The Magic of Streetcars, the Logic of Buses: highway, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  66. What is the cost per area per height for skyscrapers?: architect, compared - Urban Planning
  67. What does Urban mean? (An at an explanation): metro, versus - Urban Planning
  68. DECK THIS! A West Loop master plan calls for a park on top of Chicago's Kennedy Expressway.: downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  69. What do you think cities need to do to survive?: suburbs, market - Urban Planning
  70. Are densely populated cities a outdated model in a service based economy?: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  71. The real problem with public transit is that a large % of people don't want to sit next to blacks people.: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  72. Article: Young people don't like cars: The story behind a manufactured crisis: Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  73. Downtown malls, downtown shopping, why and how it works?: largest, suburban, market - Urban Planning
  74. Is this a good time for cities?: suburbs, Atlanta, architect - Urban Planning
  75. How big does a city have to be before it becomes big ?: metro, population - Urban Planning
  76. New City or Old City: downtown, houses, issues, major - Urban Planning
  77. Will the suburbs ever evolve?: suburban, planner, Atlanta, market - Urban Planning
  78. Outgrowing the love for city life: largest, versus, suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  79. Was the modern ideal of urbanity spurred by college towns?: crime, schools - Urban Planning
  80. Studies on SES and Academic Achievement: suburbs, schools, park, class - Urban Planning
  81. What to do about too much saturation of retail in the market?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  82. Does thinning out ever have a place in modern urban planning?: Baltimore, suburb
  83. What happens when you remove all the traffic lights and signs from a busy intersection?: widest, market - Urban Planning
  84. What sunbelt city has the best pre-wwII urban design?: metro, highway, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  85. How to fix American cities in a 100 years or less: suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  86. What kind of lifestyle do you think tends to be the most lonely?: suburban, subway - Urban Planning
  87. More important for urban feel - structural density or height?: downtown, population - Urban Planning
  88. Tall Buildings under construction in your city?: metro, downtown, architect - Urban Planning
  89. Careers for urbanist?: versus, planner, market, architect - Urban Planning
  90. Cities whose urbanity is usually under-estimated: metro, Baltimore, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  91. Small cities compared to mid-sized cities....: metro, largest, versus, suburb - Urban Planning
  92. Greater Philadelphia transit vs. Chicagoland transit: (Rail Only): map, subway, regional - Urban Planning
  93. 3,070,351 deaths in the US from car crashes in the 20th century, will there be more or less in the 21st?: suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  94. Is there such thing as too many street trees?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  95. Favorite songs about city life: suburban, construction, build, New York - Urban Planning
  96. Thousands Sign Up for New York City Bike Share in First Hours of Registration: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  97. Safe Cities: metro, Baltimore, suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  98. Ring around the collar ...: Baltimore, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  99. Do suburbs have own life style and culture like the city ,town or country?: suburban, schools - Urban Planning
  100. Interesting NYT article on to rescue Detroit: suburb, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  101. Traffic calming: Baltimore, transportation, solutions, park - Urban Planning
  102. What American city is most like Dubai?: metro, suburb, Detroit - Urban Planning
  103. Education and urban (dis)investment: versus, suburban, planner, schools - Urban Planning
  104. Repurposed industrial buildings and areas: largest, Baltimore, schools, population - Urban Planning
  105. What's the title of your book on urban planning?: park, property, environment
  106. Most construction in city limits between Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans?: downtown, freeway - Urban Planning
  107. Only 12% of kids walk to school: suburban, schools, transportation, population - Urban Planning
  108. What do you think of shophouses?: park, development, buildings, streetcar - Urban Planning
  109. Utopian development: Detroit, community - Urban Planning
  110. Merging transit lines into loops.: map, downtown, market, subway - Urban Planning
  111. People should stop defending suburbia by pointing to streetcar suburbs: suburban, Detroit - Urban Planning
  112. PRT vs. bicycles: compared, park, streetcar, environment - Urban Planning
  113. It's So Much More Than Density: suburbs, planner, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  114. In my city, Neighborhood NIMBYs have assumed hegemony: metro, regional, transportation - Urban Planning
  115. When did highrise buildings and grid system come from?: map, suburb, downtown - Urban Planning
  116. Why do people have such a stigma of living near multistory buildings, or just seeing them from down the street?: downtown, market - Urban Planning
  117. Drivers Cover Just 51 Percent of U.S. Road Spending: metro, suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  118. If you had to give up a lawn in your area - would you still want a yard?: major, green - Urban Planning
  119. Which city has gentrified itself the most in the last 5 years?: metro, New Orleans - Urban Planning
  120. Which of would be the best Texas Triangle regional high-speed transit network?: metro, highway - Urban Planning
  121. Why American transport projects cost so much?: highway, issues, compared - Urban Planning
  122. Where would you rather be walking?: largest, suburban, highway, population - Urban Planning
  123. Urbanity test: Grocery stores with apartments above? How would you rank the top five cities with them?: versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  124. Posit: no one really needs more than 500sf/person: major, property, buildings - Urban Planning
  125. The Micro-Apartment (< 400 Sq Ft): metro, largest, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  126. Is the car a restriction or freedom?: transportation, park, problems - Urban Planning
  127. Cookie cutter. What is, what ain't?: metro, suburban, architect, houses - Urban Planning
  128. What should the quality of public transportation be?: population, environment, problems - Urban Planning
  129. What makes it a suburb?: metro, largest, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  130. Gondolas, Because Someone Always Thinks They're a Novel Idea: subway, freeway, transportation - Urban Planning
  131. What is the largest factor holding back your downtown from reaching world class vibrancy?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  132. after getting used to the no car culture, i dont think i can ever go back to a car culture: map, subway - Urban Planning
  133. Are Suburbs still the same..?: suburban, downtown, Detroit, major - Urban Planning
  134. Are malls ever built in rural areas?: suburban, highway, freeways - Urban Planning
  135. Inspiring Pictures of Meridian Mississippi (photo album): Baltimore, downtown, houses - Urban Planning
  136. Principles of Urban Design: downtown, market, Philadelphia, park - Urban Planning
  137. Mr Roadshow: BART parking: carpool, subway, freeway, transportation - Urban Planning
  138. Expanded streetview coverage: suburb, market, major, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  139. Create your own city using Google Streetview: map, metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  140. Why does the younger generation have an aversion to the automobile and car-centric cities?: suburbs, transportation - Urban Planning
  141. Are Skyscrapers Overrated?: downtown, Boston, major, compared - Urban Planning
  142. Redesigning the Front Yard: Replacing Lawns with Food, and Now Prairies: architect, zoning - Urban Planning
  143. Is it to change the very fabric of a city?: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  144. Monster cruise ships threaten Venice On Costa Concordia Anniversary: architect, issues, class - Urban Planning
  145. like nothing but sprawl in the southern cities.........: crime, Dallas, schools - Urban Planning
  146. Another Perspective of Urban: metro, largest, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  147. Cities of different sizes, regional/county sizes: metro, suburb, subway - Urban Planning
  148. Do you think you'd like to live in a modern but pre-automobile city?: suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  149. Bad sidewalk design: suburbs, major, compared, development - Urban Planning
  150. How did your mall die?: largest, downtown, equal, park - Urban Planning
  151. Project: Comparing inner-city poverty: suburbs, crime, downtown, major - Urban Planning
  152. Part 3. How would you rate this made up simulated city?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  153. What I Believe Are The Best Standards for Urban Planning in Cities/Towns.: suburbs, market
  154. Is Light Rail overrated: metro, suburban, downtown, subway - Urban Planning
  155. Favorite Railway Stations - post photos: largest, transportation, architect - Urban Planning
  156. What is the least urban view you can find of your city?: Baltimore, downtown - Urban Planning
  157. What cities came out of urban renewal least damaged?: Baltimore, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  158. How did it become so cool to be minimal footprint and sustainable?: class, environment - Urban Planning
  159. Living without a Car : Is it ... in NC/SC: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  160. SimCity 2013: map, largest, suburban, schools - Urban Planning
  161. Cash drains hitting the USA... Car-dependency,: metro, suburbs, market - Urban Planning
  162. You can learn a lot about urban development in 20th century by going to university: largest, crime - Urban Planning
  163. Why Hasn't The Segway Been Embraced by New Urbanists?: market, transportation, solutions - Urban Planning
  164. Will the urban trend weather demographics?: largest, suburban, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  165. Urban Agrarianism : Are Americans ready for it?: suburbs, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  166. Is Free parking really Free? Who pays for it?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  167. Opinions on the Aesthetics of Urban/Suburban Development ( cookie cutter, big box nonsense): versus, downtown - Urban Planning
  168. Does building low income housing in very low density development (house with land) help to reduce for crime?: suburban, population - Urban Planning
  169. Photo Urban Footprints: metro, Dallas, population, Houston - Urban Planning
  170. Have you witnessed racial abuse when using public transport?: metro, subway, transportation - Urban Planning
  171. Is raising kids in the city better?: suburban, market, schools - Urban Planning
  172. How important is historical architecture/built fabric in a city to you?: suburban, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  173. Should SUBURBAN TOWNS require tree save and landscaping in developments?: metro, versus - Urban Planning
  174. Is crime the only reason we separate ourselves by class? no.: Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  175. HOT Lanes and Congestion Pricing: Atlanta, carpool, freeways, issues - Urban Planning
  176. The Real Cost of Owning a car per household? $8,000+ per annum: highway, carpool - Urban Planning
  177. Which is more beneficial to a city, a commercial seaport or a Naval facility?: metro, versus - Urban Planning
  178. I've never understood why gentrification is so vehemently opposed: crime, market - Urban Planning
  179. Why urbanites (generally favor new development and suburbanites (generally) oppose it: freeway, population - Urban Planning
  180. Developing a thousand acre wooded site, what is the best option?: largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  181. Non-consumer based development: versus, market, schools, issues - Urban Planning
  182. Better pet for urban living - cat or dog?: population, park, environment - Urban Planning
  183. Paris on the Anacostia River in D.C.?: freeways, architect, Boston - Urban Planning
  184. Should suburban cities encourage development of apartments and townhouses?: planner, market, architect - Urban Planning
  185. Definitive on bus vs car fuel efficiency: highway, downtown, schools - Urban Planning
  186. what's the best looking city in north america?: downtown, architect, Boston - Urban Planning
  187. What is the difference between downtown, midtown, and uptown?: Baltimore, suburban, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  188. Cities with little or zero suburban area?: Boston, houses, buildings - Urban Planning
  189. how to make big cities more affordable?: metro, suburbs, crime - Urban Planning
  190. What relatively large metro area has the highest percentage of single family detached homes with yards?: Atlanta, houses - Urban Planning
  191. Which is more urban: Detroit or New Orleans?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  192. Would you pay higher fees to save open land in your community from development?: suburban, park - Urban Planning
  193. In 100 years from now will most American Cities be a sea of high rise apartments?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  194. Land Use Law vs Urban Planning (Career options and more): market, schools
  195. I love SimCity: build - Urban Planning
  196. read Tom Martinson's American Dreamscape ? - Urban Planning
  197. Walkable City discussed on TV - Urban Planning
  198. Design with the other 90% Cities: projects, development, Portland, rural - Urban Planning
  199. Two interesting articles from the BBC: projects, build - Urban Planning
  200. A Criticism of the Value Proposition of Smart Growth: development, green - Urban Planning