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  44. failure in history as massive as post-war auto dependent suburbs?: crime, Detroit - Urban Planning
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  46. I heard people living in rural areas is being decreased....: suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  47. Show Your Personally Most Ideal and Least Ideal Neighborhood (by Google Streetview streetscape): suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  48. How far away are you from the nearest train station and how does it affect your usage of rail transit?: suburb, highway - Urban Planning
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  61. Has white flight ended? Will it ever end? Is the rise in middle class of Blacks, Asian and Latino-Americans rising?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
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  64. Ahhh, another reason why I won't be supporting mass transit: subway, money - Urban Planning
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  66. Surprisingly urban communities....: metro, largest, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  67. Why more light rail than streetcar development in American cities??: compared, area - Urban Planning
  68. suburbs are now the new ghettos: metro, suburban, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  69. repurposing back yards: suburban, equal, area, townhouse - Urban Planning
  70. What's your city's Penn Station: largest, Baltimore, suburban, market - Urban Planning
  71. Top 10 cities in the world: 5 in Australia/NZ, 3 in Canada, 0 in U.S.: crime, schools - Urban Planning
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  74. Lets buy out big lot home owners and replace it with high density: metro, largest - Urban Planning
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  78. Are You a Car-Dependent Resource Hog?: map, largest, versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  79. What is so bad about small town America?: metro, largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  80. Will the proliferation of quiet electric vehicles with no local exhaust be a boon for city centers?: highway, market - Urban Planning
  81. What do you think about the repurposing of the largest, arguably unused urban lands, The Cemeterie's: metro, major - Urban Planning
  82. Are states more desirable than others? Why?: schools, population, issues - Urban Planning
  83. London to offer 24 hour Tube service: largest, subway - Urban Planning
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  88. Why not use the jitney system?: transportation, issues, park, ridership - Urban Planning
  89. Sustainable urban planning projects in Europe: largest, crime, regional, architect
  90. Urban Light: suburban, schools, houses, major - Urban Planning
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  92. Multi-nodal, polycentric, decentralised cities: good examples and pros and cons?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
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  94. Landsat 20-year Timelapse: metro, Dallas, freeway, schools - Urban Planning
  95. What area should your city annex?: metro, Atlanta, schools, park - Urban Planning
  96. Do European cities have huge income disparities like major US ones?: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  97. Design your city's future: metro, suburbs, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  98. Social stratification of nations and american cities...: crime, market, schools - Urban Planning
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  100. Is urban planning needed?: suburban, crime, highway, planner
  101. Streetcars vs. Light Rail vs. Buses: subway, transportation, Boston, development - Urban Planning
  102. Urban vs. Suburban....The TV Show!: versus, houses, projects, park - Urban Planning
  103. Northeast Corridor Photos The Epitome of American Rail Transit: Baltimore, transportation - Urban Planning
  104. Are high density neighborhoods safer than they're perceived to be?: metro, versus - Urban Planning
  105. Are the differences between housing prices across metros really just due to supply and demand?: downtown, market - Urban Planning
  106. Growing/Transforming cities: metro, suburban, market, Boston - Urban Planning
  107. Chicago-Miluwakee Double Stack Cantanery Electrification: metro, downtown, transportation, railroad - Urban Planning
  108. Most underrated urban city in your State.: largest, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
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  110. How does Your favourite train Horn sound ?: railway, class, Ohio - Urban Planning
  111. Where is the biggest job growth? What's creating it?: metro, suburbs, market - Urban Planning
  112. Crosswalk signal waiting times: downtown, Boston, green - Urban Planning
  113. Future German mega city?: metro, largest, suburbs, transportation - Urban Planning
  114. How public transportation can reduce congestion: highway, market, Detroit, interchange - Urban Planning
  115. It's Baseball Season! (AL): Baltimore, downtown, Detroit, Boston - Urban Planning
  116. Describe your perfect city: suburbs, highway, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  117. How is Los Angeles so suburbanized and so dense?: map, metro - Urban Planning
  118. What will happen to all the empty retail space?: suburbs, market, Walmart - Urban Planning
  119. Transforming Public Housing, Minus the Wrecking Ball (NYCHA): crime, market, architect - Urban Planning
  120. I think inner city schools aren't as bad as they used to be....: suburban, planner - Urban Planning
  121. If you had it your way, would you still live in the city?: suburbs, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  122. What are the most urban places on earth?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  123. The End of Car Culture: metro, suburban, crime, freeways - Urban Planning
  124. World’s Largest Underwater Hotel is set to Build Soon in Dubai: buildings, money - Urban Planning
  125. D.C. Area's National Harbor vs. Atlanta's Atlantic Station: downtown, compared, park - Urban Planning
  126. Manila - population density - doesn't seem: metro, largest, downtown - Urban Planning
  127. Kansas Bleeds the Middle Class: suburban, crime, issues, major - Urban Planning
  128. Being an Urban Planner: market, schools, architect, major - Urban Planning
  129. A Small Number of People Are Causing a Huge Share of Our Greenhouse Emissions: metro, versus - Urban Planning
  130. World's biggest mall is a ghost town: largest, highway, freeway - Urban Planning
  131. Driverless Cars Could Reshape Cities: downtown, Dallas, market, park - Urban Planning
  132. The scourge of people exercising in parks must end!!!!: metro, class, area - Urban Planning
  133. Can BRT support and promote urban development in small cities under 100,000 people?: map, metro - Urban Planning
  134. Anti-Gentrification Protests in Vancouver's Troubled Eastside: downtown, major, area, property - Urban Planning
  135. Will we see a lot more suburb to suburb rail lines being built in the future?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  136. Excellent article on why mandated parking spaces is bad public policy: market, architect - Urban Planning
  137. Large vs. small suburb amenites....: metro, suburban, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  138. The Latest Urban Development Trend: Less Elbow Room: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  139. review this letter to the editor: largest, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  140. Amsterdam has a parking problem...: suburbs, downtown, subway, transportation - Urban Planning
  141. why are people so terrified of public transit and biking: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  142. Downtown Ballparks: Good Idea or Waste of Space?: Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
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  144. Largest metro without a modern roundabout: map, transportation, New York - Urban Planning
  145. The worst parking crater in America contest.: versus, downtown, houses - Urban Planning
  146. The future of the American city (financial times article): metro, largest, versus - Urban Planning
  147. How much of a suburban growing city should be open space?: population, houses - Urban Planning
  148. Are villages, small cities/boroughs outside of bigger, central cities the best of all worlds?: metro, suburb - Urban Planning
  149. First, Second, and Third World Cities (in America): Detroit, Boston, population - Urban Planning
  150. What is your impression of Times Square?: downtown, buildings, build - Urban Planning
  151. Which rust belt city has done the best job recovering from deindustrialization?: map, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  152. Are Global Cities Really Doomed to Become 'Citadels' for the Rich?: metro, market - Urban Planning
  153. Very strange - I was surprised to find unpaved sidewalks in Tokyo: population, major - Urban Planning
  154. New Church Buildings: Baltimore, suburban, park, area - Urban Planning
  155. Used to be a Pizza Hut: suburban, Dallas, architect, landscape - Urban Planning
  156. Commuter Aerial Tramways in the U.S. Thoughts?: metro, suburb, subway - Urban Planning
  157. What is living in a city actually like?: metro, crime, transportation - Urban Planning
  158. Streetscapes with interesting urban design (using Streetview): suburban, market, architect - Urban Planning
  159. Privatization of Amtrak??: railroad, major, Philadelphia, rural - Urban Planning
  160. Would you do away with zoning in your city?: suburb, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  161. Ending ban on interstate tolling gains ground: suburban, highway, transportation - Urban Planning
  162. A street grid is overrated.: metro, suburban, Boston, houses - Urban Planning
  163. How to Talk to Conservatives About Cities: highway, market, schools - Urban Planning
  164. Unsettling link between low density sprawl and suicide: suburban, population, equal - Urban Planning
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  166. Home Owners Association Questions: suburban, houses, park, development - Urban Planning
  167. Urban Planning Knowledge: suburb, development, community, build
  168. Acceptance of ideology Density is good required: metro, versus - Urban Planning
  169. Why doesn't the US have a sprawl line/urban boundary?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  170. Before and after - transforming sprawl to walkable street: downtown, freeway, park - Urban Planning
  171. Are pedestrians looked down upon?: suburban, planner, park, area - Urban Planning
  172. MSM report on people fleeing suburbs for the city: metro, suburban, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  173. Interesting Urban-Suburban Contrasts?: downtown, subway, park, development - Urban Planning
  174. Complete Streets - It's about changing this. . .into this: suburbs, downtown, freeway - Urban Planning
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  176. As cities redevelop, where should mixed-income housing be placed?: map, suburb, crime - Urban Planning
  177. What can make New York rent prices lower?: downtown, market, subway - Urban Planning
  178. America Has a Stadium Problem: transportation, projects, park, development - Urban Planning
  179. Vacuum tube travel: NY to LA in 45 minutes: subway, freeway, transportation - Urban Planning
  180. Our Next Dystopia Is the Suburbs: metro, suburban, Detroit, schools - Urban Planning
  181. Are double decker buses in cities efficient?: transportation, architect, New Orleans - Urban Planning
  182. Post Recession Metro area growth and building trends: suburban, highway, schools - Urban Planning
  183. Why are boutique stores beating the downtown department stores?: suburban, market, regional - Urban Planning
  184. The problem with Park and Rides: suburban, crime, highway, population - Urban Planning
  185. What are the best urbanist/new urbanist websites and blogs you like?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  186. Bay Area's Controversial Growth Plan Approved: map, suburbs, downtown, regional - Urban Planning
  187. The fantasy of driving vs. the reality: highway, subway, Walmart - Urban Planning
  188. Will our cities be more beautiful in the coming years? (American cities): suburbs, class - Urban Planning
  189. sprawl destroys social mobility, leads to poverty, anf stops economic growth. Only smart growth can remedy this: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  190. Why cities are hot and suburbs are not: suburban, Detroit, schools - Urban Planning
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  196. Oops - ah hell - Urban Planning
  197. Florida's Pinellas County: Growth Gone Wild - Urban Planning
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  200. Social Impact Assessment - Urban Planning