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  1. City grids plotted: European, Portland - Urban Planning
  2. Great Places according to.......: planner, community - Urban Planning
  3. Derailed Trains: metro, suburbs, subway, major - Urban Planning
  4. What are the consequences of gradual vs. fast urbanization (especially rural-urban transition) throughout the world?: equal, development - Urban Planning
  5. BWI Vs. Gatwick: Baltimore, park, green, rural - Urban Planning
  6. Small lifestyle centers now are opening up in smaller markets...: metro, highway - Urban Planning
  7. San Francisco when it was designed for people, not cars.: versus, market - Urban Planning
  8. Aloha crosswalks aren't safe? *SMH*: issues, Hawaii - Urban Planning
  9. Need On Urban Planning Career: Atlanta, regional, schools, architect
  10. Feasibility/Legality of interjurisdictional planning and implementation: suburban, regional, projects - Urban Planning
  11. 1 Mayor and 25 changes that have transformed a city.: market, landscape, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  12. How do I find demographics on cities in the past?: population - Urban Planning
  13. planning love: planner, architect - Urban Planning
  14. Fighting foreclosures with eminent domain: crime, development, area, community - Urban Planning
  15. In Mexico: new park, huge QOL BEN: crime, area, parks - Urban Planning
  16. Theoretical planned city/town project: Detroit, regional, transportation, projects - Urban Planning
  17. Recommend free GIS software: system - Urban Planning
  18. Interesting new developments in your community: downtown, market, major, projects - Urban Planning
  19. What do you think of this article? The Unique Genius of Hong Kong's Public Transportation System: metro, subway - Urban Planning
  20. Why is the Ontario side of Lake Erie so sparsely populated?: metro, market - Urban Planning
  21. Do urban planners in the USA usually get influenced or take ideas from other countries' cities urban planning.: downtown, architect
  22. Property Survey: map, difference, Georgia - Urban Planning
  23. Old Gas Lines Problems: suburban, planner, area, property - Urban Planning
  24. Transportation Demand Management (Stanford Style): suburban, highway, downtown, carpool - Urban Planning
  25. Pembroke, Virginia Beach - a downtown from scratch: map, metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  26. Bangalore's insane location of the new airport: metro, community, build - Urban Planning
  27. USA vs, Canada, England, France, and Australia cities: largest, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  28. Are there examples of cities where public transit was once unpopular but become really popular?: metro, crime - Urban Planning
  29. Book Suggestions? - Urban Planning
  30. Diversification in cities economies (reasons why cities wait until the Midnight hour): highway, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  31. Turning urban prairies into parkspace/greenspace - Urban Planning
  32. Album covers of Urban Settings plopped into Streetview: subway, transportation, class - Urban Planning
  33. 200 years of urban expansion: map, metro, suburbs, Dallas - Urban Planning
  34. TOSO - Transit Oriented Soap Opera - Urban Planning
  35. The new Google Car and the near-term impact on cities...: versus, suburbs - Urban Planning
  36. SF to study removing part of I-280: suburban, downtown, subway - Urban Planning
  37. Active transport in your town: suburban, downtown, freeways, schools - Urban Planning
  38. How dense was the neighborhood you grew up in? Proximity to downtown?: metro, suburb - Urban Planning
  39. Should I go into urban planning? Books to read?: suburban, crime, planner
  40. Advice needed on planning/urban design career.: metro, highway, planner - Urban Planning
  41. Urbanism in Mars colonization: freeways, issues, Walmart, park - Urban Planning
  42. Congratulations Portland on Zero Cycling Deaths in 2013: planner, transportation, population - Urban Planning
  43. US needs to produce more Transportation Modelers: system, cost, Texas - Urban Planning
  44. Oicopolis: schools, architect, population, park - Urban Planning
  45. Is there ever a good reason to restrict subdivision of houses?: market, architect - Urban Planning
  46. General plan/zoning -- should it be this easy to change?: schools, projects - Urban Planning
  47. Malls affect on mid to large sized city's downtown: suburban, population, houses - Urban Planning
  48. Is this the main ingredient in order for cities to grow?: cost, Florida - Urban Planning
  49. Planning Movies/Documentaries?: New York - Urban Planning
  50. unlicensed architect (unlicensed designer): construction, build, square, California - Urban Planning
  51. Cities population: community, rural, build, money - Urban Planning
  52. Pedestrian to vehicle ratios: map, downtown, transportation, Boston - Urban Planning
  53. Kolkata Enacts Limited Ban on Cycling: park, problems - Urban Planning
  54. Areas with strictest amplified music ordinance/enforcement: suburban, area, system - Urban Planning
  55. The suburbs of the future?: suburban, highway, market, transportation - Urban Planning
  56. north/south? east/west? what is the geographic socioeconomic divide in your city?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  57. Medellin's transformation (and the World Urban Forum): metro, crime, planner - Urban Planning
  58. NJ Turnpike VS. Tri-State tollway (I 294).: highway, regional, transportation, population - Urban Planning
  59. Cool map shows how American big cities sprawl differently: metro, Dallas, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  60. What would the loss of Sear's and/or JcPenney's mean for malls?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  61. Why did the Canadian cities in the region of the Rust Belt never suffer the same fate? Is part of Canada rust belt?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  62. Thinking and buying local: downtown, market, regional, define - Urban Planning
  63. urbanophiles want to halt ridiculous proposals to make cites too costly / dense...: downtown, architect - Urban Planning
  64. gentrification taking the fun out of big cities: Baltimore, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  65. People who shouldn't be riding mass transit --- but do: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  66. How to convert sprawl to urbanity?: suburban, highway, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  67. Are there two different types of gentrification?: Baltimore, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  68. Why are modern buildings bigger?: versus, architect, houses, equal - Urban Planning
  69. What are your city's metro, urban, and city populations?: largest, suburban, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  70. Is Newer Housing Disposable: Pittsburgh, houses, compared, development - Urban Planning
  71. Public Transport-Private or Public sector?: downtown, subway, transportation, population - Urban Planning
  72. Your City's Iron Curtain: map, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  73. Town Squares: suburban, planner, downtown, park - Urban Planning
  74. Farming will replace parking on the Mall: landscape, major, class - Urban Planning
  75. Rail transit projects on the backs of poor bus riders: Is this how progressives usually see it?: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  76. Do American public transit systems earn a net profit? Could do so (in the near future)?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  77. Is public transit less in the US South due to later urbanization compared to the Northeast/West coast? Or other reasons?: highway, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  78. Why people do use transit: suburbs, downtown, market, subway - Urban Planning
  79. Should we start discouraging rural living?: metro, suburban, crime, planner - Urban Planning
  80. Study: Older, smaller buildings better for cities (news article): planner, regional, architect - Urban Planning
  81. Why are Canadian cities more walkable than American cities?: metro, versus, suburbs - Urban Planning
  82. How long can urban sprawl continue? How will it continue?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  83. What is a Corporate suburb?: highway, downtown, regional, interchange - Urban Planning
  84. What are downtowns missing?: crime, schools, Pittsburgh, New Orleans - Urban Planning
  85. Walking and biking to school: suburb, schools, transportation, issues - Urban Planning
  86. Metro Commuting Patterns (Animated): map, downtown, subway, regional - Urban Planning
  87. Bad design: widest, transportation, sidewalk, Minnesota - Urban Planning
  88. Congestion pricing in Washington D.C.?: downtown, transportation, compared, park - Urban Planning
  89. Would this be illegal, harmless, or both?: park - Urban Planning
  90. Are young women more likely to be urban pioneers than young men?: Baltimore, suburbs - Urban Planning
  91. Commuting Kills: metro, largest, versus, suburbs - Urban Planning
  92. Driving and obesity: versus, population, equal, problems - Urban Planning
  93. The Racist Housing Policy That Made Your Neighborhood: suburban, downtown, Boston - Urban Planning
  94. Sprawl without pollution: suburban, planner, market, Detroit - Urban Planning
  95. Why did we kill our Main Streets?: map, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  96. What will the next 20 years in housing look like?: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  97. Garden City, NY 11530: More Urban than Suburban?: transportation, population, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  98. Should we have subsidized senior housing in high cost cities?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  99. D.C. area No. 1 on ranking of walkable real estate projects: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  100. Does upzoning tend to raise or lower housing prices?: metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  101. Ne airport's can it handle the capacity ?: Baltimore, highway, regional - Urban Planning
  102. Will smaller cities and towns become the wave of the future?: versus, suburb - Urban Planning
  103. What makes a place or space walkable?: transportation, Boston, houses - Urban Planning
  104. Why are sleeper train services obsolete in the US: highway, Atlanta, transportation - Urban Planning
  105. Average generation or residency times of people in various cities/towns?: metro, population - Urban Planning
  106. Nantes Transit Riders Prefer Qualities of BRT Over Trams: versus, suburbs, issues - Urban Planning
  107. Street Planning: suburban, Atlanta, transportation, Boston - Urban Planning
  108. Trees within cities: downtown, Boston, equal, Portland - Urban Planning
  109. What happened to grassroots urbanism?: metro, suburban, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  110. Cnu 22: metro, suburban, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  111. Do you think large city annexation will eventually have a reseverse trend of secession?: suburban, schools - Urban Planning
  112. Housing affordability in your city/metro: suburban, planner, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  113. Safe Street Act of 2014 (complete streets everywhere): highway, transportation, major - Urban Planning
  114. Do You Live in a Super Zip?: metro, versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  115. The Cost of Sprawl in an easy to grasp graphic: suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  116. Show Me Cookie Cutters: Pittsburgh, houses, issues, Louisville - Urban Planning
  117. Snow and Evidence for Public Spaces: market, park, buildings, green - Urban Planning
  118. How Sprawlanta turned 2 inches of snow into a disaster: suburban, Atlanta, subway - Urban Planning
  119. A better freeway system?: metro, highway, downtown, Detroit - Urban Planning
  120. High Speed BRT: metro, suburban, planner, carpool - Urban Planning
  121. Modern roundabouts in America: transportation, major, construction, New Jersey - Urban Planning
  122. Have we been subsidizing sprawl?: metro, suburban, highway, market - Urban Planning
  123. The Open Streets Movement: downtown, architect, issues, park - Urban Planning
  124. Cutting down crime by removing parking: houses, class, area, environment - Urban Planning
  125. The Strip Mall Problem: suburbs, downtown, regional, park - Urban Planning
  126. Films with sort of urban planning theme or subject matter?: suburban, architect
  127. Roundabout pet peeves: highway, class, problems, define - Urban Planning
  128. Does climate influence whether or not cities or towns are built more car-dependent, or it is barely an influence at all?: suburb, crime - Urban Planning
  129. If you are stuck in traffic - you are the traffic.: suburbs, transportation - Urban Planning
  130. Tax land, not buildings, to help cities thrive: largest, downtown, Boston - Urban Planning
  131. Light Reading for the High Speed Rail Advocacy: highway, market, houses - Urban Planning
  132. Elevated Rail Busses/Cars?: downtown, Detroit, transportation, compared - Urban Planning
  133. Why don't suburbs have business areas within?: suburban, downtown, population - Urban Planning
  134. Is sprawl sustainable?: map, metro, population, major - Urban Planning
  135. Do you ever want cities....: suburban, development, New York - Urban Planning
  136. What's the densest neighborhood you ever lived in: suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  137. Replace gas tax with ton-mile fees: highway, transportation, issues, compared - Urban Planning
  138. Public transportion and young children: downtown, market, subway, transportation - Urban Planning
  139. Enclosed malls get a bad rap: suburban, highway, downtown, landscape - Urban Planning
  140. The health risk of micro-apartments: market, schools, area, urbanism - Urban Planning
  141. What is with this new urban trend?: metro, suburb, downtown - Urban Planning
  142. Mall photos from the 80's American shopping malls: define, cost, Massachusetts - Urban Planning
  143. Know thy neighbor: carpool - Urban Planning
  144. Value of Transit in the Bay Area: carpool, subway, population - Urban Planning
  145. The suburban grid: highway, downtown, transportation, interchange - Urban Planning
  146. Why is density and walkability taken so seriously on this forum?: suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  147. Is public transit usually associated with left-wing or more big government spending everywhere?: largest, suburbs - Urban Planning
  148. Would you support an increase in alcohol taxes to fund P.M. transit options?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  149. Will there be more options for US cities offering European levels of walking/transit friendliness in the near future?: largest, downtown - Urban Planning
  150. What does suburb mean to you?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  151. Minimum parking requirements: downtown, major, projects, area - Urban Planning
  152. Pedestrian only-streets almost always fail (in the U.S.): metro, downtown, transportation - Urban Planning
  153. How did you know you were a city, small town, or suburb person?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  154. What are the best and worst examples of Urban Planning you can share?: map, metro
  155. There are only two battles left to be fought for urbanism to triumph: highway, planner - Urban Planning
  156. How does interstate construction harm communities?: crime, highway, downtown, freeways - Urban Planning
  157. Making Transit Work in the Decentralized City: metro, Munich, suburban - Urban Planning
  158. Would you choose the city if it re-experienced flight?: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  159. Factories in Suburbs vs Factories in cities?: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  160. Spike Lee on gentrification: suburb, downtown, park, development - Urban Planning
  161. Shared Pedestrian Streets and Traffic Calming: park, sidewalks, sidewalk, residential - Urban Planning
  162. Will Families Really Live in Cities?: metro, suburban, crime, market - Urban Planning
  163. Are demographers right about the trend towards more walkable, more urban?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  164. Miami skyline making Miami DT core more dense than LA?: largest, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  165. Do you people honestly belive every suburb is the same?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  166. Did the history of ethnic/racial tensions in the US really influence urban planning as so many say?: suburban, downtown
  167. Just how important is annexation?: metro, largest, versus, suburbs - Urban Planning
  168. The Flight from California and the Northeast: Is Smart Growth part of the reason?: versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  169. Issues that drive density: metro, suburban, Atlanta, transportation - Urban Planning
  170. Worst interchange design.: highway, downtown, Philadelphia, names - Urban Planning
  171. Making cities more kid (and people) friendly: market, park, concrete - Urban Planning
  172. Transit ridership booming in the US: metro, suburban, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  173. Why People Don't Use Mass Transit: metro, suburban, downtown, subway - Urban Planning
  174. Consolidated Biking Infrastructure, Sharing, Economics and Planning: downtown, transportation, major - Urban Planning
  175. Gentrification: be part of the solution, not part of the problem: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  176. Are Highway Subsidies Exaggerated?: versus, suburban, regional, railroad - Urban Planning
  177. How is your state spending transportation money?: metro, highway, regional - Urban Planning
  178. can lifestyle centers be anchored by hotels and why haven't lifestyle centers spread outside the west?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  179. Do we have a housing shortage or an urban housing shortage?: metro, versus - Urban Planning
  180. Getting to know a city by its transpiration options: metro, downtown, subway - Urban Planning
  181. Why are capital cities not the largest city (economic powerhouse) in a state?: metro, transportation - Urban Planning
  182. Are (well-developed) Latin American cities more like US cities, or like European cities?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  183. Making sense of American Sprawl: suburban, highway, regional, schools - Urban Planning
  184. Cities where no one wants to drive: metro, subway, regional - Urban Planning
  185. why are skylines so important ?: downtown, Boston, major, projects - Urban Planning
  186. Cross Border Transit: suburbs, downtown, Detroit, regional - Urban Planning
  187. The concept of walkability and factories: Baltimore, suburbs, downtown, schools - Urban Planning
  188. 9 reasons why the USA ended up so much more car dependent than Europe: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  189. What factors determine whether the city center is the rich (European, Latin American cities) or poor part (like the US)?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  190. Why is the New York side of lake ontario so sparsely populated: largest, highway - Urban Planning
  191. The Mercados Project (urban marketplaces in South America) - Urban Planning
  192. Urban Planning system: difference
  193. Road safety planning: transportation, projects, park, development - Urban Planning
  194. Should Local Government give park land to developers to build workforce housing?: highway, development - Urban Planning
  195. Prefabs: houses - Urban Planning
  196. Rent by the Room - Student Apartment Housing: projects, zoning - Urban Planning
  197. A new three-tier turntable overpass design: park, development, difference - Urban Planning
  198. The Better Block Project (walkable urbanism for towns of all sizes): projects - Urban Planning
  199. (Insert city wants to be better planned: suburb, Atlanta, railroad - Urban Planning
  200. Does more overall growth mean more multi-family?: projects - Urban Planning