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  85. The backseat of my Subaru is where she grew up.”: highway, market - Urban Planning
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  97. Zoos, aquariums, and ice skating rinks. Money makers, tourist attractions, or just nice to have?: downtown, market - Urban Planning
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  107. cars for mostly travelling long distance: metro, downtown, market, transportation - Urban Planning
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  116. NFL and MLB stadiums - outside the city or in the center of the city?: planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  117. Article about how our lack of connection with neighbors is greatly damaging our lives and society: major, names - Urban Planning
  118. What will be the next US city to build its first rapid transit subway system?: downtown, transportation - Urban Planning
  119. Mailing addresses and municipal boundaries: suburban, Boston, Pittsburgh, major - Urban Planning
  120. How flat household fees, serve to encourage sprawl development: metro, suburban, planner - Urban Planning
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  126. A good article explaining why Senator Gillibrand was correct calling Arlington VA a soulless suburb: zoning, urbanism - Urban Planning
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  130. What cities/towns had your favorite urban planning?: downtown, Detroit, freeway
  131. Obesity, Activity Levels and Street Design: versus, suburbs, planner, issues - Urban Planning
  132. Can suburbs be cities?: metro, largest, versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  133. Widest street in the world?: transportation, development - Urban Planning
  134. Lid Parks over freeways: largest, suburbs, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  135. How small can a downtown be?: suburban, planner, regional, population - Urban Planning
  136. But gas taxes pay for the roads I drive on!: highway, market - Urban Planning
  137. Battery Trains can transform urban rail: largest, subway, regional, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  138. How much of the site in the suburbs should be open space?: suburb, market - Urban Planning
  139. Wrong Side Of The Tracks --was there ever consistent principle: metro, crime - Urban Planning
  140. Glass boxes: Baltimore, planner, downtown, architect - Urban Planning
  141. What lead to declining economy in Stockton, Los Angeles, and Detroit?: metro, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  142. Which 495 would you rather Drive on: metro, Baltimore, highway, Boston - Urban Planning
  143. Street lighting and crime rates: issues, major, buildings, environment - Urban Planning
  144. Isn't most urban planning just GROWTHism?: planner, population, issues
  145. Donut cities vs. wedge cities: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  146. Why don't cities build subways anymore?: metro, largest, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  147. What caused the transition to tract housing?: suburban, subway, population - Urban Planning
  148. Forbes/Joel Kotkin: Millennial Boomtowns: Where The Generation Is Clustering: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  149. What will happen when boomers get too old to drive?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  150. Why try to force an urban lifestyle?: metro, versus, suburban - Urban Planning
  151. Reopening of historic Denver Union Station: crime, planner, architect, houses - Urban Planning
  152. electric bikes and light rail: freeway, underground - Urban Planning
  153. Would you consider this area urban ?: map, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  154. Living on a major road/busy arterial: suburban, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  155. Will suburbs urbanize, becoming their own cities?: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  156. Why do we ignore moderate density?: suburban, highway, downtown, Boston - Urban Planning
  157. Rowhouses... problem for future of cities?: Baltimore, market, Detroit, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  158. Why are there Row houses in San Francisco but not in the rest of the Western USA?: park, buildings - Urban Planning
  159. Should mass transit rail lines charge by distance or per ride?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  160. How big is the transit gap between European and American cities?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  161. How will telecommuting change cities?: metro, suburban, downtown, schools - Urban Planning
  162. Rethinking urban development: metro, suburb, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  163. Why can't cities create low rent or tax subsidized housing for the homeless?: downtown, houses - Urban Planning
  164. Skyscrapers in suburbs?: metro, suburb, Dallas, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  165. If You Could Design & Build Your Own Town What Would It Be Like?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  166. At what population is needed to have a small diverse economy?: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  167. Dubai in the U.S.???: Detroit, zoning, area, buildings - Urban Planning
  168. I suck at SimCity 4?: park, development, residential, parks - Urban Planning
  169. Sea of Green (Trees) in American Cities but not overseas, why?: suburbs, regional - Urban Planning
  170. Gas prices will stay cheap... affect on cities?: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  171. Is there way to fix student slums?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  172. Cities or Suburbs... Which will dominate the future?: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  173. What American Dream? One-Fourth of People Now Live in High-Poverty Neighborhoods: suburbs, compared - Urban Planning
  174. How important is historic-ness to urbanity?: metro, suburbs, transportation, architect - Urban Planning
  175. Urban Ebola: subway, major, area, environment - Urban Planning
  176. why can't traffic lights all flash (non-rush-hour)?: highway, population, area - Urban Planning
  177. What happens when urban youth (ie: millenials) aren't so young anymore?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  178. Will Inner Ring Suburbs Become Next Major Cities?: metro, largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  179. Great Places: Streets: suburbs, downtown, subway, architect - Urban Planning
  180. What are the inner ring and outer ring suburbs in your metro?: suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  181. Should onsite parking be required in new apartment construction?: market, houses, development - Urban Planning
  182. Christopher Columbus Syndrome?: suburb, market, Detroit, Cleveland - Urban Planning
  183. A Hidden Major Cost of Living in an Urban Environment: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  184. College and walkability: suburban, crime, downtown, schools - Urban Planning
  185. Interesting new study on college-age migration to cities...: Baltimore, suburban, Dallas - Urban Planning
  186. Informality in US cities: market, issues, major, zoning - Urban Planning
  187. Does development create segregation?: metro, suburban, crime, schools - Urban Planning
  188. I hate “RED Lights”! Why are they so difficult to avoid?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  189. 3-foot law for pedestrians?: park, concrete, difference, California - Urban Planning
  190. Median U-Turns: An alternative to the conventional intersection: Pittsburgh, class, green - Urban Planning
  191. New Plans For Downtown Cleveland: crime, schools, Philadelphia, build - Urban Planning
  192. Why proper planning and development is important for cities: downtown - Urban Planning
  193. Is a Master's in Urban Planning Worth It?: downtown, schools
  194. City planning in africa: transportation - Urban Planning
  195. A vision for expanding DC's Union Station: Washington - Urban Planning
  196. Archives of press releases or comprehensive plans: problems - Urban Planning
  197. How do you like being an urban planner?: environment - Urban Planning
  198. Underserved Urban CBD: suburb, highway, white flight, park - Urban Planning
  199. East River Skyway Proposal (high speed gondola transportation): major, construction, system - Urban Planning
  200. Now you're in control: Atlanta, Detroit, development - Urban Planning