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  1. degree in urban planning, your thoughts!: planner, schools, issues, development
  2. Top 5 Urban Planning Books: metro, Baltimore, suburban, highway
  3. Best city to live in for Australian town palnner: metro, planner, architect - Urban Planning
  4. Urban revitilization projects.......: houses, area, green, build - Urban Planning
  5. Smart Growth or Infill?: metro, suburban, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  6. Main Street Programs.........: market, architect, projects, community - Urban Planning
  7. Urban migration and lifestyle changes of the American populous?: suburban, downtown, transportation - Urban Planning
  8. What happens when there are no more places to flee?: metro, crime - Urban Planning
  9. Pedestrian Safety: Atlanta, transportation, Boston, park - Urban Planning
  10. Which cities would you say have the most downtown traffic?: Atlanta, Boston - Urban Planning
  11. highways..: carpool, transportation, major, build - Urban Planning
  12. Light rails and inter-city public transit: subway, Boston, money, system - Urban Planning
  13. Starting Your Dream Village/Town/City: metro, planner, population, New Orleans - Urban Planning
  14. Cities with bad infrastructure?: largest, highway, Atlanta, subway - Urban Planning
  15. Gentrification..........: Baltimore, suburbs, crime, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  16. Mixed-Use Developments. Which City has 'best' mixed-use?: metro, largest, highway - Urban Planning
  17. Suburban Community that still is like the 1960s model: schools, development, class - Urban Planning
  18. Metropolitan Identity and Regionalism: suburban, transportation, population, issues - Urban Planning
  19. Cities which are wasting by not developing an area?: crime, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  20. If your major city is a congestion charge...: system - Urban Planning
  21. difference between urban cluster and urbanized area?: transportation, population, European - Urban Planning
  22. Mass Transit in the midwest?: suburbs, Detroit, Cleveland, system - Urban Planning
  23. Traffic Circles: compared, park, compare, parks - Urban Planning
  24. Class Project on New Urbanism - Assistance Needed: suburban, zoning, area - Urban Planning
  25. Yield Signs on the streets in your City: major, area, problems - Urban Planning
  26. Are we more urban than we think we are?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  27. Is it to over plan a city?: planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  28. Urban Farming: downtown, Detroit, population, Philadelphia - Urban Planning
  29. Do you think we should focus on building up public transit in SMALLER cities?: metro, population - Urban Planning
  30. Is RUSH HOUR traffic down in your hometown?: highway, Atlanta, freeways - Urban Planning
  31. most walkable and densest US city other than new york: largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  32. Pictures showing how your suburban sprawl is unique.: largest, schools, population - Urban Planning
  33. Create you own city!: metro, crime, schools, population - Urban Planning
  34. 2010 census predictions: metro, largest, Dallas, population - Urban Planning
  35. Post pictures of gentrification in your city's core: Munich, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  36. Amsterdam in America: metro, downtown, transportation, architect - Urban Planning
  37. Ramblings on Sprawl: largest, crime, downtown, schools - Urban Planning
  38. Bulldozing entire Rust Belt neighborhoods: Baltimore, Detroit, population, Pittsburgh - Urban Planning
  39. I hate sprawl with a passion.: suburbs, highway, architect, Walmart - Urban Planning
  40. Loops: metro, largest, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  41. Is there ever a point at which a city should stop growing?: suburbs, planner - Urban Planning
  42. Heavy Rail commuter trains: metro, Baltimore, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  43. Best Planned/Cohesive Sprawl: suburban, downtown, Atlanta, subway - Urban Planning
  44. New traffic congestion stats: metro, Atlanta, Detroit, freeway - Urban Planning
  45. Which cities have rail/subway transit to their main airports?: map, metro - Urban Planning
  46. Urban SPRAWL....which cities have it bad?: metro, suburban, Detroit - Urban Planning
  47. Where is everybody? (subdivisions are like ghost-towns): metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  48. Good examples of dense, vibrant cities without skyscrapers?: metro, suburban, Boston - Urban Planning
  49. TRAFFIC: Which city is the worst- per capita?: metro, largest, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  50. stagnant/declining cities vs modern day boomtowns: metro, largest, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  51. What is one thing you would like in your downtown area?: metro, Dallas - Urban Planning
  52. cities have plans for a subway system?: metro, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  53. A must read book about urban evolution: largest, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  54. Overhead vs underground power lines: houses, development, area, build - Urban Planning
  55. What is a real city ?: metro, suburban, Dallas - Urban Planning
  56. What are your thoughts about Light-rail systems in U.S. cities?: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  57. When will most big cities have mass transit and a good urban core?: largest, subway - Urban Planning
  58. Grid roads vs randomly placed roads: map, metro, downtown - Urban Planning
  59. Public Transit based Cities vs Car based Cities: metro, Baltimore, carpool - Urban Planning
  60. Top 5 Large Urban Parks in the U.S.: largest, Boston, Cleveland - Urban Planning
  61. Are Urban Cities Superior to Suburban Cities?: metro, Baltimore, downtown - Urban Planning
  62. Do you think that Urban Renewal helped or hurt your city?: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  63. Top 10 most urban cities: metro, Baltimore, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  64. Cities with Downtown/Urban master plans: Atlanta, park, development, zoning - Urban Planning
  65. Norfolk Light Rail Cars Arrive: map, largest, downtown, park - Urban Planning
  66. 100 mile plus urban expanses: metro, suburban, Atlanta, Boston - Urban Planning
  67. Virginia Beach sprawl is over: Urban development plan to turn the city into a big city metropolis: suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  68. new rail lines: metro, largest, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  69. Does White Flight still exist?: metro, suburban, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  70. New Urbanism or Historic Neighborhoods?: suburban, downtown, Atlanta, architect - Urban Planning
  71. Are there urban reasonably priced cities?: Baltimore, suburbs, downtown - Urban Planning
  72. 1 mile / 1.6 km road signs: highway, construction, European, green - Urban Planning
  73. Your city's rail system. Ridership, expansions, pictures!: metro, Dallas, subway - Urban Planning
  74. Density: suburban, downtown, Atlanta, subway - Urban Planning
  75. Mass Transit and Your City!: map, metro, subway, Boston - Urban Planning
  76. Battle of the public spaces: Plazas, Squares, Urban Parks, River Fronts, Strips.: Atlanta, market - Urban Planning
  77. SE Cities With A Grid Pattern Layout: suburbs, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  78. into Urban Studies/Sociological books?: Detroit, property, sidewalk - Urban Planning
  79. The future of our suburbs.... Part 1: metro, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  80. Are there cities in your state with commuter rail?: map, metro - Urban Planning
  81. America's Fastest Dying Cities: metro, suburbs, downtown, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  82. Which city has the strongest redevelopment plans?: largest, Atlanta, New Orleans - Urban Planning
  83. Metros with the worst traffic congestion in the US: downtown, Dallas, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  84. Suburbs and small towns. I'm not a big fan. Sticks and urban life, I love 'em!: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  85. Cities that Died. :(: map, largest, downtown, Detroit - Urban Planning
  86. Which of city types do you think is more sustainable: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  87. Subway City Questions?: map, metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  88. Cities for pedestrians: metro, downtown, freeway, Boston - Urban Planning
  89. would you consider a suburb a town?: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  90. The density issue: suburban, market, Boston, population - Urban Planning
  91. Toronto vs Chicago - [Density]: metro, downtown, subway, architect - Urban Planning
  92. What does a skyline actually do for you?: major, buildings, build - Urban Planning
  93. Why is Urban sometimes used as euphemism for Black or Black Culture?: crime, population - Urban Planning
  94. Poll: Suburban Neighborhood Preference: park, class, Houston, community - Urban Planning
  95. Can YOUR town live without cars? (video): metro, largest, suburban - Urban Planning
  96. Urban planning: metro, suburban, highway, planner
  97. Is gentrification the answer to solving the urban ghetto problem?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  98. Traffic Roundabouts: Do They Work In Your City?: metro, Boston, major - Urban Planning
  99. What's your favorite form of mass transit?: metro, suburban, subway - Urban Planning
  100. Urban Planning masters degree... where are the jobs?: metro, suburb, highway
  101. Rail in American Cities: metro, largest, suburbs, downtown - Urban Planning
  102. National map of suburban sprawl: Atlanta, population, development, area - Urban Planning
  103. Where Are Of The Quietest Big Cities In The World?: largest, population - Urban Planning
  104. Mass Transit in your city (Rail): map, metro, Baltimore, downtown - Urban Planning
  105. POLL: Is There a Discernible Correlation Between Attitude and Success of Our Cities?: largest, Baltimore - Urban Planning
  106. Are people who live in suburbs/exurbs morally inept?: suburban, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  107. A citys Skyline: largest, suburban, Dallas, freeways - Urban Planning
  108. What should the government do about all the abandoned homes?: Baltimore, market - Urban Planning
  109. The US has NO Primate City-Urban geography: metro, largest, Munich - Urban Planning
  110. Epiphany About Suburbia: metro, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  111. Suburbia Haters Unite: suburban, downtown, Dallas, architect - Urban Planning
  112. Cities with poor transit systems: metro, largest, suburb, downtown - Urban Planning
  113. Is high-density development a nationwide trend?: metro, Baltimore, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  114. Most Walkable Cities: metro, Baltimore, suburban, Dallas - Urban Planning
  115. What will U.S. Cities be like in 50 years: Atlanta, transportation, architect - Urban Planning
  116. Suburban Sprawl: versus, schools, houses, park - Urban Planning
  117. America's True Urban Cities: metro, largest, Baltimore, downtown - Urban Planning
  118. The traffic solution - roads or rails?: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  119. What's the most least urban major city?: metro, largest, population - Urban Planning
  120. Which southern cities have the best public transit systerms? Which are the worst?: suburban, Dallas - Urban Planning
  121. Most Futuristic Cities: Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, projects - Urban Planning
  122. If you could make sprawl illegal in your town....: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  123. New Suburban Decay: downtown, Dallas, market, population - Urban Planning
  124. US City With Unorganized Streets: map, downtown, Dallas, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  125. Best Urban Park in the U.S.: largest, Baltimore, downtown - Urban Planning
  126. Views on gentrification?: metro, Baltimore, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  127. What metro area do you think has the best freeways?: suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  128. All this talk about McMansions: regional, architect, names, development - Urban Planning
  129. Urban Sprawl---A Blessing or a Curse?: metro, suburban, crime, highway - Urban Planning
  130. Transit-Oriented Development and Public Transportation: metro, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  131. Which city has the best park system?: metro, largest, suburbs - Urban Planning
  132. The McMansioning of America: metro, suburban, crime, highway - Urban Planning
  133. How is your Traffic?: metro, crime, downtown, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  134. What consititutes an area NOT infested with sprawl?: suburban, Dallas, schools - Urban Planning
  135. Urban Sprawl: metro, suburban, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  136. Perfect Disney Experimental Town?: architect, houses, development, area - Urban Planning
  137. Eminent Domain?: metro, highway, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  138. What would you say is THE biggest problem facing our cities in the future?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  139. What Metro Area has the strictest ZONING?: suburbs, population, park - Urban Planning
  140. City with Best Mass transit?: metro, downtown, subway, transportation - Urban Planning
  141. Should SUBURBAN CITIES be High Density?: metro, largest, crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  142. Gentrification, for or against?: suburbs, architect, white flight, houses - Urban Planning
  143. Do cities in states in which there is only one major city seem more important than they really are?: Baltimore, Boston - Urban Planning
  144. Small City Downtowns: metro, suburbs, Detroit, population - Urban Planning
  145. 30-50 years from now Our major Cities will be like Tokyo and Hong Kong- super dense: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  146. Sprawl City: metro, largest, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  147. Which city has the best public transportation?: metro, suburbs, regional - Urban Planning
  148. Car Pool Lanes: Two Licensed occupants only?: carpool, California - Urban Planning
  149. What cities are in the process of becoming more dense with high-rises/condo's: metro, largest - Urban Planning
  150. Alright you urbanites , riddle me this: largest, suburban, schools - Urban Planning
  151. Why do people like sprawl?: metro, suburban, crime, highway - Urban Planning
  152. Are Urban Shopping Malls Now White Elephants?: largest, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  153. Where are the most DENSE downtowns/Main Streets of small to mid-size towns in the US?: metro, major - Urban Planning
  154. Are there strictly bedroom suburban communities left?: crime, downtown - Urban Planning
  155. Calling All Non-Native Suburbanites...: map, Baltimore, schools, transportation - Urban Planning
  156. What's Your Favorite Urban Street in the US: Baltimore, downtown, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  157. ok so i basically know which is best for the enviroment...: map, metro - Urban Planning
  158. Which US city is planned most like a Canadian/ European city?: metro, suburbs - Urban Planning
  159. Urban Sprawl: suburban, downtown, schools, transportation - Urban Planning
  160. Most Walkable Cities list revealed. do you agree?: metro, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  161. Which causes more pollution per capita, a dense urban center, or a sprawling suburb?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  162. A pattern I cities I visited: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  163. Which city has the biggest problem with sprawl??: metro, suburbs, downtown - Urban Planning
  164. Mass transit budgets slashed across the country: suburban, planner, Atlanta - Urban Planning
  165. planned communities: highway, market, houses, names - Urban Planning
  166. Are Downtowns in the U.S. in trouble?: suburb, market, Detroit - Urban Planning
  167. Pods Are Taking Over: downtown, population, houses, park - Urban Planning
  168. What is the SLOWEST commuter rail service you would ride?: metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  169. The Street Level Is An Obvious Problem For Most Cities….: suburbs, highway - Urban Planning
  170. How would you rather live? urban/suburban: crime, schools, houses - Urban Planning
  171. Seriously, what's wrong with living in the suburbs??: metro, suburban, freeways - Urban Planning
  172. how can you live in an urban city and be in a rural or suburban neighborhood?: downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  173. Growing Up In Highly Walkable and Non-Walkable Cities.....: metro, suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  174. Which of cities have the best Public Transit: metro, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  175. Least Amount of Traffic: Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, freeways - Urban Planning
  176. Cities with the Biggest Freeways/ Most Freeway Lanes: largest, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  177. A we getting closer to true mass transit?: metro, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  178. New Urbanism: metro, largest, suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  179. What major cities or major states seem to be lacking in the Going Green phenomenon?: suburban, highway - Urban Planning
  180. History of cookie-cutter homes and what to do about them?: Baltimore, suburb - Urban Planning
  181. Poll: Suburbs - the BEST of both worlds (urban and rural) or the WORST?: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  182. mass transit: map, metro, suburb, highway - Urban Planning
  183. Best cities for urban pioneers--what are they?: largest, suburban, downtown - Urban Planning
  184. The end of the countless suburbs across America?: metro, Baltimore, suburban - Urban Planning
  185. Downtown Developments?: largest, subway, transportation, major - Urban Planning
  186. Public Housing in Urban Areas: crime, market, population, projects - Urban Planning
  187. Most Modern City?: Dallas, Atlanta, transportation, architect - Urban Planning
  188. Congress Budget for Mass Transit: metro, suburbs, downtown, Dallas - Urban Planning
  189. Major Cities with dead downtowns: largest, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit - Urban Planning
  190. Skylines- not a good way to rate a city: suburban, planner, downtown - Urban Planning
  191. Most urban suburb?: metro, suburban, downtown, houses - Urban Planning
  192. Why haven't we totally embraced this?: suburb, highway, downtown, market - Urban Planning
  193. Are you using mass transit now? Would you?: map, metro, suburban - Urban Planning
  194. Spare me about talking down on McMansions and the burbs and making me feel guilty in general: suburban, crime - Urban Planning
  195. For everyone who thinks light rail is economical: suburbs, highway, downtown - Urban Planning
  196. most hardcore urban city: Baltimore, crime, Detroit, New Orleans - Urban Planning
  197. Go Rail - Go Electric: metro, subway, transportation, Boston - Urban Planning
  198. What cities are appointing sustainability managers, depts? - Urban Planning
  199. Urban Planning and Regional Development?: difference
  200. Gentrification in America - Urban Planning