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  58. Bump in my mouth on the right side of the cheek: tooth, hurt - Dental Health
  59. felt like my dentist was unethical when he rushed this osseus surgery on the right side, knowing my left side was pained: tooth, gums - Dental Health
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  128. extract tooth 14 or similar?: teeth, implant, pain, molar - Dental Health
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  132. Fosamax: teeth, gums, implants, dentist - Dental Health
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  137. Need Help with bad breath.: teeth, mouthwash, hurt, dentist - Dental Health
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  141. How long does your toothbrush last?: teeth, mouthwash, dentist, floss - Dental Health
  142. Do you use an electric toothbrush, an electric floss (air or water), neither or both?: teeth, gums - Dental Health
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  149. Does one tip the technician who whitens teeth: whitening - Dental Health
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  151. Do 6 month braces actually work? - Dental Health
  152. 1.46-inch tooth pulled by dentist declared world's longest by Guinness: pain, mouth - Dental Health
  153. White composite/resin fillings containing BPA can cause anxiety: filling - Dental Health
  154. Cannot figure out tooth issue on filled teeth.: hurts, molars, dentist - Dental Health
  155. gET A cleaning once a year: tooth, pulled, gums, implants - Dental Health
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