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  113. child fun: waterpark, gym, beaches - Ottawa-Gatineau
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  135. The National Memorial to Victims of Communism: military, cities - Ottawa-Gatineau
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  166. Is University of Ottawa Intolerance for Free Speech indicative of a Problem in Canada as a Whole?: moving, permit - Ottawa-Gatineau
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  171. Information Required: renting, legal, agricultural - Ottawa-Gatineau
  172. Looking to make new couple friends (nothing Kinky): movies, live - Ottawa-Gatineau
  173. Porsche Boxster: area, dealer, good - Ottawa-Gatineau
  174. Video Game Design and Gymnastics Classes: places, year round, girls - Ottawa-Gatineau
  175. Do you know farms near Kanata?: blueberry - Ottawa-Gatineau
  176. Success with OTA TV (over the air)?: near, rural - Ottawa-Gatineau
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  187. Earthquake video - Ottawa-Gatineau
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  194. Tu Hai k478 web frontend Oscars 2015 - Ottawa-Gatineau
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