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  30. Crime about Ballenger Creek Area. Or knows safe town?: Frederick: school, living - Maryland (MD)
  31. Boxwood Lodge - Urbana: Frederick: credit, house, purchasing - Maryland (MD)
  32. hotels in the Frederick area: budget, visit, mountains - Maryland (MD)
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  47. got job offered in FORT DETRICK MD. which town is cheap n safe to live in??: Frederick: apartments - Maryland
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  60. Wellington Trace: Frederick: HOA, condos, townhouse - Maryland (MD)
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  63. Lawn service referral needed....Middletown/Frederick: area, business, complaints - Maryland (MD)
  64. looking for 'THE' spot: good PreK, bike / hike trails, safe, community: Baltimore: sales, to rent - Frederick, Maryland (MD)
  65. Washington County/ Frederick County: Hagerstown: HOA, house, neighborhoods - Maryland (MD)
  66. Frederick Water Gardens: pictures, fish, event - Maryland (MD)
  67. oil furnance to electric?: heat pump, contractors, cost - Frederick, Maryland (MD)
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  79. Downtown Frederick for married professional couple w/ no kids?: Baltimore: 2015, condos - Maryland (MD)
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  81. Is Middletown a nice place to raise a family?: Bethesda: low crime, house - Frederick, Maryland (MD)
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  83. Ravens, Steelers, or Redskins?: Baltimore, Frederick: fit in, transplants, 2014 - Maryland (MD)
  84. Is it totally crazy: job in College Park, live in Frederick?: Columbia: renting, how much - Maryland (MD)
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  88. Downtown Frederick, MD: Westminster, Ballenger Creek, Thurmont: transplants, for sale, apartment complexes - Maryland
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  90. Tell me about Frederick; is it realistic?: condo, townhouses - Maryland (MD)
  91. Moving to Urbana/Mt. Airy - where to look?: Frederick: fit in, transplants - Maryland (MD)
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  96. Ballenger Creek, FREDERICK MD: house, to buy, safe - Maryland
  97. New construction in Frederick: sale, tenants, closing - Maryland (MD)
  98. w/ Dr Martinez in Rockville? Pinguegula / Pterygium Surgery?: move, how long - Frederick, Maryland (MD)
  99. help ... apartment shopping tomorrow 😳: military, law, safe - Frederick, Maryland (MD)
  100. Frederick residence interested in Solar.: prices, money, business - Maryland (MD)
  101. Parents of Hood College Senior looking for long term Rental: Frederick: apartment, school - Maryland (MD)
  102. Moving To Frederick, Looking For A Room: deposit, pay - Maryland (MD)
  103. looking for house or townhouse to rent short term: Frederick: rental, credit score - Maryland (MD)
  104. HVAC Equipment Rebates: Potomac: credit, loan, heat pump - Frederick, Maryland (MD)
  105. Ryan Townhouses at Landsdale - Monrovia: schools, move, location - Frederick, Maryland (MD)
  106. Adamstown/Buckeystown?: Frederick: schools, live, activities - Maryland (MD)
  107. Concrete and rocket science: installation, money, roach - Frederick, Maryland (MD)
  108. Cafe Bueno is moving: Frederick: house, restaurant, places to eat - Maryland (MD)