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  1. Performance Tax....What is this: buying, taxi, taxes - New Jersey (NJ)
  2. Working in Newark, Move to Hunterdon Cty or Ocean Cty?: New Providence: for sale, low crime - New Jersey (NJ)
  3. living in piscataway: sale, new home, neighborhood - New Jersey (NJ)
  4. Renting a House/Condo/Townhome in NJ: Toms River, Point Pleasant: apartments, rentals - New Jersey
  5. Funky place to get clothes in Northern NJ: Montclair: store, venue - New Jersey
  6. Tailor in Hudson County: Union: travel, good, union - New Jersey (NJ)
  7. need a house inspector for bergen county pronto!: River Vale: real estate, mortgage - New Jersey (NJ)
  8. HVAC installer for 2-zone installation with duct work needed: fit in, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  9. Youth Baseball in Central Jersey: Flemington: counties, water, bridge - New Jersey (NJ)
  10. new construction high rise, 20% sold, mortgage?: sale, real estate, condos - New Jersey (NJ)
  11. Newark Home Inspector: Toms River, Bloomfield: home inspection, price, best - New Jersey (NJ)
  12. Lakes in the Pennington Area: Hopewell: club, swimming, canal - New Jersey (NJ)
  13. Have NJ cities or towns started laying off Teachers?: layoffs, school - New Jersey
  14. Recommended buyer's agent - Jersey City?: Hoboken: home, buying, price - New Jersey (NJ)
  15. Want to find a lap swimming pool near Princeton Unveristy: YMCA, high school - New Jersey (NJ)
  16. Food for heart in Wayne?: live, restaurant, dinner - New Jersey (NJ)
  17. Most environmentally conscious towns in NJ?: Summit, Highlands: rooftop, installation, mayor - New Jersey
  18. Overnight parking in Morristown area: Newark, Washington: hotel, taxi, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  19. commuting from hoboken to piscataway: Newark, Washington: school, living in, commuting to - New Jersey (NJ)
  20. How can Chris Christie win going against Corzine's billions?: calculated, camp - New Jersey (NJ)
  21. Kinnelon NYC Bus Parking: Wayne: movie theater, shopping center, train - New Jersey (NJ)
  22. Where can I find cheap or moderate price furniture in Jersey City, NJ or surrounding area?: Elizabeth: apartment - New Jersey
  23. NYC Dept of Education Teachers living in NJ..: credit, income - New Jersey
  24. Help finding an affordable place for me and my dogs near Newark: Bayonne: apartment - New Jersey (NJ)
  25. Most livable near Elizabeth: Union, Orange: good schools, budget, rated - New Jersey (NJ)
  26. Lockin Mortgage rate before Inspection?: broker, refund, deal - New Jersey (NJ)
  27. Regrading and keeping water away from basement: Princeton: house, contractor - New Jersey (NJ)
  28. Aberdeen Tax bill: job outlook, taxes, estimated - New Jersey (NJ)
  29. Need a licensed electrician - North NJ: house, prices - New Jersey
  30. Trenton Transit Center parking: train, car, Amtrak - New Jersey (NJ)
  31. Living in NJ from Craigslist: house, massages, rain - New Jersey
  32. Street Fight: Booker Vs. James Documentary: Newark: live, bill, office - New Jersey (NJ)
  33. Is there a state tax that needs to be paid if moving to another state?: sale - New Jersey (NJ)
  34. NJ Highlands Act/Wetlands ?'s: buying a house, buying, exemptions - New Jersey
  35. come down with swine flu: Long Valley: schools, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  36. Edison Layoffs... NJ=DOOMED part 5: Union, Iselin: houses, budget, companies - New Jersey
  37. Buying car from a relative -- how to minimize sales tax?: insurance, transfer - New Jersey (NJ)
  38. Renting in Downtown Newark: Bloomfield, Kearny: apartments, rentals, condos - New Jersey (NJ)
  39. Looking for HIP HOP/R&B?Live music/lounge near the Oranges: Montclair: professionals - New Jersey (NJ)
  40. Real Estate Prices Continued Decline is good for Everyone: sales, credit - New Jersey (NJ)
  41. Steel runner in backyard?: Waldwick: for sale, house, county - New Jersey (NJ)
  42. Planning on moving to NJ on the cheapest areas to consider.: Newark: rent - New Jersey
  43. Washington Park or Haven Homes or keep looking?: Edison: houses, neighborhoods - New Jersey (NJ)
  44. shoot, could i have gotten mortgage broker in trouble?: house, deal - New Jersey (NJ)
  45. Toms River: Childhood cancer rate said on par with state: Asbury Park: statistics, park - New Jersey (NJ)
  46. Is the gap between RICH and non-rich widening?: apartment, loan - New Jersey (NJ)
  47. Do of my fellow North Jerseans suffer: county, hot - New Jersey (NJ)
  48. Jersey Devil - real or not?: Newark, Camden: live, gangs, title - New Jersey (NJ)
  49. Blinds store recommendations in Middlesex County area?: Sayreville, Woodbridge: sale, Home Depot - New Jersey (NJ)
  50. Ocean county home heating oil price's: lease, shop, move to - New Jersey (NJ)
  51. as long as inspector is ashi member, should be fine, right?: home, home inspectors - New Jersey (NJ)
  52. Problem with neighbors.: apartment, lease, living - New Jersey (NJ)
  53. Buying a house on S. Martine ave, Fanwood: Edison, Westfield: real estate, mortgage - New Jersey (NJ)
  54. New Car Credit!: lease, buy, disposal - New Jersey (NJ)
  55. Fireworks in Red Bank: Long Branch, Little Silver: theater, beach, train - New Jersey (NJ)
  56. Looking for the Best Computer Repair Service in Jersey: live, money - New Jersey (NJ)
  57. Just Purchased A Home In Metuchen... Calling All Metuchenites For Local Information!!!: Edison: to rent - New Jersey (NJ)
  58. Bruce Springsteen and Phish at Bonnaroo: campers, farm, quality - New Jersey (NJ)
  59. Tenant rights: Trenton: apartment, lease, eviction - New Jersey (NJ)
  60. Northern NJ apartment listings?: Lincoln Park: apartments, rentals, home - New Jersey
  61. Recommanded buyers agent in Middletown/Holmdel area: Rumson: appointed, real estate - New Jersey (NJ)
  62. bronx to nj: Fort Lee, Leonia: neighborhood, school district, live in - New Jersey (NJ)
  63. Ft Monmouth family with kids help relocation!!: Tinton Falls, Eatontown: rentals, transfer to - New Jersey (NJ)
  64. Atlantic City help.: casinos, rated, best - New Jersey (NJ)
  65. Auto inspection recommendations in central Jersey?: New Brunswick: inspector, costs, used car - New Jersey (NJ)
  66. Movers - Central Jersey: Rahway: credit, university, moving company - New Jersey (NJ)
  67. family with blind and autistic child moving to jersey city area: Morristown: home, school - New Jersey (NJ)
  68. recommend a doctor: East Brunswick, Maplewood, Florham Park: gynecologist, office, health - New Jersey (NJ)
  69. NJT Bus 163 from Ridgewood: Paramus: buying a home, buying, live - New Jersey
  70. mold in building: lease, tenants, landlord - New Jersey (NJ)
  71. Higbee Beach: money, towns, township - New Jersey (NJ)
  72. Home on Summit and Gardner Ave in Jersey City: Fairview: 2013, apartment - New Jersey (NJ)
  73. Help me decide a good trade school in Nj ...: Union: good schools, friendly - New Jersey (NJ)
  74. Live in NJ-Work in NYC: How does that work for unemployment?: taxes, office - New Jersey
  75. Real estate pricing help: for sale, brokers, how much - New Jersey (NJ)
  76. Opinions on Lakewood?: Toms River, Point Pleasant, Manahawkin: apartment complex, lease, crime - New Jersey (NJ)
  77. new townhouses in central nj?: Edison, Middlesex: rental, buying, college - New Jersey (NJ)
  78. Had the weather been particularly bad this year?: hotels, move to - New Jersey (NJ)
  79. south jersey fireworks displays this July 4th: Collingswood, Haddonfield: live, parks - New Jersey (NJ)
  80. Landlord cut cable- will only replace one outlet: lease, new house - New Jersey (NJ)
  81. Where is a quite place to sit down and have a drink with friend near Edison?: New Brunswick: to live - New Jersey (NJ)
  82. Need an OBGYN referral - North Bergen/Secaucus/Jersey City: Union City: live in, offices - New Jersey (NJ)
  83. Running A Gas Line From The Street?: Elizabeth: how much, home - New Jersey (NJ)
  84. Bathroom Vanity: cabinet, store, cabin - New Jersey (NJ)
  85. Looking for the Best Hosital and OB in Bergen County!: Hackensack: houses, live in - New Jersey (NJ)
  86. Driving range in North Jersey?: Westwood: near, local, where is - New Jersey (NJ)
  87. Public record search: sales, foreclosure, how much - New Jersey (NJ)
  88. Help! Need on best schools/best commute to NYC: to buy, best place - New Jersey (NJ)
  89. self storage places?: Summit: rentals, month to, store - New Jersey (NJ)
  90. Moving to Middletown Township: Toms River, Keansburg: chapel, house, neighborhoods - New Jersey (NJ)
  91. Mortgage - First time homebuyer: lease, loan, how much - New Jersey (NJ)
  92. Thinking of moving to Bloomfield, NJ: Newark, Montclair: neighborhood, school, university - New Jersey
  93. No A/C on ;): bill, money, trees - New Jersey (NJ)
  94. State Senator Discusses Corruption Within NJ Attorney Ethics With State Supreme Court Justice Barry Albin: attorneys - New Jersey
  95. First date in Somerville, NJ: Raritan: restaurant, pricing, pub - New Jersey
  96. Needed: Apartment, Room Or studio in Bergen: Paterson, Hackensack: apartments, for rent - New Jersey (NJ)
  97. Really funny classified: shop, foods, date - New Jersey (NJ)
  98. Modern cabin rentals -- state or county parks?: Colonia: houses, preschool - New Jersey (NJ)
  99. car insurance: legally, cars, expensive - New Jersey (NJ)
  100. have an experience living right next to a school: selling a home, purchase - New Jersey (NJ)
  101. Mover recommendation - NJ to PA: movers, how much, moving to - New Jersey
  102. Bulldoze cities?: Camden, Washington: houses, stores, garden - New Jersey (NJ)
  103. Happy Father's Day! - New Jersey (NJ)
  104. Six Flags files for Chapter 11: bankruptcy, title, business - New Jersey (NJ)
  105. Albio Sires for Lt. Governor ?: Newark, Jersey City: house, tenant, move to - New Jersey (NJ)
  106. Kindergarten in Fanwood/Westfield/Maplewood,: Orange, South Orange: daycare, YMCA, elementary school - New Jersey (NJ)
  107. Can we still change the date to submit commitment letter after attorney review?: good credit - New Jersey (NJ)
  108. Which parts of Jersey City are near toxic zones?: health, water - New Jersey (NJ)
  109. Dr recommendation... Orthopedic in Cedar Knolls: job, infant, good - New Jersey (NJ)
  110. Driving from North Bergen to Roseland, how much tolls: neighborhood, calculator - New Jersey (NJ)
  111. Recycling centers?: how much, yard, deal - New Jersey (NJ)
  112. Marriage to US citizen: living in, moving, licensed - New Jersey (NJ)
  113. Moving to Herbertsville in Brick, NJ: crime, neighborhoods, schools - New Jersey
  114. Cranford - Livingston Ave Elementary School: Millburn, Glen Ridge: appointed, homes, neighborhood - New Jersey (NJ)
  115. Central Jersey Cities??: New Brunswick, Plainfield, Somerset: to rent, condos, townhouses - New Jersey (NJ)
  116. Goldman Boy Wants to Stay In Brazil: to eat, ice cream - New Jersey (NJ)
  117. how common and how fixable is it when part of a house's foundation is unstable?: Hillsdale: city hall, homeowners insurance - New Jersey (NJ)
  118. Places In New Jersey Amendable to Young Adults?: Jersey City: condos, college (NJ)
  119. Internet, telephone line and cable. What do you have?: coupons, to rent - New Jersey (NJ)
  120. How much do you tip movers?: apartment, home, restaurants - New Jersey (NJ)
  121. Homeowner experience - Turning unfished attic into master bedroom: Bloomfield: sale, how much - New Jersey (NJ)
  122. who actually takes the train: Newark, New Brunswick: homes, transfer, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  123. Corzine: Use amnesty windfall for property tax relief: Asbury Park: mortgage, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  124. N.J. License Plates: vehicle registration, legal, transport - New Jersey (NJ)
  125. Best conservative neighborhood for young couple: East Brunswick, Atlantic City: low crime, how much, houses - New Jersey (NJ)
  126. Proguard (oil tank ins) doesn't cover oil tank removal if converting to!: insurance, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  127. BBQ in Morris county ...?: Madison, Hackettstown: train station, rated, best - New Jersey (NJ)
  128. What is going on?: how much, houses, camps - New Jersey (NJ)
  129. Black Woman Moving to Ironbound Section: Newark, Bayonne: neighborhoods, schools, living in - New Jersey (NJ)
  130. Sunday Brunch: Jersey City, Bayonne, Westwood: casino, live, restaurant - New Jersey (NJ)
  131. NJ Trooper gets away with murder !: live, law - New Jersey
  132. NJ Suburbs and State police need to be cut by 50%: Newark: crime, how much - New Jersey
  133. Brooklyn to NJ, reasonable commute, <500K: Jersey City, Bayonne: house, neighborhoods - New Jersey
  134. downtown Newark: crime, how much, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  135. Are my fellow NJ'ers Prepared for Emergencies?: house, buying - New Jersey
  136. looking to move to central NJ: New Brunswick, Perth Amboy: buying a home, neighborhoods, buying - New Jersey
  137. Kearny vs Belleville: Newark, Jersey City, Bloomfield: real estate, houses, neighborhood - New Jersey (NJ)
  138. How many have moved to FL-only to come back: Bloomfield: real estate, rent - New Jersey (NJ)
  139. A carton of Marlboro red?: how much, to buy, prices - New Jersey (NJ)
  140. Hoboken muggings: Newark, Jersey City, Ridgewood: condo, crime rate, home - New Jersey (NJ)
  141. Landlord or Tenant Responsibility?: apartment complex, lease, credit card - New Jersey (NJ)
  142. Jersey City Heights vs Harrison/Kearny fun / social life: Newark: appointed, lease - New Jersey (NJ)
  143. landlords rights when one tenant leaves and the other doesn't want to leave: apartment, rental - New Jersey (NJ)
  144. East Orange... MY Perspective: Passaic, Union City: to rent, low crime, houses - New Jersey (NJ)
  145. 6 States Hitting Residents With Big Tax Hikes: sales, schools - New Jersey (NJ)
  146. Corzine wants to put an additional 25% tax on alcoholic beverages: Trenton: buy, taxes - New Jersey (NJ)
  147. Roofing/Siding Estimates: insurance, how much, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  148. Loan Search mortgage lender?: credit score, houses, buying - New Jersey (NJ)
  149. Is New Jersey Really that Horrible?: transplants, homeowners association, house (NJ)
  150. Recent Police Beating: university, law, train - New Jersey (NJ)
  151. Outlet Shopping in New Jersey: Orange, Secaucus: sales, houses, buy (NJ)
  152. New and Future Union City Developments???: Hoboken: lofts, buying, construction - New Jersey (NJ)
  153. Bloomfield (Essex) or Roselle Park (Union): Elizabeth, Montclair: short sales, renting, lender - New Jersey (NJ)
  154. Can I drop off someone for Six Flags: amusement parks, home - New Jersey (NJ)
  155. fish out of water - how do i get a mortgage? which is better - bank or mortgage broker/lender?: real estate, insurance - New Jersey (NJ)
  156. Is it crazy to work in New Jersey and live in New York?: Jersey City: rent, income (NJ)
  157. NJ's Middle Class, BOHICA!: middle-class, home, income - New Jersey
  158. Looking for Good Buyer's Agent - Morris/Sussex: for sale, real estate - New Jersey (NJ)
  159. Springfield, Summit, Millburn, Cranford, or Westfield: Jersey City, Union: how much, houses, to buy - New Jersey (NJ)
  160. DTV is !: home, theater, rooftop - New Jersey (NJ)
  161. Going to visit Jersey City tomorrow: Newark, Hoboken: houses, neighborhoods, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  162. Where to go in the Adirondacks/Fingerlakes area?: rent, hotel - New Jersey (NJ)
  163. Home selling mls: flat fee, for sale, real estate market - New Jersey (NJ)
  164. Hey Obama, Emmanuel...mind your own affairs let Corzine: house, closing - New Jersey (NJ)
  165. Basement Permit for work completed by previous owner: sales, real estate - New Jersey (NJ)
  166. Time Magazine: New York Metro Home Prices to Fall Another 40%: real estate, credit - New Jersey (NJ)
  167. Hastings Square: Washington, Long Valley: low income, renters, townhomes - New Jersey (NJ)
  168. harmon cove towers: Secaucus: sale, apartments, condos - New Jersey (NJ)
  169. Need advice! Fr: WA To: NJ I hope....: Jersey City, Union City: home, places to live - New Jersey
  170. So...apparently we live in Seattle: schools, contractors, yard - New Jersey (NJ)
  171. Garden state plaza: Passaic, Paramus: income, live, legal - New Jersey (NJ)
  172. more green chutes: sales, foreclosures, unemployment benefits - New Jersey (NJ)
  173. Fighting a parking ticket in Bergen County: Edgewater: lawyer, live in - New Jersey (NJ)
  174. Bloomfield High School: How bad is bad ?: Newark: low income, loans - New Jersey (NJ)
  175. Newark Revitalization.: Edison, Hoboken, Harrison: foreclosure, houses, construction - New Jersey (NJ)
  176. Where to buy good beach chairs?: Fair Haven, Highlands: price, store, best - New Jersey (NJ)
  177. Fire not disclosed by sellers?: insurance, broker, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  178. picatinny job, how is the traffic on I-80 E ?: Paterson: home, living in - New Jersey (NJ)
  179. Secaucus versus Weehawken: Jersey City, Union City, Union: 2013, renter, crime - New Jersey (NJ)
  180. Feral Hogs Now in NJ!: Newark, Jersey City: camping, dangerous, eat - New Jersey
  181. Cost of Home Inspection!: real estate, buying a house, buying - New Jersey (NJ)
  182. NJ roads that desparately need lane additions: Jersey City, Toms River: real estate, living - New Jersey
  183. Where do NJ teachers retire??: Wildwood: transplants, sales, how much - New Jersey
  184. housing starts -- up, again !: Orange: sales, foreclosures, house prices - New Jersey (NJ)
  185. -first time home buyers seek easy commute to Newark: Jersey City: condo, high schools - New Jersey (NJ)
  186. In Metuchen That's Ever Converted To Gas?: Elizabeth: how much, home - New Jersey (NJ)
  187. New condos in Newark/Ironbound: loft, price, airport - New Jersey (NJ)
  188. Cranford Daycare: rain, experiences, rainbow - New Jersey (NJ)
  189. Greek Fest this wkend & Scandinavian Fest next wkend: summer, American - New Jersey (NJ)
  190. Jersey City Locksmith for Small Antique Padlock: MBA, moved - New Jersey (NJ)
  191. Wayne schools: elementary, principal - New Jersey (NJ)
  192. Moving to New Jersey from N.C. ... Really would like feedback: for rent (NJ)
  193. Part Time Work: income, job, looking for - New Jersey (NJ)
  194. do you know the true value of your house? read on: buyer, tax - New Jersey (NJ)
  195. Parking near Hyatt, 2 Exchange PI, Jersey City: hotel, garage - New Jersey (NJ)
  196. new construction developer bankruptcy: sales, condo, legal - New Jersey (NJ)
  197. Commute from Matawan to NYU: Newark: buses, train, best - New Jersey (NJ)
  198. Teaneck NJ Daycare: good, looking for - New Jersey
  199. Academy Bus Wall Street Drop Areas: church, route, green - New Jersey (NJ)
  200. Looking for Reputable Property Manager for Jersey City- One Fam Home: rental, loans - New Jersey (NJ)