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  1. Bend Needs: A City Council For Locals: transplants, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  2. 3 days in Bend: rental, house, job market - Oregon (OR)
  3. Where to vacation rental in the Bend area?: Redmond, Three Rivers: real estate, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  4. Skier, snowboarder die at Mt. Bachelor in separate incidents: dangerous, tree - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  5. Tell me about Prineville: Portland, Bend: real estate, appliances, house - Oregon (OR)
  6. A life changing decision: Portland, Eugene: apartments, rentals, good credit - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  7. Help request with Pahlisch Home warranty: Beaverton, Beaver: attorney, construction, contractors - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  8. Mountain High Neighborhood: Bend: live, club, pool - Oregon (OR)
  9. I.T. industry in Bend and local area: rental market, job - Oregon (OR)
  10. A few questions for local Bend residents...: Portland, Redmond: 2014, HOA - Oregon (OR)
  11. Internet Providers - So Little Options, So Little Speed: Bend: rental, house - Oregon (OR)
  12. Median Home Price Bend/Redmond: Deschutes River Woods: big house, buyers, new construction - Oregon (OR)
  13. Weather in Redmond Oregon: Bend: how much, live, transit - (OR)
  14. Medical services in Bend?: Portland: to live in, moving to, retired - Oregon (OR)
  15. Winter highways west/south from Bend: Eugene, Medford: gated, versus, trailer - Oregon (OR)
  16. Construction work in oregon: Portland, Bend: new home, moving to, housing - (OR)
  17. Hey ‘middle of Oregon’, I am proud of you!: John Day: campsites, move - Bend, (OR)
  18. Shop Smart vs. Ray's: Redmond, La Pine: to buy, prices, company - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  19. Possibly Moving To Bend - Pros and Cons? And Where Are The Best Places To Live?: Portland: apartments - Oregon (OR)
  20. Moving to Bend with a sophmore & a 6th grader: Redmond: rental, houses - Oregon (OR)
  21. New-to-Redmond Homeowner - Maint/Renovation Advice? + Observations: Bend, Terrebonne: rentals, new home - Oregon (OR)
  22. What? Sate Bill Central Oregon paying for trensportation?: Salem: property tax, bus - Bend, (OR)
  23. Fresh local fruits/vegetables and fish: Bend: rent, store, food - Oregon (OR)
  24. on 3 rivers South area ?: Bend, La Pine: for sale, lease, mobile home - Oregon (OR)
  25. Politics in Bend?: Donald: houses, live, best - Oregon (OR)
  26. Best place to stay for a couple 3-4days around Bend?: Portland: fit in, 2013 - Oregon (OR)
  27. Bend-Portland Shuttles, Mt. Hood Teleporter ?: Redmond: luxury, live - Oregon (OR)
  28. My Favorite Time Of Year: parking, park, area - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  29. La Pine? Prineville? Pros and Cons: tree, property, areas - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  30. Draws of living in SE Bend: real estate, houses, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  31. Elk Meadow Elementary field/recess noise?: Bend, Deschutes River Woods: for sale, real estate, custom home - Oregon (OR)
  32. Single parent/RN thinking about relocating to Bend: Aloha, Redmond: spring break, house - Oregon (OR)
  33. How's the smoky skies situation there?: Portland, Salem: move to, air pollution, rating - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  34. Corvallis to Bend?: Eugene, Salem, Albany: real estate, renting, house - Oregon (OR)
  35. is there indoor tennis facilities?: Bend: club, clubs, winters - Oregon (OR)
  36. Family Vacation in Bend: Eugene, Coos Bay: rental, waterpark, houses - Oregon (OR)
  37. How's the condo rental market?: Bend: rentals, townhouse, buying - Oregon (OR)
  38. Re-Locating and in search for areas to live in in that provides woods, creeks and mountains?: Portland: rent - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  39. How long is a typical Bend winter?: Redmond: house, living in - Oregon (OR)
  40. What is the music scene like in Bend?: Phoenix: move to, cities - Oregon (OR)
  41. Which road is better? Driving from Portland to Bend: Salem: speeding ticket, weather - Oregon (OR)
  42. Fruit Trees In La Pine: Bend, Prineville: real estate, house, garden - Oregon (OR)
  43. Is Bend good for 50+ singles?: Corvallis, Redmond: college, live in, retiree - Oregon (OR)
  44. Best medical insurance for Bend? - Oregon (OR)
  45. Senior communities in Bend and Redmomd?: Deschutes River Woods: for sale, apartments, credit - Oregon (OR)
  46. Bend activities?: Sisters, Metolius: restaurants, food, best - Oregon (OR)
  47. House music?: Bend, Grass Valley: 2015, outdoor wedding, live - Oregon (OR)
  48. Best wildfire app: Bend: neighborhood, living in, versus - Oregon (OR)
  49. Curious...?: Salem, Bend, Redmond: sale, rent, condo - Oregon (OR)
  50. Parking in downtown Bend?: home, garage, bike - Oregon (OR)
  51. Crooked River Ranch: Portland, Bend, Redmond: crime, house, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  52. Winter Driving: school, dangerous, vehicles - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  53. Is Bend Oregon culturally/politically closer to western or eastern Oregon?: Marion: living, auction - (OR)
  54. Just got offered a permanent Forest Service Job in Prineville. Seeking local advice.: Bend: for sale - Oregon (OR)
  55. Taking another quick trip to bend with our kayak: Sisters: island, distance - Oregon (OR)
  56. fresh farm produce in the area?: Bend, Hermiston: to buy, organic, live - Oregon (OR)
  57. Where's the Landfill for Bend: maps, road, run - Oregon (OR)
  58. SW Bend..: Deschutes River Woods, Brooks: for sale, mobile home, buy - Oregon (OR)
  59. Bend Median Home Price Record: Redmond: for sale, homes, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  60. Living in sagebrush area east of Bend?: Eugene, Prineville: buying, codes - Oregon (OR)
  61. Moving to Bend in a month: Redmond, North Bend: real estate, houses, live - Oregon (OR)
  62. Can recommend a job recruiter in Bend\Redmond?: Portland: real estate, job market - Oregon (OR)
  63. Moving to Whitefish or Bend: Prineville, Madras: real estate, renters, low crime - Oregon (OR)
  64. Thinking about moving to Bend from Arizona. Am I crazy?: Portland: ski resort, rental - Oregon (OR)
  65. good and bad about buying a home at Brasada Ranch: Bend: HOA fees, landscaping - Oregon (OR)
  66. Throwback old fashioned Service stations in Oregon?: Bend, Prairie City: home, landscaping - (OR)
  67. Getting to Bend in Winter: Portland, Eugene: home, to live, summer - Oregon (OR)
  68. Tiny Homes in Bend: low income, mobile home, construction - Oregon (OR)
  69. Bath Hardware?: Portland, Bend, Redmond: to rent, house, cabinets - Oregon (OR)
  70. Forum Spam: dating, about, message - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  71. Virginia transplant making the move: Bend, Redmond: extended stay, apartments, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  72. Buying vs Renting (Bend / Redmond): Prineville, La Pine: real estate, 2015, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  73. Best BBQ? In Bend, Redmond, or Sisters...: store, food - Oregon (OR)
  74. Is the weather hot: Portland, Eugene: 2015, apartments, rental market - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  75. Acreage property in the Bend area: Redmond, Prineville: real estate, house prices, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  76. Moving to LaPine: Bend, La Pine: home, live, shop - Oregon (OR)
  77. Is there Uber: Bend, Redmond: car rental, rentals, taxis - Oregon (OR)
  78. Apartments still hard to come by?: Bend, Redmond: for sale, rentals, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  79. Snowy streets: Bend, Redmond: disposal, shops, residential - Oregon (OR)
  80. Families in Awbrey Butte/Broken Top Areas?: Bend: top neighborhood, vacation home - Oregon (OR)
  81. electricians left in Bend?: Prineville, Terrebonne: housing, installing, retired - Oregon (OR)
  82. Forest Service launching Cascade Lakes parking crackdown: Green: safety, design - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  83. Forest Fires 2016: Bend, Three Rivers, Warm Springs: homes, live, estimated - Oregon (OR)
  84. Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway.. open? worth it ?: Bend: campers, restaurant - Oregon (OR)
  85. Returning deposit to ex roommates: rental, credit, house - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  86. Story about Bend Newcomers: Portland, Eugene: hotels, house, landscaping - Oregon (OR)
  87. 65 mph: Bend, Redmond: drivers, limit, between - Oregon (OR)
  88. How's The Weather Is Asked Often: Bend: to live in, station, deal - Oregon (OR)
  89. Walkability of Bend: Sisters: home, neighborhoods, movie theater - Oregon (OR)
  90. How well would a computer repair shop do?: Portland, Eugene: real estate, how much - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  91. Crime and drugs around the Mirror Pond area of downtown Bend: Portland: neighborhoods, live - Oregon (OR)
  92. Webformix for Broadband in Bend?: apartment complex, to buy, price - Oregon (OR)
  93. mobility challenged in Bend: Medford, Sisters: rent, restaurants, shopping mall - Oregon (OR)
  94. Rentals in Lapine: Bend: yard, dogs, town - Oregon (OR)
  95. Bend Broadband vs Centurylink: to buy, movies, living - Oregon (OR)
  96. land for recreational use only?: Bend, La Pine: camping, zoning, pine - Oregon (OR)
  97. Let's talk about food in Bend: purchase, camper, living in - Oregon (OR)
  98. fly fishing in Bend & surrounding areas: between, catch - Oregon (OR)
  99. route to Bend from Nevada: Merrill: vs., car, distance - Oregon (OR)
  100. Holiday Feast: credit card, house, to buy - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  101. How can I move from NYC to Bend?: fit in, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  102. Summer 2017: Bend, Redmond, Burns: parks, areas, map - Oregon (OR)
  103. Prescott vs Bend vs Spokane vs Colorado Springs :): Redmond: real estate, crime rate - Oregon (OR)
  104. Single and moving to Bend?: Eugene, Redmond: how much, house prices, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  105. Mt. Bachelor Skiing, The Good & The Bad?: Bend: ski resort, live - Oregon (OR)
  106. about earthquakes -trying to expand my knowledge on the area: Portland: 2015, house - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  107. Climate and air quality questions: Portland, Eugene: rental car, ski resorts, to rent - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  108. Cycling in Bend: Portland, Corvallis: transplants, crimes, new home - Oregon (OR)
  109. Bend, a couple questions though: Portland, Redmond: insurance, houses, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  110. La Pine area: Portland, Bend, Redmond: real estate, how much, house - Oregon (OR)
  111. Bend vs Redmond: Portland, Medford, Prineville: new home, neighborhoods, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  112. Why are people in Bend so unfriendly?: transplants, home - Oregon (OR)
  113. Building on acreage near Prineville: Bend: new house, buying, contractor - Oregon (OR)
  114. Bend's Job Market: Redmond, Prineville, Hood River: sales, real estate market, 2015 - Oregon (OR)
  115. Fall 2019: Bend, Redmond, Cove: neighborhood, camping, live - Oregon (OR)
  116. Drug problem in Oregon? Bend?: Corvallis: sales, crime, neighborhood - (OR)
  117. Bend/La Pine atmosphere, but a little warmer temps.: Portland: camping, income - Oregon (OR)
  118. West vs. East in Bend, re- visited again: North Bend, Deschutes River Woods: for sale, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  119. Attitude to newcomers? And middle school questions: Bend, Redmond: transplants, house - Oregon (OR)
  120. Where should we go??: Portland, Eugene: rentals, new home, job market - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  121. Ashland, Bend, Corvallis... can't narrow it down...: Eugene, Redmond: rent, house - Oregon (OR)
  122. Where are moving from Bend going?: Portland, Clackamas: sales, rental homes - Oregon (OR)
  123. Real Estate Is Moving Fast: Portland, Eugene: real estate market, 2015, apartment complex - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  124. SE Bend train noise?: Klamath Falls, Redmond: house prices, subdivision, living - Oregon (OR)
  125. Family moving to Bend: Portland, Redmond: best neighborhood, for sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  126. Another Moving to Bend: Redmond, Deschutes River Woods: apartment, rentals, motel - Oregon (OR)
  127. Buy a vacation home in Eagle Crest: Bend, Redmond: for sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  128. Relocating to Bend: Redmond, North Bend: for sale, rent, hazard insurance - Oregon (OR)
  129. Ochoco National Forest – Eclipse 2017 - Cycling Highway 26: Bend, Redmond: live in, stats - Oregon (OR)
  130. Relocating to Bend from Bay Area?: Portland, Redmond: top neighborhood, sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  131. Bend, pretty upscale, how/why?: Portland: ski resorts, transplants, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  132. a night in the Bend area - which path to Portland after that?: Salem: sale, purchase - Oregon (OR)
  133. Walking trails near the water: Bend: HOA, home, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  134. Real Estate Still Selling In Spite of the Snow: Bend: houses, job market - Oregon (OR)
  135. Overcrowded? Who is leaving and why?: Portland, Bend: renter, house, wedding - Oregon (OR)
  136. Bend Oregon Land/House/Studio Location: Redmond, Sisters: for sale, rent, co-op - (OR)
  137. Lot Sizes Getting Smaller: Bend, Redmond: big house, neighborhood, new construction - Oregon (OR)
  138. Bend Neighborhoods: Portland, La Pine, Deschutes River Woods: low income, for sale, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  139. Pros and Cons of living in Bend: Portland, Ashland: fit in, transplants - Oregon (OR)
  140. Jobs in Bend: apartment, renters, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  141. Summer 2018: Bend: store, location, average - Oregon (OR)
  142. Urban Growth Boundry: Bend, Redmond: 2013, new construction, utilities - Oregon (OR)
  143. How high is up?: Bend, Redmond: sales, 2015, houses - Oregon (OR)
  144. Winter 2016: Bend, Redmond, La Pine: shop, moving, pine - Oregon (OR)
  145. Another request for Bend area information: Redmond, La Pine: for sale, HOA, how much - Oregon (OR)
  146. Thinking of relocating in Bend or suburb in Portland: Eugene: to live in, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  147. Need help renter/legal Bend.: low income, apartment complex, credit - Oregon (OR)
  148. Normal Winter: Bend, Redmond, La Pine: 2015, insurance, house - Oregon (OR)
  149. Job offer in Prineville: Portland, Bend: appointed, sales, rental - Oregon (OR)
  150. Driving from Portland to Sisters in Winter?: Salem, Redmond: home, trailer - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  151. The Great Eclipse - Dispatches From Cental Oregon wanted!: Portland: camping, live - Bend, (OR)
  152. From to Bend in 2018?: Portland, Eugene: spring break, job market, private schools - Oregon (OR)
  153. Sunriver vs. Sisters vs. Tumalo (towns & communities outside of Bend): Portland: for sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  154. Winter Storm Warning Feb 2019: Bend, Redmond: neighborhoods, live, move to - Oregon (OR)
  155. Bend a good place to move in the era of global warming?: Portland: new house, university - Oregon (OR)
  156. Bend residents: how do you feel a couple like us Portlanders would “fit in” with your community?: Eugene: sale, crime - Oregon (OR)
  157. With Redmond?: Medford, Bend: sales, 2013, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  158. Should I move to Bend: Portland, Eugene: apartments, rentals, loans - Oregon (OR)
  159. Bend Self Improvement: Klamath Falls, Newport: home, unemployment rate, schools - Oregon (OR)
  160. Group dining options: Bend: restaurant, dinner, room - Oregon (OR)
  161. changed cc&r's: low income, mobile home, neighborhoods - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  162. A Sad Story, R.I.P. Mayor Craig Coyner: Bend: lawyer, homeless - Oregon (OR)
  163. Watch your step!: friendly, snake, county - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  164. 2017 Fire Season: Bend: safety, estimated, build - Oregon (OR)
  165. Bend Preschools: local, negative - Oregon (OR)
  166. Interactive eclipse map, details on location: default - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  167. Bend area general contractor?: cabin, room, suggestions - Oregon (OR)
  168. Preschool/Childcare/High School in Bend: cost of, move to, courses - Oregon (OR)
  169. Friends - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  170. homeschooling unschooling in Oregon: Bend: rules, how to, groups - (OR)
  171. Touchmark retirement facility: reviews, place, opinions - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  172. 2016 Deschutes County Fair: Bend, Redmond, Sisters: bus, admission, seniors - Oregon (OR)
  173. Bite of Bend 2017: home, dog, degree - Oregon (OR)
  174. Relocating in the Fall-have questions!: Bend: middle schools, moving to, best - Oregon (OR)
  175. Median Home Prices Up: Bend, Redmond: vs - Oregon (OR)
  176. Lost Skateboard in Awbrey Butte: area, drive, cruise - Bend, Oregon (OR)
  177. Singles scene for 40 to 50 year olds: Bend - Oregon (OR)