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  1. Messed up guilt feeling still there (related to bct years ago): mentally, issues - Psychology
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  19. are 2 childhood events affecting me in adulthood?: psychologist, anxiety, woman - Psychology
  20. Why does reverse psychology work in relationships?: dating, everything
  21. Itís not just you: Psychology reveals why clowns are so creepy: psychologist, characteristics
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  23. not really care what most others think of them?: sociopath, borderline - Psychology
  24. My life with Aspergers: dating, husband, problems, father - Psychology
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  28. feel trapped in a certain life?: depressed, dating, woman - Psychology
  29. Anger tied in...: therapy, issues, emotion - Psychology
  30. Absence Of A Sexual Orientation: boyfriend, dating, woman, attracted - Psychology
  31. Lay awake at night and mind races in negative directions: thoughts, problems - Psychology
  32. do you sometimes feel like your past was not real: college, feelings - Psychology
  33. Constant need for validation: fixate, men, dating, mom - Psychology
  34. why do towns and teams always have to have rivals?: college, emotion - Psychology
  35. Living with a PERSON you hate...: introvert, boyfriend, dating - Psychology
  36. Is this person lying due to this statement on youtube fro. the section?: aunt - Psychology
  37. Great Article---on Positive Thinking?: narcissistic, thoughts, problems, relationship - Psychology
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  39. No Feet On The Ground, Hope For them?: mom, responsibility, marriage - Psychology
  40. Does feel the mental side to losing weight is underrated?: addiction, anxiety - Psychology
  41. Life stages beyond school?: adult, people - Psychology
  42. Power of the Mind and Self-Hypnonsis!: therapy, mentally, men, thoughts - Psychology
  43. Home-Schooling and Social Development: mentally, mom, husband, college - Psychology
  44. How to distance yourself from your parents and siblings? For good: no personality, therapy - Psychology
  45. one ever had a from someone that really upset them?: weight, people - Psychology
  46. How to stick to one topic or project ?: everything - Psychology
  47. Walking away from family for one year (need advice): anxiety, issues, problems - Psychology
  48. Dream experience explanation ?: mentally, humans - Psychology
  49. in a in the past?: anxiety, therapy, thoughts - Psychology
  50. Learned helplessness: counselor, therapy, depressed, mom - Psychology
  51. Emotionality depressed..: boyfriend, dating, mom, college - Psychology
  52. Hoarding or Collecting?: thoughts, everything - Psychology
  53. How to convince yourself you're not scared of someone?: anxiety, woman, issues - Psychology
  54. Otherwise intelligent Americans being hardcore right or left wing---a psychological term for this??: people, everything - Psychology
  55. Cheating On-line Games: addiction, problems, aunt, people - Psychology
  56. Funny verbal interaction: people - Psychology
  57. I'm finding myself increasingly attracted to old men (?): dating, husband, issues - Psychology
  58. Drowning under stress from school, work, and possibly ADHD: anxiety, mom, college - Psychology
  59. Bothered about not being upset?: feelings, people - Psychology
  60. Mixed feelings about people become untenable?: relationship, mistakes - Psychology
  61. Young Men placing up billboards to denounce ISIS: thoughts, responsibility, people - Psychology
  62. Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Alpha STIM results?: psychologist, therapy, issues - Psychology
  63. Oh no what fresh hell is this?: counselor, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  64. Does it mean anything if you like the rain?: people, everything - Psychology
  65. Emotions or concepts you don't get: depressed, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  66. Has out there ever runaway from their current life and had a fresh start in a new place?: depressed, dating - Psychology
  67. What childhood hell could've led to the real hell of this?: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  68. Why do people RSVP to invitations dishonestly?: adult, relationship, feelings - Psychology
  69. Kids are scared: counselor, mom, college, generation - Psychology
  70. What kind of effects does HS bullying have on one long term?: counselor, therapy - Psychology
  71. Too exhausted to participate in Thanksgiving. ?: mom, parent, marriage - Psychology
  72. Tired of being my entire family's personal secretary: husband, college, parent - Psychology
  73. Lying, Everyone!!! Does It: mom, husband, feelings, people - Psychology
  74. I am what are your thoughts on Millennials: narcissistic, woman, mom - Psychology
  75. Talks about various drugs constantly?: addiction, thoughts, people - Psychology
  76. If you ignore an introvert will it make them speak?: psychologist, introversion - Psychology
  77. Social anxiety and a new job: therapy, college, generation, marriage - Psychology
  78. Why are there people out there (most I should say) who are indifferent about others well being?: humans, emotion - Psychology
  79. How Can I Get Over A Shameful Past And Forgive Myself?: anxiety, woman - Psychology
  80. Why do people ask the How are you? and not really care about knowing How are you? ? - Psychology
  81. Psychopaths Have Poor Sense of Smell Study Finds: psychologist, college, emotion - Psychology
  82. Anthropomorphizing, What's Behind It, Falling For It's? You Do It?: mom, characteristics - Psychology
  83. Love is not enough. I want loyalty. RED FLAG.: inability, narcissists - Psychology
  84. Top that REALLY accents Chest.: men, thoughts, people - Psychology
  85. Strange experience at the post office today: woman, people - Psychology
  86. Why do people lie and are dishonest when you ask them what they think about you?: issues, humans - Psychology
  87. What do you say when asked, How are you ?: depressed, woman - Psychology
  88. Would you ask someone (host) why you weren't invited to their event (eg. Birthday, Wedding)?: father, relationship - Psychology
  89. What percentage of your life have you been happy?: abusive, father, people - Psychology
  90. Am I crazy for wanting to become a filmmaker and making a movie?: college, people - Psychology
  91. Does enjoy Christmas for receiving gifts?: men, mom, parent - Psychology
  92. Why do certain people feel so entitled?: psychologist, addiction, thoughts - Psychology
  93. How to keep addicted family from visiting ?: boyfriend, husband, father - Psychology
  94. Discussing your problems with others - listening versus telling, or keeping it to yourself: psychologist, therapy - Psychology
  95. Christmas feels like a pointless holiday to me: inability, sociopath, adult - Psychology
  96. What would be your ideal life?: introvert, inability, anxiety, adult - Psychology
  97. I'm a lazy undereducated trust fund can I become turn my life around ?: dating, college - Psychology
  98. Can common sense be taught?: boyfriend, dating, mom, parent - Psychology
  99. Why do I like to move a lot? have this in their life?: narcissistic, depressed - Psychology
  100. I have a hard time accepting the fact that I'm an adult/grown man: men, woman - Psychology
  101. Visceral reaction, cute dogs vs cute babies.: attracted, attractive, parent - Psychology
  102. Two-faced homophobia: men, feelings, people - Psychology
  103. Sleeping with hands secure: problems - Psychology
  104. Why does the UK, USA and the rest of the Anglosphere want society to personify the extoverted ideal?: introvert, introversion - Psychology
  105. Experiencing homophobia on a forum: anxiety, people - Psychology
  106. Stupid Youthful Antics: parent, father, adult - Psychology
  107. Why do people get more than others?: men, dating, attractive - Psychology
  108. Christmas blues: mentally, dating, mom, husband - Psychology
  109. What If All I want is a Mediocre Life?: girlfriend, husband, parent - Psychology
  110. Stunted Emotional Growth: men, woman, abusive, parent - Psychology
  111. Does have a hoarding problem? *raises hand* I do!: therapy, boyfriend - Psychology
  112. Relocated to Scottsdale 6 months ago & still HATE it: discrimination, psychologist, husband - Psychology
  113. have tips on improving memory? (Someone with bad memory and recall): therapy, issues - Psychology
  114. Being attacked, belittled and debated about opinions: issues, problems, adult - Psychology
  115. I find the I need a hug meme to be annoying: emotion - Psychology
  116. My hairdresser has been slipping, but I'm not ready to move on: boyfriend, abusive - Psychology
  117. I want to change my name; is this weird?: mom, husband, college - Psychology
  118. Are all good looking people mean, or...?: narcissistic, attractive, issues - Psychology
  119. no desire for intimacy -- why??: men, woman, thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  120. Have you changed?: adult, people - Psychology
  121. Re-starting in your 30s: Fun, Abundance AND Purpose all: men, dating - Psychology
  122. Bullet Journaling - The ultimate solution for ADD: people, everything - Psychology
  123. What is wrong with calling a black person the n word ?: generation, weight - Psychology
  124. How do you cope with aggressive or inattentive drivers who nearly cause accidents?: anxiety, responsibility - Psychology
  125. About fabulists: sociopath, woman, husband, college - Psychology
  126. people who believe in woo woo: therapy, mom, issues, humans - Psychology
  127. Staring inside your purse: issues, people - Psychology
  128. How do people with severe deformities seem to find happiness?: humans, adult - Psychology
  129. Post your realistic or crazy stress dreams: psychologist, anxiety, mom - Psychology
  130. Do many insecure people purposely try to make others insecure?: men, boyfriend - Psychology
  131. Married to Donald Trump: woman, husband, attractive, marriage - Psychology
  132. im tired of the grind: introvert, men, girlfriend, college - Psychology
  133. space during family emergency: husband, parent, adult, everything - Psychology
  134. How to disown my family: therapy, generation, parent, issues - Psychology
  135. Imaginary world- Is this normal? do this?: mom, complex, parent - Psychology
  136. When you reach the age your parent was when they experienced trauma or death: anxiety, men - Psychology
  137. People with no filter - brain damage sign?: problems, adult - Psychology
  138. Do You Enjoy Talking to Strangers?: emotion, people - Psychology
  139. How would you describe this personality disorder?: narcissistic, mentally, men - Psychology
  140. Name It and Claim It: passive, parent, weight, relationship - Psychology
  141. Do most people care about themselves first?: men, woman, pathological - Psychology
  142. Who Doesn't Care to be Around People on a Regular Basis?: introvert, anxiety - Psychology
  143. The Older We Get, The Happier We Are: marriage, relationship, mistakes - Psychology
  144. Body image issues: men, boyfriend, woman, attracted - Psychology
  145. Transgender: depressed, woman, college, generation - Psychology
  146. Why do most girls withhold/deny sex from men when they start dating?: relationship - Psychology
  147. Expectations (How Things Show Be): counselor, therapy, depressed, parent - Psychology
  148. People who enjoying spying: anxiety, woman, husband, parent - Psychology
  149. People who never shut a drawer all the way: mom, husband, everything - Psychology
  150. Feeling American...: men, generation, parent, father - Psychology
  151. I hate that my brother's new girlfriend has kids: addict, dating, husband - Psychology
  152. Bullies, Bullies, Everywhere Bullies: anxiety, woman, college, parent - Psychology
  153. What color is monday?: feelings, people - Psychology
  154. When does real life begin and when did you feel like an adult, if at all?: psychologist, mom - Psychology
  155. Anything wrong with trashing former employee on a Facebook review?: issues, relationship - Psychology
  156. Moved cities 2 months ago - HUGE mistake: people - Psychology
  157. Why do people sneeze so loudly? Is it for: woman - Psychology
  158. I hate taking shower, feels like a real chore for me: depressed, parent - Psychology
  159. Your experience in Therapy: anxiety, thoughts, passive, girls - Psychology
  160. Wife wants to have couples friends: husband, humans, people - Psychology
  161. Telling others how they should feel.: dating, thoughts, girls, problems - Psychology
  162. How to stay motivated in life: college, parent, majors, people - Psychology
  163. Is depression sometimes just a part of growing up?: therapy, depressed, parent - Psychology
  164. Why is there so little help for Asperger's?: counselor, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  165. How to give myself mental break: mentally, thoughts, unconsciously, emotion - Psychology
  166. Oops, I did it again!: men, girlfriend, attracted, borderline - Psychology
  167. My EX May Have Schizophrenia: addiction, mentally, dating, mom - Psychology
  168. Do i need to keep explaining how I feel like ASD is ruining my life?: woman, passive - Psychology
  169. Persistent Depressive Disorder: therapy, mom, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  170. Why do men give me dirty looks: therapy, attractive, issues - Psychology
  171. Am I just over-reacting or what?: woman, husband, problems, people - Psychology
  172. I can't look people in the eyes and they get mad!: anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  173. How to handle a repressed memory about my mother?: psychologist, counselor, narcissist - Psychology
  174. What do you do if people create lies about you?: therapy, parent - Psychology
  175. Can a person's personality be consumed by bitterness?: therapy, mentally, mom - Psychology
  176. Inability to love and accept love ((psychologist, sociopath, counselor, narcissist, low self-esteem)): men, dating - Psychology
  177. How can you become more patient?: people, everything - Psychology
  178. Are you regularly and consciously aware of what race you are?: humans, weight - Psychology
  179. 21 Year Old College Student Life Advice: introvert, counselor, mom - Psychology
  180. PTSD? Why I couldn't watch the presidential debate.: misogynist, sociopath, narcissists - Psychology
  181. Why Do Women Flatter Themselves So Much?: mentally, men, woman - Psychology
  182. I am wasting my life--what should I do about it?: depressed, woman - Psychology
  183. I LOVE to talk,is this normal?: narcissistic, feelings, people - Psychology
  184. Wannabe tuff guys: narcissistic, emotion, adult, relationship - Psychology
  185. Ever Just Need to Talk and Call an Emotional Support Hotline Like Contact, Samaritans: psychologist, mom - Psychology
  186. Do rooms in your house frighten you?: anxiety, mom, college - Psychology
  187. Asperger's after 30?: inability, anxiety, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  188. Cyberbullying Is Still Bullying: anxiety, therapy, depressed, husband - Psychology
  189. What is the very earliest memory you have in your life?: mom, husband - Psychology
  190. Correlation between nice weather and emotional state?: depressed, parent, problems - Psychology
  191. When you are light on goal: mom, husband, weight, people - Psychology
  192. Somewhat Burned Out - Too Many Irons in the Fire: mentally, woman - Psychology
  193. Sister with mental illness needs to be diagnosed.: woman, college, parent - Psychology
  194. Unbiased opinion about life coaching career?: psychologist, anxiety, therapy, dating - Psychology
  195. Passive-Aggressive: husband, thoughts, parent, issues - Psychology
  196. Only at peace when my house is clean?: anxiety, mom, husband - Psychology
  197. How can you tell if someone has a split personality? - Psychology
  198. Why does imagining cute things and someone being a child bother me?: college, thoughts - Psychology
  199. Spatial reasoning and Testing: psychologist - Psychology
  200. Self-Transcendence and Ego Surrender: thoughts - Psychology