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  9. Is it my husband is on drugs?: weight, people - Psychology
  10. Parents using power of purse to control kids: thoughts, father, adult - Psychology
  11. Worrying about my age and how I look to other people is dibilating me: counselor, husband - Psychology
  12. You're told you are very attractive, but so insecure about your looks: therapy, men - Psychology
  13. Infatuation Disorder: addiction, mentally, dating, relationship - Psychology
  14. Do unto others as they have done unto you?: college, humans, responsibility - Psychology
  15. What is a specific term for the effects from being a victim of a crime/injustice?: problems, people - Psychology
  16. who set up a false reality: counselor, husband - Psychology
  17. Why Is It So Hard To Send Your Regrets?: relationship, people - Psychology
  18. Do you hate being asked questions?: argumentative, parent, people - Psychology
  19. When there is too much pressure and you want to run away: addiction, dating - Psychology
  20. how long before it's not important anymore?: father, adult, people - Psychology
  21. Holding pattern.: everything - Psychology
  22. The things we did growing up while nobody could be there to verify: thoughts - Psychology
  23. Better the devil you know than the one you don't...: abusive, problems - Psychology
  24. I swear that I have lived this moment before --has it ever happened to you?: husband, thoughts - Psychology
  25. Ever regret having done something later on?: issues - Psychology
  26. HOW Do You Learn to Love Yourself? What Practices Help?: borderline, parent - Psychology
  27. Social anxiety: How to overcome it and become more comfortable around people?: psychologist, therapy - Psychology
  28. Addicted to unhappiness...: addiction, anxiety, parent, issues - Psychology
  29. When is it appropriate to offer a stranger encouragement?: anxiety, therapy, depressed - Psychology
  30. People Who Complain About Others' Behavior, Then Do The Exact Same Thing: woman, aunt - Psychology
  31. Is constant happiness a mental illness and if not why not?: anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  32. Online widow support group? - Psychology
  33. The predictive index - Psychology
  34. Wth was I thinking?: psychologist, therapy, parent, issues - Psychology
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  37. Did you Find yourself Happier in Leaving Home for a Marriage: men, mom - Psychology
  38. If A Wish Could Be Granted, What Would You Wish For?: issues - Psychology
  39. What type of disorder is this?: fixate, anxiety, woman, issues - Psychology
  40. Anthony Weiner: narcissist or exhibitionist or somethng: sociopath, attracted, girls - Psychology
  41. What do you think would be the psychiatric effects of immortality?: men, thoughts - Psychology
  42. Workaholic seeking a new life: people - Psychology
  43. Why do we tend to be put off by people who ask us to donate or buy their products or services?: parent - Psychology
  44. You Didn't Know WHO You Were in High School: boyfriend, thoughts - Psychology
  45. What are the pros and cons of you?: anxiety, husband, passive - Psychology
  46. My nephew feels directly responsible for his dad's death: therapy, depressed, problems - Psychology
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  48. Glorifying criminals: relationship, people - Psychology
  49. Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder: sociopath, therapy, mom - Psychology
  50. Is it funny?: people - Psychology
  51. What the he**, Chanel?: woman, parent - Psychology
  52. ever feel like your life is happening to someone: parent - Psychology
  53. Psychology behind what like commercials targeting druggies?: woman, adult, people
  54. Have you ever woken up in a good/bad mood because of a dream?: depressed, husband - Psychology
  55. What is the psychology behind that feel that censoring others is?: thoughts, people
  56. experience a psychological paradigm shift?: thoughts, issues, unconsciously, marriage - Psychology
  57. Has used a career psychologist or coach?: therapy, mentally, issues - Psychology
  58. Anger will meet the power of Indifference= Pleasure: thoughts, issues, responsibility - Psychology
  59. Delete: girlfriend, people - Psychology
  60. Do you know people who simply can't accept what they were born with in life?: woman - Psychology
  61. Running away: therapy, boyfriend, husband, abusive - Psychology
  62. The fresh start.: dating, woman, college, problems - Psychology
  63. Situation and can I help her?....: anxiety, abusive, parent, problems - Psychology
  64. People Who Improve Their Lives, Then Push/Shame Others...: dating, mom - Psychology
  65. The 100% Formula (True & Funny): people - Psychology
  66. Fear, (self) loathing and trusting your gut: thoughts, parent, father - Psychology
  67. Varieties Of Loneliness: men, thoughts, relationship, feelings - Psychology
  68. Hang up about death: boyfriend, mom, parent, father - Psychology
  69. Why is there so much incompetence: inability, college, thoughts, mistakes - Psychology
  70. Psychological makeup of people who are in denial of true danger (Hurricane Irma): anxiety, issues - Psychology
  71. Anger is so much worse than depression!: depressed, woman, feelings - Psychology
  72. So I chickened out of going to a Meetup today...: introvert, anxiety - Psychology
  73. Preferred Personal Pronouns - revolutionary or ridiculous?: narcissistic, men, woman - Psychology
  74. S.A.D in reverse?: depressed, people, everything - Psychology
  75. Have you ever heard a song, read a story, watched a tv show/movie.....??: woman, aunt - Psychology
  76. Disdain for the have-nots: issues, relationship, people - Psychology
  77. Changing my husband's tone and choice of words.: therapy, abusive, parent - Psychology
  78. I love you, USA versus Europe.: thoughts, IQ, agressive, people - Psychology
  79. NOT writing a diary, for fear of it being found, and hurtful: thoughts, parent - Psychology
  80. People who get into trouble on social media have low IQ?: thoughts, generation - Psychology
  81. Is the lack of physical fighting/corporal punishment bad for society?: men, generation - Psychology
  82. for women: physical no-nos in a guy?: men, attractive, weight - Psychology
  83. Rumors,the passive route..: thoughts, people - Psychology
  84. about someone I know (she is a psychologist): sociopath, narcissistic, therapy - Psychology
  85. I hate my depression.: addiction, therapy, issues, problems - Psychology
  86. People with no past: interesting or creepy?: problems, everything - Psychology
  87. Did you think who you were in high school was who you would be for Life?: mom, college - Psychology
  88. How Do You Get Over Not Fitting In With Your Family?: narcissistic, mentally - Psychology
  89. Solitaries: What Gives Life Meaning?: introvert, emotion, marriage, adult - Psychology
  90. I feel like I'm trapped in my mind and I can't escape. What's the cause of hallucinations?: anxiety, woman - Psychology
  91. Mean People: sociopath, no personality, woman, husband - Psychology
  92. How often do you think people check out your Facebook profile? - Psychology
  93. How do narcissist have so many friends ?: narcissists, woman, mom - Psychology
  94. With another horrific tragedy, how far are we from understanding the human brain?: sociopaths, mentally - Psychology
  95. What is Your Biggest Problem Right Now: addiction, anxiety, boyfriend - Psychology
  96. Scapegoating: Have You Been a Scapegoat or Scapegoated Someone: sociopaths, narcissists - Psychology
  97. Unsavory Behavior by of the Most Repped Posters - What’s the Psych Behind This?: narcissistic, mentally - Psychology
  98. How to stop being negative: boyfriend, mom, issues, problems - Psychology
  99. Ever known a man to go from being very abusive to very loving?: therapy, men - Psychology
  100. C-D Poster Profiles: issues, emotion, relationship, people - Psychology
  101. Why Are People So Angry?: introvert, vindictive, responsibility, adult - Psychology
  102. Friends Who Can't Take Criticism: emotion, weight, relationship, feelings - Psychology
  103. cell Phones/Depression and Suicide: anxiety, husband, college, complex - Psychology
  104. Why do outgoing people get categorized as quiet and/or shy?: problems - Psychology
  105. I can't get forget this bad relationship: introvert, therapy, men - Psychology
  106. What things you wish didn't exist in this world?: humans, animals, people - Psychology
  107. People on Social Media Asking for Prayer for Loved Ones or Friends in Dire Straits: men, thoughts - Psychology
  108. people don't want pets...: humans, adult, animals, everything - Psychology
  109. I'm so miserable: anxiety, depressed, husband, parent - Psychology
  110. Subtle behavior signs you earlier on??: addiction, men, dating - Psychology
  111. Do people like to bash Transplants because they can't bash Minorities and People of Color?: humans, animals - Psychology
  112. Do less choices lead to greater contentment?: men, dating, mom - Psychology
  113. The Mind of a Troll: mentally, dating, parent, emotion - Psychology
  114. Is it o.k. to not care what other people think about you?: husband, feelings - Psychology
  115. Being childfree makes us feel isolated: psychologist, woman, college, parent - Psychology
  116. Never had a female friend: anxiety, attracted, girls, adult - Psychology
  117. Why Old People Get No Respect: generation, parent, adult, relationship - Psychology
  118. Why people claim you have to be happy by yourself: mentally, woman - Psychology
  119. Frauds in the world: discrimination, woman, problems, marriage - Psychology
  120. What would cause a child to....: girlfriend, parent, problems, marriage - Psychology
  121. A 'thing' I've been noticing on Facebook: woman, mom, husband - Psychology
  122. Do most people cringe at their teen years after reaching adulthood?: mentally, woman - Psychology
  123. Refusing to ever say 'I'm sorry' or apologize: characteristics, parent, emotion - Psychology
  124. Why don't people get both sides of the story and get all the facts before making a decision?: men, woman - Psychology
  125. Why does it seem very difficult to find people who are with negativity?: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  126. Difficult People in Your Life? Kill em With Kindness: narcissistic, passive, borderline - Psychology
  127. Diagnosis: BPD: psychologist, counselor, narcissists, anxiety - Psychology
  128. Why do people start off on CD with personal: parent, issues - Psychology
  129. I know it sounds crazy but you are very imporant to me, and I am trying not to say something...: depressed, dating - Psychology
  130. What is the psychology behind young attractive women hooking up with underage boys?: intoxicated, men
  131. Are there more non-functioning people today?: inability, anxiety, mentally, college - Psychology
  132. No fire in my belly: psychologist, therapy, depressed, men - Psychology
  133. Saying Bless You After Someone Sneezes: mom, people - Psychology
  134. Women who straighten up other women's appearances: introvert, woman, passive - Psychology
  135. Being told by strangers to smile: men, woman, passive, people - Psychology
  136. Why do People Tend to Not Want to Consider Alcohol a Mind Altering Drug?: blames, IQ - Psychology
  137. I don't feel sad when people die: parent, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  138. Has experienced a blessing in disguise?: boyfriend, husband, complex - Psychology
  139. Why do people try to turn everything into a political discussion?: mom, college - Psychology
  140. How loud are you supposed to say affirmations?: problems - Psychology
  141. How Can I Get Rid of Depression Without Meds?: therapy, depressed, husband - Psychology
  142. I feel perturbed over the fact that I've obtained a score of 87 on an intelligence quotient test.: psychologist, IQ - Psychology
  143. So Many People Have To Be Reminded HOW MUCH They Have: husband, parent - Psychology
  144. Assertion: We reward men for good citizenship by giving them access to a sexual partner.: dating, girlfriend - Psychology
  145. Most out of the ordinary box thing done in life: woman, girlfriend - Psychology
  146. gaslighting, the psychological syndrome: narcissistic, therapy, husband, borderline - Psychology
  147. How many genders are there, really?: dating, people - Psychology
  148. Your trivial life rules: people - Psychology
  149. For 30s and 40s somethings: Do you ever get annoyed when carded for liquor?: people - Psychology
  150. find no significance to your adolescence years?: college, abusive, parent - Psychology
  151. How do I get over my fear of driving on tall bridges?: anxiety, parent - Psychology
  152. Learning to accept my reality: therapy, depressed, mom, parent - Psychology
  153. Why aren't people as close to neighbors as in the past?: complex, parent - Psychology
  154. do people still borrow sugar from neighbors? Why don't they go buy: mom, husband - Psychology
  155. How Do I Get Over My Phobia of Dogs?: psychologist, therapy, responsibility - Psychology
  156. Which Finger Do You Scroll With?: everything - Psychology
  157. Names and personalities: problems, weight, people - Psychology
  158. Are most people capable of debating?: parent, weight - Psychology
  159. Going back: anxiety, therapy, parent, problems - Psychology
  160. Not suicidal; just hope my life ends soon.. fit this category?: college, thoughts - Psychology
  161. Peter Pan Syndrome, aka manolescent: men, mom, parent - Psychology
  162. Things don't always work out.: college, parent, responsibility, mistakes - Psychology
  163. Addicted to Sex and Hooking up? Is that normal?: addiction, dating, college - Psychology
  164. Why Have People Become So Impatient and Entitled? - Psychology
  165. What's been the most consequential year of your life?: anxiety, therapy, mom - Psychology
  166. Feeling stressed but don't know why: fixate, anxiety, problems, humans - Psychology
  167. how do you deal with negative thoughts in your head?: problems, emotion - Psychology
  168. For that fear aging, what were your most difficult birthdays and why?: men, husband - Psychology
  169. How can I deal with the end of civilization?: anxiety, parent, people - Psychology
  170. Firstborn: husband, college, parent, adult - Psychology
  171. How do I get back to being a reader?: addiction, husband, issues - Psychology
  172. I don't want to be a misanthrope, but...: parent, problems, emotion - Psychology
  173. Wow. And the crazy comes pouring out.: counselor, narcissistic, therapy - Psychology
  174. When Really Positive Experiences Come To An End: thoughts, marriage, people - Psychology
  175. Helping someone with hurricane anxiety: counselor, woman, parent, issues - Psychology
  176. In what way are men threatened by a woman's sexuality?: anxiety, dating - Psychology
  177. Who ARE You? Describe!: men, parent, father - Psychology
  178. People keep asking what I am doing for my birthday: college, generation - Psychology
  179. How do you react inside to being called nice ?: people - Psychology
  180. Has gotten a puppy for depression?: anxiety, therapy, depressed - Psychology
  181. Is transgender the new anorexia?: parent, issues, adult, people - Psychology
  182. A natural tendency to be lazy: mom, girlfriend, problems, people - Psychology
  183. does she believe what she believes for the right reason: narcissist, girlfriend - Psychology
  184. Men don't realize how insulting it is....: woman, attractive, girls - Psychology
  185. How to get out of this politely?: passive, parent - Psychology
  186. Why do people leave messes in public bathrooms?: mentally, syndrome, issues - Psychology
  187. Looking years younger than age: men, dating, woman, mom - Psychology
  188. People who think that others have copied them: narcissistic, woman - Psychology
  189. Gun owners: how you feel when you have no gun?: anxiety, people - Psychology
  190. Worried about friend/coworker: people, everything - Psychology
  191. Woman wanting more babies: men, dating, mom, husband - Psychology
  192. Running away cos you are too attracted to somebody?: dating, woman, husband - Psychology
  193. How do I stop the nobody likes you thoughts?: therapy, syndrome - Psychology
  194. Cyber Bullying characteristics? - Psychology
  195. Class Reunion when Spouse was Infatuated with attendee?: psychologist, narcissist, men - Psychology
  196. News, Teacher has bipolar disorder. Missing Modesto Kindergarten Teacher Found Alive: father - Psychology
  197. Do people ever get jealous enough of what others have to trigger homicidal/suicidal ideation?: men, attractive - Psychology
  198. Is there anything I can do to help my brother with this autism problem?: mom - Psychology
  199. Something ironic? - Psychology
  200. News, Talking to Yourself Can Actually Be a Good Thing - Psychology