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  1. Having touble coping after being attacked twice in three days.: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
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  4. Why is it hard to want to be individualistic without feelings of resistance?: narcissistic, people - Psychology
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  6. Never caring?: inability, fixate, borderline, parent - Psychology
  7. delete - Psychology
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  10. Instagram: sociopath, people - Psychology
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  16. I have a hard time paying when computer systems run slow: dating, people - Psychology
  17. I've Changed My Mind!! Am I Now Considered A Criminal!!: issues, relationship - Psychology
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  22. Superstorm Sandy exposes hoarders: problems, people - Psychology
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  25. which is worse: pass by silence vs middle finger: feelings, people - Psychology
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  27. My employer wants me to do NLP training?: dating - Psychology
  28. Psychology of Conversation: therapy, college, problems, accuracy
  29. Concentrating too hard: mom, thoughts, complex, adult - Psychology
  30. Intereratations of neutral faces: depressed, thoughts, emotion, people - Psychology
  31. How to deal with anxiety?: problems, relationship, people - Psychology
  32. No More Ms. Nice Guy!: people, everything - Psychology
  33. What Makes A Person Interesting?: people - Psychology
  34. distorted childhood memories (direction): adult, people - Psychology
  35. As a man do you find yourself filling in for Your GF/SO/Spouses lack of having a Father in her life: men, husband - Psychology
  36. claustrophobia - Psychology
  37. Texting Addiction: Juror goes to jail for texting in court: people - Psychology
  38. Afraid of men?: college, attractive - Psychology
  39. Feeling A Bit Stuck: addiction, anxiety, college, weight - Psychology
  40. about happiness??? - Psychology
  41. When you prefer Friday over Saturday: responsibility, relationship, everything - Psychology
  42. Unhealthy to only have one friend- My boyfriend is my best friend but is now my only friend?: depressed, mom - Psychology
  43. Did an event catalyze your OCD?: anxiety, therapy, dating, girlfriend - Psychology
  44. Gay doesn't equal Homosexual: men, generation, adult, people - Psychology
  45. Study: Effects of Bullying Last Into Adulthood - Psychology
  46. What's the minimum equird to make someone a bad person?: father, people - Psychology
  47. Facial Features and to Psychological Characteristics: people - Psychology
  48. Feeling like everyone is stupid....when you're the one who is stupid?: humans, adult - Psychology
  49. The allure of 'being bad': mentally, attracted, emotion, adult - Psychology
  50. I cause my own heartbreak because of my past bad experience!!: boyfriend, dating - Psychology
  51. Is the idea of having 'role models', especially of the same sex, is overrated?: narcissistic, woman - Psychology
  52. The Harvard psychiatrist and the Harvard medical student - remember this tragic event?: therapy, woman - Psychology
  53. Why we choose our emotions?: thoughts, feelings, people - Psychology
  54. My problem with Valentine's Day.: men, girlfriend, college, father - Psychology
  55. ever sought marriage or couples counseling, and did it help?: counselor, therapy - Psychology
  56. Do you think my friend was a sociopath all along? Is it just me or is this situation bizarre?: depressed, boyfriend - Psychology
  57. Oversensitivity Issues. heard of this?: emotion, people - Psychology
  58. Only recently have I begun to realise that others think of me, especially negatively...: introvert, people - Psychology
  59. Does my premonition about something going to happen to me right?: anxiety, characteristics - Psychology
  60. Edgar Allan Poe on checkers versus Chess.: feelings, people - Psychology
  61. What is your conception of civility?: girlfriend - Psychology
  62. In the land of the blind, one eyed is *rapist* king?: men, woman - Psychology
  63. Does bad luck really exist?: depressed, boyfriend, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  64. Is it to know you're pretty, but still have low self esteem?: counselor, anxiety - Psychology
  65. Why do people who have lots of kids when they're young act as though they are old by their late 30s?: woman, mom - Psychology
  66. How do you cope with feeling expendable and unimportant?: therapy, mentally, men - Psychology
  67. Is it normal to grow angrier as one grows older?: everything - Psychology
  68. I hate my skin color. Is there still hope for me?: therapy - Psychology
  69. is love only a spontaneous emotion?: marriage, relationship, feelings, people - Psychology
  70. Why can't I stop watching Hoarders?: mentally, husband, parent, animals - Psychology
  71. Psychology behind Domestic Violence: sociopaths, counselor, men, woman
  72. It most people will be barbaric to others if they believe they deserve it: men, woman - Psychology
  73. High Sensitive People and Online Activity: introvert, anxiety, mentally, issues - Psychology
  74. Do you sincerely mourn for killed in Boston and Western TX?: mom, emotion - Psychology
  75. Why do I think every guy likes me?: narcissistic, thoughts, unconsciously - Psychology
  76. Safe Toilet Syndrome: husband, problems, people, everything - Psychology
  77. do negative thoughts(wether true or false) effect our physical health?: attracted, parent - Psychology
  78. Laziness: thoughts, people - Psychology
  79. Your in denial Extraversion is normal and the way to be!: introvert, introversion - Psychology
  80. new DSM V is out: addiction, parent, problems, people - Psychology
  81. Not sure if this is a way of making sure you never get abused?: men, dating - Psychology
  82. Overbearing, critical moms= wimpy sons?: introvert, introversion, anxiety, boyfriend - Psychology
  83. Childless (not childfree) men more depressed than childless women: woman, parent, responsibility - Psychology
  84. Getting angry when someone cuts you off in traffic: woman, thoughts, people - Psychology
  85. SIck of people who I am right there for who do not return the favor: parent, emotion - Psychology
  86. What your sneeze says about you: introvert, parent, people - Psychology
  87. What would inspire someone to get this tattoo?: boyfriend, girlfriend, abusive - Psychology
  88. Why Do We Study Narcissism So Much?: sociopaths, narcissists, dating - Psychology
  89. Declaring normal behavior as stupid: men, people - Psychology
  90. This is disgusting!!!: toxic, people - Psychology
  91. Do you think we'd be happier if we stop thinking ourselves entitled?: fixate, college - Psychology
  92. Is today's society making us scatterbrained?: college, people, everything - Psychology
  93. Anatomy of human brain, reproduction and attraction: men, woman, husband - Psychology
  94. I think I have a concentration/focusing problem (and other problems): counselor, mentally - Psychology
  95. Not sure how to reconcile feelings.: mentally, men, husband - Psychology
  96. Be A Man: Macho Advertising Promotes Hyper-Masculine Behavior, Study Finds: psychologist, men - Psychology
  97. Bipolar?: depressed, girls, father, emotion - Psychology
  98. i'm blank- i can't find my emotions: psychologist, counselor, depressed - Psychology
  99. Psychopaths or Sociopaths?: inability, problems, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  100. Mother constantly Rejects Me: counselor, mentally, men, mom - Psychology
  101. Can a person with a super high IQ handle a boring job as well as someone with a low IQ?: emotion, people - Psychology
  102. Is this normal to hate motherhood?: woman, husband, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  103. Is it to love and hate your spouse?: attracted, parent, marriage - Psychology
  104. Why do we only get worked up over sensational tragedy?: parent, people - Psychology
  105. Would you say my sister's tenant a sociopath?: sociopaths, narcissistic, fixate - Psychology
  106. Why would she keep talking to me if she doesn't intend to pay me back?: dating, thoughts - Psychology
  107. Why do people mock who are not standard size?: weight, adult - Psychology
  108. What part of a pleasant event do you gain the most satisfaction from?: introvert, dating - Psychology
  109. Two coworkers sit inches from each other, never talked, odd?: people - Psychology
  110. Counseling! Why Not?: psychologist, addiction, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  111. Oedipus Complex or Electra complex?: addiction, therapy, boyfriend, mom - Psychology
  112. Inability to love: psychologist, sociopath, counselor, narcissist - Psychology
  113. Do you ever get the feeling...: thoughts, people, everything - Psychology
  114. Losing the will to live...: addiction, therapy, depressed, mentally - Psychology
  115. Abandonment issues and self-fulfilling prophecy: therapy, boyfriend, woman, girlfriend - Psychology
  116. Many ladies want a submissive hubby dressed fem?: therapy, men, dating - Psychology
  117. Don't like being called smart: college, parent, issues, majors - Psychology
  118. Are there actually licensed psychologists or pharmacists?: addiction, issues - Psychology
  119. What constructs your reality?: husband, parent, adult, people - Psychology
  120. Coping with Envy/Jealousy: men, girlfriend, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  121. In which situations do you feel shame?: people - Psychology
  122. How different do you think it'd be psychologically to be the other gender?: men, woman - Psychology
  123. Are gun nuts basically just narcissists with guns?: abusive, issues, people - Psychology
  124. Is mental health treatment a crock?: psychologist, counselor, therapy, mom - Psychology
  125. who exert very little planning or forsight: mentally, college, problems - Psychology
  126. Long term effects of bullying...: introvert, vindictive, therapy, college - Psychology
  127. why do christians resent people who meditate? - Psychology
  128. The ultimate about negative vs. positive: anxiety, mentally, dating - Psychology
  129. Happiness - A couple of questions.: addict, people, everything - Psychology
  130. solutions to stopping nervousness: anxiety, college, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  131. Why are people 'naturally' more popular and well-liked than others?: emotion, relationship - Psychology
  132. Do you suffer fools gladly?: inability, anxiety, depressed, relationship - Psychology
  133. to be happy with a job you hate?: narcissist, college, issues - Psychology
  134. Type A Personality - Personal Inquiry: introvert, inability, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  135. What can we learn from the Tampa Bay sinkhole tragedy?: complex, problems - Psychology
  136. Teenage Consoling/Therapy: psychologist, counselor, mentally, parent - Psychology
  137. Do men ever 'go gay' out of desperation?: attracted, complex, parent - Psychology
  138. What's the Psychology Behind Women/Men Selling Their Bodies Or Using their looks exclusively to make money?: attractive, complex
  139. Depressed about turning 20: college, weight, adult, people - Psychology
  140. denying the Holocaust - what is that all about?: men, thoughts, people - Psychology
  141. Your name.: husband, college, father - Psychology
  142. Choosing Happiness - Is It Really That Simple???: anxiety, depressed, husband - Psychology
  143. Are people who are judged as negative misunderstood? What makes a person negative ?: woman, parent - Psychology
  144. Becoming someone online.: emotion, people - Psychology
  145. NOT shy, but still an introvert?: introversion, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  146. Your anger style: sociopaths, thoughts, passive, abusive - Psychology
  147. Does feel like they are a bore?: college, thoughts, relationship - Psychology
  148. How psychopaths interact with other psychopaths?: psychologist, people - Psychology
  149. Why is the male suicide rate so high?: psychologist, inability, men - Psychology
  150. Have you ever got into a blind rage? What's the angriest ever got?: woman, issues - Psychology
  151. What makes someone shallow in your opinion?: narcissistic, thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  152. I am not human inside... read: sociopath, narcissistic, therapy - Psychology
  153. Are IQ and memory STRONGLY positively correlated?: mentally, college, problems - Psychology
  154. Legalizing Prostitution: therapy, men, woman, attracted - Psychology
  155. Believe it or not: 40 yo man goes crying to his mother after a discussion: men, issues - Psychology
  156. Absurdly extreme fear of Groveling: people - Psychology
  157. Self-Help Industry-> An Addiction?: psychologist, counselor, therapy, parent - Psychology
  158. What are your main fears?: therapy, parent, responsibility, people - Psychology
  159. get depressed on sundays only?: parent, everything - Psychology
  160. have you ever loved someone (a family member or friend) to your own detriment?: abusive, issues - Psychology
  161. Unhealthy relationship with mother?!?: addiction, girlfriend, issues, emotion - Psychology
  162. How to come to terms with the realization of your own cognitive capacity?: college, parent - Psychology
  163. Are people more selfish and self absorbed today.: narcissistic, college, thoughts - Psychology
  164. Husband overly affectionate in front of parents and family: woman, marriage - Psychology
  165. Dealing with unproductive teammates: parent, problems, responsibility, emotion - Psychology
  166. What causes people to stop answering your once a troll starts? - Psychology
  167. No means “NO”, not yes...or ..: psychologist, addiction, counselor - Psychology
  168. Fbi????: people - Psychology
  169. I can't seem to stop thinking of my own death.: anxiety, thoughts - Psychology
  170. Fear of theft: anxiety, mentally, mom, relationship - Psychology
  171. Spring Cleaning...: anxiety, emotion, feelings, people - Psychology
  172. Tell Me About Schizoaffective and Bipolar Disorders: counselor, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  173. Public persona vs. private persona-- ever know a Two Face ?: feelings, people - Psychology
  174. Never been jealous?: boyfriend, dating, woman, girlfriend - Psychology
  175. Reasons Why Our Behavior Changes Around People: humans, responsibility - Psychology
  176. My Little Pony Corrals Unlikely Fanboys Known as ‘Bronies’: men, college, parent - Psychology
  177. Playing lotteries....: problems, people - Psychology
  178. The idea of generational victimhood-- did out parents just not know better?: therapy, woman - Psychology
  179. Pulling yourself up by the boostraps...what are your thoughts on it?: addiction, anxiety - Psychology
  180. working on positive thoughts: abusive, problems, people, everything - Psychology
  181. INFJs and Service: introvert, people - Psychology
  182. I don't have thoughts or feelings anymore...: people - Psychology
  183. Hot Flash of Racist Feelings!: dating, woman, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  184. Why do women do this?: men, girls, emotion, people - Psychology
  185. Can people really change?: introvert, therapy, characteristics, thoughts - Psychology
  186. Has saying Thank You gone completely out of style?: parent, people - Psychology
  187. No idea where to post this ...: thoughts, people - Psychology
  188. why are people discouraged from committing suicide?: therapy, depressed, mentally - Psychology
  189. Patrick Stewart asks 1 million men to help end violence against women.: woman, abusive - Psychology
  190. Is this as good as it gets? Am I suffering from depression?: psychologist, counselor - Psychology
  191. What to say to a bully: passive, parent, emotion, adult - Psychology
  192. I've become increasingly bitter with humanity, and it has caused my to value my own life less?: depressed, college - Psychology
  193. Mens Rules ???: men, girlfriend, marriage, relationship - Psychology
  194. Alpha People Analysis Cases.: addict, woman, college, abusive - Psychology
  195. How to buy happiness - Psychology
  196. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping......for negative emotions: thoughts - Psychology
  197. Two books that she says have helped her - Psychology
  198. The one in the Middle - Psychology
  199. Current and female smokers wanted for a 5 minute survey: weight - Psychology
  200. Cell Phone Panic Syndrome (phone breaks or locks up): anxiety, people - Psychology