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  107. Post Op Open Heart Surgery & L-VAD pump: aging, Medicare, facility - Caregiving
  108. Do you think the person you are caring for has a moral right to know a bad prognosis?: adult, parent - Caregiving
  109. I am 25 with elderly, sick parents. I feel very overwhelmed and need help!: child, adult - Caregiving
  110. A venting ..: child, parent, spouse, father - Caregiving
  111. Vent. Where does a caregiver find support if relative does not want to share that he is disabled?: child, adult - Caregiving
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  113. Returning to work after caregiving: child, spouse, Medicaid, waiver
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  121. living with a diabetic in denial: spouse, father, friend, family - Caregiving
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  123. My dad fell this morning and I called 911: father - Caregiving
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  126. Taking care of mom/dad decision.: child, parent, spouse, father - Caregiving
  127. They took care of you so it's your turn to take care of them,: child, adult - Caregiving
  128. Advice on how to help sister with cancer (in another state): parent, assisted - Caregiving
  129. Mother with Alz. dementia threatening suicide if she stays in assisted living.: child, relative - Caregiving
  130. I have to take my 73 yr old mom to Cardiologist Heart Arrhythmia: parent, money - Caregiving
  131. Caring for aging Mother or Graduate School?: money, relative, senior - Caregiving
  132. Parents smell like Mold/Mildew: child, adult, senior, friend - Caregiving
  133. Sundowner Syndrome: child, adult, parent, spouse - Caregiving
  134. Nanny (Elderly) Cams: money, in home, assisted, siblings - Caregiving
  135. Life and Death in Assisted Living on Frontline tonight: parent, father - Caregiving
  136. Visit the dieing, while you still can.: child, parent, spouse - Caregiving
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  138. Nursing home making mom leave: relative, Medicaid, handicapped, Medicare - Caregiving
  139. Can an Alzheimer's patient revoke their power of attorney because they don't want to live in an ALF?: adult, parent - Caregiving
  140. Cousins work together to clear out elderly aunts house. Teamwork and Caring go hand in hand.: child, parent - Caregiving
  141. Mom with dementia, in assisted living demanding to come home.: child, father - Caregiving
  142. How to initiate conversation with elderly parent on bathroom cleanliness: child, father - Caregiving
  143. Caregivers: How do you handle toileting your loved ones in a public place?: parent, father - Caregiving
  144. Your Thoughts - To Visit Patient Or Not - Family Acting Funny/Rude: child, parent - Caregiving
  145. Have you learned anything?: child, parent, father, Medicaid - Caregiving
  146. Heart attack at age 96.: relative, assisted, grandmother, facility - Caregiving
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  148. Emotionally Abusive Stepfather: child, adult, parent, siblings - Caregiving
  149. Who do I contact?: money, assisted, facility - Caregiving
  150. 90 year-old mom refuses to eat. What do I do?: child, adult, spouse - Caregiving
  151. Memory impaired mom just won't allow us to administer her meds: father, assisted - Caregiving
  152. Advice on Father's Post Stroke Care Situation: child, adult, relative - Caregiving
  153. Move? 91yr mother/dementia in nursing home: child, father, Medicaid - Caregiving
  154. Nursing Home/Assisted Living: Private Pay or Medicaid?: parent, money, relative - Caregiving
  155. Dementia- Aricept: relative, assisted, siblings, family - Caregiving
  156. of you who have cared for your elderly parents - what do you suggest as a great elder care plan to put in place?: father, money - Caregiving
  157. walked into a nightmare: child, adult, parent, money - Caregiving
  158. Goodbye is so sudden: child, parent, payment, facility - Caregiving
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  160. Dad wants to allow mom-who has dementia and cancer- drive: child, parent - Caregiving
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  162. What should I do about my mother?: child, adult, father - Caregiving
  163. OK, we have 2 nice ladies lined up to assist/help: child, adult - Caregiving
  164. Visited my elderly neighbor today.: child, parent, father, money - Caregiving
  165. Dementia: money, friend, family, mother - Caregiving
  166. Hiring Private Caregiver: Plus, Minus, Taxes, Salary: parent, father, money - Caregiving
  167. I used to go visit people in a retirement home....: child, parent - Caregiving
  168. Grandpa is slowly dying in another country: father, relative, grandmother - Caregiving
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  170. Adult Services I never heard of this stuff...: child, parent, father - Caregiving
  171. Need a place to vent: father, disabled, friend, family - Caregiving
  172. UPDATE: Getting Mom's House Ready to Sell (long, long, long): parent, disabled - Caregiving
  173. Moved my grandfather into a memorey care facility today :(: child, parent, assisted - Caregiving
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  175. Hospice: father, Medicaid, assisted, - Caregiving
  176. When a loved one dies: child, parent, spouse, father - Caregiving
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  178. MIL - Still functional but early-stage Alzheimers/Dementia: parent, spouse, relative - Caregiving
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  180. How much do CNA`s charge for sitter/caregiver?: parent, money, relative - Caregiving
  181. Nursing Home Thefts by Staff: child, father, money, relative - Caregiving
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  187. NEW DOL regs affect family caregivers: father, relative, payment, mother - Caregiving
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  191. HOW To Move An Elderly Person to Assisted Living/Memory Care: child, parent - Caregiving
  192. She's back...........: child, parent, father, money - Caregiving
  193. help. This is all so confusing to me. 85 yr old grandfather helath declining fast.: child, adult - Caregiving
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