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  73. I don't love my husband anymore. He is an awful, aweful human being.: child, father - Caregiving
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  108. Assisted living: father, senior, aging, disabled - Caregiving
  109. Single, 46 year old stuck taking care of parents. Advice....: adult, money, Medicaid - Caregiving
  110. Everyone offers advice and no help: parent, money, relative, Medicaid - Caregiving
  111. Where can your elderly parents turn to for basic in person Smartphone troubleshooting?: money, senior - Caregiving
  112. Two tough lessons I learned today: parent, money, relative, Medicaid - Caregiving
  113. News, Sheriff: 92-year-old refuses assisted living, shoots and kills son in Arizona: friend, facility - Caregiving
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  115. Sell parents' house, add on to brother/caregiver's house?: spouse, money, Medicaid - Caregiving
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  118. Joining the crowd and asking for help on how to start - Caregiving
  119. Setting up a life estate?: child, parent, spouse, money - Caregiving
  120. Mom needs a higher level of care but us 4 sisters agree: child, parent - Caregiving
  121. Dementia false memory: child, family, mother - Caregiving
  122. Chair lift on on outside of house?: father, handicapped, disabled - Caregiving
  123. Siblings at Odds over Caregiving Responsibilities: child, parent, father, relative
  124. Frustrating doesn't begin to describe it: adult, relative, grandmother - Caregiving
  125. Did watch the 60 Minutes segment on being a caregiver last night?: child, dementia - Caregiving
  126. Being on a parent’s bank/financial accounts: father, money, Medicaid - Caregiving
  127. about Residential Home: adult, parent, money, relative - Caregiving
  128. The sibling who lives closest doesn't drive: child, adult, parent - Caregiving
  129. Direct Discussion of Why This is Allowed: parent, father, relative - Caregiving
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  135. respite care: child, adult, parent, money - Caregiving
  136. Parent with cancer lying to oncologist about side effects...: child, adult, disabled - Caregiving
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  141. Inquiring Through Agencies About A Temporary Home Companion: money, relative, assisted - Caregiving
  142. doctor refused to let you leave nursing home - Caregiving
  143. Another study says caregiving is bad for health of the caregiver: child, adult
  144. Really appreciative of this time: child, parent, grandmother, facility - Caregiving
  145. Is it for an elderly person (86yo) to live at home with help if they can't stand on their own?: parent, money - Caregiving
  146. Caregivers developing dementia: friend, family, mother - Caregiving
  147. What should I expect from a nursing home at this level of care? - Caregiving
  148. Meyers Cocktail-type treatment for the elderly: relative, friend, family - Caregiving
  149. What is the appropriate way to hire for someone who needs round-the-clock care?: adult, money - Caregiving
  150. caregiver groups, love em, hate em, neutral?: spouse, senior, friend - Caregiving
  151. What happens to a seriously disabled person if his only caretaking relative dies without leaving a will?: child, adult - Caregiving
  152. My brother has Alzheimer's and I don't know what to do.: father, assisted - Caregiving
  153. Choosing to stop dialysis.: relative, friend, facility, dementia - Caregiving
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  155. All you caregivers, just curious: parent, grandmother, dementia, family - Caregiving
  156. Coffee Machine/Maker for Elderly: assisted, facility - Caregiving
  157. Can relative with dementia refuse to go to assisted living?: adult, father - Caregiving
  158. Family or friends always staying with patient when hospitalized...: child, parent, father - Caregiving
  159. I'm just sad tonight and hope for shoulders to cry on: parent, father - Caregiving
  160. How much to push for safer living conditions.: senior, family - Caregiving
  161. Venting About Caregiving and Life in General: child, adult, parent
  162. family member, one with dementia, spouse, no eldercare plan: child, adult, parent - Caregiving
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  168. Does Medicaid give more help at home than Medicare?: adult, father, money - Caregiving
  169. Burn out taking care of someone with Bi-polar and schizophrenia.: child, adult - Caregiving
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  171. Mom wants a cat...: money, assisted, friend, dementia - Caregiving
  172. Step-mother didn't TELL us!: child, adult, parent, spouse - Caregiving
  173. share your ideas for funeral/memorial services - what you'd do the same and what you'd do differently: child, parent - Caregiving
  174. For people who feel tired and guilty.. think about this: child, parent - Caregiving
  175. Just feeling so burned out!: child, adult, parent, spouse - Caregiving
  176. Sigh....need to find nursing home for mom...stat - Palmdale CA: child, parent - Caregiving
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