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  108. pray for my Aunt: child, aging, family, mother - Caregiving
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  115. Elderly caregiving fees?: child, parent, father, relative
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  119. What is fair in regards to a will when one adult child does all the caregiving?: parent, father
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  133. How Do You Handle Meals?: child, parent, father, senior - Caregiving
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  135. Elderly Seniors Who Will Not Change Their Clothes: parent, father, money - Caregiving
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  147. Elder Entitlement: child, parent, father, relative - Caregiving
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  149. Waiting for my real life to begin- pursuing goals while caretaking: child, adult - Caregiving
  150. Caregivers: your experiences?: child, parent, father, relative - Caregiving
  151. Caregivers/Caretakers, what's the difference?: adult, parent, father, aging - Caregiving
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  153. know how to transfer to a nursing home in a different state with medicare?: parent, father - Caregiving
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  157. Caregiving the New Normal for Boomers: child, adult, parent
  158. Respite care - know if there is FREE respite care anywhere?: adult, parent - Caregiving
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  174. Bed Hold Policy in Nursing Homes: money, Medicaid, friend, payment - Caregiving
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  179. Are we open for business - Caregiving
  180. To full code, or not to full code.. A small vent: parent, relative - Caregiving
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  192. Has had to deal with someone who is 70% deaf and won't use their hearing aid?: child, adult - Caregiving
  193. Elderly Father Burns Caregiver Daughter, Accuses her of Abuse: child, adult, parent - Caregiving
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