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  48. Dallas Based Rusty Taco Set To Open 2nd Location In Tyler Out of 50 More Planned Across Texas & Oklahoma: Austin: restaurants - (TX)
  49. Tyler Area Filipino's Aiming To Set New Guiness Book of World Record For Most Egg Rolls Rolled In One Sitting: Longview: to work - Texas (TX)
  50. What are good volunteer opportunies in the Tyler area?: Longview: house, live in - Texas (TX)
  51. Tyler's Very Own Earl Christian Campbell AKA Tyler Rose Cuts Ribbon For Opening Ceremony Of Earl Campbell Parkway Today: Longview: offices - Texas (TX)
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  53. road lanes: Tyler: parking, county, street - Texas (TX)
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  63. Loop 323: congested, drive, traffic - Tyler, Texas (TX)
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  106. Organic Produce co-op forming in Lindale Tx: live in, store - Tyler, Texas (TX)
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  118. 3 par golf in Tyler: Longview - Texas (TX)
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  122. Props 1 & 2 PASS By Overwhelming Majority Of Citizens, Tyler Goes WET!: Longview: sales, home - Texas (TX)
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  134. Tyler Texas???: Dallas, Whitehouse, Lindale: transplants, for rent, crime - (TX)
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  144. Congratulations, Tyler!: Lubbock, Amarillo, Orange: white, black, green - Texas (TX)
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  152. Over 300 8-16 foot tall trees planted in the City of Tyler over the weekend: Jacksonville: landscaping, construction - Texas (TX)
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  156. which city is more has more diversity nacogdoches or tyler: university, versus - Texas (TX)
  157. Will Tyler get a freeway system in the future?: Houston: real estate, neighborhoods - Texas (TX)
  158. Sooo...Tyler/East Texas DOES have an officially recognized Gay & Lesbian community: Houston: metro, area - (TX)
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  166. Taking on the ice & snow: yard, land - Texas (TX)
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  169. Tyler, Texas?: Houston, Dallas, Galveston: hotels, home, unemployed - (TX)
  170. Chipotle & Corner Stone Bakery Coming Soon to Tyler: Dallas: house, restaurants - Texas (TX)
  171. if the Tyler and Lindale area are gay friendly, or have much of a gay community?: Houston: theatre, university - Texas (TX)
  172. Univ.Of Texas at Tyler vs Stephen F. Austin Univ at Nacogdoches: Lufkin: apartment, house - (TX)
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  180. Tyler Officials Signing Agreement With DART For Future Rail Line: Houston: appointed, casinos - Texas (TX)
  181. Tyler Officials Signing Agreement With DART For Future Rail Line: Houston: shop, bus - Texas (TX)
  182. City of Tyler to be named 'Community of the Year': Fort Worth: association, communities - Texas (TX)
  183. new world wines--where to buy: Tyler: required, party - Texas (TX)
  184. Help! Feeling bored - what are good volunteer organizations in the Longview area?: Tyler: education - Texas (TX)
  185. apartment window screens: Home Depot, buy, prefab - Tyler, Texas (TX)
  186. UT Tyler expands to Houston and creates engineering center: lease, transfer to - Texas (TX)
  187. Home for Sale Tyler Texas: Whitehouse: neighborhood, great, white - (TX)
  188. Camp Davis Stone-Bullard: Tyler: contractors, live, delivery - Texas (TX)
  189. Tyler Pipe Leaving Mark On NYC's Freedom Tower: business - Texas (TX)
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  192. Woo-Hoo,I think Tyler is getting a Whole foods: costs, moving to - Texas (TX)
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  198. G By Guess Clothing & Fashion to take over former Gap store in Tyler's Broadway Square Mall: Houston: stores - Texas (TX)
  199. Tyler Airport Receives $8.372-Million Grant From FAA: West, Industry: sales, taxi - Texas (TX)
  200. More Than 9,000 Signatures Puts Alcohol Sales On Ballot This November Despite Protests From Opposition: Tyler: required - Texas (TX)