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  1. Will arrive in Fargo ND 12/14...Wish me Luck!: license, car - North Dakota
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  10. Bakken Oil Field from space: science, video, online - North Dakota (ND)
  11. Do they need LPN/CNA/FIRST AID people on site at the oil patch 4 minor accidents? what is the job title/pay? THANKS!!!: medical - North Dakota (ND)
  12. RV Parking: Minot: how much, shop, park - North Dakota (ND)
  13. Best Foreign Car Repair Shops in Western North Dakota: Fargo: cars, places (ND)
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  16. Owner Operators: Williston, Killdeer: lease, prices, military - North Dakota (ND)
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  21. How long will this boom last in the Dakotas? Years????: Tioga: how much, living - North Dakota (ND)
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  23. Oil Field Sales Jobs?: rental, custom home, salary - North Dakota (ND)
  24. Online Training Available: Williston: credit, schools, community college - North Dakota (ND)
  25. Falling through the cracks: Minot, Hope: sales, employment, live in - North Dakota (ND)
  26. Sources to find housing: Fargo, Bismarck: apartments, rental, insurance - North Dakota (ND)
  27. Husband/Wife teams in the patch?: Minot: for rent, how much, housing - North Dakota (ND)
  28. rent an apartment in Bismarck: Mandan: apartments, for rent, property management - North Dakota (ND)
  29. White collars for the oil boom?: Williston, Tioga: RV park, for sale, real estate - North Dakota (ND)
  30. RV Explodes In Front Of Gas Station: Minot, Williston: daycare, buy - North Dakota (ND)
  31. Rental Fee Including Heat?: rentals, home, tenant - North Dakota (ND)
  32. Fatal crashes in oil patch double of 2010: Minot, Williston: to live, stats - North Dakota (ND)
  33. Upcoming Job Fairs?: shop, housing, prevent - North Dakota (ND)
  34. Mancamps, Work Rotations and Who Pays for it?: hotel, home - North Dakota (ND)
  35. Happy Thanksgiving: Grand Forks: find a job, shops, safe - North Dakota (ND)
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  40. journey to Beulah, ND: Bismarck, Dickinson: how much, home, contractor - North Dakota
  41. vehicles: apartment, renting, oil - North Dakota (ND)
  42. How to get best results on ND jobs?: Dickinson, Williston: employment, buy - North Dakota
  43. Alternative housing in the Plains, interesting article: 2015, houses - North Dakota (ND)
  44. Heads up out west....colder weather on the way: Grand Forks: to live in, military - North Dakota (ND)
  45. Summer fall spring?: Minot: complaints, summers, dates - North Dakota (ND)
  46. Article about the housing siuation in Minot: contractors, move to - North Dakota (ND)
  47. Do they use of small engines on oil fields?: Fargo: to rent, university - North Dakota (ND)
  48. New York Times ND mancamp article 11.25.11: camps, homeless, state - North Dakota
  49. Is North Dakota for me?: Bismarck, Williston: real estate, low crime, construction (ND)
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  56. I'm going to move naked.: Fargo, Bismarck: apartment, rent, hotel - North Dakota (ND)
  57. Unemployment Tax Deductions: Williston: hotel, deductible, taxes - North Dakota (ND)
  58. Is waiting a year (Spring 2013) a better idea?: Dickinson, Williston: homes, job market - North Dakota (ND)
  59. RV Living: Williston, Watford City, Hope: renting, motorhome, buying - North Dakota (ND)
  60. What about Plumbing, I need a job. Master Plumber: how much, new construction - North Dakota (ND)
  61. What's the used car market like?: Bismarck, Minot: buying, living in, prices - North Dakota (ND)
  62. Heckman Corp on Mad Money - Shale/Fracking/Water video: house, live - North Dakota (ND)
  63. ND May Sue EPA Over EPA`s Proposed Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation: 2015, unemployed - North Dakota
  64. Looking to find Work in ND, No experience in Oil Rig sites or Construction: Williston: landscaping - North Dakota
  65. Can I put my state down as reference?: live in, move to - North Dakota (ND)
  66. Dispatcher Positions: Hope: salary, train, oil - North Dakota (ND)
  67. Oil Job Dictionary- what do words mean: gas, jobs - North Dakota (ND)
  68. Bismarck Tribune Update to ND EPA Fracking ban article: Killdeer: news, worst - North Dakota
  69. Move over North Dakota.: Hope: best cities, oil, housing (ND)
  70. A Poor College Grad and His Father... Can We Make it Work?: loans - North Dakota (ND)
  71. Got a job... now need a place in Minot: Hope: apartment, rentals - North Dakota (ND)
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  73. Nickname for transplants?: Williston: moving to, oil, work - North Dakota (ND)
  74. Benefits?: insurance, deductible, vacation - North Dakota (ND)
  75. Physical requirements for Halliburton?: oil, yard, health - North Dakota (ND)
  76. How to find work in ND?: Minot: apartment, mortgage, hotel - North Dakota
  77. Electronic tech wages in the oilfield?: Williston: company, paid, rain - North Dakota (ND)
  78. Got an Interview: Dickinson, Hope: homes, housing, best - North Dakota (ND)
  79. What are of the best Oil or drilling companies to work for in the ND area?: Williston: home - North Dakota
  80. Mobile Home Parks (Williston, Dickinson, Minot): Fargo, West Fargo: for sale, find a job, buying - North Dakota (ND)
  81. What to do in that time?: Fargo, Grand Forks: living in, shop, buses - North Dakota (ND)
  82. Fallout after 10/31 News Segment: Williston: bills, money, paycheck - North Dakota (ND)
  83. Is there a need for Landscape Contractors?: Minot, Williston: house, landscaping - North Dakota (ND)
  84. lumber yards and laborers: Minot, Williston: insurance, homes, bankrupt - North Dakota (ND)
  85. Warm weather pests: Williston: house, living in, moving to - North Dakota (ND)
  86. coverall or bib: purchase, vs., safety - North Dakota (ND)
  87. Happy Veterans Day!: Williston, Hope: neighborhood, military, recruiter - North Dakota (ND)
  88. Job fair to interested.: Minot, Williston: camps, shopper, to move - North Dakota (ND)
  89. ND besides the oil boom: Bismarck, Grand Forks: loan, house, construction - North Dakota
  90. What is living like in Grand Forks, North Dakota?: Fargo: homes, university (ND)
  91. Can someone clarify this?: Fargo, Grand Forks: live in, dangerous, move to - North Dakota (ND)
  92. work for Weatherford?: sales, cities, pay - North Dakota (ND)
  93. Alternative Labor Intensive Jobs in Oil: houses, warehouse, yard - North Dakota (ND)
  94. Applying to Halliburton Online: job, applications, listing - North Dakota (ND)
  95. Motorcycle Tech. Hope the state needs one?: shop, builder - North Dakota (ND)
  96. investment and development in northwest north dakota: Williston, Watford City: purchase, camps - North Dakota (ND)
  97. Rotation Schedules for Frac Operators: shop, vacation, company - North Dakota (ND)
  98. Moving to Grand Forks or Fargo next summer!: Hillsboro: how much, buying - North Dakota (ND)
  99. What did you wear to the job fair?: Hope: transfer, moving - North Dakota (ND)
  100. Nursing jobs besides the hard labor: Fargo, Bismarck: job openings, oil - North Dakota (ND)
  101. Never been to a job fair, what should you carry?: best, business - North Dakota (ND)
  102. A Battle for Oil Production Is Brewing: to buy, prices - North Dakota (ND)
  103. NPR: Oil Boom Puts Strain On North Dakota Towns: Fargo: school districts, income (ND)
  104. Truth about the boom: Williston: sex offender, home, camper - North Dakota (ND)
  105. 50+ Jobs opening up at Bobcat in Gwinner: Fargo, Bismarck: for rent, hotels - North Dakota (ND)
  106. what do you look like: best, pictures, reduce - North Dakota (ND)
  107. Leaving 12/10 with the whole family: Fargo, Bismarck: hotel, house, find a job - North Dakota (ND)
  108. jobs in oil patch: home, camps, living - North Dakota (ND)
  109. Is it true that North Dakota is the second-happiest state to live?: Minot: low crime, home (ND)
  110. - woman on who work or live in the man camps? whats it like? Thanks!: Williston: rent, how much - North Dakota (ND)
  111. Just arrived in Bismarck from FL: Fargo, Minot: buy, closing, live in - North Dakota (ND)
  112. forum folks that found oil related jobs, How You Doing??, ??: Minot: home, find a job - North Dakota (ND)
  113. Im gonna puke, wth!: Bismarck, York: real estate, apartment, rentals - North Dakota (ND)
  114. (Potentially) Relocating to Fargo. How do you like living there?: Bottineau: school, university - North Dakota (ND)
  115. BNSF Needs Workers: Burlington, Hunter: home, to buy, maintenance - North Dakota (ND)
  116. Walking to North Dakota: Jamestown, Williston: best city, look for a job, camping (ND)
  117. articles and information about fracking: Williston, Hunter: home, school, safe - North Dakota (ND)
  118. Flying into North Dakota: Grand Forks, Mountain: hotel, live in, restaurant (ND)
  119. Energy 'fracking' boom tainted by EPA finding contaminants: Williston, Hope: home, neighborhoods - North Dakota (ND)
  120. I can not find cleaning/housekeeping/cooking helper jobs or other no exp type jobs in man camps - help: Williston: rent, insurance - North Dakota (ND)
  121. get anything through that Halliburton guy in Texas that posted a couple of weeks ago??: Minot: employment, restaurant - North Dakota (ND)
  122. You're nuts if you think you can live in your car in North Dakota this winter , Minot Daily News Blog: Williston: apartment complexes, for rent (ND)
  123. relocating to Jamestown (nothing to do with oil): Fargo: find a job, high school - North Dakota (ND)
  124. Be careful Iowa roads: Fargo, Bismarck: RV park, how much, move - North Dakota (ND)
  125. Would love to hear from Texans in North Dakota!: Bismarck: how much, home (ND)
  126. What clothes do you suggest?: Williston, Hope: find a job, to buy, live in - North Dakota (ND)
  127. Could this happen in N.D.?: Williston, Ray: appliances, buy, live - North Dakota (ND)
  128. vet looking for work: Minot, Minot AFB: hotel, camp, living in - North Dakota (ND)
  129. health care jobs in the oil patch? good paying jobs? LPN, CNA, HOME HEALTH AID, CAREGIVER, PHLEBOTOMIST? idea?: Fargo: how much, house - North Dakota (ND)
  130. Office Space: Minot, Dickinson, Jamestown: for sale, lease, insurance - North Dakota (ND)
  131. Real estate market: Williston, Hunter: for sale, rentals, second mortgage - North Dakota (ND)
  132. Oil Jobs - Rockin the Bakken website: Bismarck, Dickinson: apartments, job openings - North Dakota (ND)
  133. Do LOCAL companies pay better than big companies?: leases, insurance - North Dakota (ND)
  134. Keystone XL Pipeline Delayed 18 Months - Thanks Obama: Dickinson, Burlington: moving, bill - North Dakota (ND)
  135. Nightmare on Peachtree St.!!: fit in, apartment, transporting - North Dakota (ND)
  136. Job growth occurring in the east as well: Fargo, Bismarck: apartments, how much - North Dakota (ND)
  137. Looks like the fun might be over.: earthquakes, oil - North Dakota (ND)
  138. E&P Wireline Service, working for them in Minot ND???: Williston: real estate, how much - North Dakota
  139. Out of state CDL class A ........: Williston: fingerprints, home, transfer - North Dakota (ND)
  140. Chances with a Misdeameanor?: how much, felony, lawyer - North Dakota (ND)
  141. Videos from an EX-oilrig Worker... Highly recommended.: Williston: to buy, zip code - North Dakota (ND)
  142. Woman dies of carbon monoxide in oil field camper: Williston: appliances, how much - North Dakota (ND)
  143. Wives of Oil Workers: Bismarck, Dickinson: apartment, crime, home - North Dakota (ND)
  144. ND Jobs.: closing, taxes, to move - North Dakota
  145. Under Armour for cold weather????: home, buying, military - North Dakota (ND)
  146. NDSU or UND?: Fargo, Grand Forks: how much, house, transfer to - North Dakota
  147. Can you work 20 hour days?: home, contractor, to live - North Dakota (ND)
  148. Winter weather clothing advice (work outdoors): Williston, Hunter: buy, stores, safety - North Dakota (ND)
  149. UND Fighting Sioux nickname a non-oil field: Center: home, schools - North Dakota
  150. What are good areas to look for housing outside the BOOM area?: Fargo: best city, for sale - North Dakota (ND)
  151. Renting an RV in Bakken: Williston: RV park, subletting, for rent - North Dakota (ND)
  152. What does Halliburton pay?: Dickinson, Williston: condo, how much, houses - North Dakota (ND)
  153. we made it to ND!: Fargo, Bismarck: apartment, lease, month to - North Dakota
  154. relocating to North Dakota: Fargo, Bismarck: find a job, construction, college (ND)
  155. Sane advice about ND winter car/tent camping: Williston, Stanley: apartment, renting - North Dakota
  156. You may not get a $20/hr job: lease, find a job - North Dakota (ND)
  157. North Dakota Job Alternatives: Williston, Hope: hotel, find a job, transfer (ND)
  158. No more hiring!: Bismarck, Dickinson, Williston: apartment, manufacturing, offices - North Dakota (ND)
  159. N.D. Deployment Date: insurance, unemployment, move - North Dakota (ND)
  160. Best Oil company to work for?: Williston: apartment, contractors, college - North Dakota (ND)
  161. Baker Hughes Job Fair for Equipment Operators and Mechanics in Lakeland, FL Nov 9, 2011: Williston: calculation, price - North Dakota (ND)
  162. job fair: wedding, living, floor - North Dakota (ND)
  163. H2S ALIVE training in U.S.A ???: Williston: how much, schools - North Dakota (ND)
  164. Turtle Mountain Tribe Bans Fracking: Minot, Dunseith: lease, unemployed, live - North Dakota (ND)
  165. Cost of a gallon of 2% milk where you are............: Fargo: co-op, how much - North Dakota (ND)
  166. maxum petroleum: Hope: transport, housing, company - North Dakota (ND)
  167. The Worst Drivers in America: Fargo, Grand Forks: home, living in, military - North Dakota (ND)
  168. Reservations at Chateau Walmart: Fargo, Bismarck: unemployment, place to live, moving to - North Dakota (ND)
  169. Questions about working construction in Minot North Dakota: Dickinson, Williston: house, contractors (ND)
  170. Missouri Basin Well Serivices.: Beulah: insurance, home, live - North Dakota (ND)
  171. Are Man Camps the Norm for Oil Fields or only Willistion ND?: Fargo: lease, hotels - North Dakota
  172. Minot: Fargo, Grand Forks, Williston: apartment, hotel, month to - North Dakota (ND)
  173. Family of 6 looking to move to North Dakota.: Fargo, Bismarck: low crime, how much (ND)
  174. Helms said EPA could halt fracking in ND oilpatch - Bismarck Tribune 11/27/11: RV park, for sale - North Dakota
  175. On my way to the oil field: Williston: credit card, tech job - North Dakota (ND)
  176. Heading up Dec. 2nd: Williston, Sharon: hotel, find a job, purchase - North Dakota (ND)
  177. Centerville, North Dakota, Planned Community Near Ross, N.D.: Williston: real estate, rentals (ND)
  178. work for KeyEnergy?: Williston, Stanley: hotel, camp, living in - North Dakota (ND)
  179. We Want To Help Provide Housing for Oilfield Workers! Help Us Get in Touch with the Right People?: Bismarck: hotels, modular homes - North Dakota (ND)
  180. Christmas in Bismarck: Center, Page: homes, neighborhoods, buy - North Dakota (ND)
  181. Driving to Minot ND from Houston TX....leaving at 5am: Grand Forks: hotel, safe - North Dakota
  182. i think something amazing happened: to move, oil, housing - North Dakota (ND)
  183. Locals, with winter advice for newbies, living in your car, or otherwise.: Minot: rent, crime rates - North Dakota (ND)
  184. Leaving from MN tonight on a journey west: Minot, Dickinson: find a job, safe - North Dakota (ND)
  185. economy before oil boom: Bismarck, Dickinson: sales, insurance, home - North Dakota (ND)
  186. Operator Assistant Cementing Duties?: Dickinson, Williston: leasing, lenders, home - North Dakota (ND)
  187. Broken promises in oil country: Williston: rental, credit card, home - North Dakota (ND)
  188. Best Self-Powered Camper ever...: Williston, Page: for sale, home, buying - North Dakota (ND)
  189. When does the extreme weather end?: Bismarck, Williston: living, airport, safest - North Dakota (ND)
  190. Buses to the rigs?: Dickinson, Williston: transporting, lease, insurance - North Dakota (ND)
  191. Third Fire in Minot claims a life: business, jobs - North Dakota (ND)
  192. with on H&P (Helmerich & Payne)??: working - North Dakota (ND)
  193. On KFYR Right Now: oil, program, good - North Dakota (ND)
  194. Fracking: Europe versus America - North Dakota (ND)
  195. Oilfield Job Fairs... post upcoming ones... - North Dakota (ND)
  196. Planning on moving to ND spring 2012: houses, roofing, place to live - North Dakota
  197. Looking for a change: house, utilities, food - North Dakota (ND)
  198. Rockcenter video/article not aired on 10/31/11: oil, town, center - North Dakota (ND)
  199. Women truck drivers?: oil, working, industry - North Dakota (ND)
  200. Job Fairs?: interview, basic - North Dakota (ND)