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  9. Folks that lived there before the OIL BOOM.. give us the truth! GOOD & BAD..CRIME? TRAFFIC?? ANYTHING???: Williston: renter - North Dakota (ND)
  10. Due diligence before moving to ND: Fargo, Minot: fit in, construction, living - North Dakota
  11. for advice on a move into the Bakken Region: Williston: hotels, YMCA - North Dakota (ND)
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  13. Rabies cases on the rise in North Dakota; pet owners urged to make sure animals are vaccinated: Dickinson: live in (ND)
  14. Rental properites that rent to felons: Fargo: apartments, sex offenders, credit report - North Dakota (ND)
  15. An interesting comparison and commentary about the Bakken by a MT neighbor...: Williston: high school - North Dakota (ND)
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  17. in Stanley?: renting, townhomes, schools - North Dakota (ND)
  18. Reasons for the Slow Down- Article: Dickinson: 2015, transportation, oil - North Dakota (ND)
  19. Moving from Dallas Tx, to Minot ND.: Velva: RV park, 2014 - North Dakota
  20. movinf from jersey: Williston: rental, home, construction - North Dakota (ND)
  21. Interesting legal case- Self Defense or Attempted Murder?: Minot, Dickinson: camper, live - North Dakota (ND)
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  26. North Dakota State University systems to Oil Production related needs: Various articles....: Bismarck: construction (ND)
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  28. Where to find Bismarck rental house?: Fargo, Grand Forks: apartments, rental market, to buy - North Dakota (ND)
  29. Divide County adding 2000 more oil jobs by year end: Tioga: live, move - North Dakota (ND)
  30. big job in oil industry?: Williston, Hunter: authority, estimate, company - North Dakota (ND)
  31. Cost of Food: Minot, Williston, Tioga: neighborhood, buy, living in - North Dakota (ND)
  32. Storage facilities: apartment, foreclosed, to rent - North Dakota (ND)
  33. North Dakota's Oil Boom a Blessing and a Curse ....: growth, problems (ND)
  34. Study: North Dakota must prepare for oil boom to end: Williston: apartment, rental (ND)
  35. school and housing: Minot: rentals, school district, price - North Dakota (ND)
  36. Moving family to Minot: Fortuna: apartment, to rent, house - North Dakota (ND)
  37. Watford City Roach Coaches: Williston: lease, taxes, restaurant - North Dakota (ND)
  38. North Dakota now number 2 oil producer: Grand Forks: prices, gas, money (ND)
  39. have Family in Minot: house, construction, school - North Dakota (ND)
  40. Road Conditions: how much, live, oil - North Dakota (ND)
  41. Dore, ND From Ghost town to Boomtown article.: good - North Dakota
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  43. IT experience in the oilfield: Fargo: home, oil, campus - North Dakota (ND)
  44. Are there apartments in Minot for less than $1000/month?: Fargo: for rent, good credit - North Dakota (ND)
  45. Glen Ullin: area, Hungarian, water - North Dakota (ND)
  46. Relocating to GF: Grand Forks, Hope, Crary: real estate, apartments, rental homes - North Dakota (ND)
  47. Californian to North Dakota!!: Minot, Jamestown: house, job market, construction (ND)
  48. Ex-National Guard Member Fuel Truck Driver: Williston: maintenance, military, shops - North Dakota (ND)
  49. How do locals like the boom?: Dickinson, Williston: house, school, income - North Dakota (ND)
  50. Dickinson Social Life?: Hope: rent, moving to, bars - North Dakota (ND)
  51. Spokane Spokesman-Review on Bakken: Williston: homes, unemployment, construction - North Dakota (ND)
  52. Laws adding another wing, or erecting trailers on your land for rent: leasing - North Dakota (ND)
  53. Roofing Jobs on the Bakken?: Fargo, Bismarck: insurance, find a job, new construction - North Dakota (ND)
  54. Just wanted to say Thank you to everybody Jannd, Broncogirl,elk hunter, RockfordNative and everybody i forget to name..: price - North Dakota (ND)
  55. GF City Council to consider Oil Patch connection: Fargo, Bismarck: manufacturing, offices - North Dakota (ND)
  56. a move to North Dakota: Fargo, Grand Forks: for sale, to rent, house (ND)
  57. Job?: Dickinson: houses, construction, prices - North Dakota (ND)
  58. Living over the boarder in Canada: Williston: rent, felons, oil - North Dakota (ND)
  59. best fit for me: transport, to relocate, requirements - North Dakota (ND)
  60. State has new record trout!: Fargo: event - North Dakota (ND)
  61. Drilling activity and prices at the pump- Article: Dickinson: unemployment, tax - North Dakota (ND)
  62. 82 year old loses home to fire, resorts to sleeping in his pickup.: Jamestown: housing - North Dakota (ND)
  63. looking for a place to hunt prairie dogs in the Lincoln area: Bismarck: land - North Dakota (ND)
  64. The best city to live in North Dakota?: Fargo, Bismarck: home, university (ND)
  65. oil jobs near minot?: find a job, living in, housing - North Dakota (ND)
  66. Heavy equipment operator demand: low crime, schools, quality of life - North Dakota (ND)
  67. Job Transfer: Dickinson: live, prices, to move - North Dakota (ND)
  68. Flasher ND: affordable house, place to live, place - North Dakota
  69. apartmentshq website: Fargo, Grand Forks: sublease, sublets, renters - North Dakota (ND)
  70. For the roughnecks: water: Williston: disposal, transportation, oil - North Dakota (ND)
  71. Tioga Trucker bombs- Article: Dickinson, Ross: contractors, garden, bill - North Dakota (ND)
  72. Inexpencive Hotels in the State of North Dakota: Grand Forks, Beach: construction, camping (ND)
  73. Moving to Bismarck sometime in the near future: Lincoln, Center: apartment, for rent - North Dakota (ND)
  74. Job Offer in Minot: apartments, foreclose, rent - North Dakota (ND)
  75. Reuter's: Insight :.... Unexpected Boon for N.D. Shale Oil Bonanza: prices - North Dakota (ND)
  76. Student Housing in Grand Forks ND: apartment complexes, rent, school - North Dakota
  77. New talent in Photography recommendation?: Grand Forks, Hunter: sales, hotel, weddings - North Dakota (ND)
  78. Heading to North dakota from Tampa Florida: Minot, Stanley: to rent, new home - North Dakota (ND)
  79. Does have an idea on finding a rental: Jamestown: cheap apartments, homes - North Dakota (ND)
  80. Ladies: Stun gun and peeper spray party: Mohall, Hunter: office, area - North Dakota (ND)
  81. Enderlin Area: Fargo, West Fargo, Valley City: rental, homes, job openings - North Dakota (ND)
  82. Oil rigs: Williston: job, young, obtain - North Dakota (ND)
  83. HAPPY 4TH of JULY N.D. Forum Folks!!!: Grand Forks, Hope: to rent, new home - North Dakota (ND)
  84. apts. for elderly in Grand Forks, North Dakota: Northwood: low income, apartment complexes (ND)
  85. Highway 85 Closed Due To Damage On Little X Bridge (Ignorance): Williston: safe, trailer - North Dakota (ND)
  86. Moving from California to Bismarck!: Mandan: real estate, sublet, apartment complexes - North Dakota (ND)
  87. What part of Bismarck has the best schools and community?: Fargo: best neighborhood, homes - North Dakota (ND)
  88. Dickinson Press....Interesting article from Brothers in the Oil Patch: Williston: student loans, inspection - North Dakota (ND)
  89. North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax: Bismarck: real estate, live, prices (ND)
  90. coming up again in the next few days. advice?: Williston: construction, income - North Dakota (ND)
  91. What's considered a good offer for a truck driver?: leasing, insurance - North Dakota (ND)
  92. 83 yr old woman murdered in Bismarck: Fargo, Grand Forks: crime, home, live in - North Dakota (ND)
  93. Poll about measure 2 and 4 -- vote Tuesday: Fargo, Bismarck: how much, university - North Dakota (ND)
  94. so the next time i can 100% count on entry level hiring for the patch: Hunter: transfer - North Dakota (ND)
  95. Half township numbers in Sargent County.: Grand Forks, Hope: home, design, farm - North Dakota (ND)
  96. Reporter experiences life in the oil patch first hand: hotel, houses - North Dakota (ND)
  97. Verizon Smartphone as Laptop Internet connection: Williston: lease, transfer, movies - North Dakota (ND)
  98. Questions about schools and health care: Fargo, Bismarck: public schools, university, live in - North Dakota (ND)
  99. Finding housing in a small town (Harvey, ND): Grand Forks: low income, section 8 - North Dakota
  100. from Streeter or Manango?: Lehr: high school, living in, oil - North Dakota (ND)
  101. City of Ray gets 5 new EMT's: Williston: summer, near, good - North Dakota (ND)
  102. Moving to Dickinson-will we fit in? kinds of bugs?: Williston: house, scorpions - North Dakota (ND)
  103. Cyclists warned to steer clear of ND oil patch: Minot: moving, area - North Dakota
  104. Camping near Minot: purchase, price, move - North Dakota (ND)
  105. Single, no dependents, moving to Minot.: real estate, rentals, realty - North Dakota (ND)
  106. Devils Lake Fishing Guide Recommendation ?: leasing, home, live - North Dakota (ND)
  107. Thinking about rent or selling my land: Minot, Bottineau: mineral rights, leasing - North Dakota (ND)
  108. Office Management.... Expectations? Pay? Advancement? Opportunities?: insurance, transfer, income - North Dakota (ND)
  109. How to get a job in north dakota oil fields: Fargo: home, college - North Dakota (ND)
  110. Moving to Bismarck from Omaha - SCARED: Fargo, Grand Forks: transplants, schools - North Dakota (ND)
  111. Moving to Kenmare: Minot, Hope: homes, purchases, movie theater - North Dakota (ND)
  112. what is the current housing situation in Watford City area?: Fargo: RV parks, real estate - North Dakota (ND)
  113. Grand Forks Internet Options: Fargo, Williston: house, to buy, living - North Dakota (ND)
  114. Are there jobs for recent college grads in North Dakota oil boom towns?: Fargo: apartment, rental market (ND)
  115. Minot Trains Honking Horns: Fargo, Grand Forks: apartment, live in, train - North Dakota (ND)
  116. UND Fighting Sioux nickname is now retired: Grand Forks: 2015, schools - North Dakota
  117. I never knew that north dakota had so much!: Fargo: job market, school district - North Dakota (ND)
  118. Will people STAY once the boom has cooled?: Williston, Center: real estate, credit - North Dakota (ND)
  119. Cali to North Dakota -no joke!: Hunter, Hope: casino, living, safe (ND)
  120. Are there more jobs in North Dakota? How is the economic situation there?: Fargo: apartment, how much (ND)
  121. Taking spiritual journey to Bismarck in August...have questions: Grand Forks: rent, home - North Dakota (ND)
  122. Oil down $20/bbl for the Month of May 2012: leases, costs - North Dakota (ND)
  123. relocating in Devils Lake ND: Fargo, Bismarck: salons, rental, hotel - North Dakota
  124. Coming to Minot: Grand Forks, Medora: apartment, rent, university - North Dakota (ND)
  125. Room rental prices: Bismarck, Dickinson, Williston: how much, home, camps - North Dakota (ND)
  126. Oil to double by 2015, ND to add over 300,000 people: Fargo: new home, heat pump - North Dakota
  127. Bakken Oil Estimate doubles according to Continental: Burlington: unemployment rate, college - North Dakota (ND)
  128. Missing...... N.D.: Dickinson, Williston: safe, plumbing, yard - North Dakota (ND)
  129. Made it Advice for Newcomers: Bismarck, Mandan: rent, home, construction - North Dakota (ND)
  130. property taxes---stupid people of North Dakota: Hope: sales, how much, mobile home (ND)
  131. We post about Williston & the BOOM....NO Borders... what about the other towns in or near the Bakken??: Dickinson: RV parks, for sale - North Dakota (ND)
  132. Summer in North Dakota: Bismarck, Grand Forks: loan, how much, house (ND)
  133. Resturant Industry in Oil Rich ND, Entry-Level Jobs?: Fargo: sales, apartments - North Dakota
  134. find a job through “Job Service of North Dakota”?: Williston: real estate, headhunter (ND)
  135. What now....renting out the front seat of your car?: Minot: hotel, home - North Dakota (ND)
  136. ND Road Restriction: Hunter: inspector, maintenance, costs - North Dakota
  137. Heading up from Florida: Minot: construction jobs, construction, wages - North Dakota (ND)
  138. another hazard to consider....thoughts about this and others???: Minot: military, authority - North Dakota (ND)
  139. who had been looking for work in ND find work in TX?: rent, house - North Dakota
  140. Pickin' up The Patch: Minot, Watford City: school, taxes, cost - North Dakota (ND)
  141. looking for bldg. maintenance work: Williston, Center: apartment, hotels, homes - North Dakota (ND)
  142. Looking for peaceful ND town: Fargo, Grand Forks: insurance, how much, lawyers - North Dakota
  143. It's NOT all about the money.....Article depicts just of the hazards in Oil Field work.....: Grand Forks: construction, contractors - North Dakota (ND)
  144. Working Conditions at Man Camps: Williston, Hunter: to rent, how much, employment - North Dakota (ND)
  145. Residents in New Town, N.D., to be evicted and replaced by oil workers: Fargo: renters, mobile home - North Dakota (ND)
  146. Beulah, Hazen or anything near that area rentals?: Bismarck, Grand Forks: apartment, house - North Dakota (ND)
  147. College apartment: Bismarck, Grand Forks, Beulah: low income, section 8, cheap apartments - North Dakota (ND)
  148. What service is needed in or near Oil Rush cities in ND?: Minot: for sale, day care - North Dakota
  149. The Bakken Adventure: One Man's Story from Rags to...: Minot: how much, hotel - North Dakota (ND)
  150. What's the Big Picture... What is the life of an oil field worker actually like...???: rental, insurance - North Dakota (ND)
  151. What is the housing like in Minot?: Williston, Burlington: extended stay, real estate - North Dakota (ND)
  152. Rumors of slow down- so whats in ND for someone like me?: tech job, school - North Dakota
  153. Can you use a P.O. Box or mail service address on ND job applications?: Williston: apartment, credit card - North Dakota
  154. Dunn County down a deputy; Leif Anderson fired: Fargo, Minot: condo, lawyers - North Dakota (ND)
  155. RV parking when I get there: Williston, Page: RV parks, leasing, how much - North Dakota (ND)
  156. License, plates, and registration: Grand Forks: vehicle registration, insurance, credit - North Dakota (ND)
  157. ManCamps article......: Grand Forks, Minot, Williston: for sale, rentals, insurance - North Dakota (ND)
  158. Are there still jobs in North Dakota?: Fargo, Jamestown: real estate, unemployment (ND)
  159. Grand Forks AFB Housing Rentals: Fargo, Devils Lake: real estate, apartment, townhomes - North Dakota (ND)
  160. ND Oil Boom provides hope and prosperity .....individual success stories, & many informative articles.: Bismarck: credit card, income - North Dakota
  161. I hope she doesn't have kids: Fargo: home, living, bars - North Dakota (ND)
  162. Shortage of housing + outrageous rent = People who aren't making the 'big bucks' leave the area: Fargo: RV parks, real estate - North Dakota (ND)
  163. Rumors.......questions, answers:add yours: Minot, Williston: safe, Wal-mart, medical - North Dakota (ND)
  164. Dickinson Short On Housing-No Surpise!: Hunter: sales, apartment complexes, rental - North Dakota (ND)
  165. COMMUNITY JOB Websites & resources:Add your's as you discover new resources...: Minot: RV park, apartments - North Dakota (ND)
  166. Are You Peeps Getting The Urge To Get Your Campers/Tents Ready?: Walhalla: to rent, camping - North Dakota (ND)
  167. Little Missouri State Park To Be Drilled In!: Burlington: mineral rights, buy - North Dakota (ND)
  168. How civilized are things in North Dakota?: Bismarck, Minot: schools, campers (ND)
  169. Buying a new camper for winter...suggestions with best models and winterization: for sale, apartments - North Dakota (ND)
  170. what do you mechanics make in ND?: Williston: rent, income - North Dakota
  171. a place to live in Dickinson, ND: Bismarck, Minot: RV parks, for rent - North Dakota
  172. Bakken oil booms _ and so does crime on the Plains: Minot: crime rate, attorney - North Dakota (ND)
  173. Crane Operator Trainee Positions?: Williston: how much, campers, housing - North Dakota (ND)
  174. Library is the place to be........: Minot, Williston: home, campers, quality of life - North Dakota (ND)
  175. Craigslist Rentals for Minot and western North Dakota: Grand Forks, Page: real estate, renters (ND)
  176. WMA camping restricted in western ND oil patch: Bismarck, Dickinson: transplants, houses - North Dakota
  177. $1,000 per week Housekeeper jobs at “ Target Logistics”?: Williston: hotel, home - North Dakota (ND)
  178. Can I land a job before moving to Wiliston?: oil, relocate - North Dakota (ND)
  179. Grand Forks single family homes selling fast: Fargo, Bismarck: for sale, apartment complex - North Dakota (ND)
  180. Paul Melby staturates himself in the Bakken for 11 months: Fargo: camps, oil - North Dakota (ND)
  181. Upcoming Job Fairs in North Dakota.: college, camp, oil (ND)
  182. Scam Alert! N.D. Valley News Live.......: Fargo, Grand Forks: bill, area - North Dakota (ND)
  183. Rate Construction Companies: employment, best, paycheck - North Dakota (ND)
  184. pipe welding: to relocate, demand - North Dakota (ND)
  185. Dickinson to double in population by 2025: live in, oil, average - North Dakota (ND)
  186. Watford City.... Bakken fueled oil boom...Big trucks and piles of dirt ...: Bismarck: store - North Dakota (ND)
  187. Faces of the Boom: Women call ‘man camps’ home: jobs, lodge - North Dakota (ND)
  188. Housing in Bismarck?: Max: relocating to, areas, jobs - North Dakota (ND)
  189. What were were saying about Little Missouri...What Next???: Fargo: oil, permits - North Dakota (ND)
  190. ManCamps .......article....: Fargo: oil, housing, temporary - North Dakota (ND)
  191. Drilling into Big Oil's big job claims.....: company, news - North Dakota (ND)
  192. Job Fair in Minot: company, services - North Dakota (ND)
  193. Guardian (London) on North Dakota oil boom: Williston: home, rich (ND)
  194. News, North Dakota's economy is number one.: oil, money (ND)
  195. Another record oil month for ND in April: Grand Forks: registering, records - North Dakota
  196. Another pipeline.....this one N.D. to Oklahoma.... #6 but who's counting...: Dickinson: authority, oil - North Dakota (ND)
  197. Patch Humor: oil, rumors, about - North Dakota (ND)
  198. A Tale of Two Cities / Be Excellent to Each Other: Williston: transplants, housing - North Dakota (ND)
  199. Rail Safety Program for professional drivers offered free.....: Bismarck: rain, training - North Dakota (ND)
  200. Donkeys at poker tables ?: New Town: casino, camping, income - North Dakota (ND)