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  1. Health official says ACA mangled market Obamacare creators engineered systemís failure: medical, plan - Health Insurance
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  6. Free-standing ERs offer care without the wait. But can still pay $6,800 to treat a cut.: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  7. News, Blue Cross Blue Shield will offer customers free Lyft rides: plan, doctor - Health Insurance
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  13. Medicare: plan, supplement, patient, deductible - Health Insurance
  14. medicare premium/MAGI: monthly, retirement, take, receive - Health Insurance
  15. Should she apply?: hospital, doctor, coverage, female - Health Insurance
  16. Healthcare costs advocacy groups: medical, hospital, doctor, patient - Health Insurance
  17. How long does your health plan allow for grace period of late pay before cancelation ?: medical, prescriptions - Health Insurance
  18. Someone's son lost his health insurance ó and then he lost his life.: medical, plan
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  21. Marketplace / reporting monthly income: medical, plan, coverage, benefits - Health Insurance
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  23. Cobra running out: plan, blood, coverage, claim - Health Insurance
  24. What insurance products are out there for with retinal detachment.: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  25. maintaining privacy: HSA, medical, plan, deductible - Health Insurance
  26. A benefit of the ACA nobody talks about...: medical, plan, doctor - Health Insurance
  27. switching Husband (SSDI, Medicare, Suppl. and Part D) to my employer plan: medical, doctor - Health Insurance
  28. what is your health insurance plan: medical, coverage, benefits, clinic
  29. Change in Gov't-Provided Free Health Ins. Once Married??: coverage, benefits, Medicaid - Health Insurance
  30. Additional healthcare to Medicare: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  31. Medicare Help For An Older Lady: plan, hospital, doctor, Humana - Health Insurance
  32. What exact costs can you incur if you choose not to buy a medicare suppliment?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  33. Medicare and IV antibiotic therapy payment: medical, plan, hospital - Health Insurance
  34. Medicare - Other Insurance: plan, supplement, coverage, benefits - Health Insurance
  35. Medicare doesn't cover Hgb A1C?: medical, hospital, doctor, blood - Health Insurance
  36. CBO Scoring of Senate Healthcare Bill: medical, plan, coverage, benefits - Health Insurance
  37. Pre-Medicare Paying More for Health Insurance via Republican Plan: Kaiser Foundation County by County Estimates: HSA, credits
  38. News, Take the Generic Drug, Are Told ó Unless Insurers Say No: supplement, companies - Health Insurance
  39. Does the affordable Care Act penalize prudent behavior?: medical, benefits, PPO - Health Insurance
  40. Our Medigap Experience When Moving: medical, plan, deductible, Florida - Health Insurance
  41. Switching employers pre existing condition diagnosis before switching): doctor, coverage, PPO - Health Insurance
  42. Urgent:Health Insurance options outside open enrollment in NJ: plan, coverage, New Jersey
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  44. Excess Cost coverage on Medigap Plan F vs. C: hospital, doctor, surgery - Health Insurance
  45. Why is yr private insurance billed first?: plan, hospital, supplement - Health Insurance
  46. Is long tem care insurance worth it for a single person with no dependents?: monthly, government - Health Insurance
  47. How does buying Dental Insurance affect a low income Senior on Welfare Dental benefits (Denti-Cal) in California??: plan, Medicaid - Health Insurance
  48. Social Security- to sign up at 62 for my own earned benefit NEVER sign up for Spousal benefits?: plan, Kaiser - Health Insurance
  49. Where to shop for Health Insurance: plan, Kaiser, California, care
  50. are nonresident aliens subject to Obamacare penalty?: plan, coverage, monthly - Health Insurance
  51. Second Opinion - Medicare - Cataract Surgery: medical, plan, hospital - Health Insurance
  52. Medicare - Quarterly to monthly: medical, plan, government, take - Health Insurance
  53. Can't add new baby to plan: hospital, deductible, wife - Health Insurance
  54. Simple Insurance Solution to ACA and beyond: plan, benefits, deductible - Health Insurance
  55. What is the threshold for this penalty for being uninsured?: plan, coverage - Health Insurance
  56. Original Medicare With Frills Nearly As Expensive as Private Insurance: plan, hospital - Health Insurance
  57. Dental Insurance....: medical, accept, PPO, take - Health Insurance
  58. What are my health insurance options to remove fibroids?: plan, hospital, doctor
  59. How does someone aged 65 get Medicare when unqualified?: plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  60. Federal Health Insurance - Dallas/Fort Worth: medical, plan, coverage
  61. Massachusetts People How Is: California, take, care, state - Health Insurance
  62. On the Repeal/Replace ACA going on now: coverage, cancer, Kentucky - Health Insurance
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  64. Which medical insurance do you have?: plan, deductible, companies, share - Health Insurance
  65. Changing Plan D Plans?: Humana, benefits, Walmart, Medicare - Health Insurance
  66. $1,316 for the ER with medicare?: plan, hospital, supplement, coverage - Health Insurance
  67. Can in-network doctor bill patient for the claim denied by insurance company?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  68. Adding Spouse to health insurance but outside of open enrollment.: plan, coverage
  69. Doctors refusing Medigap Plan N: Humana, benefits, claim, patient - Health Insurance
  70. Need Insurance: plan, doctor, coverage, prescriptions - Health Insurance
  71. Employer Health insurance VS ConnectorCare in Massachusetts: plan, hospital, coverage
  72. Alternative to Anthem Blue Cross in CA?: plan, coverage, deductible - Health Insurance
  73. What is going on with Bernie's: Medicare, care - Health Insurance
  74. Which Advantage Plan Pays My Part B Premium?: coverage, California, Texas - Health Insurance
  75. New Company Medical Insurance:Should I choose their Value or Enhanced plan?: HSA, hospital - Health Insurance
  76. Cobra is running out: plan, coverage, Tennessee, CT - Health Insurance
  77. Moving medicare/medicaid from state to state: plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  78. US citizen living abroad, US insurance still required?: coverage, cancel, pay - Health Insurance
  79. Obtaining health insurance in another state: medical, plan, hospital, doctor
  80. Aetna hassles........ ?: plan, hospital, surgery, supplement - Health Insurance
  81. Trump to get Rid of Employer Mandate :eek:: medical, plan, coverage - Health Insurance
  82. Cobra What can I do about a prior employer who won't submit Cobra payment paperwork?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  83. Humana or Anthem?: plan, doctor, program, care - Health Insurance
  84. Patient Freedom Act 2017 ACA replacement proposal: plan, coverage, claim, mental - Health Insurance
  85. Medicare Plus Medicaid Equal A Migraine!: medical, plan, deductible, Virginia - Health Insurance
  86. Changing Medigap plans within AARP/UHC: medical, supplement, Delaware, mental - Health Insurance
  87. Does Think The Medicaid Expansion Will Be Affected With Trump In Office?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  88. Help with Medicare Medigap High Deductible Plan F !: medical, Humana, female - Health Insurance
  89. what to do-dr office price gouging on non-custom arch support: patient, surgeon - Health Insurance
  90. Switching Insurance COBRA to Employer Plan - After Birth: HSA, medical, hospital - Health Insurance
  91. Timing of SS and hold harmless: plan, benefits, deductible, monthly - Health Insurance
  92. Switching Plans & getting new card.: federal, take, company - Health Insurance
  93. BCBS vs Medicare: plan, supplement, coverage, benefits - Health Insurance
  94. Creating an Interstate Healthcare Compact: plan, hospital, Humana, claim - Health Insurance
  95. Judge finds Aetna lied about reasons for pulling out of individual markets: Humana, claim - Health Insurance
  96. help me to select a health insurance company: plan, care, cost
  97. Negotiating hospital costs: plan, doctor, surgery, blood - Health Insurance
  98. How do you find out if a product is approved by Medicare?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  99. Was in a coma for 4 months and insurance expired.: plan, hospital, Medicaid - Health Insurance
  100. OK this should be an easy one! (?): coverage, monthly, Medicare - Health Insurance
  101. Health Insurance Options for a 26 Year Old College Student: plan, coverage, benefits
  102. Regular vs. gh intensity rehab: what does Medicare pay for?: hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  103. Insurance billed for twice the premium: coverage, take, pay - Health Insurance
  104. Can I get Insurance at 80.00 a month?: plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  105. Healthcare Policy History: plan, hospital, benefits, mental - Health Insurance
  106. Is AARP UHC Medigap really community rated in Texas?: plan, supplement, coverage - Health Insurance
  107. Selling Rental Properties / Medicare Implications: plan, monthly, wife, transfer - Health Insurance
  108. How to submit ambulance bill to Medicare: medical, hospital, supplement - Health Insurance
  109. Is there a secondary insurance that covers high deductibles of an existing plan?: HSA, medical - Health Insurance
  110. How is this NOT unconstitutional?: plan, hospital, doctor, coverage - Health Insurance
  111. Why in the USA they do not have a guaranteed care of the free health for all like in Europe.: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  112. Good Thing I Had Insurance: medical, plan, hospital, surgery - Health Insurance
  113. Rand Paul's Idea of Health Insurance- IMPORTANT: HSA, medical, plan
  114. News, Rob Rousseau said I'm From Canada. s What It's Like to Live with Universal Health Care: medical, coverage - Health Insurance
  115. PPO or HMO?: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  116. Healthcare in the USA. How much do people have to pay towards it?: HSA, medical - Health Insurance
  117. Medigap vs Advantage for surgery: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  118. Medicare signup past 65: plan, coverage, spouse, apply - Health Insurance
  119. Overzealous billing / outpatient test vs. office test: medical, plan, hospital - Health Insurance
  120. Lab takes it upon themselves to file with Medicare.: medical, doctor, blood - Health Insurance
  121. Participating physicain refusing to bill insurance company: medical, plan, doctor - Health Insurance
  122. Health Insurance options after leaving job ?: HSA, medical, plan, hospital
  123. How do you determine if your ins is creditable?: medical, plan, hospital - Health Insurance
  124. Underestimated income for ACA: plan, claim, monthly, application - Health Insurance
  125. Forget Obamacare. Can a 30 something just buy insurance?: medical, plan, coverage - Health Insurance
  126. Does Medicare cover you if you want to go out of state for treatment: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  127. Person with $2 million in bank on Obamacare: plan, deductible, monthly - Health Insurance
  128. Another insurer out of Marketplace and out of business: hospital, benefits, government - Health Insurance
  129. Medicare to Advantage plan for an 87yr old: medical, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  130. What is my income?: medical, benefits, monthly, apply - Health Insurance
  131. I dire need of help on health insurance.: medical, plan, doctor
  132. There is nothing that can replace Obamacare: HSA, medical, plan - Health Insurance
  133. Mom retires in June.. with how Medicare handles drugs injected at a dr.'s office?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  134. 5 tips to save $ on a hospital stay (article): medical, plan, doctor - Health Insurance
  135. Medicaid coverage got denied (NJ)...: benefits, claim, policies, apply - Health Insurance
  136. 90 yr old stressing over bills Medicare didn't pick up: medical, plan, hospital - Health Insurance
  137. Why isn't health insurance charged on a per person basis?: plan, coverage
  138. Estimating Medicare Costs for Disabled-Under-65: plan, supplement, SSDI, Cigna - Health Insurance
  139. OB office refused to bill insurance for my prenatal visits: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  140. Can Planned Parenthood take people who don't want to use insurance?: medical, hospital - Health Insurance
  141. Obamacare AND Medicare?: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  142. Medicare didn't cover a routine doc visit?: medical, plan, doctor - Health Insurance
  143. Reminder why Obamacare needs fixing.: plan, security, emergency, federal - Health Insurance
  144. Medicare Will Go Broke by 2018: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  145. Out of network medical bills: plan, hospital, doctor, claim - Health Insurance
  146. over 65 WITHOUT a Medicare Supplement: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  147. How long after I turn 26 does insurance company remove me from parents insurance?: HSA, medical - Health Insurance
  148. Federal CSRS Retirees - Medicaire: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  149. New Medicard card - is it to laminate it?: plan, doctor - Health Insurance
  150. CBO report 51 million uninsured in 2026: medical, plan, coverage, credits - Health Insurance
  151. Californians & Supplement to Medicare: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  152. Co-pay cost creep in Medicare Advantage Plans?: medical, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  153. Latest disgusting proposal: medical, plan, blood, coverage - Health Insurance
  154. Explain my drug benefits: plan, prescriptions, deductible, Costco - Health Insurance
  155. I get it...: plan, hospital, doctor, surgery - Health Insurance
  156. [KY] Denied Medicaid due to excess income because of husbands veterans benefits. What to do now?: doctor, Kentucky - Health Insurance
  157. Top Research Hospitals and Medicare: medical, plan, doctor, supplement - Health Insurance
  158. Really late EOB's?: medical, plan, doctor, supplement - Health Insurance
  159. OBGYN demanding pre payment for delivery: HSA, medical, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  160. Alarming Priebus quote - Seniors should pay 5x as much as they do now for health insurance: medical, plan
  161. 64-yr-olds earning $26,000 will pay health insurance premium of $13,000: benefits, government, program
  162. Haggling over hospital bill post-insurance portion: plan, doctor, surgery, blood - Health Insurance
  163. How can someone Disabled get OFF medicare?: medical, plan, supplement - Health Insurance
  164. Humana Advantage Plan vs Medicare and Medigap plan: medical, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  165. Trumpcare pushes out old people: medical, plan, hospital, oral - Health Insurance
  166. SB-562 Healthy California Act: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  167. True or false? Horror stories about people age 62-65 paying $2000 a month for high deductible health care plans: prescriptions, Kaiser - Health Insurance
  168. How am I paying for his insurance ???: medical, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  169. Cost of Medicare?: medical, plan, supplement, coverage - Health Insurance
  170. Straight Medicare V Kaiser Medicare Plus (Cost) Out-Patient Surgery Co-Pay(s): medical, plan - Health Insurance
  171. News, Major Insurance Companyís Payment Decision Angers ER Doctors: medical, hospital - Health Insurance
  172. Medicare Advantage: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  173. Medicare supplement ins.: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  174. Does Medicare Satisfy your health Needs? **POLL***: HSA, medical, plan - Health Insurance
  175. Another Side of the ACA (Obama Care) that we hardly hear about: plan, government - Health Insurance
  176. Medicare/HSA/Still working: medical, plan, hospital, supplement - Health Insurance
  177. ACA Changes 2/15/2017: plan, coverage, patient, COBRA - Health Insurance
  178. Out of state surgery - problem solvers needed: medical, plan, hospital - Health Insurance
  179. I am clueless and sick. Is there hope?: plan, doctor, surgery - Health Insurance
  180. Has lost their health insurance due to Obamacare?: medical, plan, hospital
  181. Aetna strikes: plan, coverage, benefits, prescriptions - Health Insurance
  182. Trump snookered the rubes. Now they are just figuring it out.: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  183. A piece - Why are people opposed to a universal health care system?: medical, coverage - Health Insurance
  184. Medicare part F: plan, doctor, coverage, benefits - Health Insurance
  185. about Medicaid for cancer patient: medical, hospital, doctor, benefits - Health Insurance
  186. Tax Credits to Replace Obamacare in 2020: medical, plan, doctor, supplement - Health Insurance
  187. Full text Senate Healthcare bill: plan, benefits, wheelchair, Washington - Health Insurance
  188. American Health Insurance: plan, coverage, deductible, Florida
  189. Can insurers refuse coverage under new health care bill?: medical, plan, benefits - Health Insurance
  190. What is best way to claim tax deduction (tax advantage options) for health care premium?: plan, pay - Health Insurance
  191. Medical Systems indicates there's a system. LOL: plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  192. Why Medicare isnít actually going bankrupt: New York - Health Insurance
  193. FYI - Concise comparison of the 3 R Party healthcare bills - Health Insurance
  194. Part D penalty Late Enrollment Appeals: coverage - Health Insurance
  195. Senate bill 222 - Health Insurance
  196. UHC conversion plan: COBRA, take, cost, receive - Health Insurance
  197. Switching from Cobra insurance: plan, coverage, cancer, wife - Health Insurance
  198. Great explanation of the aca exchange appeals process: need - Health Insurance
  199. Which choice for specific injuries?: plan, specialist, Medicaid, Medicare - Health Insurance
  200. Visuals that help explain the Trumpdontcare plan: Obamacare - Health Insurance