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  28. The Province of Ontario will offer free prescriptions for everyone under age 25 in January of 2018.: medical, plan - Health Insurance
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  86. Decisions: Will I be able to get back into Traditional Medicare?: plan, doctor - Health Insurance
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  93. Original Medicare - Confused: medical, plan, hospital, surgery - Health Insurance
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  98. supplemental insurance (with Medicare): medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  99. Prescription plan - Health Insurance
  100. BCBSAL Cost Sharing??: HSA, plan, deductible, Alabama - Health Insurance
  101. ACA coverage for colonoscopy screening - experiences?: plan, doctor, surgery - Health Insurance
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  103. Whats the point of having it Rant: medical, plan, doctor - Health Insurance
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  105. How long can I go without insurance?: coverage, claim, care - Health Insurance
  106. Does this practice ACA compliant?: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  107. Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F: medical, doctor, Humana, coverage - Health Insurance
  108. VNA Requires MassHealth Switch to Primary: What Gives?: plan, secondary, Florida - Health Insurance
  109. No one the SHOP marketplace changed?: plan, coverage, care - Health Insurance
  110. Admitting physicians and Inpatient or Outpatient?: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  111. Would my parents know that I took them off of my health insurance as my: plan, claim
  112. Why wouldn’t Insurance agents be able to offer AARP?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  113. Insurance lack of Psychiatrist MD in network: plan, doctor, coverage - Health Insurance
  114. EOB says nothing was billed but I owe money: medical, plan, doctor - Health Insurance
  115. Just ran into an interesting one on Medicare Prescriptions: plan, blood, coverage - Health Insurance
  116. Medicaid and Assets: hospital, benefits, transfer, spouse - Health Insurance
  117. Income allowed when receiving Disability?: doctor, benefits, cancer, Maine - Health Insurance
  118. No bills received from specialist - ethical dilemma: medical, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  119. Drug ID number is social security number: coverage, credits, dental - Health Insurance
  120. Pneumonia Shot?: doctor, Alabama, Maine, treatment - Health Insurance
  121. My premium just went up 18%, but it's still half the cost of nobamacare.: plan, coverage - Health Insurance
  122. Another example of why Canada's system is not so wonderful: medical, doctor - Health Insurance
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  126. Need guidance uninsured self Pay ?: plan, hospital, doctor, blood - Health Insurance
  127. Getting disability benefits: medical, doctor, supplement, coverage - Health Insurance
  128. Implications of getting on Medicare with employer insurance still active: plan, doctor - Health Insurance
  129. Medicare and home care: medical, plan, hospital, coverage - Health Insurance
  130. Are there employers that don't force employees to enroll in their medical insurance?: plan, coverage - Health Insurance
  131. In-network doctor's office claims they don't accept insurance for a certain service: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  132. Venting - Insurance plus bills killing me: HSA, plan, hospital - Health Insurance
  133. Deductible and out of pocket maximum: plan, hospital, benefits, apply - Health Insurance
  134. Federal retirees or with company retiree health care: Did you sign up for Medicare Part B? Why, Why not?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  135. Pharmacy: plan, doctor, deductible, Walmart - Health Insurance
  136. If you have Medicare and a group plan as supplement: HSA, medical - Health Insurance
  137. What Healthcare Marketplace Plan would you Choose? no plans are good!: HSA, medical - Health Insurance
  138. Dental insurance doesn’t cover anything?: plan, coverage, benefits, claim - Health Insurance
  139. Scary insurance arithmetic: medical, plan, hospital, surgery - Health Insurance
  140. Out of network ER, huge bills: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  141. Difference between Medigap and Advantage plans?: medical, doctor, Humana, supplement - Health Insurance
  142. Medicare signup when approaching 65?: plan, hospital, doctor, coverage - Health Insurance
  143. Medicare Advantage Coverage for Expat SSDI Recipient: medical, plan, doctor - Health Insurance
  144. Why do people continue to wait long time for SSDI approval?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  145. Should I move from F supplement to G?: medical, plan, doctor - Health Insurance
  146. Medicare and Flu shots: medical, plan, doctor, prescriptions - Health Insurance
  147. Dropping Medicaire Part B: HSA, medical, plan, supplement - Health Insurance
  148. Has received their SS Cost of Living 2018 Statement?: medical, monthly, security - Health Insurance
  149. How Much Does Obamacare Costs You?: plan, hospital, doctor, coverage - Health Insurance
  150. Does a Dual Eligible Senior IN CALIFORNIA need a medigap policy?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  151. Kaiser Health Plan driving me crazy?: medical, doctor, surgery, blood - Health Insurance
  152. Under AARP united health care change plans?: Humana, deductible, monthly - Health Insurance
  153. Catastrophic plans to be available for all?: HSA, medical, coverage - Health Insurance
  154. My 2018 Prescription Drug Plan: blood, supplement, coverage, prescriptions - Health Insurance
  155. Out of network provider at In Network Hospital: plan, doctor, surgery - Health Insurance
  156. Health Insurance refuse to pay: medical, plan, hospital, doctor
  157. What's it like to be on Medicaid?: plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  158. No more Medical Deductions under the new Tax Plan.: hospital, doctor, blood - Health Insurance
  159. Should I keep my COBRA for the next month?: HSA, medical, plan - Health Insurance
  160. Christian Healthcare Ministries: medical, benefits, claim, deductible - Health Insurance
  161. 15% increase health insurance for 2018, shock: medical, plan, doctor, deductible
  162. Why does Medicare have Parts A,B,D, and whatever?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  163. Am I paying to much for health insurance: HSA, medical, plan
  164. An idea to help make the health insurance industry be more transparent and competitive for us: medical, plan
  165. Obamacare: $100,000 family income in Arizona wife and two kids: $24,216 premium to $35,176 maximum: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  166. I paid 2 months of COBRA by mistake, will they refund it?: coverage, benefits - Health Insurance
  167. Medicare Advantage programs-NO Medigap policies: medical, plan, doctor, coverage - Health Insurance
  168. do we make too much money for nursing home Medicaid?: hospital, Pennsylvania - Health Insurance
  169. How to not get doctor bill through the mail?: plan, prescriptions, clinic - Health Insurance
  170. How much is your Medicare Part B premium?: Maine, cost, receive - Health Insurance
  171. 2017 Obamacare fine: yes or no?: HSA, plan, supplement, coverage - Health Insurance
  172. How to choose Medicare Part D?: plan, doctor, prescriptions, program - Health Insurance
  173. about medicare: plan, coverage, benefits, monthly - Health Insurance
  174. lying on ACA income vs moving to a state that expanded medicaid: plan, coverage - Health Insurance
  175. How expensive is an advantage plan?: medical, hospital, doctor, surgery - Health Insurance
  176. Average cost of healthcare through for an individual? A few questions: plan, benefits - Health Insurance
  177. Medicare FOR ALL: HSA, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  178. Letters of Credible Coverage??: plan, doctor, Humana, supplement - Health Insurance
  179. How to dispute a medical bill?: plan, hospital, doctor, benefits - Health Insurance
  180. IRS will tax returns if you can not prove you had health insurance: coverage, government
  181. AARP UnitedHealthCare Medicare supplement insurance: medical, plan, prescriptions, claim - Health Insurance
  182. How do I find out about my health insurance while under parents plan when they refuse to tell me (age 26)?: doctor, coverage
  183. Doctors can charge for 2 visits for the same visit?--medicare, Annual Wellness Visit --(rant): medical, plan - Health Insurance
  184. trad.medicare or medicare advantage-which is better. Whats your preference: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  185. Let's talk about Health Savings Accounts.....: HSA, medical, plan, doctor - Health Insurance
  186. Will I Win This Appeal?: medical, doctor, claim, patient - Health Insurance
  187. What to Do When Your Insurance Company Says “No”: doctor, benefits, patient - Health Insurance
  188. Best way to compare prescription coverage for Medicare Advantage plans - need help: Medicaid, take - Health Insurance
  189. Care Payment/Hospital Billing Disaster: plan, surgery, patient, apply - Health Insurance
  190. CAlPER retirees ?: medical, coverage, benefits, California - Health Insurance
  191. How to get detailed about individual plans? (NY state): hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  192. Health Insurance Coverage Under 26: plan, cost, pay, buy
  193. Article in Wisconsin paper re ACA costs in 2018: HSA, state, USA - Health Insurance
  194. Is premium shown online accurate: plan, application, company, receive - Health Insurance
  195. What do you think about Altrua Health Share? (medical, plan, care) ?: claim - Health Insurance
  196. Beware Seniors 65+yrs old. You could be automatically enrolled in a Health Plan you do not want!: coverage, Medicaid - Health Insurance
  197. A warning about lab testing in Houston, Tx...: surgery, patient, Kaiser - Health Insurance
  198. Part D: plan, deductible, Maryland, SSI - Health Insurance
  199. Help me decide ona a Health Plan for Next Year (Wife Pregnancy): HSA, hospital - Health Insurance
  200. Retired BCBS Anthem in Ohio, moving to Michigan - ?? - Health Insurance