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  102. Blue Cross cancelled policy for non-payment, but it's enrolled in Autopay: medical, plan - Health Insurance
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  122. - Use Them?: medical, plan, coverage, benefits - Health Insurance
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  126. Disappearing Doctor: medical, hospital, patient, clinic - Health Insurance
  127. Do ever lose insurance coverage when they refuse to follow the treatment plan/s of their doctor/s?: medical, hospital - Health Insurance
  128. know why BC/BS F Supp Plan increased 40%: medical, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
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  130. know if Trump changed the part B in Dr office meds price?: medical, plan - Health Insurance
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  136. Someone in their 40s or 50s Paying for Health Insurance?: medical, plan
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  167. No copay, what is until deductable is met ?: HSA, medical - Health Insurance
  168. Better off without ACA?: medical, plan, coverage, deductible - Health Insurance
  169. Blue Cross policyholders could pay 100% of ER bill if visit is not life threatening: medical, hospital - Health Insurance
  170. Will Medicare pay for nurse/medical transport to & from colonoscopy?: plan, doctor - Health Insurance
  171. Help On How To Retire Early: plan, coverage, benefits - Health Insurance
  172. Who doesn't have health insurance and is only self pay? Good idea?: medical, plan
  173. Assistance Fighting Fraudulent Dental Bill: medical, plan, doctor, Humana - Health Insurance
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  177. Aetna trying to force me to use CVS instead of Walgreens: plan, prescriptions - Health Insurance
  178. Think you are covered by your health insurance plan, think again.: medical, hospital
  179. use AARP medicare supplement?: medical, plan, hospital, doctor - Health Insurance
  180. Employer-provided health insurance with a sick spouse: medical, plan, benefits
  181. Received service in January-still not filed with insurance nor bills received: medical, hospital - Health Insurance
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  184. Doctor bills out of network but is listed in network: medical, plan - Health Insurance
  185. Two weeks between jobs--health insurance: plan, coverage, group, COBRA
  186. about individual health insurance: medical, plan, doctor, coverage
  187. Medicaid for Disabilty: medical, prescriptions, Texas, PPO - Health Insurance
  188. How Do I Negotiate A Price For Elective Surgery W/Anetshesiologist?: plan, patient - Health Insurance
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  192. Underwriting?: plan, Medicare, care, cost - Health Insurance
  193. PPO Plan for Freelancers in NY State: Is it legit?: benefits, claim - Health Insurance
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  196. PPO or CDHP: HSA, plan, doctor, surgery - Health Insurance
  197. Primary or secondary: Florida, wife, spouse, apply - Health Insurance
  198. KY Medicaid count VA income?? Mother kicked off: benefits, monthly, group - Health Insurance
  199. Medical tests done in office: Coverage at 100% - is that common?: plan, hospital - Health Insurance
  200. News, Jury delivers $25.5 million 'statement' to Aetna to change its ways.: coverage, patient - Health Insurance