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  77. Chipotle May 2 buy a burrito and get one free for Teachers - Teaching
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  112. What is your teaching load?: counselor, faculty, english classes, teachers
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  119. Slightly OT: Loaned a fellow teacher $50: hasn't been repaid a month later: masters degree, teachers - Teaching
  120. Teachers—>>Why did you choose this profession when the burn out rate is super high?: career, degree - Teaching
  121. The one reason teachers leave the field that is left out of most news articles:: career, principal - Teaching
  122. Problem Students (private music lessons): business, percentage, bathroom, assignments - Teaching
  123. One of my students kicked another in the nuts...sped: arrested, principal - Teaching
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  126. Crying ALL the time: principal, counselor, expensive, class - Teaching
  127. Teachers, how do you get to school?: campus, transfer, program - Teaching
  128. Does feel a bit tired after the year?: degree, principal, endorsement - Teaching
  129. who have up on a teaching job, what do you do?: career, degree
  130. So who should I believe about the status of teaching?: career, counselor
  131. Teaching in the Middle East vs. teaching in China: career, demand, educator
  132. gone from HS sped to elementary sped?: principal, teaching, high school
  133. Teachers: does have good insurance where they teach?: government, expensive, college - Teaching
  134. Quitting last minute: principal, license, valid, class - Teaching
  135. teacher work life balance: career, stressful, burnout, homework - Teaching
  136. having 27 pay periods this school year instead of 26?: county, teachers - Teaching
  137. Master's in English or Education?: careers, degrees, business, license - Teaching
  138. What can I do?: career, degrees, counselor, hire - Teaching
  139. Homeroom & Teams in middle school: expensive, assignments, homework, class - Teaching
  140. Former teachers what do you do now?: principal, credentials, class - Teaching
  141. For the professional educators -- certification: Praxis, license, credentials, graduated - Teaching
  142. Removed from substitute assignment due to gender: bathroom, teachers, public school - Teaching
  143. Being Threatened by a Parent?: complain, assignments, class, teachers - Teaching
  144. Are you currently teaching in a Unionize school?: career, principal, reviews
  145. What kind of software program that you don't have would make your job a lot easier?: career, assignments - Teaching
  146. Should I go for my credential?: degrees, business, hire, professions - Teaching
  147. Work/life balance - better for private or public school teachers?: careers, demand - Teaching
  148. My students want to be treated like adults, but...: career, valid, educator - Teaching
  149. have National Board Certification?: university, teachers, master's, pay - Teaching
  150. What should I do about this film school problem?: degree, assignments, writing - Teaching
  151. I think this is good news for teachers -- teacher shortage in Colorado: graduate, class - Teaching
  152. S/O: Facebook: counselor, graduated, class, teachers - Teaching
  153. Did you like the teachers when you went to school?: percentage, assignments - Teaching
  154. Teachers: Do your students ever laugh at you in class?: demand, instructors - Teaching
  155. Mid/HS math teachers- Are you happy: principal, educator, graders - Teaching
  156. First Time Teacher: background, graduated, English, teachers - Teaching
  157. Teacher with summers off: career, degree, business, demand - Teaching
  158. If your student wrote a paper with cuss words. . .: background, principal, business - Teaching
  159. for Teachers: demand, class, schools, grades - Teaching
  160. Why I think teachers are not respected as professionals by many Americans: careers, masters degree - Teaching
  161. Walking on needles and pins as a teacher trying to be politically correct: complain, instructors - Teaching
  162. Transfer or Suffer?: principal, counselor, reviews, demand - Teaching
  163. Teacher, School Counselor or School Psychologist, Oh My!: career, degrees, background - Teaching
  164. I have bachelors on Education studies, how can I become a Special Ed. teacher?: university, teachers - Teaching
  165. Do Special Ed modifications help or hurt kids?: career, degree, IEP - Teaching
  166. Pulled from student teaching: degree, principal, graders, credentials
  167. Who gets to make THE RULES for a classroom?: background, IEP - Teaching
  168. What do do about an offensive remark from student?: background, principal, stressful - Teaching
  169. Does your district supply free IPADS to your students?: assignments, teachers, cost - Teaching
  170. Teachers, opinions on changing career to a teacher: careers, masters degree, background - Teaching
  171. I need advice about becoming a teacher/administrator: degrees, business, educator - Teaching
  172. News, Study: Having Just One Black Teacher Notably Helps Black Kids Graduate: principal, business - Teaching
  173. How many teacher workdays does your district have?: faculty, class, teachers - Teaching
  174. Elementary interrelated resource teacher: license, class, teachers, skills - Teaching
  175. What can you do with teaching certification: degree, background, principal
  176. I think student teaching left something out: principal, curriculum, college
  177. I am so ready to switch from Early Childhood Education to Elementary Education: degrees, background - Teaching
  178. For teachers: do you teach the mandated curriculum, or do you do your own thing?: principal, themes - Teaching
  179. How should I approach this problem with a teacher.: degree, college - Teaching
  180. To think kids should show more respect: hire, activity, expensive - Teaching
  181. Tactfully Handling Dress Code Violations?: principal, teachers, private school, uniform - Teaching
  182. Tonight At My House: principal, demand, burnout, assignments - Teaching
  183. This is making me crazy- cover letter, ...: degrees, principal, counselor - Teaching
  184. Advice for student teaching: IEP, complain, assignments, university
  185. Too old? Then what?: career, degree, principal, graders - Teaching
  186. Teachers what are you reading?: career, reviews, homework, class - Teaching
  187. Was it smart for me to quit my teaching job?: business, accreditation
  188. What are you really teaching?: degree, activity, curriculum, English
  189. teach at a college or Vocational School and hate instructor evaluations?: careers, reviews - Teaching
  190. Charter School Teachers?: principal, demand, graders, university - Teaching
  191. Virginia Beach City Public Schools (When do they let you know that you got the job or not?): work - Teaching
  192. Teaching in the Phoenix, AZ area: school, district, good
  193. Should I hire a Spanish teacher to translate test material for my Business?: English, exam - Teaching
  194. Need advice teaching in an after school program Jr Olympics theme to K-6th: curriculum, course
  195. Teaching in the US after teaching overseas: school, district, students
  196. How I will be using my past experience to educate: masters degree, educator - Teaching
  197. ever think of going into school textbook sales?: career, educational - Teaching
  198. Need advice on my cover letter: class, teaching, pay, writing
  199. Praxis 5161: tests, study - Teaching
  200. Massachusetts teachers: How hard is the MTEL Comm. and Lit. test?: college, English - Teaching