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  11. FL man found massive clam and was going to turn it into chowder - turns out to be more than 200 years old: Florida - Nature
  12. Luna the orca: pet - Nature
  13. News,Florida deputy breaks up fight between hawk and snake.: birds, wildlife - Nature
  14. Shrews' bodies partly consume their own brains while hibernating - then they grow back: bird, snakes - Nature
  15. All types of plastics now recyclable thanks to two companies: pet, wild - Nature
  16. One year after a man built his own paludarium - Nature
  17. Chimpanzee troop beats and kills infant gorillas in unprecedented clash: evolution, Oregon - Nature
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  20. Nature video: birds, look, Hawaii
  21. Wild fox goes on rampage at National Zoo - 25 flamingos dead: birds, feathers - Nature
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  33. Brown Widows Are Winning the Fight for Your Attic and Garage: spider, spiders - Nature
  34. Two periodical cicada broods (13yr and 17yr) will emerge simultaneously this year.: birds, noise - Nature
  35. Incredible Footage Shows How Plants Talk With Neighbors And Warn Each Other Of Danger: insect - Nature
  36. Cicada in my backyard - Nature
  37. worse North American ecological disaster - American chestnut or passenger pigeon: birds, pigeons - Nature
  38. Exposure to Natural Environments Brings Cognitive Benefits: cold - Nature
  39. Attenborough's long-beaked echidna rediscovered, one of 5 species of egg-laying mammal species: evolution, wildlife - Nature
  40. Longtailed weasel vs. Cottontail rabbit: rabbits, raccoon, chicken, survive - Nature
  41. Tree leaves turning dark red or brown in January: cold, California, Illinois - Nature
  42. The Whale Who Went AWOL - Hvaldimir escaped captivity and became a global celebrity. Now, no one can agree about...: tame, wild - Nature
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  46. lightning strikes around the USA: Oregon, Wisconsin - Nature
  47. Praying Mantis devouring a cockroach like a hamburger: birds - Nature
  48. Premium Bird Seed?: bug, birds, wild, New York - Nature
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  52. Merlin Bird ID App is outstanding and free!: birds, eagle, Maine - Nature
  53. What animal was this? - Nature
  54. 'Chonasaurus': Giant snapping turtle in the Chicago River is an internet sensation: look - Nature
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  56. Japanese Barberry eradication program: look - Nature
  57. See a Huge Cougar Stalk an Elk Hunter... Seconds From Pouncing: look - Nature
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  60. The heartwarming story about Kevin Bacon: pet, Pennsylvania - Nature
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  62. A Just Punishment? - Nature
  63. Beaver Benefits: birds - Nature
  64. Guessing this is the right: birds, wildlife, wild - Nature
  65. Don't want to endanger Texas spiny lizard eggs: bugs, insects, Oregon - Nature
  66. The Sounds of the Seasons: insect, birds, mice, geese - Nature
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  69. Monarch butterfly chrysalis: cold, wild - Nature
  70. Swarm of earthquakes at Mount Hood: eruption, volcanoes, Alaska, Oregon - Nature
  71. Washoe's father died: Nevada - Nature
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  73. Critters you can see using Google Earth: survive, look, North Carolina - Nature
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  75. Tardigrade found in 16myo Dominican amber!: survive - Nature
  76. Wild bird acts tame: birds, pet, look, Hawaii - Nature
  77. Kipling: How the elephant lost his tusks ?: evolution - Nature
  78. Mink aren't exactly fun animals: pet, wild - Nature
  79. Is the Coronavirus in Your Backyard?: chicken, pet, wild, look - Nature
  80. Maple tree seeding excessivley: look, New Hampshire - Nature
  81. Best region of PNW for fly fishing & camping: look, Oregon - Nature
  82. What do you do with an invasion of crayfish clones?: Oregon - Nature
  83. Matthiessen and the snow leopard: bird, spider, snake, pet - Nature
  84. 1,428 Dolphins Were Slaughtered As Part Of A Tradition. Activists Say It's Cruel: chicken, look - Nature
  85. 'Totally Surprising and Rather Horrifying': Giant Tortoises Eat Baby Birds: mice, pet - Nature
  86. little known things about wolves - Nature
  87. orange butterlly: bird, cold, look, Colorado - Nature
  88. Cow rescued from Louisiana tree after Hurricane Ida.: wild - Nature
  89. 7.3 Quake near Japan - tsunami warning issued - Nature
  90. Beautiful Australian bird: robin, wildlife, wild - Nature
  91. Wolves Return to Califormia! -Rare gray wolf pack makes its home in northern California: wildlife, wild - Nature
  92. Redback spiders (Australian): bug, insects - Nature
  93. Unknown mushroom: chicken, look - Nature
  94. What kind of bird is this?: birds, pet - Nature
  95. Man, male praying mantis' have it rough.: birds, robin, look - Nature
  96. 2021 Fall Foliage Prediction Map: Arkansas, Kansas - Nature
  97. Dou keep count of wild animals seen?: bugs, rabbits, birds - Nature
  98. Tried to rescue what looked ike a baby Raptor of sort - unusual beak: birds, turkey - Nature
  99. Wolves Return to New York Adirondacks? (probaby): pigeons, coyote, Yellowstone - Nature
  100. toads -- BIZARRE BE WARNED: bug, rabbit, pet, look - Nature
  101. Yellowstone Wolf Restoration - How Wolves Are Driving Down Mountain Lion Populations: birds, dog - Nature
  102. What is wrong with this poor bird??: birds, dog, chicken - Nature
  103. Which Animals Would You Want to Be Extinct if it was Up to You?: bugs, insects - Nature
  104. garter snake (I think) in my garage ... way to make him move?: snakes, look - Nature
  105. Videos do NOT) show purported ivory-billed woodpeckers as US moves toward extinction decision [MERGED]: birds, eagle - Nature
  106. Bi-racial bird couple: birds, mouse, survive - Nature
  107. Why are palm trees so loved.: look - Nature
  108. Will the smoke kill the birds?: robin, robins, wildlife, wild - Nature
  109. Genetically Modified mosquitos: bugs, insects, birds, wildlife - Nature
  110. Hidden Mountain Lion Watches Runner: evolution, coyote, eagle, survive - Nature
  111. Chicken Rat Fight. Rat Loses.: birds, snakes, mouse, snake - Nature
  112. Birds In My Yard Flying and Never Landing. What!: insects, spider, spiders - Nature
  113. Where do birds go when it gets dark?: feathers, noise, cold - Nature
  114. Mushroom ID help: wild, look, Oregon - Nature
  115. US Government Wants 500,000 Owls To Be Shot Dead in Cull: birds, pigeons - Nature
  116. Do you think the ivory-billed and/or imperial woodpeckers are still living?: pigeons, survive - Nature
  117. Potty-mouthed parrots teaching other birds to swear as zoo hatches plan to stop problem: dog, noise - Nature
  118. Tourists Survive Encounter With Grizzly Bear By Remaining Calm And Not Screaming: Yellowstone, Alaska - Nature
  119. Porky: coyote, pet, wild, look - Nature
  120. The Return of Wolves to the Lower 48: dog, coyote, Yellowstone - Nature
  121. Baby Squirrels falling out of their nests: fleas, bird, dog - Nature
  122. Birds and Squirrels Have Disappeared: rabbits, feathers, geese, dog - Nature
  123. 10,000 baby penguins dead: rabbits, birds, feathers, leopard - Nature
  124. purchasing chimps, monkeys and other exotic animals: flea, rabbit, birds - Nature
  125. Are the Best Places to View the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse: look, Indiana - Nature
  126. What extinct animal would you like to see return?: rabbit, birds, pigeons - Nature
  127. Hermit crabs are wearing our plastic rubbish: birds, evolution, pet - Nature
  128. What jelly fish is this, and is it edible?: dog, cold, look - Nature
  129. eyes in the woods: wildlife, wild, look, Oregon - Nature
  130. I saw a hummingbird moth: insects, birds, dog, look - Nature
  131. Trying to avoid a bear, but calling out to it.: noise, wildlife - Nature
  132. Sea Otter Riding Waves, Bullying Surfers: dog, evolution, survive, pet - Nature
  133. What Organization Is Fighting To Protect Birds From Wind Turbines: eagle, wildlife - Nature
  134. Goldfinches: birds, pet, look, Delaware - Nature
  135. Orcas get nasty on the great whites in South African seas: survive, look - Nature
  136. New Birdbath?: birds, feathers, robin, windows - Nature
  137. Hippo attacks 3 lions crossing the river: survive - Nature
  138. Bird Safety Decals for Outside Windows: birds, feathers, robin, wild - Nature
  139. Tell us of your fishing anecdotes from years gone by: dog, pet - Nature
  140. Do You Think Plants/Trees To Human Touch?: look, Oregon - Nature
  141. Eagles Are Falling, Bears Are Going Blind [MERGED]: bug, birds, turkey - Nature
  142. Massive flock of birds fall from sky in Mexico: dog, look - Nature
  143. Does have ideas why a wasp would do this?: insect, birds - Nature
  144. How do I get the shell from a dead turtle?: rabbits, snakes - Nature
  145. Squirrel-proof bird feeders: birds, cold, look - Nature
  146. The Bug: bugs, insects, look, Alabama - Nature
  147. Black Crow ..: birds, dog, noise, look - Nature
  148. What animal makes the most eerie sounds/vocalizations?: noise - Nature
  149. Need ideas to stop pigeons from hanging out at our building?: birds, snakes - Nature
  150. Bird Feeders Spread Bird Flu: bug, birds, turkey, geese - Nature
  151. Bear cubs in the hibernating den don't wear diapers, so....?: Oregon - Nature
  152. Moose and the Blues: dog, coyote, Yellowstone, wildlife - Nature
  153. It must be mid May: rabbits, birds, geese, robin - Nature
  154. Elephants evolving without tusks in response to poaching: birds, evolution, survive - Nature
  155. Hooked beak wild turkey?: bug, insect, birds, cold - Nature
  156. Which do you prefer—the Ocean or the mountains? - Nature
  157. who is the smarter primate?: survive, look - Nature
  158. What Happens After All the good Bugs Die?: insects, birds, wildlife - Nature
  159. Nearly half of US bald eagle population suffers from lead poisoning, study finds: birds, wildlife - Nature
  160. Watch a hawk eat a rat: birds, snakes, snake, feathers - Nature
  161. about moose?: dog, wild, Alaska - Nature
  162. Largest living thing ever?: survive, Michigan, Washington - Nature
  163. Missing birds: survive, pet, look - Nature
  164. Resurrecting the American Chestnut: evolution, wildlife, pet, wild - Nature
  165. Blue Bird House & Eggs?: birds, pet, wild, look - Nature
  166. Type of Birdhouse for Carolina Wrens: birds, windows, wild, Florida - Nature
  167. Something I've wild animals usually look much stronger and healthier than their domesticated counterparts: fleas, feathers - Nature
  168. Bee Stings: evolution, wildlife, wild, look - Nature
  169. Woodpeckers went nuts, stashing 700 pounds of acorns in the wall of a California home: birds, dog - Nature
  170. 'This turkey has literally taken over our life': Wild turkey terrorizing neighbors in Minnesota: bird, dog - Nature
  171. Grass for Deer: Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan, Texas - Nature
  172. Why isn’t the Atlantic Ocean prone to volcanoes? - Nature
  173. Have y'all what amazing eyesight birds have?: noise - Nature
  174. Feeding corn cobs to yard animals?: birds, geese, wildlife, survive - Nature
  175. I am bewildered what animal is leaving this scat on my roof? HELP: bug, birds - Nature
  176. Bat: birds, dog, wild, New Mexico - Nature
  177. Wild boars, don't underestimate them...: look, Hawaii - Nature
  178. PBS's Nature: The Woodpecker: insects, birds, robin, pet
  179. What is your favorite bird?: bug, birds, feathers, parakeet - Nature
  180. Fire Ants: bug, fleas, ant, look - Nature
  181. How to get rid of squrrels!: noise, Maine - Nature
  182. Lion vs. 30 hyenas - Nature
  183. The More We Touch, the Worse We Make Things Worse: insects, birds - Nature
  184. Wild life, straying into the suburbs: wildlife, New York - Nature
  185. Six-legged gazelle spotted in Israel: birds - Nature
  186. Surrogate parents for fox kit dress the part: wildlife, wild - Nature
  187. Project Budburst: Wisconsin - Nature
  188. Butterfly conspiracy: Texas - Nature
  189. Australia is known for devastating bushfires - Nature
  190. Wild elephants salute rescuers of baby elephant trapped in a hole - Nature
  191. Nature Observations in Galapagos: wildlife, wild
  192. Bambi, for another look at nature: bug, cold
  193. Cirque du Soleil squirrel! - Nature
  194. Altruism in Birds? Magpies Have Outwitted Scientists by Helping Each Other Remove Tracking Devices - Nature
  195. Crazy video of La Palma volcano eruption. - Nature
  196. Spotted lanternfly 'stomp' season gains as 14 states fight the invasive pests: 'Ew': insect, Connecticut - Nature
  197. Camel dulla - Nature
  198. Walruses vacay in West Europe - Nature
  199. Algal Blooms - Nature
  200. Cold stunned sea turtles rescued in North Carolina - Nature