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  1. Shocking image of hundreds of African migrants on raft bound for Europe: life, people
  2. The Tea Party in Europe?: country, jobs, train, people
  3. Latinos in Holland: people, work, France, Italy - Europe
  4. Balts: Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Polish - Europe
  5. Traveling to Europe money: best, cost, people, work
  6. Ukraine family oriented culture?: people, German, Spaniard, nursing - Europe
  7. French students protest against Roma deportation: place, people, pay, Russian - Europe
  8. Denmark top destination for Swedish tourists: cost, safe, train, living - Europe
  9. Hotel in Paris: place, train, driving, expensive - Europe
  10. HELP to find parents of this girl (gypsies accused kidnapping): best, train - Europe
  11. EU countries to work as a doctor: country, German, university - Europe
  12. Ethnic swedes will be in minority in 30 years: country, German, Germans - Europe
  13. More Annoying Mix-Up: Sweden and Switzerland vs. Denmark and The Netherlands: people, German - Europe
  14. Norwegian, Swedish and Danish: living, work, Finnish, Scandinavians - Europe
  15. Ryanair found to be last in 100 airlines servicing GB: people, work, cheap - Europe
  16. Spanish goverment approves taxing the sun: country, people, pay, work - Europe
  17. Where in Italy........?: best, country, train, people - Europe
  18. Animated Map of Europe: 1000 AD to Present: interesting, live
  19. European countries with the least expensive movie ticket prices: country, places, Vienna
  20. Italian MPs who can pass as South Asians: Greek, Sicilian, traits - Europe
  21. Cash-strapped Greece looks to Greek Americans for support-Post article: life, German, work - Europe
  22. Got three weeks in Europe this summer.: life, cost, country
  23. Best places to visit in Pargue ?: expensive, travel, famous - Europe
  24. London: A student was attacked by Muslim people. Beer bottle was broken on his head: crime, Russian - Europe
  25. American wishing to study in Germany: life, cost, country, living - Europe
  26. Which nation/ethnicity is more European, on racial/ethnic basis?: people, cons
  27. Physicist/Electrical Engineer from US potentially looking to move to Europe: cost, country
  28. Diplomatic Bags: country, UK, cons, Vienna - Europe
  29. Never before Europe wasn't so close to lose Ukraine forever: Russian
  30. Turanid influence in European DNA? Poll.: country, Greek, Romanians, Russian
  31. Traditional Countries in Europe Right Now, Based on Most Conservative, Religious, Connected to Historic Ancient Times?: stereotype, culture
  32. What happens in Switzerland after dark?: life, country, people, German - Europe
  33. Which cities in Europe have the nicest parks and gardens?: country, people
  34. Mediterranean Islands of France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus.: life, cost, places - Europe
  35. Outermost regions of EU countries: Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores, Reunion, Tahiti French Polynesia, New Caledonia.: life, country - Europe
  36. Are there internship opportunities for English speakers in France?: best, country, people - Europe
  37. Lets discussed about popular hotels in Spain: best, cost, country - Europe
  38. News, French restaurant group 'seat guests according to how good-looking they are': best, cost - Europe
  39. Barcelona: Classical guitar by locals????: place, people, Spanish - Europe
  40. how are prices in Poland?: best, cost, train, people - Europe
  41. Up and coming travel destinations: best, cost, place, people - Europe
  42. Living in Warsaw: life, people, work, English - Europe
  43. Dumb things Europeans say? ABOUT?: time
  44. How do people dress in Zurich?: Europeans, time
  45. Shutting down prisons for lack of inmates?: crime rate, country, safe - Europe
  46. Starting over in Barcelona: best, life, country, places - Europe
  47. Has Geneva ever been part of France?: speaking, Swiss - Europe
  48. Should i study abroad my gap year in order to go to university in Europe?: Portuguese, speaking
  49. Famous Singers or Celebrities in country of Georgia: place, Russian, rich - Europe
  50. Cost of Bilbao and Basque Country in General: expensive, cheap, compared - Europe
  51. I am looking to study and travel in France. tips?: life, cost - Europe
  52. Which is the best European F1 race to attend and why?: train, people
  53. Aquitaine Cuisine: culture - Europe
  54. family reunification Netherlands: people, work, move, cons - Europe
  55. So what are most popular summer activities in your country?: people, Finnish - Europe
  56. Miskolc, Hungary.. been?...: life, work, cons, population - Europe
  57. Is dual citizenship to obtain through a grandparents citizenship (for Italy or Germany)?: nationality, kids - Europe
  58. Barcelona or Madrid - Europe
  59. best place in Europe for vist: country, German, England, travel
  60. Do I need a work visa to do an unpaid internship in Germany?: people, time - Europe
  61. Which European countries have done most in making their cities sustainable via urban planning?: best, country
  62. Germany: Polizei Stormtroopers Raid Home and Confiscate Homeschooled Kids: life, safe, work - Europe
  63. religion in America vs Europe: crime, life, country, people
  64. popular singers and celebrities from or in Iceland: Swedish, time, Italian - Europe
  65. Ancient Mongolians in Europe: people, German, Romanians, house
  66. Flag display relatively uncommon in Europe!: country, people, black, England
  67. Best Mountains in Europe?: place, German, Romanian, Norwegian
  68. Germanic language mutual intelligibility: best, country, people, English - Europe
  69. What does this sign tell people to do?: place, rich, pros - Europe
  70. Poor Communities in Germany: place, people, living, pay - Europe
  71. Moving from the USA to Spain: life, people, pay, driving - Europe
  72. American Studying abroad in Europe: best, country, jobs, German
  73. Help me pick a Contiki tour: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  74. Visiting/Living in Albania: life, country, safe, place - Europe
  75. People of SPAIN:: country, move, areas, visit - Europe
  76. which countries in europe would a non white person experience the least racism?: best, country
  77. how do other people in Europe view Scandinavia?: best, life, country
  78. who has been to Lithuania?: life, 2014, country - Europe
  79. European parents and teen sex: life, safe, people, stereotype
  80. Country with the best maintained public restrooms and the worst: cost, places - Europe
  81. Russia as part of the G8: country, place, people, living - Europe
  82. What are the closest things in Europe to interstates?: German, work, speaking
  83. Quality of life in Europe: best, cost, country, safer
  84. Ever been to the U.S. & your thoughts?: country, pay, English - Europe
  85. Going to Europe for a month. Need ideas: best, country, place
  86. How do other Europeans view Iberian countries? and non Europeans?: life, country
  87. News, $2,800 per month for every adult? It could happen in Switzerland: life, cost - Europe
  88. should the ┼land Islands declare independence?: crime, best, country, people - Europe
  89. EU proposal to fit cars with speed limiters . Would most Europeans support this?: place, people
  90. Moving to Sweden from Canada :/: life, cost, country, people - Europe
  91. Which of countries would you consider honorary European countries: country, culture
  92. Why is Turkey not considered Europe? Poll. Choose one.: country, people, haplogroup
  93. Bringing in water bottles into restaurants: cost, places, German, Greek - Europe
  94. Is Turkey more European than Georgia?: best, people, culture, cons
  95. Central/Eastern European cuisine: best, place, people, German
  96. EU Citizenship Via Company Transfer: best, country, German, moving - Europe
  97. Americans try to place European countries on a map: country, people, German
  98. MADRID vs PARIS: life, place, people, German - Europe
  99. The future of Europe: country, people, UK, time
  100. 1st Time in Iceland Police Kill Civilian: crime rate, country, safer - Europe
  101. they say greece is the mother of europe.. good lord: Greek, culture
  102. Marriage Between a Man and a Woman: country, people, cons - Europe
  103. Are there still monolingual speakers of Irish?: life, country, people - Europe
  104. Why does Sweden look so large on a world map?: country, places - Europe
  105. What is life like in Iceland?: crime, best, country, places - Europe
  106. Insular naming trends in Europe: country, people, stereotype, English
  107. Young Family Thinking of Moving to Europe: best, life, cost
  108. Why do British people seem to dislike Europeans so much?: country, place
  109. Europeanness of the UK: people, German, Germans, Spaniard
  110. Europeans: What do you think of Mexico (USA's southern neighbor)?: life, country
  111. Moving to Ireland: life, cost, country, train - Europe
  112. Why is Finland considered a Nordic country when Russia and the Baltic states aren't?: Scandinavia, Swedish - Europe
  113. Romance languages mutual intelligibility.: life, country, people, German - Europe
  114. about Germany (for Americans and Germans): life, places, jobs - Europe
  115. How integrated with Europe are Ukraine, Russia and Belarus days?: best, country
  116. What is the European point of view about Romanians?: life, country, German
  117. Will Great Britian declare war on Spain: France, Austrians, live - Europe
  118. Which is the most/least insular country in Western Europe?: people, German
  119. Western Europe: People's ignorance of what happens in neighboring eastern countries: country, places
  120. Just got back from Italy: things that sort of surprised me: cost, place - Europe
  121. 10 Largest/most important/busiest cities in Europe: life, rich, culture
  122. Are Europeans really reserved, serious and closed minded?: places, people, Spaniard
  123. German Woman: country, people, black, Germans - Europe
  124. Gay couple who Walked Through Muslim Suburb of Paris brutally beaten: country, places - Europe
  125. What are cities like Skopje and Belgrade like?: life, country, places - Europe
  126. Move to Europe: best, life, cost, country
  127. The best 2nd tier city in Europe?: German, beautiful, visit
  128. Poland and Germany should unite: country, Germans, work, Polish - Europe
  129. Trailer parks in Europe?: life, place, people, work
  130. Are attractive Blonde-Hair Blue-Eyed girls easier to get in Eastern and Central Europe than West Europe & North America?: country, people
  131. How different sound Russian and Ukrainian languages for people who don't know of them?: Romanian, English - Europe
  132. Want to visit Old Fashioned (Traditional) Europe, but where is it?: country, safe
  133. Rank The Countries Of Europe In The Order You'd Visit Them: places, German
  134. Why do the french get so upset about McDonalds?: best, country, people - Europe
  135. Cost of Universities in Europe: best, life, country, places
  136. How many of you in have actually been to Europe before? (small survey): best, country
  137. Ukraine in EU? Yes or no?: country, Romanian, UK, citizen - Europe
  138. What is going on in Italy?: best, life, country, jobs - Europe
  139. Relocating back to Europe?: life, country, place, jobs
  140. Sending monetary gift to Germany: cost, people, cheapest, work - Europe
  141. Italians removing children from racially mixed schools: crime, life, country - Europe
  142. How is Circumcision viewed in Europe ?: country, people, German, speak
  143. Could you see yourself living in France?: crime, life, cost - Europe
  144. Are Southern Europeans just products of a MENA and Nordic admixture event?: train, people
  145. Another Country with Far Right Increase!: place, people, Greek - Europe
  146. The 'Great Plains' of Europe?..Russia & the Ukraine?: best, country, places
  147. What do you think about Turkey?: country, place, people, work - Europe
  148. Does Dublin punch above its weight?: best, country, place, people - Europe
  149. World's most city:Helsinki. How did your hometown do?: people, stereotype - Europe
  150. How much money do I need to visit Europe for two weeks?: life, cost
  151. been to old England? where did you go??: best, country, place - Europe
  152. Fascist groups in Europe today: crime, country, jobs, people
  153. BK or Subway like restaurants in Germany and Russia: best, places, Russian - Europe
  154. Lisbon is pretty nice!: crime, best, life, country - Europe
  155. Survey and Questionnaire for Stereotypes and Generalizations about Europe.: life, cost
  156. Names In European Languages: German, English, Finnish, Italian
  157. Culturally compatible regions?: life, country, people, living - Europe
  158. The Twilight Of The European Jewish Community?: country, place, people
  159. Catalonia issue in Europe.: cost, country, place, people
  160. Which Country has the Best Cities Uk,Germany or France?: life, cost - Europe
  161. Why do people in Europe and in the US learn Russian language?: German, Greek
  162. We Turks are not bad people: country, living, move, speak - Europe
  163. Southern European migration to the UK: best, life, cost, country
  164. 5 percent city tax in Berlin - what do you think about it?: place, train - Europe
  165. What to wear in France and Italy: people, black, England - Europe
  166. Germany sold out Europe with the Euro: crime, country, safe
  167. Traveling to Europe - Paris, Berlin, London and...?: crime, best, life
  168. wifi in Europe?: places, areas, visiting, France
  169. Who is the top dog?: best, life, country, people - Europe
  170. Rank the English level of the following countries. Part II: cost, country - Europe
  171. Differences between the regions of Russia?: best, life, country, place - Europe
  172. I'm just what the Spanish attitude towards Russian people is.: best, life - Europe
  173. Best country for a U.S. expat?: life, jobs, people - Europe
  174. What caused Luxembourg to become a separate country?: best, safe, people - Europe
  175. The current situation with the European Union. Is it working well in Europe?: life, cost
  176. How the people anywhere in Europe view Romania and Bulgaria. What are their opinions for Romania and Bulgaria?: crime, life
  177. Massive African immigration to Spain: life, country, place, jobs - Europe
  178. 3 Days, Paris or Rome?: best, life, place, people - Europe
  179. What do you think Swedish sounds like?: country, people, German - Europe
  180. European single family homes -- Gates and Hedges: people, German, house
  181. Which would be the Most Likely to visit of the 10 small European countries??: best, country
  182. Is Czech Republic the utopian version of Eastern Europe, or at least an ideal role model for all of Eastern Europe?: best, country
  183. Is there a directory to find someone in Crawley, England?: people - Europe
  184. Does faroese and/or icelandic people understand Elfdalian?: Swedish, speaking, accent - Europe
  185. Favorite European music - Christmas and otherwise: people, German, travel
  186. Blunder over Vatican Coins: cost, Italy - Europe
  187. Paris and London - coupons and discounts: time - Europe
  188. Places to see in Iceland: vacation - Europe
  189. best hotel in Itly - Europe
  190. Renting an Beautiful Listed Apartment In Athens: place, people, work - Europe
  191. Happy Hungarian National Day! - Europe
  192. Help Me Choose a Destination!: life, driving, German, cheapest - Europe
  193. ever overstayed in the Schengen area ?: country, cons, airport - Europe
  194. Legatum prosperity Index: life, country, place, developed - Europe
  195. Are Danes really this kind? - Europe
  196. Copyright issues - Images and text - Europe
  197. Does know how we can move to Europe (Amsterdam or Ghent) if husband is American artist (water colorist) ?: German, cons
  198. News, Swedish hotel made from ice told to get fire alarms.: water, 2013 - Europe
  199. Need help in how to ship books from Italy to Spain or USA: best, Italian - Europe
  200. Cabaret Shows: Latin - Europe