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  16. why dont europeans believe in personal hygiene?: people, culture, live
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  23. Presence of Ancient Mongoloid genetical component in Northern and Eastern Europeans is inevitable.: German, Finnish
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  35. Human Civilization's Centre-Of-Gravity: time, moving, population - Europe
  36. Do many non-Anglo Europeans feel a connection with European immigrants in the US, Canada, Australia ?: country, people
  37. Cost of corruption across EU equals its annual budget - EU Commission: country, place - Europe
  38. Compare the cost of the Balkan countries: pay, cheapest, expensive - Europe
  39. Video, Woman ducks back under railroad crossing arm and barely avoids speeding train.: people, Dutch - Europe
  40. Ron Paul: Leave Ukraine alone!: crime, country, people, German - Europe
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  54. Malta Selling Citizenship for €650,000 With Full EU Benefits: people, 2013 - Europe
  55. Malmö 'unsafe' for Danish schoolchildren: train, people, kids, travel - Europe
  56. What language does Armenian sound like to you?: train, people, Greek - Europe
  57. What language does Azeri Turkish sound like to you?: people, Russian - Europe
  58. What language does Georgian sound like to you?: beautiful - Europe
  59. Where is the most traditional place in Europe?: life, cost, people
  60. What Do You Think About $820 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund Of Norway?: country, people - Europe
  61. On Woonerf and other Shared Streets, with personal experience?: people, driving - Europe
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  63. Amusement parks in Europe: black, German, expensive, cheap
  64. Find me a city/country to live in!: best, life, cost - Europe
  65. live in Paris a month: 30 year old or not?: crime, dangerous - Europe
  66. No cherry-picking’: EU slams Switzerland after anti-immigration vote: people, living, work - Europe
  67. from the Eastern bloc?: life, place, jobs, people - Europe
  68. What part of Italy is this skin tone from?: life, people, German - Europe
  69. What European countries/cities are living in the past?: places, people, university
  70. how do young people in Germany view Nazis now?: country, pay, Germans - Europe
  71. Favorite European city?: people, cons, pros, time
  72. SPAIN: Self-defense legally impossible: best, life, people, Spaniard - Europe
  73. European Countries to Become Racially Diverse!!: country, German, English, percentage
  74. Denmark vs Switzerland vs Luxembourg: Which is the best country for living?: cost, place - Europe
  75. A novel explanation for Russophobia: crime, German, Romanian, Russian - Europe
  76. What's the most racial unconscious country in Europe?: best, life, people
  77. 60y.o. woman beaten by spanish anti-riot police with severe brain trauma brutally: best, country - Europe
  78. Crips related in europe??!!: crime, life, safe, place
  79. Does it seem like Eastern Europe has a negative stereotype or image associated with it?: crime, country
  80. Blurred image on street view?: place, people, driving, German - Europe
  81. What causes the Irish to be SO FRIENDLY and the Scandinavians so chilly?: country, people - Europe
  82. Weird experience in Germany: country, train, people, English - Europe
  83. Does it make sense to use the term Western Europe (does Western Europe have anything in common other than geography?): life, country
  84. European superstate is inevitable, but the process should be a gradual one.: best, country
  85. A few questions about Denmark: best, life, country, place - Europe
  86. How are Swiss people considered to be?: best, country, pay - Europe
  87. My photos of Bucharest: best, people, Greek, house - Europe
  88. NYC/London/Madrid/Milan: best, life, cost, country - Europe
  89. My trips in the Romanian countryside: place, train, people, Greek - Europe
  90. How is Moscow to live in as expat?: life, cost, people - Europe
  91. Russia - what to do about massive corruption: life, people, work - Europe
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  93. Thinking About Moving to Europe: life, country, people, living
  94. Do you think Scotland and Ireland are similar?: England, Norwegian, facts - Europe
  95. For 2 weeks...Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece or South of France?: best, cost - Europe
  96. How do other Europeans feel about the dominance of English in Europe and the world?: country, people
  97. Stuck in boring and depressing Switzerland...where to move to?: life, place - Europe
  98. Black people in Russia: work, Russian, bank, pros - Europe
  99. Got a salary indication for job in Vienna - enough to live off?: life, cost - Europe
  100. Would you ever move to the United States or Canada?: life, country - Europe
  101. Can You Gues the Ethnicity of this Family?: country, German, Greek - Europe
  102. Work remotely in South-Eastern Europe... where?: life, cost, country, place
  103. Is Sweden really that racist?: life, people, black, work - Europe
  104. Why is drinking so popular in Europe?: life, people, driving
  105. Visiting Romania: best, cost, country, safe - Europe
  106. Schengen area flaw.: crime, country, places, train - Europe
  107. Investing in property in spain,need advice: best, cost, place - Europe
  108. The French way of cancer threatment: best, life, cost, people - Europe
  109. Germany, France seek to bypass US networks: move, travel, citizen - Europe
  110. Why is Europe significantly less religious than the US?: best, country, places
  111. How do europeans feel about palestinian rocket attacks and suicide bombings?: country, people
  112. Is the Haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA), the most usual in europe?: place, people
  113. Why are the Balkans poorer than the rest of Europe?: people, German
  114. Will Ukraine split into two countries?: crime, best, country, place - Europe
  115. Do Europeans care about the Olympics?: country, train, people, pay
  116. The future of Ukraine: country, kids, influence, time - Europe
  117. Spaniards & Complaining: country, people, quality, Europeans
  118. How did religion diminish so much in Scandinavia?: life, country, dangerous - Europe
  119. If Spain's economy is so bad why does Madrid seem to be getting more prominent?: country, places - Europe
  120. Florence vs Venice for visiting: life, places, people, rich - Europe
  121. Why are Germans so unfriendly and rude?: life, country, people - Europe
  122. Immigration to Austria: crime rate, cost, jobs, living - Europe
  123. can you (foreigners) hear difference between Swedish and Norwegian?: country, people - Europe
  124. Eastern Europe and Diversity: crime, best, life, country
  125. US citizen wanting to work remotely in Europe: country, place, jobs
  126. How close genetically are Italian people and Jewish people?: black, German, Greek - Europe
  127. I have a about Paris and France in general and something about the society there.: people, work - Europe
  128. Do you find Milan boring and dull?: best, place, people - Europe
  129. What do most Europeans think of skyscrapers?: cultures, cons, beautiful
  130. Short guy (1,70 cm) Spaniard in Scandinavia (Norway).. chance with the ladies?: life, country - Europe
  131. Poll for Europeans only (weather related): people, time, Italian, live
  132. What places or countries in Europe have friendly people?: German, Greek, UK
  133. Help !! Paris or Berlin: life, cost, jobs, people - Europe
  134. What's different between portugal and spain? And why did spain fail to take over brazil?: crime, life - Europe
  135. Tyroleans and Bavarians - have almost identical culture: life, people, German - Europe
  136. I'm sorry for a silly in sense but do Germans feel about Russians?: life, place - Europe
  137. Vraag-How yall deal with uncontrolled fireworks at Xmas/New Years: country, dangerous - Europe
  138. Need help . Revolution: best, country, people, German - Europe
  139. Amazing Experiences In Spain: life, country, place, train - Europe
  140. Should the EU boycotts Sochi Winter Olympics?: cost, country, people - Europe
  141. Riga vs. Tallinn: best, life, cost, place - Europe
  142. English being called easy.: people, German, Russian, Swedish - Europe
  143. Where did the American stereotype that the French are cowardly come from?: life, country - Europe
  144. What are must visit affordable European clothing stores?: best, people, black
  145. How often do you see US plated cars in Europe?: life, people
  146. French Beginning to get Enough of Islam: people, work, rich - Europe
  147. Topless sunbathing in Europe: country, people, English, accepted
  148. Complete this German phrase: Germany - Europe
  149. Do Italians think of themselves as Romans?: country, people, characteristics - Europe
  150. Newly crowned Miss France draws racist attacks: country, people, black - Europe
  151. France, A Country Without Hope And No Future: MP: jobs, people, living - Europe
  152. Non-European admixture in Iberians?: places, people, black, Greek
  153. Looks of British people: country, places, black, German - Europe
  154. Are Italians lighter skinned than Spaniards?: people, German, Germans, difference - Europe
  155. Sweden accepts dozens of Eritrean asylum seekers from Israel: jobs, people, work - Europe
  156. Why do Germany have few roundabouts?: best, cost, safer, pay - Europe
  157. Disappointed in International School life for our kids: best, country, place - Europe
  158. A crumbling Sochi hides behind Olympic facades: crime, life, places - Europe
  159. Kicking off in Kiev: country, people, influence, 2014 - Europe
  160. What are the differences between Spanish and Latin Americans?: best, country, places - Europe
  161. Which country to have more regional variation: Spain or Italy?: life, people - Europe
  162. Major draw of N. American expats by region of Europe: people, living
  163. Russian culture and lifestyle: people, black, German, house - Europe
  164. Traveling to Amsterdam end of May: cost, safe, places, train - Europe
  165. Is English invading the vocabulary of other Germanic languages?: country, people, Portuguese - Europe
  166. Lisbon - Europe´s coolest city?: best, life, country, people
  167. News, One American woman's healthcare experience of giving birth in socialist France: best, cost - Europe
  168. Does your location have a name in Latin?: England, Finnish, rich - Europe
  169. Look of Early Europeans Revealed: best, 2013, people, German
  170. Compare the service culture in various European countries: best, life, country
  171. Trying to choose between Asturias, Extremadura, La Rioja, Navarra, and the Basque Country: best, life - Europe
  172. News, Why Is Coffee in France So Bad?: best, country, place - Europe
  173. How Patriotic are Italians?: best, life, country, people - Europe
  174. Climate Change Reduces Snow in German Alps?: life, people, UK - Europe
  175. When an Arabic speaker speak Spanish, does he sound like an Andalusian person?: people, Spaniard - Europe
  176. Are Italians mixed with Middle Easterners and North Africans?: best, people, black - Europe
  177. Britain threatens to leave EU: place, UK, cons, Europeans
  178. Frances President François Hollande’s affair with an actress: people, house - Europe
  179. 10 countries pull out of Eurovision: best, country, Poland, Bulgaria - Europe
  180. What European country/countries has the best desserts?: people, German, Portuguese
  181. Norway, the land of millionaires: country, black, bank, Norwegian - Europe
  182. Are European cities more compact?: best, country, people, German
  183. Rail pass or individual tickets? Itenerary included.: best, cost, train - Europe
  184. Going to Europe in April or May, YEAH!!!!!!!!!! (long read): best, life
  185. Italy: Anti-immigrant paper under fire for Kyenge agenda: life, country, people - Europe
  186. Do you know the Dordogne area of France?: best, places, train - Europe
  187. Ancient Celtic Christmas traditions still followed in Ireland: country, culture, time - Europe
  188. News, Snowmobile nudist confuses Swedish town.: 2013, driving - Europe
  189. Are Armenians Whiter than Average Turks (not the Western ones) - Europe
  190. Travel advice for Spain during San Fermin (Running of the bulls): best, place - Europe
  191. Good town for hiking Sierra Guadarrama?: Spain - Europe
  192. Murderers of British Soldier Found Guilty: 2013 - Europe
  193. European Genetical Family: work, Italians, Europeans, time
  194. Lament of Dying Love to Motherland: country, people, work, culture - Europe
  195. News, Belgium: Lawmakers vote for children's 'right to die' euthanasia law: house, index - Europe
  196. Dutch coach explains.......: 2014 - Europe
  197. Moravian star from Christmas Market: work, visit - Europe
  198. Where are widows peaks uncommon in italy? Where are they common? - Europe
  199. facts about Romania you don't know: interesting, 2013 - Europe
  200. What's the best Greek ,,beach city,, in your opinion?: beaches, Greece - Europe